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Copyright Support The Brother Nathanael Foundation! Or Send Your Contribution To:. The Brother Nathanael Foundation; PO Box ; Priest River ID For More See: Has Jewry Infiltrated The Local Police? Brother Nathanael Kapner; PO Box ; Priest River ID The odd thing about the whole room, of course, was that only this one guy who had clearance from the NSA could get in there. And when I started looking at it I looked at it more and I almost fell out of my chair.

All of that information we just sort of peer into the pipes, if you will. Do you also sell to government agencies like the National Security Agency or the Editing websites essay technology What does popular report editing sites for masters all portend for our 4th Amendment rights which guards against visit web page and warrantless searches?

If I were an hourly worker I would be working at way below sub-par Third World minimum wages. But the Video expert I employ does not work on Thirld World wages. The Videos are moving up to 3 million views very few leave once on yet only a miniscule fraction donate. Tomorrow I have to take more money out of my checking account to finsh paying the Bills for March. I just applied for popular report editing sites for masters loan and if it is accepted I will be struggling to pay it off.

Many who contributed to me regularly have quit, some of them were major contributers. And to be perfectly honest with you all, I am really quite discouraged and trying to fight off being depressed about it all. Do any of you realize that this site which includes this Comments Section that many post to and is read by thousands has often been the target of HACKERS?

I also have to pay for the Band Width of this Comments Section. I have BIG BILLS to pay for a software watching system that when engaged locates the IP address of the hacker and then blocks that hacker.

Now I have to pay a lawyer even though offered at a cut rate per hour work for preparing and filing for a c3 Tax Exempt Status.

We are almost done and hope to file by the end of April. I will keep presentation custom websites ghostwriting all posted on our progress. Because of financial straits I had to cancel a number of News Subscriptions and can no longer afford to purchase Books or Research Materials.

I had to have a Survelliance System installed inside my little apartment. But it is only half paid for and thus half done. But the threats have not gone away. The first thing I would do is to LITIGATE against the Hanukkah Menorah on the White House Lawn. I already have a Legal Case ready but NOT the bucks to initiate a suit.

I am STILL struggling week by week, day by day, just to PAY the regular bills. Not to many seem to care that I really want to FIGHT THE JEWS … but it takes MONEY to do that.

AND — It takes MONEY to run this site, the Videos, the Articles, it does NOT come by snapping my fingers. But as always, they Jewry will overplay their hand and awaken the wrath of the Gentiles. And as always, when the stuff hits the fan, the big Jews who brought it all on will bug out, leaving the little Jews who had nothing to do with any of it to face the music.

Or, to quit altogether. The man has to eat. I am poor, myself, yet I enjoy this website as many of you do. It costs nothing to check in every day or so, for a new story, while Brother works on them for long hours to inform and entertain and offer a dash of friendly humour, too. I ran for office in my city five times, for the Libertarian Party and I know what people do. They wish you well and offer no help at all, while they have it, to give.

They enjoy what you do, yet they do NOT appreciate it. They take the benefit and take it often, and offer nothing in thanks. If you have it to give, then please give some money to Brother Popular report editing sites for masters, or ask yourself how you can come here and take, and not give, too. What was performed in so excellent a way in Russia, thanks to Jewish brains, and because of Jewish dissatisfaction, and by Jewish planning, shall also, through the same Jewish mental and physical forces, become a reality all over the world.

Read this important book…here you have all their plan in detail for Christian people. This is precisely what is killing us and any hope of defeating our enemies. They like to stand aside and watch, if that. And this is not even our tradition. Whether in Gernay, Scandinavia, Germany or Poland, there used to be thousands of organizations devoted to everything. Now people just sit in front of Jew-Tube.

And Jews do not. They are more active in their organizations. They are attacking us on broad front. The first years of Internet they were panicking. Now they are slowly taking it OVER, like everything else. Google is Jewish, Facebook is Jewish, and YOU better believe that both send EVERYTHING to IsraHell. Soon, there is no free internet or people will censor themselves in order not to lose jobs. Regular letters will become suspicious. Soon they will find out what their Jewish masters have done to their families.

Then they will join the resistance. I have been watching your latest video as above this morning. It was at once clear to me that this video is a very important piece popular report editing sites for masters work. Whilst it is in the nature of Gentiles to discuss grand strategical schemes and describe whole epochs in a few sentences, the Jew is meanwhile doing detailed ground work to cement his power ever more.

And it seems the Jew is right. We have lost our ability to organize ourselves. Our societies popular report editing sites for masters lost the ability to produce men who can inspire the masses. I can remember how the Lybian leader Gadaffi managed to get 1. I can remember when, only a few days before the American-Jewish invasion of Iraq, Saddam Hussein went unarmed into the streets of Bagdad, accompanied only by two officers. CNN said at the time this was a public relations defeat for Popular report editing sites for masters for how would allegedly oppressed people cherish their leader in such a way?

I am also reminded of the millions of Germans that went to the streets to greet and support their popular report editing sites for masters Adolf Hitler.

In the Vienna of Hitler managed to get a legendary 2 million happy and smiling people on the streets of that town! In popular report editing sites for masters sense, I wish for the American people to be able find a man with the qualities of Adolf Hitler, or Gadaffi, or Saddam Hussein, to free America from the Jewish nightmare.

So I will this web page avoid making popular report editing sites for masters references to certain details of your mail. But without prejudicing your position or compromising the content of your mail I can say: Search for Germar Rudolf. He has continued the work of Leuchter and went to jail for it in the USA and then in Germany. His work is voluminous, and whilst with the threat of incarceration they could contain his physical person, his ideas are greater than he himself and they are to be found in a thousand places in the net.

I would put Germar Rudolf in the Faurrisson league of free Euroean intellectuals! Still most Americans continue to be very naive and way, way too trusting of surreptitious, cunning, back-stabbing Jews.

In addition to the in-depth research and fact gathering that this site has become accustomed to, I must say that the video graphics, quality, and professionalism has really gone overboard on this one Brother Nathanael!! I know that it is important to not only get the message out, but to do it in a top-notch manner. In baseball, if a weak hitter tries to score but strikes out, then a stronger hitter may be prevented from coming to bat and prevented from scoring big for the team.

BUT if a financially weak person makes a financially small gift to Popular report editing sites for masters Nathanael, a financially stronger person is in no way prevented from popular report editing sites for masters a financially bigger gift.

He might even be thus ENCOURAGED to do so. Is he out of jail now? We have some ideas for the trip but the more we do the better. Do you have it, please? The INDECT system scans Internet for pictures e. With this data the cameras then can identify persons. And correlate a political opinion to the person due to blog entries. A test run was planned for soccer championship in Poland this year but was cancelled due to protests.

If such a popular report editing sites for masters sees you they know your face, homepage, blog entries and maybe even emails if they exchange data with this US spy monster described in the text. Data exchange between EU and US is common, the US have access to all European Swift money transfers. Not a big surprise. Allegedly this trojan is installed during a patdown on popular report editing sites for masters. So if you travel, it is adviseable to make an image of your notebook with a backup tool which you can restore afterwards.

I was reading your first comment about being very discouraged, and thought maybe I could help out. Perhaps there are other ways your subscribers can help besides donating that could be more fruitful in the end. Especially considering that you post several videos per month. Perhaps some of your readers have a rackspace at a Network Operating Center and can host your site on their server for free, or you can have someone transcribe your video to Text and send it back to you to post it.

More strangers I have met are into the occult than ever before. I always thought people had enough sense not to seek out the Devil directly but, they seem to think they will get some kind of reward by treason to God.

If any of you has researched the occult, you know that the leaders of it are primarily Khazar Jews as well. It seems as Nations grow more and article source evil the government gets more tyrannical.

I too am a fallen sinner as much as anyone else but, I realize who the truth is-Jesus Christ. How sick is it when people think the truth is in evil? Several years ago, they showed the resolution capabilities of satellites, where they could zoom down on a person sitting on park bench and read the words? This is how the Communist worked. Send a message to the majority by making examples of a minority. The Legal System has been so co-opted and undermined that parking tickets could result in a Life Sentence—or worse… Thank you for your kind offer!

However, it would be very difficult to have you edit from California, very impractical too. This would be impossible to do with you in California. After hours upon hours producing a Video we often have to come back TOGETHER the next day to do even more editing, additions, subtractions, tweaking until we FINALLY get it just right.

Again, this would be impossible to do with you from California. It should be noted to all who may be reading this that Video productions is only part of my huge expenses. I outlined many of my expenses in my first post. I therefore withdraw my remarks concerning the person of David Irving, since I am not sure, from memory, if it was the Trent wire centre transcripts or decoded Einsatzgruppen transcripts, which relate to the circumstances I have described.

Besides: David Irving has suffered enough, in Britain, in Germany and in Austria. Who am I to criticise him! Would not all his good work excuse a mistake here or there? Having said that I am neverteless bound to maintain that his law suit was an attempt to sit on two chairs, which is not very practical and frequently produces chaotic situations.

We can at least limit our slavery to these people little bit. Staying on topic…this popular report editing sites for masters extraction from the public is not only swinging into full gear in the public sector, but corporations are going crazy with the camera thing in places of work too. This is a very spectacular, and as Wotan said, very important video work this http://89paint.co/custom-custom-essay-ghostwriter-websites-au.php, and the gradual corruption of our major telecommunications systems at the hands of the Jews on behalf of Israhell certainly has been under-reported.

The White House did not provide a list of those affected by the move. My question would be, Mr. Puppethead, in your banning natural-born as well as naturalized citizens from American soil who adamantly object to Israeli-Western interference in Syria and Iran from American soil, where are you going to deport them to?

Puppethead, if you try to deport me back to where I was born, the furthest you can send me back to is the Bay Area. This is the foundation and bedrock of Jewish power, to spy on the people like they did in Russia with the KGB, and in Britain—the most spied upon nation in the world all run by Freemason puppets.

Their eyes are on the people looking for the slightest rustle of resistance and of awakened Goyim to rise up. They ensure that no green shoot of resistance will flourish. I wish the people of America will awaken and realise what a great debt they owe Brother Nathanael for his dedication to giving them their freedom back. Also in the earlier Yahoo! Karski, who worked as a spy and courier in the Polish underground in World War II, personally briefed such American leaders as Supreme Court Popular report editing sites for masters Felix Frankfurter about what he saw undercover at Belzec, where hundreds of thousands of Jews are said to have been exterminated.

Yet the admission that Karski is a liar and a libeler comes matter-of-factly in the biography, and has caused no noticeable stir in the Holocaust popular report editing sites for masters. Karski continues check this out be trotted out on behalf of the U.

As well as the need to work right with his video popular report editing sites for masters, and not online, he has not the time to know and trust anyone to host his website for free, as they may be enemies and wipe popular report editing sites for masters website away after they get popular report editing sites for masters. Paying money also creates a contract, and protects him, somewhat, so he has to pay, and pay.

No easy way, for Brother. With money, and by sticking together like any other gang. They took Popular report editing sites for masters with money, and once they had the royal family killed, and had the power, they then killed Christians by the tens of millions. Look at what they do to the world, now. Right before us, they take away the liberties of the Constitution. They x-ray people and grope them at the airports. They make FEMA camps ready.

They passed the IV, popular essay editor services canada sind Act. They install networks of spy technology. They are not doing this work and spending the money for no reason. Listen to the warning provided by Brother all over this website: the Zionist devils have the courts, the government, the army and the media. The Jews will take this nation if they can, and almost everyone will be taken while they are playing with their Blackberries and iPods.

Or watching a team chase a ball on a field. Or watching another vampire drama on TV. Or watching another tramp like Britney Spears, or the aging Madonna on TV. I check on Ron Paul every day. Today, he warned of the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act which is expected to pass the House. The Jews own the public mind. Paul is greater than Kennedy, and only we know it. Americans are blind to a man who is as good as any of the founding fathers.

Remember how they acted after Hurricane Katrina, and herded people to old arenas once they had their firearms taken away from them. Look at this commie Jew spy network and know what it is meant for, which is you and not some Arab terrorist! Those phantoms on TV that you watch all the time will not be there to feed you. That lesbian Ellen Degeneres and all the rest of those clowns will disappear and you will know that they were never really your friends. The Brother is your friend!

Cancel your cable TV already as all it does is work for the Jews. Give the money to yourself and to the Brother. As good a job as you do, these that you address will need much harsher realities lived before they see what you do. As frustrated as you are imagine how truly frustrated these people feel.

I think enough has been said. We are not moving much, are we? Irving had the choice, I think. On the contrary, I think that the use of 2 chairs can help often keep a balanced view and avoid tunnel vision. I thank you for your kind responses and the touch of irony which is stimulating and which I so much appreciate. I have tried many times to institute the use of PGP encryption public private key systems the addons are available for Thunderbird or Safari but what these menaces are doing is scrambling the message with signatures attacked and cleaning the keys from the key servers.

A number of emails sent to me from anti-establishment figures have their PGP keys that are attached to the mails incapacitated. And I sent a letter to a Australian Government employee with a signature attached. In the end I was click here to send the idea regarding science education by snail mail. This may be just my own personal experience for the NWO fears creative thinkers who can throw a spanner in the works.

More and more the West begins to resemble the USSR of old, where the state machinery rolls on and over any who stand it the way of the elites directing and giving the orders AND they are those that you always so succinctly point out appear to be: Jews.

Do they really know what they are doing? Do they really not see the obvious parallels with the USSR their kin so effectively erected? And so brutally barbarically enforced? Though not a Christian I espouse a sort of Christian philosophy. Our enemies have no faith in people or god but only in the machines to control them. Their NWO is a machine perfect world with humans their slaves. They lead not by example but with a whip. Before the Russian people adopted Communism, they left the faith.

The clergy also had failed the people. The people were no longer trying to be instruments of God, but followed their wordly desires instead. The best way for people in the West to undermine the Jewish power and influence is to re-embrace Christianity. Of course, it is not easy to force yourself to believe in something if you have been a non-observant person, like it is the case with source people in the West.

But popular report editing sites for masters issue at the moment is not faith as such. For many people faith is something that needs time to develop. For 70 years Soviet Union was an atheistic country.

The Church was almost non-existent and it was impossible to be openly religious. Most people had hardly any contact with religion. Churches, with a few exceptions, were museums. Yet, the Christian religion in Russia has made an incredible comeback. Today even members of Russian Communist Party are religious. The religious renaissance in Russia is so strong that it really worries the so-called liberals most of whom happen to be Jews. Their main worry is Putin who, needless to say, is an observant Christian and does not hide it.

More than that, Putin supports popular report editing sites for masters church construction all over Russia. So far, 23 thousand 23, churches have been rebuilt, renovated, or built, but Putin plans to build more. In partly Muslim Tatarstan there is a very large number of rebuilt and newly-built churches.

Moreover, the Jews have to be careful because they know all too well that Russians know all too well who the Bolsheviks were and who was involved in the murder of the Tsar and his family. Still, even in Russia, Jews have been trying to contaminate the society with decadent ideas.

They have not been very successful, though. They tried to attract a certain number of people to their cause but the whole project backfired very badly. The liberal - predominantly Jewish - element encourages all kinds of anti-religious activities. Not so long ago there was a series of attacks against the Church - they included blasphemous activities inside churches or even vandalism. In a few cases the perpetrators were so-called feminists. In other cases they may have been either drug-addicts or other misfits.

The feminists are now under arrest awaiting trial. The events were followed by debates on TV. It was amazing how in one debate Mr Aleksandr Prokhanov called Svanidze a Jew and popular report editing sites for masters team most of them Jews : you are a tribe of thieves, sell-outs and liars.

Popular report editing sites for masters Sunday there was a great event. All over Russia there were large protests against blasphemy and church vandalism. In front of the Christ the Saviour Cathedral top cv ghostwriting for hire for college there were 65 thousand people in support of Christianity. An overwhelming majority of Russians were very religious.

The only people who became flexible in religious matters were the intelligentsia and parts of the elites. The situation in pre-revolutionary Russia was not like it was in pre-revolutionary France. Some French peasants were religious, some were not. In Russia all peasants were religious. More than that, in France a patriot was a good revolutionary.

In Russia, if you continue reading a patriot, you were a counter-revolutionary. The Revolution popular report editing sites for masters France was mainly a French product and so it was a national event, whereas in Russia it was a Jewish product, an international event.

Not long ago the ADL was sued for spying in California. It was found they had records on over 20, people, most of the stuff provided by by police. The research and info are incredible; you popular report editing sites for masters your video man put together one of your best here.

The talmudic cowboys are getting ready to rope, throw and brand the herd. I am an inside witness to the methods being used to cram this decadent entertainment cult and Jewish brainwashing into the minds of innocent children. Rather than shielding young minds from this filth, teachers are ACTIVELY promoting it because they are so into it themselves. How do we awaken such mind-controlled, somnambulant people? The information that a remnant of men like brother Brother Nathanael have sacrificed to produce is freely available to all.

They are in effect every bit as much as an enemy too. What a shame that many different churches are not opening their doors to Brother Nathanael one after another to come speak to them. I can imagine incredible presentations along with videos which would open the minds of many. The herd does not yet want to hear or think about the evidence he lays out. Maybe one day that will change before it is too late.

Quitting for me is NOT an option. I will resist all alone or with a handful of faithful men and women. The Spirit of Truth and Righteousness cannot be defeated for HE has already conquered death as Nathanael has recently spelled out here:. It is here as we speak monitoring what we say and send to one another and growing more sophisticated by the day. Wait until you see the spy boxes that all automobiles will be required to be equipped with starting in Yes…its not that hard a script to understand, which IMHO is exactly what it is.

People need to simply see the click at this page KOSHER ART OF WAR. It appears the Jews Faux Chosen chose England as a home base, within kinsmanship with another group of Goyim Imperialists. Unlike mainland Europe…Britain was not professional academic essay services united -locked, hence the waters were a natural defence.

From this geo-political advantage arose the Imperialism via the strongest military via see more Navy. How many people are aware that the City of London Rothschild evil villain lair is its own state, like the Vatican, and the Queen has to ask permission of the Mayor to enter.

Or, conversely, the Jews saw the strategic advantage this Island piece of Europe had, it was a safe haven to both integrate and manipulate …. The symbiotic relationship is quite intriguing.

Good post Kirk, I like cheap proofreading sites for university fighting spirit, that is what we need click to see more to our Lord with spiritual warefare against their sorcery and witchcraft and preaching the truth of the Zionists.

The people are deceived because of spell casting and sorcery. The kabalistic Jews who control what we read and view make sure the media heaps scorn on the idea of witchcraft because they USE IT! They want to do everything they can to lead us away from the one who can help us overcome that is God the Father in heaven through his son Jesus. Please continue to fight the good fight. Very few Christians are dedicated to the Truth as you are; thus you are one of the Very Few, so-called Christians that is dedicated to Jesus Christ - who is the Truth.

I pray for you and your ministry nearly everyday. The essence of it was that it is hard to sit on top of a high wall dividing two neighbors. Or, as Wotan would have it - to sit on two chairs. Additionally, the present rulers of Poland seem to like stoking hatred between Poles and Russians and do nothing to alleviate check this out fear of Germany produced by the combined years of partitions, wars and the problematic possession of German lands.

It looks like the hatred which Jews feel towards all Goyim needs to popular report editing sites for masters spread to Goyim too. Germanophiles here like to mention how well the relations with Russia are developing. You be my witness; I attempted no less than yourselves to make our germanophiles see the other side of the coin.

I am afraid it was all in vain and I am closing my little show. Human nature, I guess. I do not doubt that rich Jews made their contribution to the French Revolution but I this web page reluctant to believe that they were the only major force behind it.

We have to be honest - one of the reasons why the French royal order collapsed was corruption and decadence among its elites. Because the Habsburg elites at that stage of the European history were more responsible, more devoted to the well-being of their subjects, more conservative and popular report editing sites for masters committed to the Christian tradition.

Decadence was afflicting the French upper classes long before the Revolution and it was spreading to the other sections of society. Rather than profess Christianity many aristocrats preferred to get involved popular report editing sites for masters Grand Orient Freemasonry or other weird cults.

More than that, the French elites made friendly alliances with the Ottomans which could be simply called anti-Christian alliances. The last king of Top admission essay writers websites toronto sent his military mission to train the Turks in naval warfare popular report editing sites for masters fortification building. I am not defending or excusing the French Revolution.

As we all know, nothing good resulted from it. And I am not trying to be anti-French. I like France, I like its culture too and particularly its unique Christian Medieval heritage.

The Jewish factor was there but it was not the only factor in this case. The question is whether the traitors in German Government would have considered taking it back at all. Imagine what feelings in Germany such a return would have awaken!

Suddenly ALL Germans, even the few illiterates, would have become aware that something is missing in between and this would become a permanent SORE for all Germans which would have forced them to think historically.

Click here a bad business! What for Russia is just a small piece of real estate, expensive to maintain, for Germany would have been a shattering event of the whole society, possibly a new beginning.

Jews who rule Poland and Jews generally would not have been amused by SUCH a development. About Kaliningrad, yes, there are some conservative circles in Russia they include military people, first and foremost who believe that the Kaliningrad oblast could or even should be returned to the Germans.

This is mentioned, on top of all that, in Основы геополитики The Foundations of Geopoliticswhich is a major textbook in the General Staff Academy of Russian Military. Is it ever going to happen? Certainly not in the near future. Because the last thing that the Russians would like check this out see in the Kaliningrad territory are the NATO bases.

Germany would have to free itself from the NATO dependence and create its own army. I can understand why Gorbatchov is popular in Germany. He initiated many changes which led to the German unification. Yes, he was a reformer and some of his changes were not only good but necessary. It must be kept in mind, however, that many changes had already been initiated by his predecessors though they were not clearly pronounced. Gorbatchov became more serious about them and more determined.

Unfortunately, he mishandled the whole process. For example, he made all kinds of concessions to the West but did not ask for anything in return. Germany could be the best example. He withdrew the Soviet troops from East Germany. It not popular curriculum vitae writer website au Phytotherapie the right thing to do. But why did he do it without popular report editing sites for masters the Americans and others to withdraw their troops from Popular report editing sites for masters Germany?

His popular report editing sites for masters and his good gestures should have been more conditional. If we had had Putin in his place, the situation would look completely different today.

Most likely there would be no NATO in Germany. Today we not only have NATO in Germany but also in Poland, in Romania, in Hungary and so on. We also have NATO in the Balkans. He showed no concern for Russian minorities in the former Soviet Republics.

They were all popular report editing sites for masters to go free on no conditions whatsoever. As soon as they had their freedom, the native populations started persecuting the non-native peoples: Russians, Ukrainians and even other natives local ethnic minorities. The reason why South Ossetians and Abkhazians are pro-Russian today and want to become part of the Russian Federation is because the Georgians were persecuting them. I would not call Gorbi exactly a Trotskist but in many ways he behaved like one.

He allowed himself to be used by the ideologues of the NWO. Look at him today. He criticizes Putin and the Russian Church. His so-called Gorbatchov Foundation based in San Francisco is nothing else but an extention of the Soros mafia. This popular report editing sites for masters of awakening the Goyim sheep is a very tough one, the brainwashing that is being done by the Zionist media is very deeply rooted in the minds of the people, but we must persevere. Why not return Kaliningrad on condition of it remaining a demilitarized zone?

Everybody would understand it. On the other hand, I popular report editing sites for masters that there are pretty massive Russian intermediate range missile batteries against NATO in Europe in the Oblast. Gorbachov is part of the globalist cabal. His handling of the dismantling of USSR was clearly done in favor of the Jewish Foreign Legion aka. He looks so nice and sympathetic but he works for very evil forces indeed. Why did he have to prostitute himself like that? Is he a Jew or something?

I have also a bad feeling about Gorbachev. Because he is popular here in the Nuthouse which is not a popular report editing sites for masters sign. And I guess - but this is only a suspicion - that his glasnost and perestroika reforms were just fairy tales and a plot to lull the West.

When the wall fell in Berlin nameplates were found in the East German Army for thousands of West German cities - in Russian. And thousands of medals. The industrialists in Middle Germany in were dispossessed as the country became communistic. After reunification in some of them wanted popular report editing sites for masters old property back.

And were dispossessed again. This time by Treuhand, a public society which sold good companies for next to nothing all over the world. Companies which had old owners. The head of Treuhand was later shot by terrorists. Kohl tried to put the blame for this fraud, which is until today unknown to many sheeples, to Gorbachev. But he rejected this and said the issue of old property was never part of any negotiations.

Anyhow, locusts made good business. Russia was cheated by the Popular report editing sites for masters who broke all promises after the reunification. But this is not the fault of the Germans. You know who is ruling the West. North Korea popular report editing sites for masters to South Korea as a foe…the war was never formally ended with the South.

And to create the circumstances and transitions for communication, dialogue and exchange between North and South—sort of a preliminary Glasnost such as reuniting family members split by the divide…over time could not transitions be made for a democratic reunification in the same way Germany was reunified? Who would help with that? England cannot afford to allow Russia to become the possessor of the Dardanelles and Bosphorus. Both popular report editing sites for masters and politically such an event would be a deep if not a deadly blow at British power.

And the Jews wanted Palestine bad. Kaliningrad has nothing to do with Jew spying. Kaliningrad does not mean much for Russia as a port, as far as I know. Venspils used to be a huge cargo operation.

And Ventspils DIED literally. I have visited the port a couple of years ago. All young people left. It was a suicide for Latvian economy. Economically it means nothing to Russia and for Germans it might mean a lot psychologically and politically.

James Bamford has been writing a lot about NSA ans Echelon. I think this new spy center is a further step towards a total control of US people by Jewish cabal. On the other hand - it seems that people are asleep anyway and all this control grid is unnecessary: If people are popular report editing sites for masters to comprehend the importance of information sources like this one and send a few bucks so that Bro Nathanael be able to produce these great videos - it means brain death on a national scale to me.

The greatest moment of their life was when Chief Rabbi of my country in Northern Europe declared the woman a Jew and gave them a Jewish wedding. Thus their childreen became Jews, too, which was what this was all about.

That these figures were still vying with each other for leadership of popular report editing sites for masters movement is suggested by the addendum co-authored by two Bavarian aristocrats.

Likewise, in our times, another foreign race threatens the culture, civilization, prosperity, and future of the European Christian peoples — a foreign race that is no less dangerous. Nay, in terms of its means and objectives, it is probably even more dangerous than those aggressive national elements. This foreign race is mathematics ghostwriter for hire Jewish race.

The proper instinct of the European Christian peoples has kept this natural, sworn archenemy in check until very recently. It is an archenemy against whom restrictive legislative regulations have only proven to be half measures and inadequate weapons for protecting Christian people.

War Department investigation and evaluation of issues generated by Jewish power. A hard copy of this document may be obtained from U. National Archives in Popular report editing sites for masters DC, - its number is The Pentagon is to create a new spy service to focus on global strategic threats and the challenges posed by countries including Iran, North Korea and China.

The move will bring to 17 the total number of intelligence organisations in the US. US military news website Insidedefense said the Defence Department had popular report editing sites for masters Congress for authority for spies to work undercover posing as businessmen when conducting covert operations abroad.

Just reconciling past grievances and looking into a future where the riddance of our common maladies, that Brother Nathanael so smartly exposes, no longer would be a hindrance to find the mutual goal of a definitive peace among Europeans with the help of our Lord Jesus Christ. Becoming symbol-wise is crucial to helping us understand their game plan. Numerology and symbols are a major thesis ghostwriters site us of the Judeo-Masonic order as you well know.

They proudly display their satanic symbolism throughout all of their media outlets and venues. There is a certain bond that ties educated people together, no matter what race and what nation they come from.

On such grounds AH greeted Jesse Owen, whilst in Poland-protecting-USA he had to sit at the back of the bus! What can be admired is the courage exhibited by the Poles against all odds at all times. Soon Poland will have to look after new defenders as USA is sinking. Popular report editing sites for masters will be interesting to see.

For centuries the border between Germany and Poland was peaceful and there was no bad blood between the peoples. At present, the atmosphere is poisoned by what happened in XIX and XX centuries. In my view both sides are to blame for this, in larger or lesser extent. Each side see what has happened differently, which is natural. But the degree to which these narratives differ is tragically great.

I happen to be able to read texts and listen to stories from both sides and these are two completely incompatible histories. Too many lies and propaganda pass for history. I know that people who lionize AH use to point to this little fact as a proof that AH was no racist at all, God forbid! For me this Popular report editing sites for masters problem is a little academic as I live outside of both countries and follow neither German nor Polish debates, press etc.

Nor do I belong to any organizations. I am too busy working and fathering. No less painful is it to hear that Poles are just thieves and killers of Germans, guilty of WW2 and all its consequences. It seems to me that Marina is just such kind of person. Regarding this battle, your quotes from some American founder persons in the subseqeunt thread were more helpful. I have also seen those little, murky Polacks with their small eyes who make my toes cringe.

Very seldom do I venture to the center of the city and wander among crowds. I know and detest them too. But I also know and socialize with upper layers of Polish society, and this is a completely different world. Unlike German of Scandinavian societies, the Polish one is a composite where the CHASM between the best and the worst is just incomprehensibly great.

In my line of business I mostly meet elderly, silver haired, worthy Popular report editing sites for masters types with whom I relish to converse. My mental world is theirs, and together we deplore the degenerate society of today.

Yes, Polish-German relations is just a sidenote. The main foe is well defined. Is this a multiple personality disorder? No because I am at all times aware of the presence of all four. Still, the problems of past wars and occupations are getting more popular report editing sites for masters and one can hope that popular report editing sites for masters border will return to the traditional, peaceful condition which let my forefathers and their friends from Saxony to settle in Poland for years ago and enjoy tolerance and abundance.

It is happening as we speak on human level. The political elites are trying to keep the hatred of Germans alive, but ordinary people increasingly popular report editing sites for masters and like Germans, and not because they come with good Euros but because they are good people.

Yrs, we can rest our case but it need not prevent us from occasionally exchanging views on the subject as it seems to on our minds at all times. Going supranational ruined many things and hopes. These are extraordinarily interesting conversations which I http://89paint.co/top-book-review-editor-services-for-college.php recommend.

The works of art beautiful beyond imagination, and everything deeply Christian. One feels that popular report editing sites for masters Religion is at the foundations of Germany.

This trip made us very happy. It is so depressing… There is not much time left if the Nation is to survive, it seems. The position of Germany is worse now than that after 30 Year War. Germany had to sign several documents at end of WWII that most Germans ignore, but shape Government policies. Agreement nations arrive to a solid means of exchange, which means a dollar-competing currency, not the Euro, which was contrived to demolish European national currencies and budgetary independence, to finally being amalgamated to the dollar and become a single one for everyone.

You underestimate the power of Rothschilds. Do you want Germany turned into ashes again? Popular report editing sites for masters over 50 years of occupation the seed of betrayal has been planted again. Why would Big Brother Jew use the Utah desert for this one?

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