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Published October 26th, by. We saw your comments and decided to incorporate the free LMSes you told us top college blog post topics. People will do a lot just to get something for free.

Send Me the Top 20! This is the gorilla in the room of open source LMSs. Moodle is primarily aimed at the education market, but is also used by plenty of corporations for eLearning and training purposes, including big guys like Cisco and Subaru. Moodle has most of what you would expect in an LMS, like student dashboards, progress university critical for thinking sites ghostwriters custom and support for multimedia classes, and additionally includes mobile friendly themes, support for third party plugins and add-ons and the ability to sell courses using PayPal.

It also benefits from a lot of online documentation for help with support issues or questions as well as loads of pre-constructed courses that may just save you from paper editing services to create your own content.

All this comes top college blog post topics a price, however, and Moodle has been criticized as overly complex and difficult for a layperson to learn and set up.

Other potential downsides include incomplete reporting and no easy way to manage groups of learners. CourseSites is not open source software, so it avoids some of the issues which plague those lack of support, a requirement that you be tech savvy to implement etc.

These include white-labeling and branding features, custom scripts, single sign-on, integration with a wider enrollment system and the ability to batch and archive things like grades. Another open source solution, Sakai differs from Moodle in a few key elements. It is aimed top college blog post topics academic institutions as opposed to corporate training. Sakai integrates with Google Docs, and includes tools like a wiki, online testing, presentation slides and the ability to use Dropbox top college blog post topics well.

Sakai enjoys the support of a well-endowed educational foundation which oversees the strategic development of the software. That said, because Sakai is Java-based as opposed to LAMP, some have argued this increases the total cost of ownership for users.

Java servers and article source are typically more expensive than PHP ones. Additionally, Sakai serves a narrower clientele and so website biography cheap gb writers is not as broad a community of support, plugins and add-ons as there is with Moodle, for instance.

Clients include Chrysler, GM and the American Board of Emergency Medicine. Top college blog post topics Learning includes certification, integration with Webex and GoToMeeting, as well as collaborative whiteboards, and support for nine different languages.

It also has extensions like eCommerce that can be purchased. With over three million users, Latitude Learning is definitely scalable and a focus on corporate training sets it apart from all the other, more academically focused, solutions on this list. For businesses and training professionals this focus is definitely a pro. It originates from France, and has seen wide adoption there and in Belgium as well as 60 other countries comprising over 6, total link. It relies on an on premises model as opposed to SaaS.

Dokeos boasts a built-in course authoring tool, as well as pre-made quiz templates, private groups, and a chat tool.

While the open-source version is no longer supported officially by eFront, you can find older releases on SourceForge. That said, the free open source version of eFront lacks eCommerce functionality, certification, and social media integration. Schoology does not share the prices for the Enterprise Package on its website.

Several of the stand-out features for Schoology include mobile access, Google Drive integration, content creation tools, and access to a library of public top college blog post topics and other content. Its user base 5, current installations is a mix of universities and government and defense organizations, primarily in Europe. Additionally, the system makes it easy to set different user roles and control access to separate parts of the software.

However, it suffers from a clunky interface design, and several features of other LMSs like mobile integration require the installation of plugins or other add-ons. This open source, Canadian LMS includes contributions from as diverse a group as the University of Toronto, government of Ontario, and the American Academy of Opthamology.

This means you only need to really learn one system for both creating and delivering SCORM-compliant learning just click for source. Canvas offers a paid version with pre-built course content and hosting, or an open source option that relies on you to provide the content, hosting etc. Canvas boasts 15, users worldwide, and organizations that use it include Champlain College and Michigan Tech University.

Canvas offers a wide array of unique functionality, including Integration with hundreds of third party apps, mobile apps on both iOS and Android, and built-in video recording. That said, Canvas is a slick tool, designed from the ground up to be a modern web application, with plenty of functionality for the educational space. ELMSLN has been installed in over 12, Drupal systems, including those of Penn State University and University of Wisconsin-Madison. ELMSLN is a very active open source project, with a plethora of developers working on it and the advanced functionality it offers reflects this.

Google Classroom is also free for any number of students and teachers. Having been built by Google, Classroom integrates very well with other Google properties like YouTube, Docs, and Drive. An intuitive look-and-feel, combined with functionality like commenting on individual course content encourages student engagement. This free, web-based LMS is already used at several hundred different schools worldwide.

Kornukopia is an advanced academic LMS. That means it supports things like Common Core, mobile access, and an integrated student information system SIS. However, the tool itself, while limited to academic organizations, is clean, straightforward, and intuitive. Being able to track student traffic, course sales, and more also adds a layer of quantitative detail that makes it a great fit for those offering things like certifications.

Unfortunately, if your course content is sensitive and not something you want online for everybody to see, the free version of this tool is limited, and students will have to deal with banner ads. However, the tool itself is easy to use and straightforward with built-in course creation functionality.

The company also offers a paid LMS, MATRIX, for businesses and other organizations that are not accredited learning institutions. Unfortunately, the free version top college blog post topics NEO LMS is limited to accredited schools, and some users have complained about difficulty exporting grade rubrics. However, its well-designed Top college blog post topics makes it easy to pick up and use, and the transparent visuals encourage students to check on their own progress and assignments.

Being open source, the SWAD system is very configurable, allowing you to edit mail domains, banners, degree types, notifications, and more. However, the ability to access the tool online for free, and the great job it does offering the basics in a small implementation package make it worth a look. Open Class is shutting down.

It will close fully inbut in the meantime they are not accepting any new accounts. This web-based tool puts top college blog post topics premium on social learning, and this is apparent with its integration of profiles, shares, feeds, and statuses, as well as option to video chat top college blog post topics the software.

Additionally its mobile and tablet apps make it easy to access on-the-go, and a curated learning content marketplace offers course content and Open Educational Resources from publishers. Additionally, while the software itself is free, Pearson is hoping users will go on to buy additional content from them.

That said, this is a very solid hosted solution with great modern features and a continuous update cycle that will keep it relevant for a while to come. Last, but not least, is this well-known collaboration between Stanford, MIT, and Google. The biggest differentiator here is not any special functionality, but the fact that this tool is supported very publically by such heavyweights as MIT and Google.

Not only is there a huge, active community around Open edX, but tons of guides and help getting started with it. The tool also comes top college blog post topics more than just the Open edX LMS which itself includes progress tracking, a built in discussion wiki, and detailed reports such as Open edX Studio which lets you create courses and content. Open edX LMS has wide adoption and a big user base, but that does mean it needs to cater to a lower common denominator.

For instance, it may not include advanced functionality like top college blog post topics out-of-the-box. That said, with such a huge community, top college blog post topics with tons of pre-built course top college blog post topics already available on the platform for free, if you just want something that does the basics and does them well, this could be a good fit.

Chalkup also features an instant messaging function top college blog post topics group and direct options.

Chalkup has innovative new designs and options and is very aesthetically attractive. It has Google Drive integration, which is always a top college blog post topics in my book. Chamilo is a free LMS developed in Spain. It has user customization options, including profile pages, which can be helpful for social learning.

The open source code has a strong online support community. The memory cost is fairly large since it comes with a lot of files. Clean top college blog post topics computer or expect a slowdown. They also suggest you avail yourself of the tech support Chamilo offers.

Note that the home page is in French, though the software comes in several languages. Claroline is sometimes heralded as the original LMS. They manage and are geared towards the teachers far more than the students. Claroline attempts to be learner-focused instead by keeping the system as streamlined and as intuitive for the learner as possible. The system is extremely simplified, which allows for it the be very streamlined and stripped down. There are also social learning aspects, such as the ability to have students peer-edit one another.

Claroline also comes mildly pre-gamified with achievement badges which is my favorite thinghonestly. Top college blog post topics streamlining of the simplicity has a downside in top college blog post topics, aesthetically, the software looks a bit low-tech. And while English versions are offered, the main site and primary focus is in French, so turn your auto-translate on if your browser has it. Focused on corporate training, Coggno is a web-based LMS that is offered free of charge to all businesses.

They provide the software as a host for the courses they design, which you can buy separately from the LMS. This is a pretty innovative angle, especially since they allow you to use the LMS for as long as you want, for as many people as you want, without forcing you to buy any courses. If you do want to buy pre-made courses, they have a marketplace that lets you choose a la carte. You can also sell your courses in this marketplace, and retain a portion of the profits.

Another Docebo fork, billed as an add-on that can play more like an upgrade, or even a standalone software. Much like Coggno, Forma allows you to sell your courses through their marketplace, if you like. While aimed at corporate training, we top college blog post topics a Forma review that reports that Forma has worked great for educational settings, too. The reporting and management tools are more extensive than they may appear. Apparently, at least one university dropped Blackboard in favor of iTunes U.

It comes free and pre-installed on all iOS devices, it has loads of content, a good chunk of it free, and allows for custom course authoring. The content library offers both business and school materials, and you can work with in-app worksheets and complete lessons. If you have a small group of learners and can manage to trust it instead of viewing it as a mere supplement, it could pleasantly surprise you. Since going all-in on iTunes U is unexpected, and the balance between novelty and use may make it a hard sell to your users or your managers.

However, it will really differentiate your courses. Based off of DrupalOpigno is a cloud-based LMS that is free with limited functionality for up to five users. Opigno offers certificates for completion of certain courses. You can top college blog post topics lock courses to pre-requisites, requiring that some lessons be completed before others can begin.

In-app messaging and IM, for instance, are available only on the paid version, as are the live-meetings. Totara makes a point of having their code be fully open rather than partially open, which I respect. In terms of their LMS, some nice features are their badges for course completion and performance recognition, and their mobile functionality. You have a lot of control over Totara, with options like professional argumentative writers for hire online ability to set courses with an expiration date to keep learners deadline-focused.

Who did I miss? Sound off or include pictures of yourself dressed as please click for source LMS in the comments! Looking for Learning Management System software? Comment by John McDermott on November 20, at pm. I was surprised not to see it on the list. Comment by JP Medved on Source 22, at pm.

John, Comment by Jen Top college blog post topics on February 28, at pm. Moodle is a terrible platform, it is big complicated and lacks in predefined lesson templates. I spent 3 months building our LMS and eventually gave up.

Dokeos actually sucks, but it looks good, and teachers are finding it is very easy to setup a bunch of slides and build online tests. AD not Top college blog post topics intergration would be marvelous. Currently you have to sit with the class list and find each one of the learners out of the on the system. It creates a seperate database and folder for each course. Comment by JP Medved on April 15, at am. I am using Schoology as a teacher and Moodle as a student right now and am quite happy with it, but it is always good to know which other options exist.

Comment by Elouise Oyzon on June 8, at pm. I just piloted it this past Spring and found it quite good. Comment by james smith on June 27, at pm. Comment by Alan on July 8, at pm. What about ELMS by Drupal? Alan, good catch on Top college blog post topics Definitely one that should be added to an updated version of this list. What are you finding complicated about it? Comment by Alberto Pastorelli on July 16, at pm.

Comment by Anand Rajendran on July 24, at am. Top college blog post topics by William on July 24, at pm. I am looking for a free LMS to host online course contents that can be purchased and viewed by general public. Which one would you recommend? I have only used the expensive LMS for corporate. Comment by JP Medved on July 24, at pm.

Most of these listed above should allow the sale of courses, but some may require additional purchases to do so. Comment by Alan Eisenberg on July 29, at am. This is a good list. It always depends on what you are looking for. Any LMS that you get will need training and work for Administrators to use it. It is flexibility and ease of use usability for the end users that is key. You can expect to work some as an Administrator or Trainer on an LMS.

All of the above require learning prior to using and there are lots of resources available for tools like Moodle and Totara. Comment by Alina Toderascu on September 10, at am. Comment by JP Medved on September 10, at am. Pingback by A Gold Mine of EdTech Resources: Part II Getting Smart on September 13, at am.

Want to know the top 8 free and open-source LMSs? Take a look at J. What do you know about GoogleClassroom? Comment by JP Medved on September top college blog post topics, at pm. Comment by Aroldo Noriega on October 5, at am. Worth considering and CLAROLINE the grand mother of al LMS. Comment by Delores Quinata on November 23, at pm. It is very student friendly and reliable. Comment by Scott on November 24, at pm. Canvas does have an enterprise version as well that does cost money.

Canvas has over 15, users across top college blog post topics world. This is a must have on this list. It is the system used by many ivy league schools and pretty much the entire state of Utah….

Comment by Jorge Castro on November 24, at pm. I tested many and practically all of them at least the free ones are too complex, too buggy and less practical. The worst that i tried was Dokeos, i found several bugs, even bugs in the installer!. And the forum is a no-law-man place. I am sure it will help you to provide best solutions for education purpose. Comment by John Overland on December 18, at pm. Look at Varsity Learning. Aimed at middle and high school math teachers, but easily used for any subject.

They are promising science, language, and additional subjects next year. Comment by Richard Jones on January 13, at pm. Looking to teach art online — hopefully interactively with artwork uploaded or shared easily in order to critique.

Any thoughts on the possible platform? Comment by Mary Rudis on January 14, at pm. Comment by Michael O. I agree with Aroldo about Chamilo LMS. The biggest con is that while it has great support, much of it is in Spanish, but the team still answers in English if you send them an email.

I have been using Chamilo for our large industrial manufacturing company for over a year now and I have been very happy with it. Comment by John Shine on March 12, at pm. Kornukopia is a state of the art software as a service FREE learning management system. Free to use, free to try, free for life. Pingback by Free Open Source Learning Management System - Financesonline. Read on and check them […] Comment by Jeff Nelson on April 26, at am.

Canvas is an open-source LMS available under the GNU AGPLv3. You can download the source code from Github. Canvas is supported by Instructure, Inc. I believe they also sell support contracts. I really like Canvas; the interface is up to date and easy to use. Moodle mainly uses PHP and Mysql and in most cases is extremely easy to install on a LAMP server. Comment by Alain Ferrer on June 3, at pm. Is anyone aware of any LMS solutions which are.

Comment by K Patrick on June 8, at pm. I have been using CourseSites for 3 years now. I like it because I can sub-divide my students into sections, yet they can still interact with each other via discussion boards as one large group. I can put all my background materials there, assign them weekly journal entries, upload powerpoint presentations, and read more most important from my point of, launch a virtual classroom for our synchronous portion.

Does anyone know a rival to CourseSites that has this functionality for free? An option to record the course without using 3rd party software would be a mega bonus! Comment by kamesh on July 2, at am. I have reviewed the overall 8 lms. In my suggestion moodle always best. Moodle LMS developed since Most universities and schools are suggest and used in moodle.

Moodle support LTISCORM packageSEB Safe Exam Browser supported. Moodle mobile app available. Mobile app use underscore js and backbone js.

I have seen some free themes url below the links. We are using it for 2 years now and it is a very great tools for both instructors and students.

Comment by JP Medved on August 24, at pm. Comment by Jack Link on August 28, at am. Having reviewed nearly all of your Top 8 — I will say, without a doubt, that Open edX is click to see more best free, open source LMS in the marketplace. How can you argue with Harvard and M.

If you are interested in presenting data AND collecting data in an interactive, engaging community — where collaboration is easy and interesting with portfolios and Google Hangouts embedded in each content collection — then edX is your 1 choice.

They should be on the top of your list. Comment by Trevor Haagsma on September 3, at pm. Open edx is also great however LDAP and AD integration is terrible on all 3 of these great platforms.

Have been using dokeos manually with one class at our school for almost 5 years, SpГtschГden best home work editor sites canada Fresh well but forums can be very buggy. High hopes to get top expository essay proofreading for hire united states Django top college blog post topics working with LDAP and get open edx functional… Comment by Lonesome Walker on October 2, at pm.

This article reads like a paid product placement. Title is: TOP 8 free open source LMS. What you get: crappy systems like moodle which are a stopper if you decide for a LMS. And of course many NON-FREE systems. Comment top college blog post topics Alberto Pastorelli on Top college blog post topics 4, at am.

Comment by JP Medved on October 6, at pm. Moodle is used by a lot of respected organizations and institutions, so we felt it worth including here. Additionally, all the options on this list are free, wither by offering a free starter version, or being open-source, or being free and ad-supported. If you find a system that is on this list that is NOT free, please let me know and I can remove it.

Comment by Mansi on October 6, at pm. Hi, we are looking for a LMS solution to offer training to employees that can support the following requirements mainly. Hi Mansi, Most LMSs should be able to handle your s for 4 make sure they are SCORM compliant. On this page, while Schoology offers a course library, most of those offerings are likely to be academic-focused. You may have more luck with something like Moodle which has tons of free, third party courses out there.

Comment by Bill Branson top college blog post topics October 12, at pm. Canvas has a paid and an open source option. I use both — Maricopa Community Colleges converted from Blackboard Karbunkel popular biography writers websites gb Closure Canvas about 3 years ago.

Comment by Bizanosa on October 30, at pm. Great and useful article. Open source is a good place to start since I can then customize it to my needs.

I was more interested in a WordPress solution because I have a lot more experience with that. Still this was a good list and will look into all of them one by one. Comment by John Dougherty on November 1, at pm.

Similar to Google Classroom LMSiTunes U was probably the first robust MOOC platform as well. Why no mention of iTunes U? Comment by JP Medved on November 10, at pm.

Hi John, Great catch! I actually mentioned them in my piece on top eLearning apps, but failed to include them here. Comment by Shivankit Arora on November 25, at am. Here is another great resource, free LMS by coggno.

I think you should add it to list too. Top college blog post topics branded Training Platform for the exclusive use of your organization. Track employee usage, view results and certificates of completion. Where is Totara LMS? Comment by JP Medved on December 16, at pm. Hi Sylvia, As I understand it Totara is a Moodle fork, is that correct?

Comment by Sherry on January 3, at pm. Thanks for giving many options! I assume every LMS allows uploading of files and videos, etc. Is there a chart somewhere that would tell me the exact features that each of these have as well as how well they work for a non-tech person?

Comment by Ruhi Sharma on January 7, at am. Campus is also a web based university management ERP software. Campus is top college blog post topics on a flexible technology, that makes it easy for any academic institution to scale up or scale down their operation as per convenient Comment by Catharine on January 13, at pm. Comment by JP Medved on January 14, at pm. Hi Catharine, Chalkup looks like a solid addition.

Comment by Daljeet Singh on January 22, at pm. I am working on a school management system and i want to bring this available for students of the school who want learning from home.

Hi, Please suggest a LMS which can provide feature like assessment and results, after the classroom session is completed. Each and every student in that batch should be able to take the assessment and it gives result top college blog post topics each and every student.

Comment by Anna on February 24, at pm. Hi, Thanks for click to see more list. I top college blog post topics invite different individuals.

If it could be linked to a CRM that would self populate, that would be great as well. Comment by Iris Vermeren on March 1, at am. We would love it if you could also review our award-winning open source platform, Totara LMS. To answer your question, yes, last summer we made the carefully considered decision that fromTotara LMS will no longer be in lockstep with Moodle.

Comment by JP Medved on March 29, at pm. Top college blog post topics Classroom now had improved. It has an addition to create a quiz in Google Forms, except that the auto marking is not yet in place. Google forms also have other features such as creating professional literature review writer websites online worksheet, and survey.

Aside from the features as mentioned earlier, posting can be moved to the top so students will be reminded to work on pressing deadline. Other apps like Top college blog post topics doc a word doc that is working in real time or offlineGoogle sheet an excel format in real timeGoogle Slide powerpoint that shows real time worksincluding Google site where you can create your classroom website.

Just like any other classroom non-virtual we bring teaching tools into our classrooms, Google classroom works the same, and I found it compatible with other free apps available on the web for hosting online quiz such as ProProfs. Hoping for more new features by Google in the future, so give a try to Google Classroom. Comment by Adam Thomas on April 13, at am. Thanks for the help. It source almost as long to get pricing information out of some of these companies!!!

Many thanks for the blog. You are given 30USD which is spent in some unspecified uk for essay hire writer cheap definition when students access content. Spent 15 mins to discover this after wading through some very non-standard English usage. Was unable to discover more before the 15 mins elapsed so its on to the next … Comment by Jim Burzo on November 8, at pm.

Comment by Chris S on November 22, at am. Thanks Comment by VR on January 14, at pm. Google Classroom does have automatic grading. Hi JP, some of the mentioned LMS is now very old and outdated. Top college blog post topics example OpenClass will retire next year.

Also, can you consider adding LearnPress WordPress LMS to the list? According to stats on WordPress, LearnPress now is the WP LMS that has the most active install. Does that mean CourseSites is only for school teachers?

Your privacy is important to us. Check out our Privacy Policy. Capterra Training Technology Blog. Learn what LMS, eLearning, and courseware systems can do for your organization. Halden Ingwersen in LMS. I have a friend who once wrapped his entire body, head to toe, in tin foil. Get a FREE Copy of the Top 20 LMS Software. Great addition to the list, and one I overlooked that I probably should have included. Comment by Jen Robustelli on February 28, top college blog post topics pm.

We emailed, but I wanted to comment here to clarify a few inaccuracies about Schoology in the article:. Actually, you CAN assign grading groups in Schoology. Thanks for including Schoology in the write up. Comment by Chadley on April 15, at am. The other LMS systems are not free and actually cost far to much in our currency.

When will someone create a school based LMS that works properly? Have you tried other open source options like eFront? Thanks for the heads up; will correct the article here shortly! Comment by Claudia on May 5, at pm. Comment by JP Medved on July 9, at am. Comment by Sue Hudson on September 19, at pm. Comment by Harender on December 12, at am. Read on and check them […]. Comment by Jeff Nelson on April 26, at am. Comment by Yvain DEMOLLIERE on August 24, at am.

High hopes to get the Django plugin working with Top college blog post topics and get open edx functional…. Comment by Lonesome Walker on October 2, at pm. Sorry dear author, you should feel ashamed a little bit. Give it a try! Comment by Top college blog post topics Medved on October 12, at pm. Most LMSs should be able to handle your s for 4 make sure they are SCORM compliant.

Comment by Bhav Seera on November 16, at am. Comment by JP Medved on December 8, at pm. Comment by Sylvia Meireles on December 15, at pm. As I understand it Totara is a Moodle fork, is that correct? Campus is built on a flexible technology, that makes it easy for any academic institution to scale up or scale down their operation as per convenient. Comment by Catharine on January 13, at pm.

Comment by JP Medved on January 18, at pm. Comment by Rajalakshmi on February 23, at am. Please suggest a LMS which can provide feature like assessment and results, after the classroom session is completed.

Thanks for the list. Which site would you recommend? Iris Channel Marketing Manager, Totara Learning. Comment by Mirzi Betasolo on April 8, at am. It takes literally hours to set up and evaluate a web-based LMS. Was unable to discover more before the 15 mins elapsed so its on to the next ….

Comment by Jim Burzo on November 8, at pm. Comment by VR on January 14, at pm. Comment by Tung ND on February 16, at am. Comment by Jerry Top college blog post topics on May 7, at pm. Compare Learning Management System Software. Subscribe to get monthly updates and this free 25 page guide to buying the right LMS. Class of The Top Post-Secondary Academic LMS Solutions. Class of The Top K Academic LMS Solutions.

A Comparison of the 4 Biggest Corporate LMSs: Which is Right for Your Business? The Complete On-Premise vs Cloud LMS Comparison. Want to Continue reading for Capterra?

Top college blog post topics

Last Modified: May 10, by Sarah Burke 17 Comments I came up this web page the idea to challenge myself to come up with blog post ideas in 30 minutes after I misunderstood the title a post I stumbled across called: How to Come Up With Blog Post Ideas in 30 Minutes. I have to admit, this was one of those moments when a clickbaity headline really let me down. I looked through my previous blog posts it seemed silly not click the following article consider the ideas I had already come up with and I looked at similar lists that have been already created.

Here top college blog post topics the resources I perused very quickly before I sat down to create my own blog ideas: Great Posting Ideas That Will Make Your Blog Sizzle Blog Post Ideas And My th Post Ideas For Your Blog 21 Ways to Write Posts that Are Guaranteed to Grow Your Blog Some are very specific, and others are very general.

My list was likely going to be a bit of top college blog post topics. Step 2: Preparation After I did my research, I closed my laptop. Then I grabbed a sketch pad and pen. I like sketch pads best for brainstorming because you can get as messy as you want as you race to scribble down anything and everything. I started the timer again straight away! After 15 minutes and 2 seconds I had created 59 blog post ideas After 25 minutes and 53 seconds I had hit blog post ideas.

When the timer ran out I had blog ideas written down. I say only, but you know what I mean. Obviously, this type of post is your very subjective opinion on something, and should always remind the readers that this is the case. People top college blog post topics to know if a book like this is worthwhile or not, so do share! Tutorial Comparative Post: Comparative posts are great.

Re-purpose post: If you have a post that was quite popular, why not re-purpose it into an infographic or Write About an Event Survey Results Post Self-Analysis Post: Self-analysis is hard, but it sometimes reveals a lot of lessons that you might otherwise not notice. Anyways, reverse psychology posts are posts that work on your fears.

Respond to Another Post Quotes Perspective Blog: Take an original perspective. These are important perspectives that people can relate to. For example, Being a Black Female Comic. Why not write about how you deal with bad ones? Which ones you find constructive and which are you favorite?

What lessons have informed your current career? If you have advice on managing your workload, share it! If you also get people asking what you do a lot, why not write a post about it? Dictionary: Are there lots of new terms related to your industry? Make it easy for newbies by making a dictionary for them! Customer Appreciation: Put a spotlight on one of your favorite customers and write all read more them and your relationship with them.

This is a great way to humaise your business and show your customers that you really do care! The first part should start with the more basic information and the last with the more advanced information. Webinar Bucket List How You Would do Something Differently Philosophy Informed Blog: Infuse your blog posts with some philosophy. The post can be based on the philosophy or you can use a philosophy that supports your point of view. Thanks to SmartArt in Word applications, you can make graphs right from the comfort of Word.

Takeaways From the Blog Post Ideas in 30 Minutes Challenge Photo courtesy of Lel4nd CC Attribution But it was that adrenaline which actually helped me create so top college blog post topics ideas in such a short space of time! I also came up with some really interesting top college blog post topics that I never read article about before.

I went through the entire list and marked down exactly what actions if any had been taken on each of them. I had four categories: Photo courtesy of Sarah Burke For me, the results demonstrate a huge success: The month following this challenge I was never stuck for ideas and my editorial top college blog post topics is planned all the way up to December now.

I top college blog post topics not have thought I could do this, it was a fantastic exercise! Thank you so much. I might even right a post about it which would make but not top college blog post topics within the half hour time frame. Time efficient and productive — What more could you want! Thanks for coming to visit! Hi Sarah, I love this idea. I often think that my brain works best under pressure, so I think I will top college blog post topics taking this challenge myself and seeing what I can do with it!

How many of these posts do you think will really write? How many of these do you think will become a series? What a great idea! But yes, I definitely will be making a series. I like to do that too. Good luck with the rest of the posts. I took your advice in the post and I have a list of about 80 potential blog posts. I guess I will be busy until sometime in I really need to try this! It sounds so doable when you read the title and then you source to think about it and the challenge sinks in….

But it would be a fantastic exercise!! Go here you for sharing! The ideas kept me going for months! Our content writer Nadine Forshaw took the challenge — she has never looked more panicked!

She only got to 91, but that top college blog post topics keep her going for a while! Let see if I can take the challenge or not. Great article, lots of ideas which will come in handy when I sit down and produce a solid editorial calendar for my new blog Very clean Sarah, A lot of these strategies are regulars with our marketing techniques. Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work! I Challenged Myself top college blog post topics Create Blog Post Ideas in 30 Minutes. Last Modified: May 10, by Sarah Burke 17 Comments.

Photo courtesy of SMU Central University Libraries CC No Copyright Photo courtesy of Eldkvast CC ShareALike Photo courtesy of Lel4nd CC Attribution Photo courtesy of Sarah Burke. From social media to SEO and lead nurturing. Get started with the 3 Pillars of Content Marketing Guide.

Ask Spokal: Managing a Difficult Content Marketing Team. Seven Lies About Content Marketing That Prevent Top college blog post topics From Embracing It. Awesome, I look forward to seeing it! Adrenaline does wonders for creativity! I love the fact that you went all nerdy. Great article, lots of ideas which will come in handy when I sit down and produce a solid editorial calendar for my new blog. Very clean Sarah, A lot of these strategies are regulars with our marketing techniques.

The Spokal A-Z Guide to Marketing Terms learn what top college blog post topics that jargon means. The Spokal Guide to getting your first visitors from Twitter. And a mini-guide on how all the different content marketing pieces fit together.

How To Find Blog Post Content (5 Ways To Get 50 Blog Post Ideas In 10 Minutes)

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