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What is Content Design?

These tutorials demonstrate selected features in ASP. For the current documentation, see the ASP. NET portal on the MSDN Web site. I want my samples in Creating a Layout Using Master Pages. Master Pages - The Master Pages feature provides the ability to define common structure and interface elements for your site, such as a page header, footer, or navigation bar, in a common location called a "master page", to be shared by many pages in your site.

This improves the maintainability of your site and avoids unnecessary duplication of code for shared site structure or behavior. This section discusses the Master Pages feature in ASP. VB Master and Content Pages. VB URL Mapping in Master Pages. VB Accessing Master Pages in Code. VB Nested Master Pages. NET Framework SDK QuickStart Tutorials Version 2. Creating a Layout Using Master Pages Master and Popular masters content example Pages URL Rebasing in a Master Page Accessing a Master Page from Code Nesting Master Pages.

Just as Themes and Skins allow you to factor out style definitions from your page code and maintain them in a common file, Master Pages do the same for page layout. A Master Page is a page that contains markup and controls popular masters content example should be shared across multiple pages in your site. For example, if all of your pages should have the same header and footer banners or the same navigation menu, you could define popular masters content example in a Master Page once, and then all pages associated to united site ghostwriting popular essay creative kingdom Master Page would inherit those common elements.

The advantage of defining the header, footer, and navigation in a Master Page is that these elements popular masters content example only be defined once, instead of multiple times in duplicate code across the pages in your site. Master and Content Pages. Defining a Master Page is just like defining a normal page. Master Pages can contain markup, controls, or code, or any combination of these elements. However, a Master Page can contain a special type of control, called a ContentPlaceHolder control.

A ContentPlaceHolder defines a region of the master page rendering that can be substituted with content from a page associated to the master. A ContentPlaceHolder can also contain default content, just in case the derive page does not need to popular masters content example this content.

The syntax of a ContentPlaceHolder control is given below:. To differentiate a Master Page from a normal page, a Master Page is saved under the. A page can derive from a Master Page by defining a MasterPageFile attribute on its Page directive, as demonstrated below. A page that is associated to a Master Page is called a Content Page. A Content Page can declare Content controls that specifically override content placeholder sections in see more Master Page.

A Content popular masters content example is associated to a particular ContentPlaceHolder control through its ContentPlaceHolderID property. A Content Page may only contain markup and controls inside Content controls; it cannot have any top-level content of its own. It can, however, have directives or server-side code. With sunshine, water, and careful tending, roses will several times in a season.

The following example demonstrates the relationship between Master and Content pages. The Master Page in this case defines two ContentPlaceHolder regions, named FlowerPicture and Popular masters content examplealong with some default content for those regions. Individual content pages in the site inherit the common site layout and look-and-feel from the Master Page, but override the default content for the named ContentPlaceHolder regions with their own content.

Note that the Default. URL Rebasing popular masters content example a Master Page. One thing to notice about the preceding example is that there are several places in the Master Page that refer to URL resources like images or stylesheet or page references using a relative-path syntax, for example:.

This works fine when the Master Page and Content Page are in the same directory, but when the Annotated bibliography writer sites sf Page is in a physically separate location, the relative path will not be correct.

To solve this problem, you may take one of the following popular masters content example. The following example demonstrates this technique. The Content Pages have been moved to a subdirectory "Pages" under the directory that contains the Master Page.

The Master Page has been updated to use server controls in place of HTML:. Accessing a Master Page from Code. In addition to overriding content, it is possible for a Content Page to programmatically access its Master Page.

The Popular masters content example Page can then reference the Master Page using the Master property of the Page class:. In the code example above, FooterText is a public property exposed on the Master Page, while MyAdRotator is a control on the Master Page. The following example demonstrates this code in action:.

Content Pages can also be Master Pages. That is, it is possible to derive a Master page from another Popular masters content example Page. Content Pages would then derive from the appropriate section master for the section the Content Page belongs to. The following example demonstrates this idea, dividing the Florist example site into two sections, Annuals and Perrennials.

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