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Continue reading publication is retracting papersa new record for a single journal retraction according to the science watchdogs at Retraction Watch. Some of the authors may have used a third-party editing service, which may have supplied the reviews.

In fact, it previously retracted 25 journals last year, and Springer has since professional article review writer websites united kingdom their contract with Tumor Biology.

These mass-retractions seem to be a repeating pattern, though—we previously reported on journals retracted from Nature and IEEE journals intoo.

If you ever find yourself scratching your head over the complicated articles in science and math… Read more Read more By now your might be familiar with the fact that the peer review system has many issues. SAGE does want to fix the problem, and plans to overhaul the journal as well as the peer review process across their publications.

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British Writers - From the United Kingdom Great Britain England. What I Learned About Today. Sign up Did you mean? Review: 'The Professor and the Madman'.

The Oxford English Dictionary is one of the greatest achievements in English literature, but it didn't happen overnight. In Professor and the Madman, Simon Winchester delves into the mysterious history of this great text.

Along the way, he highlights several of the major contributors. It's really their story William Blake achieved little fame in his own lifetime, but in the 20th century came to be recognized as a poetic genius. Wilfred Owen is known for war poems, which includ: "Anthem for Doomed Youth," "Disabled," "Dulce et Decorum Est," and "Strange Meeting. InOwen was sent back to the Western Front, where he was killed in action. Sir Thomas More was the author of "Utopia," and he has been celebrated as a martyr of the Roman Catholic Church.

Sir Thomas Wyatt was a poet during the Renaissance. Few of his poems were published during his lifetime. His works cv writer uk "Certain Psalms" Throughout his long life, H erbert G eorge Wells was deeply concerned with and wrote voluminously about the survival of contemporary society. Evelyn Waugh was a comic novelist. Waugh's works include: "A Handful of Dust," Brideshead Revisited," "Decline and Fall," "Men at Arms," "Officers and Gentlemen," "Scoop," "The Loved One," "Vile Bodies," and "A Life of Dante Gabriele Rossetti.

Richard Lovelace was one of Cavalier poets. He's famous for "To Athea" and "To Lucasta Going to the Wars. John Keats is one of the great poets of the Romantic period.

His poetry describes the beauty of the natural world and art as the vehicle for his poetic imagination. Aldous Huxley was an English essayist and novelist, perhaps best known for his Utopian novel, "Brave New World.

James Elroy Flecker was a vice-counsel and writer, famous for his books of more info "The Bridge of Fire""Thirty-six Poems", "Forty-two Poems""The Professional article review writer websites united kingdom Journey to Samarkand"and "The Old Ships" He died at the age of 30 from tuberculosis.

Henry Fielding was a highly successful satiric dramatist turned professional article review writer websites united kingdom with novels like "Tom Jones," his most well-known novel. Queen Elizabeth I became queen in Novemberafter the death of her half-sister.

Her reign lasted from toduring the Elizabethan period, a time professional article review writer websites united kingdom cultural achievement, which was the time in which William Shakespeare was creating his sonnets and plays.

Pseudonym for Mary Anne Evans. The professional article review writer websites united kingdom of George Eliot's writing is considerable from "Scenes of Clerical Life" to "Daniel Deronda. John Dryden was an English poet, dramatist, and critic.

He so dominated the literary scene of his day that it was called the "Age of Dryden;" he was also a poet laureate, Annotated writers service usa known for poems like: "The Bait" and "A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning. Charles Dickens reported on the social conditions of the Victorian era in books like "The Old Curiosity Shop," "Hard Times," "Barnaby Rudge," "Domby and Sons," and "Bleak House.

As an author of commercial and moral works, Daniel Defoe revealed himself as a skilled writer. Defoe's "Essays Upon Literature" showed that literature can be seen as an industry. Professional article review writer websites united kingdom Darwin was a British naturalist and writer, famous professional article review writer websites united kingdom "The Origin of the Species.

Samuel Daniel's works during the Renaissance include "Delia," "The Vision of the Twelve Goddesses," and the tragedy, "Philotas. William Congreve was a man of comedy, known for his finely crafted dialogue and satiric comment on the behavior of the upper classes. William Congreve influenced generations of later writers. Wilkie Collins is famous for "The Moonstone" He also wrote "The Woman in White""No Name""Armadale"professional article review writer websites united kingdom New Magdalen"and "Blind Will" Meet one of the greatest poets of all check this out. Samuel Taylor Coleridge wrote some of the most influential poems such as "Christabel," "Kubla Khan," and "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.

John Cleland is known for his novel "Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure, Or Fanny Hill" The speeches and other writings by Winston Churchill are legendary. As Prime Minister during World War II, he spoke this famous line: "I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat.

Agatha Christie was a popular mystery writer, whose books sold more than one billion copies in more than 45 languages. Her first book, "The Mysterious Affair at Styles," was published in Her famous characters were Hercule Personal my statement health type and Miss Marple. Chesterton wrote studies of Browning and Dickensalong with a noted series of crime stories featuring Father Brown as detective. He also wrote many poems and essays.

Geoffrey Chaucer is considered the greatest poet of the Middle English period. He's well-known for "The Canterbury Tales.

Margaret Cavendish was the Duchess of Newcastle. She wrote 14 works on a wide variety of topics. Her works include an autobiography, letters, poetry, plays, and more. Pseudonym for Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. Lewis More info work represents some of the most lasting mid-Victorian fantasies. Thomas Campion was a poet, physician, and composer. His first collection was published in "Thomae Campiani Poemata.

Samuel Butler wrote "The Way of All Flesh""Life and Habit""Evolution, Old and New"and more. Fanny Burney became Madam D'Arblay when she married a refugee-nobleman from France. Her Diaries and other works give us a vivid picture of the inner life at Court.

One of the best-known aesthetic treatises of the century is "A Philosophical Enquiry into the Origin of our Ideas of the Sublime and the Beautiful" by Edmund Burke. John Bunyan was a Puritan minister and writer. He's known for "The Pilgrim's Progress," an allegory. He also wrote an autobiography: "Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners" Robert Browning is one of the famous poets of the 19th century Victorian period. He's particularly well-known for his early monologue, "My Last Duchess.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning is one of the earliest female writers on the social responsibilities of the woman writer. Her verse novel, "Aurora Leigh"has been resurrected as a central document of Victorian feminism.

Sir Thomas Browne was an English physician and essayist. His works include: "Religio Medici""Pseudodoxia Epidemica""Hydriotaphia: Urn-Burial" and "The Garden of Cyrus" Rupert Brookes was charming, athletic and handsome. He wrote "Poems"and " and Other Poems" Emily Bronte was one of the famous Bronte sisters.

She is perhaps best known for her novel "Wuthering Heights. She professional article review writer websites united kingdom best known for her novel "Agnes Grey. Algernon Henry Blackwood wrote many short stories, along with articles, reviews, children's books, and fantasy books.

With a Germanic setting, "Beowulf" is probably the best known work in Old English. The Venerable Bede has been called "the father of our English learning. The work for which Bede is primaryly known is "Ecclesiastical History of the English People"written in Latin. One of the pioneers of ghostwriters service toronto custom content scientific thought, Francis Bacon's writings fall into three categories: philosophical, purely literary, and professional.

Jane Austen wrote about the British rural middle class and introduced new literary topics, such as marriage and classes. This page provides information and resources related to Jane Austen and British Literature. Auden is an important literary figure in the 20th century. He's known for works: "Spain""New Year Letter""For the Time Being, a Christmas Oratorio""The Age of Anxiety" ; Pulitzer Prize ," cheap thesis writing websites usa"The Shield of Achilles"etc.

John Aubrey is known for "Lives of Eminent Men. Matthew Arnold was a poet and critic, who wrote the famous poem "Dover Beach. Richard Aldington is known as one of the first Imagist poets. He was also a novelist and literary scholar. Mark Akenside was a poet and physician, known for "The Professional article review writer websites united kingdom of Imagination""Odes on Various Subjects" and the "Epistle to Curio" Anna Laetitia Aikin, also known by her married name, Barbauld, wrote poetry about the early years of Britain's era of world power.

Joseph Addison was a poet, essayist and playwright. After John Dryden, Aphra Behn was the most prolific dramatist of the Restoration, article source works like "The Rover.

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