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Platform addresses to the St. To discuss our podcasts, please visit our podcasts on the blog. For Platform addresses from earlier thanplease see our Text of Platform Addresses page. Need an MP3 Player? Download iTunes for the PC or Mac. New to Ethical Society? See our Best of Podcasts to learn more about Ethical Humanism. Ethical Society of Saint Louis. More News More News. Multiple Ways of Giving. Sunday School - SEEK. Youth Group High School. Newsletter - Ethical Connection.

Ethical Humanist of the Year. Ethics in Action Award. Subscribe to podcasts of selected Ethical Society Platforms MP3s. If you like our podcasts, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to help maintain this website. Growing By Simplifying, Kate Lovelady, Leader, 9-Apr Our relationship with our possessions brings up many powerful and often conflicting emotions and connects to both our environmental values and our personal histories. Decluttering principles can also be applied to more than material things.

How can being more mindful of our space and our stuff help us lead happier and more ethical lives? Adulting, James Croft, Outreach Director, 2-Apr A major part of growth is growing up. Is it good or bad? In a culture obsessed with youth and childhood, would it be better to stay forever young, or is adulthood desirable?

Cross-Cultural Engagement: A Vehicle for Read article in St. Louis, Cecilia Nadal, Founder and Executive Director, Gitana Productions, Mar While the goal of diversity in any community is noble, it is one of many steps in building community. Diversity in the room builds capacity to achieve the ultimate goal of cross-cultural engagement and community building.

Such engagement is characterized by an acceptance of multiple worldviews, a willingness to co-create rather than control and the patience to endure. Cecilia will discuss how cross-cultural engagement can transform us and our community. Cecilia Nadal is founder and executive director of Gitana Productions Inc. Portrayals of Women in Popular Culture, Kate Lovelady, Leader, Mar What are some of the reasons for these representations? What messages are sent about gender and gender roles by our popular culture?

How I Learned About Death, Kate Lovelady, Leader, Feb Every person has or will experience the death of people close to them. Images to accompany popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba platform PDF.

Darwin Day—Evolution and Death, Kate Lovelady, Leader, Feb One of the biggest issues any worldview wrestles with is death.

Why do people die? How does the fact of death shape human culture, understanding, and meaning? As a tradition based in a naturalistic understanding of life, Ethical Humanism looks at death as a part of the endless evolutionary process that produced human beings. What evolutionary purposes does death serve?

How should we think about death? What would it re-ally mean for humans to live greatly extended lives? Talking About Death and Dying, Tracy Gomillion, Feb Having conversations about death and dying are critical.

Having awareness and knowledge about choices and alternatives available is imperative. This talk aims to break down some of the taboos associated with speaking about death and bring to light understanding about what choices each of us have in life and for our remains after each of see more deaths. Tracy Gomillion is an Adjunct Instruct of Sociology and Social Work at Jefferson College, and a social worker. She founded the Willow Foundation, a non-profit start-up that will provide the St.

Louis area with affordable death care products and services. Tracy also facilitates the local STL Death Cafes, where community members gather to talk about death and dying. Telling the Ethical Society Story, James Croft, Outreach Director, 5-Feb All communities have a story: a narrative of who they are, why they exist, and where they are going. What is the story of the Ethical Society of St. Louis, and how can we tell that story in a way that reaches more people?

Honoring the Past; Building for the Future, Kate Lovelady, Leader, Jan This morning we will be brave and talk about the important topic of money in our lives and in our ethics; we will learn about some of the lesser-known but important contributors to the success of the Society over the years; we will celebrate the recent achievements of the Ethical Society community; and we will learn how we can contribute to its future.

Stories of Survival During the Holocaust, Chrissy Poleski Laycob, Jan Their story of surviving the Holocaust displays strength and resolve to never give up on humanity, even in one of the darkest chapters in our history. Their story is one of hope and chance and a reminder that even in times of evil, kindness and goodness can be found.

Being Black, While Wearing Blue—Comprehensive Evaluation of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, Heather Taylor, President of the Ethical Society of Police, 8-Jan Louis Metropolitan Police Department. The evaluation detailed examples of cronyism, implicit biases, racism, and other issues. Since the publication of the evaluation, little has been done to improve internal practices. Furthermore, members of the ESOP have faced retaliation.

ArchCity Defenders receive the James F. Hornback Ethics in Action Award, Bernard Reinert, Brendan Roediger, Kayla Reed, and Michel-John Voss, Oct Providing holistic legal advocacy and combating the criminalization of poverty and state violence against poor people and people of color, ArchCity Defenders has exposed systemic abuses by municipal courts and local police in the St.

A non-profit civil rights law firm using direct services, impact litigation, and policy and media advocacy as its primary tools to promote justice, protect civil and human rights, and bring about systemic change on behalf of the poor and communities popular dissertation proposal sites color directly impacted by the abuses of the legal system.

They received the Award for their outstanding efforts on behalf of this underserved community. Are We Alone in the Universe? The question has been the VerГnderungen best speech ghostwriters for hire ca includes of endless speculation by human beings for millennia: Is there intelligent life on other der esl presentation ghostwriters websites for masters kannst beyond our own, or are we alone in the universe?

The answer would have profound consequences for humankind, both scientific and ethical, for if we discover we are not alone, what does that tell us popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba ourselves? An update on exciting new developments in our Uganda Humanist Schools Project, and some of the cosmic questions raised when we contemplate the different circumstances of people around the world. Photos pdf to accompany the presentation.

International Institute and Syrian Refugees, Suzann LeLaurin, International Institute, Nov When refugees arrive in America, they frequently come with little more than the clothes on their backs. Staff of sponsoring agencies, including the International Institute of St.

Louismeet refugees at the airport, take them to housing that has been obtained for them, provide orientation, and help them begin the process of building a new life in America. The International Institute immerses refugees and immigrants in a variety of social and educational services designed to accelerate their settlement in St. Popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba in the Individuals and Families Division focus on initial adjustment services to newcomers and their families with a goal to help raise newcomers out of poverty.

Carl Sagan is one of the most famous Humanists in history; a shining example of an popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba celebrated for their commitment to scientific and humanitarian ideals.

This week, to celebrate Carl Sagan Day, we examine his commitment to science through an unusual lens, exploring his belief that science can not only help us understand nature, popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba also show us who we are and where we come from. Science, Sagan believed, can be a source of spiritual wonder. Voting for Community, Kate Lovelady, Leader, 6-Nov As popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba prepare to cast ballots on Election Day, in a year when many people are not thrilled about their choices, what general values should we choose as guides?

When we vote, how should we weigh our individual or immediate interests, our membership in different communities, and our concern for communities beyond our circle? The Spectrum of Human Skin: Defining Race and Ethnicity and Our Own Places Within It, Joan Hoscher, Oct The function of skin-color variation in humans is biological and integral to the survival of our species.

This talk will take an anthropological approach to explore aspects of each in an attempt to popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba an entirely different conversation regarding the subject of human skin and its social implications.

This presentation is designed to be interactive and introspective. I encourage the audience to think about their own place in a social context as well as to bring a greater understanding of how others place themselves using some of the latest scientific information. Joan Hoscher is coordinator for the University of Missouri-St. The Ethical Humanist Identity, James Croft, EdD, Outreach Director, Oct People often feel that their religious perspective to be an important part of their identity: to be a Christian, Jew, or Muslim can give someone a strong sense of group membership.

But what is the Ethical Click to see more identity, and how does being an Ethical Humanist change our sense of ourselves? We learn in school that Columbus discovered America in However, there were populations of American Indians here for the pastyears.

The ethical issues surrounding the decimation of these populations are not as well known. Addressing popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba of these issues will be Dr. Embracing Your Inner Nerd, Kate Lovelady, Leader, 9-Oct Today, more people are flying their nerd flags proudly. But what is nerdiness, what are its positive and negative aspects, and how can embracing our inner and outer nerd help us live more authentic, joyful, and ethical lives?

Finding Yourself, James Croft EdD, Outreach Director, 2-Oct How do we know who we are? Each of us has a unique identity which develops through our lives. We are each unique individuals. Yet sometimes we wonder "Who am Read article, really?

The Human Animal, James Croft EdD, Outreach Director, Sep Human beings are animals, and our evolutionary history has an enormous impact on our lives. Yet so often we think of ourselves as fundamentally different to other animals: elevated, distinct, special. How does our animal origin affect our daily lives, and how can we work with, rather than against, our animal nature? An Ethical Humanist Year, Kate Lovelady, Leader, Sep What would it look like to organize a year based on popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba humanist understanding of the seasons and core ethical values?

Come learn about our monthly themes, as well as about the new annual Ethical Society goals for increased growth and engagement and how we can each play a part in them. The Tao of See more Humanism, Kate Lovelady, Leader, Aug Each August we look at the similarities and differences between the Ethical Society tradition and a philosophical popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba religious cousin.

This year we will explore some of the history and lessons of Taoism as compared to Ethical Humanism. How to Choose What You Believe, James Croft EdD, Outreach Director, Aug We may be free to choose what we believe, but how do we exercise our choice responsibly, with appropriate attention to evidence, reasons, and the views of others?

This Platform suggests that while freedom of choice in belief is important, it must be balanced with click We may be free to choose what we believe, but how do we exercise our choice responsibly, with appropriate attention to evidence, responsibility to provide public reasons for those of our beliefs which affect others.

Ecological Popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba and Biomimicry: Guiding Sustainable Design and Lifestyle, Jim Jordan, Aug When developing a more sustainable society, we have discovered nature provides the best ideas and practices.

Evolutionary forces created biological designs and efficiencies that result in natural communities that are adaptable, resilient and sustainable. The outcome is innovative, but often beyond the scope of sustainable personal actions. Two of our members discuss their personal experiences with different aspects of this question. Kyle Nienhaus tells about see more relationship with his parents when he moved away from their traditional ways of thinking.

Martin, Assistant Professor, John C. Danforth Center on Religion and Politics, Jul Martin of the John C. The Trouble with Scriptures, James Croft EdD, Outreach Director, Jul Scripture can be a source of strength in trouled times and an inspiration to good deeds — but it can also cause religious adherents to miss their ethical obligations and, sometimes, to cause harm.

Bending the Arc of History Toward Justice, AEU Annual Assembly Platform, Kate Lovelady, Leader, Jul Join Ethical Humanists from across the country in our very own building for the Sunday platform of the AEU Annual Assembly. Stolen Stories, David Gerth, Executive Director, Metropolitan Congregations United, Jul In the past two years the Ethical Society has been working closely with Metropolitan Congregations Unitedan interfaith organization that empowers communities to transform themselves and the public arena to care for the common good.

Conservation Values of Prairies, Carol Davit, Missouri Prairie Foundation, Jun The original extent of American prairie evokes our national spirit: expansive, exhilarating in its abundance, full of life and promise.

Today - from the tallgrass prairie east of the Rockies, and westward through mid- and short-grass prairies that stretched to the Pacific coast - our native grassland legacy has been dramatically reduced popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba scattered read more of its once vast million-acre domain across North America, and from 15 million acres in Missouri to fewer than 70, However, these remnants—from pocket prairies that delight us with their beauty and diversity of plants, insects, birds, and other grassland wildlife—-to the larger tracts that support cattle ranching, antelope, and other large animals—remain vitally important to us in terms of water quality, soil health, carbon storage, drought tolerance, pollinator habitat, and also beauty and spiritual renewal.

In her presentation to the Ethical Society, Davit will discuss these diverse values of prairie, and why the act of con-serving original landscapes like prairies is critical to sustaining biological diversity and our well-being.

As the executive director of the Missouri Prairie FoundationCarol Davit oversees fundraising, strategic planning, communications, advocacy, the Grow Native!

Davit click to see more worked for 20 years in the conservation and environmental fields in communications, development, administration, and leadership capacities in the nonprofit sector and in municipal and state government.

Davit serves on the Missouri Monarch and Pollinator Conservation Collaborative, the Missouri Environmental Literacy Advisory Board, and other groups. She has written on natural history topics for the Missouri Conservationist and other publications.

Feet of Clay, Kate Lovelady, Leader, Jun And of course, sometimes we are wrong about what is the right thing to do. But how do we react when others fail to live up to our values or expectations? Especially in this political season, what can we reasonably expect of our political leaders or would-be leaders? How popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba we judge them fairly?

Being Our Worst Selves, James Croft EdD, Outreach Director, Jun As Ethical Humanists, we seek to act so as to bring out the best in others, in the hope that will bring out the best in ourselves. But what about those times when we fail, and instead end up bringing out the worst in ourselves and others? How can we come to understand the worst aspects of our character, and what can we popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba from them? Imagining the Future, James Croft EdD, May Authors, artists, and filmmakers throughout history have tried to imagine the future, and the esl phd scholarship essay topics visions they have created reveal something about our hopes and fears for humankind.

What can we learn from visionary depictions of the human future, from the utopian to the dystopian, and how do you imagine our future? Environmental Extremism, Kate Lovelady, Leader, Apr Should We Cherish ALL Life? But cancers are alive, as some argue popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba viruses.

Should we cherish those? How far should our respect for other forms of life extend? Women I Have Learned From, Kate Lovelady, Leader, Mar Prison Is Not for Everyone, Karlene McAllister, Mar The food alone is sometimes unrecognizable, you are placed in a cell with a complete stranger after being stripped searched and having all your possessions taken away. You are instructed not to accept anything from anybody - no popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba from your fellow inmates.

Some of the other inmates will test you to see if they can control you. She received dharma transmission and traveled to Japan in She organized the movement to allow Buddhism inside the Missouri prison system and was a volunteer in over six state prisons. Inshe was hired to work as one of 22 state prison chaplains in Missouri.

She was the only woman Buddhist Chaplain in Missouri and mostly likely in the United States. Most recently she opened the Laughing Bear Bakery that hires ex-offenders. She organized Inside Dharmawhich is an active Buddhist outreach organization that works with offenders, ex-offenders, and the homeless.

They are responsible for putting out the resource guide StarthereSTL. Learning from People You Disagree With, James Croft, EdD, Mar In an increasingly polarized political environment, how can we learn from people we strongly disagree with? This Platform will explore the ethical importance of learning popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba those we dis-agree with, and offer some guidance as to how to do it. Learning from the World Around Us: Naturalism, Kate Lovelady, Leader, Feb This talk explains why and how Ethical Humanism uses naturalism as our common ground for ethical discussions, and what this means for how we relate to non-naturalistic arguments.

Pledge Sunday, Part II, What Good Is an Ethical Top editing website methodology ca dissertation, Anyway? Ethical Societies are not just welcoming communities for people from all walks of life and of many different beliefs: they are also com-munities that seek to make a difference. What difference have Ethical Societies made in the world, and how will we make a difference in the future?

Pledge Sunday, Part I, The State of Our Union, Kate Lovelady, Leader, Jan Lecia Brooks, Southern Poverty Law Center, Jan As outreach director, she frequently gives presentations around the country to promote tolerance and diversity. She also serves as director of the Civil Rights Memorial Center in Montgomery, Ala. She joined the SPLC staff in as director of Mix It Up at Lunch Day, a Teaching Tolerance program designed to help break down racial, cultural and social barriers in schools.

Previously, she worked for twelve years in a number of capacities for the National Conference for Community and Justice in its Los Angeles office. She is a graduate of Loyola Marymount University. Political Ethics and Public Values, Dr. This presentation will explore the ethical obligations and value frameworks of public service.

What makes an ideal public servant, and why is it such a hard job? How popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba we better understand the myriad, potentially conflicting values in the public sphere? What are the underlying public values that we all agree on?

How do they come into conflict to create such strident disagreement? How can we create a consistent framework within which to place public values, and new tools with which to address conflicts between them?

Siewert is Popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba of the Center for Ethics in Public Life at the University of Missouri St. Prior to completing his PhD in Political Philosophy and Ethics at the University of California Santa Barbara, Dr.

Having organized at the grassroots level, lobbied at the state level, and studied cheap editing for custom essay school sites political process from the academic point of view, Dr.

Siewert seeks to illuminate the connection between the moral challenges individuals face in public service and the background principles and values of democratic governance that make public service such a unique, difficult, and vital human endeavor.

Loving Kindness, Kate Lovelady, Leader, Jan Sixty percent of seniors in long-term care never receive a single visitor. Aging can be lonely For seniors struggling with isolation, an hour-long visit from a Senior Connections trained relational volunteer each week can make all the difference.

For popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba information call When Equality Is Not Enough, James Croft, 3-Jan But this is not always the case. Some people, because they suffer from systemic disadvantages, need more than equal treatment in order popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba have a fair chance in society. Sometimes, equality is not enough. Our Human Community, James Croft, Dec Yet recent decades have seen increasing emphasis on the uniqueness of individuals and the differences between groups of people.

At a time of political polarization and increasing attention to the concerns of particular groups, can we find ways to assert that we are part of a human community, focusing on what we share while respecting the important differences between us? Our Humanist World Community, Kate Lovelady, Leader, 6-Dec Come learn how we are cooperating with the world community of humanism, through a report on recent developments at the Uganda Humanist Schools.

The scholarship students we are supporting are growing into young women of strength and promise, and they have messages to share with us. Society Board President Ed Schmidt visited and taught at the schools this past summer and returned with new information and lots of great pictures!

Personal Responsibility Through Poetry and Drama, Susan Kopp, Nov One of the most valuable elements of fictional writing, such as dramatic literature and poetry, is that it enables audience members to make connections with their own lives. In looking at the situation or state of a character, we can safely begin to look deeper into ourselves, and to popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba questions that would scare us if we were simply staring into the mirror.

Through their work, poets and playwrights also remind us that we are not alone--people everywhere, every day, in both the past and present, experience the same feelings that we ourselves do. Actor and director Susan Kopp will perform a variety of dramatic literature and poetry to explore the themes of personal responsibility, regret, and gratitude.

Susan Kopp is a local actor, director, musician, and educator. She holds a BFA in Theatre from Stephens College in Columbia and has performed in numerous productions both locally and regionally. Susan has worked frequently with Metro Theater Company and since has been a Teaching Artist at COCA, teaching and best expository website usa for summer arts camps and after-school programs.

Susan is most proud of her work with Interchange, which partners classroom teachers with teaching artists to integrate the arts into academic curriculum. Embracing Our Response-Ability, James Croft, Nov What if we thought of responsibility in terms of our ability to respond to life? What if we saw responsibility as liberating, as something to enjoy? If we embrace our response-ability we might discover that we have far more powerful popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba we ever knew Victims and Victimhood, Part II, Kate Lovelady, Leader, 8-Nov Victims and Victimhood, Part I, Kate Lovelady, Leader, 1-Nov Ten years ago there was no Facebook, no Twitter, no Snapchat, no livestreamers.

The Huffington Post had just been born and smartphones were on the horizon. The revolutionary impact of these new media played out before our popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba in Ferguson. Most news broke on Twitter and most rumors did as well. Freivogel worked for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch for 34 years - as assistant Washington Bureau Chief and deputy editorial editor.

Later, he was director of the SIUC School of Journalism and a founder of the St. He covered the U. Supreme Court while in Washington. A series of editorials in about U.

Freivogel is a contributor to St. Louis Public Radio, where his wife, Margaret Wolf Freivogel, is editor. He also is publisher of the Gateway Journalism Review. We Should All Be Protesters, James Croft, Oct America was founded in protest: a ragtag band of law-breaking protesters gathered their courage and told a king he was wrong. From the start, protest — a form of political questioning — has been integral to the ideal of America.

To Question or Not to Question? Kate Lovelady, Leader, Oct That is the question! Questioning is a crucial freedom and an important source of learn more here and wisdom.

But can questioning be taken too far? And what does the Ethical Society slogan "Deed before creed" really mean? The Viability of Harris-Stowe State University in These Challenging Times, Dr. In these challenging times, Harris-Stowe builds upon its year legacy remove top academic essay ghostwriter site uk sich responding to historical and defining moments for the nation.

Harris-Stowe serves as the leading intellectual think-tank for social justice, equality, popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba educational equity. Warmack will discuss the viability of Harris-Stowe and its role in the region. Warmack serves as president of Harris-Stowe State University and is one of the youngest serving just click for source of a four-year institution in the nation.

Warmack brings more than 16 years of progressive administrative experience in higher education at five distinct higher education institutions to the position. Warmack is committed to developing programs that promote diversity, pluralism, and cultural competency.

Throughout his career he has championed inclusion, academic excellence, and the retention of underrepresented students. James Croft, Outreach Director, Sep What is so special about our uniqueness? Outreach Director James Croft will explore the many forms of human uniqueness, showing why it matters and how we can recognize the uniqueness of others in our lives. The Most Important Person, Kate Lovelady, Leader, Sep How does our belief in treating people as ends in themselves, rather than as means to achieve our own ends, affect our ethical decision making, and how can we live out such an idea in our everyday lives?

Ethical Humanism and Athesism, Kate Lovelady, Leader, Aug Come learn more popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba Ethical Humanism and the Ethical Society by exploring some of the philosophies of ancient Greece that challenged traditional theories of reality and sought naturalistic answers to questions of how to live a meaningful and good life.

NOTE: This popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba a special recording. The origional recording had technical problems popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba could not be used. To Whom Do Our Lives Belong? Part II, Kate Popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba, Leader, Oct Leader Kate Lovelady continues her talk from her talk from October 5.

This two-part talk will explore the now perhaps old-fashioned notion of duty in ethical living, and how we balance our individual needs with the needs of others. We will look at questions such as: How do we determine the difference between what is right and what is allowed? When and how should one make individual sacrifices for another person or group? What do we owe to other generations?

Is the current focus on happiness the best way to live--Is it even making us happy? Ethical Popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba and Greek Philosophy, Kate Lovelady, Leader, Aug Raising Ethical Children, James Croft, Leader in Training and Rachel Http://89paint.co/custom-cover-letter-proofreading-for-hire-toronto.php, S.

Leader in Training James Croft interviews Sunday Ethical Education popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba Kids Director Rachel Valenti to discuss the Ethical Humanist approach to raising happy, see more, ethical children. I Feed GMOs to My Kids, Barrett Foat, Aug Thus, I have had a lot of experiences with having friends and family ask me pointed questions about genetically modified crops, yet still leaving the conversation with them thinking that I am a good person.

Best university essay ghostwriter for hire will share those same insights with you. I will also share my experiences working with the people who are helping farmers keep the world fed for another century. Barrett Foat leads the Genome Data Analytics team at Monsanto.

He lives in Ballwin, MO popular dissertation conclusion editing service au his spouse, Casey; two boys, Julian and Simon; and two cats, Quantum and Helix. Barrett grew up in Wisconsin, surrounded by fields that grew corn and subdivisions. After completing a degree in Genetics at the University of Wisconsin, Barrett received his Ph.

Finding Serenity, Ellen Brasunas, 9-Aug In our popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba world and busy lives how do we find and maintain a sense of well being and contentment? Ellen will share some ways that she has chosen to meet adversity and transitions and to welcome more joy into her life. Ellen was reared in Columbus, Ohio. She received a B. She also received an M. She practiced Psychiatric nursing in McLean Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, Public Health nursing in Wellston, Missouri and School nursing in Popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba, Missouri.

She opened her private practice in Counseling in and is still active in her profession. Anton Brasunas aus cheap papers ghostwriter service us persГnlich and later moved to St. Louis where they became active members popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba the Ethical Society.

Unpacking Religion, Walter Vesper, 2-Aug Many of us have been hurt by the religious traditions we grew up in. Walter Vesper is a retired psychotherapist who has worked as a Methodist minister, an archaeologist, a medical ethicist, and teacher of English as a foreign language in China.

During the s and s he organized the Thanksgiving pot-luck dinner here at the St. Louis Ethical Society, before moving to New Jersey where he was a member of the Princeton Ethical Fellowship.

It seems the simplest thing in the world: whenever we want to persuade someone of the rightness of our thinking, we should offer them some data wrapped in a convincing logical argument. They will be so impressed by our argument that they will change their minds. But this rarely happens! Often, others seem impervious to rational discussion entirely. Because we are not Spock — we are driven more by emotions than by logic. Citizen Involvement in Government, Mayor Gerry Welch, Jul Webster Groves Mayor Welch speaks about active citizen involvement in the government.

Mayor Gerry Welch was popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba to the Webster Groves City Council in and first elected mayor in The couple moved to Webster Groves in the 70s when Patrick Welch took a job at St. Welch eventually popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba a position at St. Louis Community College - Meramec.

While there, she taught, worked in administration and staff development and served as a department chair. Popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba greatly enjoys writing. A History of the City-County Separation, Christopher Gordon, Jul When the voters of the City of St. Louis County went to the polls in August they approved a plan that would forever change the economic, social, and political structure of the region.

The voters agreed to separate two political entities that had long been at odds with one another. Rural-urban divisions, corruption, economic self-interests, and the political upheavals of the Civil War all played a part in a scheme that the residents of our region continue to struggle with to this day. Christopher Gordon will examine the origins of what became known as the Great Divorce and its consequences over the last one hundred and thirty-nine years. Christopher Gordon is the Director of Library and Collections for the Missouri History Museum.

He grew up in southwest Missouri and at-tended Missouri State University where he received a B. Prior to moving to St. Louis in to begin his career at MHM, he served as the director of the Henry County Museum and Cultural Arts Center in Clinton, Missouri. Christopher is currently writing Fire, Pestilence, and Death: St. Louis,a book focusing on the dramatic events of the year in St.

The Psychology of Happiness, Timothy J. More recently, however, the field has broadened its scope to give more attention to the positive side of human nature and the most effective ways to pursue the good life. This presentation will discuss the scientific study of happiness and strategies for life satisfaction based on research.

In particular, how much of our happiness is actually in our control, and how can we see more happiness even amid challenges we face in our world? Bono received his BA and PhD in psychology from Washington University in St.

Louis where he is currently an Assistant Dean in the Popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba of Arts and Sciences and Lecturer in the Department of Psychology. His research and ideas have been featured in a number of media outlets including Fast Company and Introduction ghostwriting masters custom dissertation sites for. Monarch Butterfly Conservation: Challenges and Opportunities, William T.

The life cycle of the Monarch butterfly requires an amazing and unique journey, spanning North America from southern Mexico to the provinces of Canada. Extreme weather conditions, land development and modern agricultural practices have had significant impacts on this journey, which is vital for sustaining the life of the Monarch butterfly. Learn about the work of Monarch Watch and how we can make a difference in our backyards by planting milk-weed to accommodate the nutrition and life cycle requirements of the iconic Monarch butterfly.

Ruppert owns and manages the St. Louis office of National Nursery Eine pay to write tourism papers von, a horticultural company representing wholesale growers of land-scape plants. Bill holds a BS degree in Agriculture, with an emphasis in ornamental horticulture and landscape design, from the University of Missouri Columbia.

A Better Transit System in St. Louis, Scott Ogilvie, Jun Who is in charge of building a better transit system in St. Most residents might immediately think of our transit agency, Metro. But behind the scenes, Metro decision-making is driven almost entirely by local elected leaders. Where Metro provides service, and what projects they are popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba to build in the future, have become political questions, rather than planning questions.

Engage with local politics to get there. Scott Ogilvie has served as alderman for the 24th ward in the City of St. The Science of Transcendence, James Croft, Leader in Training, 7-Jun All professional term paper ghostwriter sites united states religions speak of transcendence: states of mind that push us beyond the everyday and let us touch the infinite.

Mystics the world over seek these states, some viewing them as ways to con-tact God itself. Can Ethical Humanists experience this? Is there anything to the claims of the mystics? Leader-in-Training James Croft says "Yes," as he explores the science of transcendence. Drinking from Two Cups, Kate Lovelady, Leader, May A look ahead at the future of the Ethical Society, following the vote at the Annual Meeting on second Leader candidate James Croft.

Residential Integration in the St. Louis Region: Challenges and Opportunities, E. Why has the St. Should local policies and practices encourage racial integration or should the norm be separate but really equal? If residential racial integration is the goal, what can be to done to achieve it? Terrence Terry Jones is Founders Professor of Political Science and Public Policy Administration at the University of Missouri-St. He is the author of The Metropolitan Chase: Politics and Policies in Urban America, Fragmented by Design: Why St.

Louis Has So Many Governments, and Conducting Political Research. He also co-edited English services. Louis Metromorphosis: Past Trends and Future Directions.

The Future of Ethical Humanism, James Croft, Leader-in-Training, May This year, as the Ethical Society of St. One World, Kate Lovelady, Leader, Apr One assumption of science fiction and futurists is that Earth will eventually have one unified system or body of government. In what ways are steps already being made toward such a future, and how are those steps being supported or resisted? And how does the multiplicity of human languages fit in?

What Would You Live For? James Croft, Leader-in-Training, 5-Apr The story of the martyr who sacrifices themselves for their community or values is prevalent across cultures: Socrates, Martin Luther King, and Jesus are all said to have given their lives for what they popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba in. But what are the ethics of self-sacrifice, and is it more ethical to choose to "live" for your beliefs? Our Pagan Nation, Kate Lovelady, Leader, Mar America is sometimes called "a Christian nation," usually by those who wish it to be so.

This platform will explore how much of our everyday lives, our national history, and even Christian traditions themselves actually have their roots in much older traditions and popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba. The F Words: Ferguson, Fiction, Fear and Family, Amy A. Hunter, Director of Racial Justice, YWCA, Mar Louis has an opportunity to model for the top school essay editor site for college strategies for creating a better community post Ferguson.

Come hear what gets custom proposal writing services sf the way and possible recommendations for making this a region we can all be proud of in the years to come.

Hunter is the director of racial justice for the YWCA. She recently presented her second TED X talk. She is a native St. Louisan and a published writer. She has been heard on NPR, CNN, ABC, and national and international publications. Come for an informative and interactive session on the topic of race and gender. We Are Our Environment, James Croft, Leader-in-Training, Mar In the last years we have become increasingly aware of the effects of our action on the environment: deforestation, industrial pollution, and aggressive mining are just a few of the ways we are harming the earth.

But we consider less frequently the effects of environmental destruction on ourselves. What impact does our current relationship to the world around us have on our communities and on our bodies? Leader-in-Training James Croft will argue that when we harm our environment we are harming ourselves.

We are the environment we create. A Psychological Perspective on Evil, Dr. Randy Larsen, Professor, Washington University, Feb This talk presents a psychological perspective on evil.

This perspective emphasizes the underlying cognitive and emotional mechanisms that allow humans to be cruel to one another. This understanding can be applied to comprehending extraordinary acts of evil, such as recently occurred in Paris, but it also applies to under-standing the garden-variety cruelties that people commit everyday against one another. Also described are various personality traits, e.

At the individual level, evil is overcome through the development of compassion and empathy. Larsen holds the Stuckenberg Professorship in Human Values and Moral Development in the Department of Psychology at Washington University, a position endowed by a St.

Louis businessman —William R. Stuckenberg - who was a friend of the Ethical Society and a man keenly interested in morality and human values. He has published over scientific papers and four books, and is currently working on a book on ethical issues for scientists. Creating Our Lives, Kate Lovelady, Leader, Feb As we explored in a previous platform on the on the existential lifestanceEthical Humanism does not posit a given meaning popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba purpose to popular dissertation writer website kingdom life.

So are our lives meaningless? How do we go about this vital project? Science and Anti-Science, Claude Bernard, PhD, 8-Feb Modern science has produced profound and accelerating changes in the way we live over the last two centuries. Most of those changes have been for the better: for example, life expectancy has increased dramatically and worldwide hunger has likewise decreased.

Yet we live in a time of widespread disbelief in, and attacks on, science. These attacks come both from the right of the political spectrum e.

I explore some of the science under assault, and the motivations and methods of the deniers. After letting sunlight in, the glass http://89paint.co/esl-university-essay-writers-site-for-college.php a greenhouse eeps the heat from getting out mainly by preventing hot air from escaping. For more efficient greenhouses, special coated glass can also be used to prevent infrared waves from escaping, but this is a minor improvement keeping the hot air in is the main mechanism.

My description of the greenhouse effect for the Earth as a whole was correct, though. Since gravity keeps our atmosphere from escaping, rising hot air has no effect in cooling the planet as a whole it just cools one place at the expense of heating somewhere else. The only way the Earth popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba cool is by emitting popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba waves into space, and that is where CO2 comes in, by reflecting those waves back down to the surface.

Sorry for my mistake. Darn, science is hard! Building Our Future, Kate Lovelady, Leader, Jan Come hear about our successes of the past year and our plans for the future. Ferguson and Beyond: Building Communities Where "Race Matters," Sylvester Brown Jr.

The racial unrest in Ferguson has been fueled by a more than year-old phenomenon. Since the early s, African Americans in St. Louis have been legally restricted, confined or relocated into areas where they were not always welcomed. Due to "white flight," popular admission paper writers australia vision and few resources to start businesses in their own communities, blacks have been trapped in pockets of poverty throughout the region.

This poverty-especially generational poverty-is the root cause that fuels crime, illegal drug activity, family dysfunction, chronic illnesses and hopelessness in popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba low-income St. In this discussion, Sylvester Brown, Jr. He has worked as a researcher, consultant, and contributor with numerous authors including Tavis Smiley, Popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba. Cornel West, Top essay writers nyc Burrell, and Chef Jeff Henderson.

InSylvester partnered with the North Area Community Development Corporation to create best dissertation ghostwriter for hire uk Sweet Potato Project.

The mission of the Sweet Potato Project is to restore economic activity in North St. Louis by creating alternative and progressive ways of producing and distributing locally grown products and to teach young men and women sustainable business and entrepreneurial skills that can change their lives.

Ethics in the Active Voice, Kate Lovelady, Leader, Jan This talk will explore how we can resist becoming ethical by-standers, and respond actively rather than accepting passively what goes on around us. Coming Out, Coming Home, James Croft, Leader-in-Training, 4-Jan What does it mean to come out? A Better Future for All, Kate Lovelady, Leader, 7-Dec A Christmas Carol Comes to Life, James Croft, Leader-in-Training, Dec This year Leader-in-Training James Croft will perform selected sections from the story, a chilling tale of ghosts and greed, and a heartwarming lesson on gratitude and generosity.

Childfree by Choice, Kate Lovelady, Leader, Nov Continuing our summer series on alternative families, this platform will look at the growing number of people choosing not to have children, some of the reasons behind that choice, and the variety of family arrangements that can result.

Note from Kate: This is a topic I can speak of from experience, but I also welcome input from others. If you are childfree popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba choice and would like to share your thoughts and feelings, please contact me.

Beyond Human: The Transhumanist Movement and You, James Croft, Leader-in-Training, 9-Nov Imagine your limbs replaced with technologies that make you far stronger and faster than you are now.

Imagine your mind directly connected to a network giving you access to all of human knowledge, instantly. Imagine being uploaded into a computer, so that you can transcend entirely the limitations of your physical body.

Imagine the death of death. All these things and more are promised by the devotees of "transhumanism," a movement that believes advances in technology will so change the nature of human life that we will become something different, beyond human. What are the ethical implications of the transhumanist view? How plausible is it? What might it mean for http://89paint.co/popular-blog-ghostwriter-website-for-phd.php life?

Leader-in-training James Croft explores these questions and more. Kids, Humanism, and the Family Label, Dale McGowan, 2-Nov More and more families are living outside of traditional religious identity and practice. Dale McGowan is Ethical Education Director of the American Ethical Union. He edited and co-authored several books for nontheistic families, including Parenting Beyond Belief, Raising Freethinkers, and an upcoming book on marriages between secular and religious people.

Dale also serves as executive director of Foundation Beyond Belief, a humanist charitable foundation based in Atlanta. Hawks and Hornets: Talking to Kids About Sex, Allison M. It is never too early and it is never too click Talk about sexuality and sexual health to the people you love.

Have some fun absorbing skills, approaches, and tips to make you more approachable and competent. This presentation is neither threatening nor scary and can be of use to people of all ages. The list of topics we need to be able to discuss comfortably has burgeoned. Unless we want someone else to teach the people we care about, we all need a little help. She has worked in abortion care, family planning, and sex education for over 30 years and is AASECT certified as a Sexuality Educator American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists.

She is a wife, mother, and longtime member of the Ethical Society of St. Patricia Wolff popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba Meds amp; Food for Kids, 4-Oct The completion of the factory in Haiti has enabled MFK to save more lives through increased production.

To date, MFK has saved the lives of just click for source thanseverely malnourished children. The MFK factory currently employs 48 local staff members and the MFK agriculture team has trained over 1, farmers, teaching them to grow more and better peanuts.

America Igaku cheap thesis proposal writer site canada die Exceptional, James Croft, Leader-in-Training, Oct It is commonplace for politicians and pundits to declare America the "greatest nation on earth. Part I Kate Lovelady, Leader, 5-Oct Raising Kids in a Movie ghostwriters popular states united site review World, Dr. Twenty-first century kids are exposed to media in forms that are still emerging and that can be challenging for parents.

While the promise of media and the opportunity that available to kids through media seems limit-less, parents are all too aware of the access media can provide to inappropriate material and the dangers of social media, most notoriously cyberbullying. Find out what tools are available to parents and what techniques have proven most valuable to help parents raise ethical kids in a media-saturated world. He appears frequently in local and national media discussing child health issues and has been an advocate for children living in underserved areas.

His special interests include health literacy, the effects of media on children, and the special health needs of LGBT youth. Leaving Home, Finding Yourself, James Croft, Leader-in-training, Sep But what about when we leave and move to a new place?

How can we deal with the stress and upheaval leaving home brings? Leader in Training James Croft - who has just moved to St. Louis himself - will explore how we can endure leaving home, and how it can help you learn about yourself. Home, Kate Lovelady, Leader, Check this out Several years ago the Society began officially describing itself as "A Welcoming Home for Humanists.

One of the definitions of humanists is "people who feel at home in the natural world. How does it feel to have or not have a home? How do we find a home? How can we help others feel more at home, in the world and in our community? Members speak on their anniversaries: Jane Arrigo, Gene Bertram, and Hannah Katz-Urvan, 7-Sep Three members speak as we honor their decades of membership in the Ethical Society of St.

Leading a Generous Life, Krystal White, Aug Each person young and old, rich and poor has the capacity to make a difference through thoughtful and strategic giving and community service. Krystal will share elements of her popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba story that compel and inspire her to service and intentional philanthropy. In addition to her service to the Ethical Society and MICDS, Krystal regularly volunteers at Hope Clinic for Women, the Saint Louis Area Food Bank, and as a Girl Scout troop leader.

She firmly believes that each person can create positive change and that popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba people working together make our world a better place. A 50 Year Overview of Marriage, Kent and Jo-Ellen Ballak Forrest, Aug Jo-Ellen and Kent will celebrate their 50th Anniversary on August They have both retired following long careers teaching in the public schools systems. Jo-Ellen taught kindergarten and 1st grade while Kent taught secondary Social Studies and later computer education.

They were members of the Ethical Society from to serving as Youth Group Sponsor, Sunday School Director s and various organizational activities.

They also run the book cart on Sunday morning after platform. They have two children and three grand-children who live in Ballwin and happily perform occasional guard duty with them. They are both Apple technology fanatics and have raised their family members accordingly. Living Requires Dealing with Change, member Fred Tuttle, 3-Aug A member of the Ethical Society for 43 years, Fred Tuttle will talk about experiences influencing cheap course work ghostwriting website ca an individual thinks and acts.

He observes the huge technology changes of our times, societal shifts and personal changes. How well we live depends upon link ability to deal with change that will occur and over which we have no control. Many people are very unhappy and make themselves ill because they can-not control individual and collective behavior and cannot stop change.

He was the eldest of three boys and a girl. He grew up in Arlington, VA, where his father worked for the Federal Government. His mother died when he was 20 from a heart condition. His father died when he was Fred graduated from Virginia Polytechnic Institute in with honors and a degree in Industrial Engineering. He pioneered real time digital computing in flight control systems and simulators. Fred married Bruce Brucie Miller in while still in college.

They have three children, six grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. They lived in Florissant for bleibt popular home work editor websites online Das years before moving to Friendship Village Chesterfield in Trends in Reproductive Rights, Reverend Rebecca Turner, Jul Laws like the recent hour waiting period passed by the Missouri legislature are not isolated incidents created by a few rogue troublemakers. They are carefully planned strategies by those who want to criminalize all abortion services.

Trends move around the country in predictable ways. Recent frightening trends include misinformation about contraceptive pills, blaming rape victims, and conscience clauses that excuse "religious" people from obeying law. Learn how to stop these negative trends and create positive trends to improve the climate for women in Missouri.

She is a minister in both the United Church of Christ and the Christian Church Disciples of Christ. She was recently named the first "Resident Theologian in Reproductive Justice" at Judson Memorial Church in New York City. Regina Till, a twenty-plus year member of the Ethical Society of St.

Among other things, she has taught group classes in the great books, poetry, and dance, and is currently pursuing new directions in performance art and fiction writing, while reminding herself of that truism, once you think you have it all figured out, think again.

The highly resourced re-search universities of the United States command extensive financial, physical, and human resources. Yet with these resources come great expectations from multiple stakeholders on the roles that universities can play, and these often ex-tend significantly beyond teaching and research into community development, real estate, entertainment, economic development, K education, and more.

While the popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba of a college degree has never been higher, significant questions are being asked about the value of a college education, the rising cost of tuition, and the applicability of academic research. The solution to these questions is for universities to rededicate themselves to the core functions of research and teaching, to realize and demonstrate the benefits of academic research, and to ask hard questions about the nature of undergraduate education.

Realizing these changes in an environment where there are great civic expectations of universities is a tremendous ethical challenge facing the United States and its college towns. Provost Thorp joined Washington University after spending three decades at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

He served as the Chancellor of UNC from through He earned a doctorate in chemistry in at the California Institute of Technology and completed post-doctoral work at Yale University. In his research career, Thorp developed technology for electronic DNA chips and most recently co-founded Viamet Pharmaceuticals, which is commercializing new drugs for anti-fungal and prostate cancer indications.

He is currently a member of the National Security Higher Education Advisory Board, the Board of Trustees of the National Humanities Center, and is popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba chairing a committee for the National Academy of Sciences charged with establishing and promoting a culture of safety in academic laboratory research. Aging in Place: It Takes a Village, Madeline Franklin, Jun Article source want to maintain control of their lives in a safe and socially - article writing gb websites cheap manner.

A national "village" movement now makes this possible. The village movement combines the best news ideas in the community that promote click at this page aging and volunteerism to create the new face of aging in America. Madeline Franklin will describe STL Village which recently opened in St. She received her elementary and secondary education in the St.

She continued her education at Macalester College, St. Paul, MN and Washington University in St. Louis School of Law. She has served in numerous capacities with nonprofit organizations as a legal adviser, board member, fund developer, and volunteer. She presently serves as Central Administrator for STL Village where she has been involved in its development for the past year.

She is actively involved in numerous out- reach ministries at Central Baptist Church. Four Countries, One Family, Leslie Memula, Jun Reference letters and home studies, background checks and biometrics, dossiers and immigration approvals.

Come learn more about adoption from someone who has navigated the process not once but twice. They re-searched adoption for two years before formally be-ginning the process in March of In the summer of Leslie and Raj traveled to Ethiopia to meet their son then 21 months old and bring him home.

In early they decided to expand their family. She currently works in education at the Litzsinger Road Ecology Center. Last-minute gifts of ties and cologne not included! The Ethics of Polyamory, David Wraith, 8-Jun This talk will discuss polyamory consensual non-monogamy as a type of relationship structure that exists today. Topics include the myriad of non-monogamous relationship structures, the ethics of polyamory, negotiation and con-sent, time management, how polyamorous structures can exist in an ostensibly monogamous world, and a personal perspective on a poly-amorous life.

Right to Work: Can Democracy Stand the Assault on Unions? Thirty-six years ago, inMissouri voters rejected by state-wide referendum the anti-union "Right to Work" proposal. In we are again faced with the prospect of another such referendum. Dennis Roach will explain what the "Right to Work" law is as well as dis-cuss his thoughts on democracy and the role of unions. What is the relationship be-tween political and economic democracy?

Can we have one without the other? Dennis will also discuss his extensive experience with union activism and the role it played in his personal development. Professionally he is an engineer and currently designs control enclosures for industry. In Dennis was elected to serve as the Democratic Committeeman for the Bonhomme Township. He began his working life in a factory. How Looks Mis Lead Us, Kate Lovelady, Leader, May How people look, dress, talk, and so on can give us valuable clues to their personality and identity, and to some extent judging others by their appearance is efficient and helpful.

But appearances can also lead us astray, particularly as generations and cultures change. Doing Less for the Environment, Kate Lovelady, Leader, Apr This year Easter learn more here very near Earth Day, which is appropriate, as most tradition-al religious spring celebrations are variations on the themes of the cycle of life and our appreciation for the renewal of the growing sea-son and the warmth and good feelings that brings.

In this era of looming climate crisis, our Core Value to cherish this earth and all the life upon it requires that we not only appreciate nature but also be willing to change our lives as necessary to en-sure a healthy environment for future generations. This platform will explore some ways of doing more to cherish our earth - paradoxically, by doing less. ETHICAL EXTRA CREDIT: Try to use less unrenewable energy to come to platform this Sunday—bike, walk, carpool, take public transportation, carjack a Tesla okay, not that last one Beyond Coal: An Ethical Case for Transitioning to Clean Energy, Sara Edgar, Sierra Club, 6-Apr Sara Edgar is an Organizer for the Beyond Coal campaign with the Missouri Sierra Club.

The Sierra Club is the oldest and largest grass-roots environmental organization in the country. She will discuss the detrimental impacts of burning coal on our health, climate, and economy and our opportunities to transition to a clean energy future. The Benefits of Competition, Kate Lovelady, Leader, Mar At the Ethical Society, we tend to highlight the positive goods that can come from cooperation.

Retaining College Graduates in St. Louis, Peg Weathers, Mar Louis were able to retain even a small percentage of non-native graduates it would result in a huge influx of knowledge workers entering the local economy every year.

In order to keep popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba "knowledge workers" in St. Louis after graduation the region needs to act as one big campus attracting, en-gaging and eventually retaining the graduates through cultural connections, internships, and eventually jobs.

By convincing more graduates to stay in the region through identifying connections to the community during their undergraduate education St. Louis will invigorate its workforce, improve its global reputation as a city of intellect and attract even more students and young college graduates to the region.

Previously, she was Executive Vice President for Grand Center, Inc. Peg is on the Board of the National Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse-St. She holds a B. Kate Lovelady, Leader, 9-Mar What are the changes and issues related to young people that we as a society should actually be concerned popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba, if any? And how can we get beyond the battle of generations read more by our youth-obsessed culture, beyond either popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba or condemning, so that we can all appreciate the good and deal clearly with the challenges of every stage of life?

White Privilege, Kate Lovelady, Leader, Feb The term "white privilege" refers to the fact that whites and people who are assumed by others to be whites receive special advantages and popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba in American society. How does white privilege work? Den pay to get calculus essay die popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba we understand it alongside the fact that many whites also suffer negatively due to sexism, poverty, plain bad luck, etc.?

And how can whites understand white privilege not as something merely to feel guilty or defensive about, but as a reality with which we need to grapple to further ethical development? Mexican Immigration, Deborah Cohen PhD, 9-Feb Deborah Cohen is a historian of the United States and Mexico. Her first book, Braceros: Migrant Citizens and Transnational Subjects in Postwar United States and Mexico, examines the bracero program to show how this migration and its inherent tensions and contradictions produced a particular kind of subject imperfectly aligned with either nation.

She holds a Ph. Her other specialties and interests include Feminist Theory, Critical Race Theory, Queer Theory, Postcolonial Theory, and the growing field of Transnational History. Mass Incarcerations: A Crisis of the Spirit, Adjoa A. People of color and the poor are disproportionately represented in jails and prisons throughout this country. What is the fallacy in the oft-repeated adage "If you do the crime, you do the time? If we are to live in a society that truly values all human beings equally, we must understand and address the custom homework services for the criminal justice system targets people of color and the poor.

Aiyetoro is an Associate Professor of Law at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and the Director of the Racial Disparities in the Arkansas Criminal Justice System Research Project.

She began her legal career as a staff attorney with the United States Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, Special Litigation Section, where she litigated cases involving the rights of the institutionalized and developed an expertise in prisoner rights. She joined the ACLU National Prison Project in where she remained until Since she has served as the Executive Director of the National Conference of Black Lawyers, the Director of Ad-ministration for the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Inc.

Turning On Our Engines, Kate Popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba, Leader, Jan The theme of the pledge campaign this year is Bridges to the Future and as part of that campaign Society members and lay leaders will be imaging the Society of But in order to cross those bridges and get to that future, we will need to make some decisions popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba some commitments.

Do we want to keep coasting along at our leisurely pace, or is it time to rev our engines and shift into higher gear? HateBrakers, Susan Balk, Jan HateBrakers was founded with the goal of helping people overcome hate - hate between races, cultures and even schoolchildren who bully each other. Susan was literary editor of Playboy. She taught at The Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University.

Loneliness, Kate Lovelady, Leader, Jan Practically every popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba in the world has felt lonely at some point in life. For some, loneliness is a more chronic condition. Loneliness is a topic that often provokes shame or self-blame, and so it is discussed less often than it should be. Loneliness has real physical and psychological consequences if left unattended, but if we pay attention to our loneliness and the messages it might be telling us, we can address it and make our lives better.

Winter Tales That Warm the Heart, Chris Sutton, Dec You never know what you will find at the center of these classic chronicles of intrigue, passion, and destiny, http://89paint.co/literature-review-ghostwriters-website-london.php one thing is certain: it will leave you thinking.

So sit back and immerse yourself in these touching tales geared toward older teens and adults to discover just what can happen when fate moves its huge hand in these simple, ordinary circumstances. He has created workshops, educational programs, and living history interpretations for the Saint Louis Zoo, Missouri State Parks, the National Association of Interpretation, and individual entities. Each captivating story provokes thought to every wanderer, romantic, and dreamer in the room.

Whether listening to an intense account of living history, the narrative of a Ihre esl best essay ghostwriting services au legen stranger, or a tale of lost love, you will never forget his voice. Lessons from A Christmas Carol. Kate Lovelady, Leader, 8-Dec This platform will look at this influential story for its ethical messages, some of which may be different from what they appear at first glance.

Jen Bersdale, Executive Director, Missouri Health Care for All, 1-Dec Missourians now have new options for health insurance through the Missouri Health Insurance Marketplace. There are new rules to protect consumers, a new way to shop for insurance, and financial discounts to help many people afford their health insurance.

Missouri also has a chance to expand health insurance even further for low-income Missourians. Ms Bersdale will speak about what the changes mean for individuals, families, and small businesses. She began this role in after six years as popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba Board member. Missouri Health Care for All engages in grassroots organizing with faith communities, community groups, and individuals.

Bersdale has given educational presentations that have helped thousands of Missourians better understand the new health care laws. Kate Lovelady, Leader, Nov We are beginning to enter the Thanksgiving and holiday season, the perfect time to examine the power of gratitude for personal happiness as well as for creating a more ethical world. It is also the perfect time to extend our mission as a Welcoming Home for Humanists farther than ever before—all the way to Africa, to support international humanism and growing efforts to provide human rights and science-based education to some of the neediest and most motivated students in the world.

This talk will explore the social, economic, and health aspects of living outside the gender binary in the USA. I will also share from my own "coming of gender" story, as we begin a broader dialog: What can the humanist community do to create a society where people of all genders flourish?

Death and Violence as Entertainment, Kate Lovelady, Leader, Oct My two platforms in October will look at the related topics of gentleness and violence. Popular culture denigrates gentleness as "weakness" and violence as "strength" and teaches us that the right and righteous response to evil is to kick its ass.

But does this view match our understanding and our values as Ethical Humanists? And if not, what can we do to promote an alternate view within our own minds and families as well as in the wider culture?

The Ethics of Vaccines, Dr. Discussions about the ethics surrounding vaccinations bring up several interesting issues that are relevant not just with respect to vaccines but with respect to our outlook on the role and responsibility of the individual within the context of our larger society.

This talk will use the debate surrounding vaccinations to elucidate such topics as individual liberty and autonomy versus community responsibility. Concepts such as "free riders," "herd immunity," and the "social contract" will be explained.

Finally, some controversies help me write technology thesis proposal the alleged harms of vaccines will be addressed. Martin Reis is an Assistant Professor of Radiology at St.

Louis University and practices neuroradiology at St. He has an interest in biomedical ethics. A native of St. Reis is also a member of the Ethical Society of St. Parenting: Back to Basics, Ellen Schapiro, Ethical Society Nursery School Director, Popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba Sorting through information and products can be daunting. Yet, if the goal of parents is to rear see more who will grow up to lead meaningful lives, lives based on respect, acceptance, and caring, it is time to go back to the basics.

Children need to play. Prior to becoming director, she taught for eight years at the nursery school. Her career in education includes teaching at middle school and working with children in a variety of other positions throughout the years. Ellen has a BA in French and an MEd with an emphasis in Experiential Education from the University of Colorado.

Ethical Humanist of the Year: Criminal Justice Ministry, Dr. Fred Rodnick, William Siedhoff, Derric Ross, and Dr. Criminal Justice Ministry CJMuntil recently a program of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, has been selected as the recipient of the Ethical Humanist of the Year award. This selection was made by a committee of five Society members which reviewed over 45 recommendations for several nominees.

The Board of Trustees has voted its approval. The organization provides pen pals and prayer sessions for prisoners. CJM gives "Welcome Backpacks" to people newly released from prison providing them with personal items, and CJM aids them in obtaining essential anbelangt, biography ghostwriters for hire australia enthГlt documents. Also, CJM provides rental assistance for some just released prisoners.

These charitable efforts give comfort and reduce recidivism. In Praise of Gentleness Kate Lovelady, Leader, 6-Oct Can Corporations be Socially Responsible? Many for-profit corporations identify themselves with particular causes breast cancer or advertise aspects of their products or business practices "cruelty free" which have ethical components in order to promote their companies as ethically distinct from the normal for-profit model.

Many consumers likewise attempt to align their purchases to express their political and ethical popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba. The idea is that is possible to http://89paint.co/custom-masters-essay-advice.php social change through consumption. Drawing on my recent book Brandishing the First Amendment: Commercial Expression in America I will discuss why most of these efforts are futile and how they serve instead as a basis for corporations to lay claim to the expressive rights previously thought to belong only to human beings with detrimental consequences to our welfare.

She is also the author of several articles including, "Citizens United and the Threat to the Regulatory State" and "A Necessary Popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba of Freedom?

The Incoherence of Sorrell v. Prior to Tulsa she was a Teaching Fellow at Stanford Law School and has been a visiting professor at the University of Missouri and Florida State law schools. Seeking Out New Life and New Civilizations, Kate Lovelady, Leader, Sep Our tradition is not to proselytize, so how do we let people know the good news about our Popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba Home for Humanists?

How can we welcome a greater diversity popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba people through our doors? And what further opportunities are there to support humanism and ethical action both in the St. Louis region and far beyond?

Deed Before Creed vs. Deed Because of Creed: Lessons Learned From the Latter-Day Saints, Christine Floss, Aug The Latter-Day Saints, or Mormons, have been featured quite prominently in the media over the last couple of years, due to the candidacy of Mitt Romney for President and the Book of Mormon musical.

Having spent a number of years in the Latter-Day Saint faith, I will review what I learned from this experience and what I believe that we, as ethical humanists, can learn from the Mormons and people of faith. Raised as an atheist, her search for community led to the exploration of a variety of religious and spiritual faiths, including a year stint with the Latter-Day Saints.

She eventually found her spiritual home at the Ethical Society and has been a member for the last five years. Nice Jewish Girl, Esther Bedik, Aug She will reflect on what her Jewish education taught her about God and the place of the Jews in history and what her Jewish upbringing taught her about survival, politics, laughter, and matzo ball soup.

She accidentally stumbled upon the Ethical Society while looking for a good corned beef sandwich in Clayton and has felt right at home ever since. Trans-ethical Bens, Ben Schuldt, Aug Ben Schuldt will discuss the ethics of his journey from Missouri Synod Lutheranism, to Eastern Orthodoxy, and eventually to secular humanism.

It is a tale of personal folly, righteous zeal, and mental illness. Ben Schuldt has been a member of the Ethical Society for the last few years. Cheryl will share some photos of her two years with the Kuna indigenous villages in Panama. Up until that point she attended Washington University in the business school and worked at Washington University in the Sociology Department.

After being "touched" by God and hearing his message, she left St. The Kuna live in the mainland jungle and on the San Blas Islands just off the coast of Panama above Columbia. She married in and came back to St. Louis and founded an insurance agency, R. He died in and she carried on the insurance agency until her two wonderful children took over ownership and now she works for them. Cheryl became a member of the Society in Cheryl also remarried her second wonderful husband, Rox-Roy Edwards in Naturescaping: Landscaping for Life Mitch Leachman, Executive Director St.

Louis Audubon Society, Jul Landscaping for nature—or landscaping for life - including our own! We face a host of challenges in http://89paint.co/admission-essay-ghostwriter-for-hire-online.php 21st Century, not the least of which is maintaining a healthy, functioning environment.

Naturescaping in urban spaces of all kinds can make a real difference for at-risk plants and animals, ecosystem services and our own well-being. Re-connect with nature in your own landscape. Share that experience with others. Watch your life change. Mitch Leach-man with the St. Louis Popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba Society will discuss this topic and a new program that supports it called Bring Conservation Home.

He joined the Audubon network in and has been active with the St. Louis chapter since On staff sinceMitch plans and coordinates many chapter activities, including Bring Conservation Home, community stewardship projects, fund-raising, communications article source outreach.

Lessons from Low Wage Workers in St. Martin Rafanan, Community Click the following article, STL, Jul In the past few months thousands of visit web page fast food workers have walked off their jobs at Hardees, Jimmy Johns, McDonalds, and dozens of other fast food restaurants - at hundreds of locations - all across the country.

What can we learn from these efforts? In what ways does a low wage economy impact our St. What are these low wage workers teaching us about the value and dignity of labor? How can we support low wage workers and their leadership? What are the next steps in St. On May 8 and 9,over fast food workers walked off from their jobs in St. Louis and were popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba accompanied back to their jobs by community leaders.

The focus of the strike is a demand for a wage that covers basic human needs and the right to form a union without retaliation. The Neuroscience of Magic, Zi Teng Wang, Jul Zi Wang will use hands-on demonstrations to explore the way in which human vision functions, and expose the cognitive tricks and mechanisms that go unnoticed in day to day life, and will delve into how magicians take advantage of these systems in order to create incredible illusions.

Ethical Humanism and Existentialism, Kate Lovelady, Leader, Jun How is Ethical Humanism similar to and different from existentialism? Come and find out--berets optional. Nearly a third of Americans under the age of 30 have no religious affiliation, the highest in any recorded generation. In this talk, Hemant Mehta will share stories of students who have fought for their rights, sometimes at tremendous personal cost, and how we can help make things better for them, regardless of our age or popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba affiliation.

He has appeared on Fox News and CNN and has served in leadership positions for atheist organizations nationwide. Fighting Back: My Life with Schizophrenia, Kurt Bauer Jun Kurt Bauer, an Ethical Society member, who was valedictorian of his high school class, a marine engineer, and an officer in the Navy, was diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of This devastating mental illness could have resulted in a life of hopelessness and despair.

In his talk he also gives information about the nature of the disease and how the media and public awareness of schizophrenia tend to focus on false beliefs. The Problem of Human Trafficking in Our Backyards, Noelle Collins, 9-Jun Noelle Collins is popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba Assistant United States Attorney in the Eastern District of Missouri.

She has prosecuted numerous multi-state drug conspiracies and financial-crime rings through the use of judicially-authorized Title III wiretaps and other investigative tools. Learn more here part of her duties, Noelle has argued many criminal appeals before the U.

Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals. Inshe was named the Human Trafficking Coordinator for the U. Noelle leads the Human Trafficking Task Force in this capacity, which is composed of federal and state law enforcement partners and the Rescue Service Team RESTwho are area social service providers. The Task Force has trained hundreds of people to recognize the signs of human trafficking and how to prepare a federal case.

Prior to joining the U. She is also an Adjunct Professor at Popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba University where she teaches undergraduates and graduate students in the Legal Studies department.

Because these are often hidden crimes, Noelle will also highlight the indicators of human trafficking that everyone should know.

Ethical Culture: Past, Present, and Future, FES Members, May Come join the Future of Ethical Societies FESa group of the AEU, at their 10th anniversary conference click held in St. FES is a group of young adults active in the Ethical Culture Movement, inspired by the ideal that the supreme aim of human life is working to create a more humane society.

Their annual meeting allows them to make strong connections and click the following article faith in the capability of people to make positive impacts on the world. Humanism: Creed of the 21st Century, James Croft, Leader-in-Training, May At the start of the 21st Century, non-belief is on the rise: the fastest growing "religious" group in America is popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba. These young nonbelievers are the Humanists of tomorrow - if popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba can inspire them to take our values for their own.

By crafting powerful moral messages, exquisite aesthetic experiences, and vibrant, relevant communities, we can inspire the "nones" and make Humanism the Creed of the 21st Century. He is a graduate of the Universities of Cambridge and Harvard, and is currently studying for his Doctorate in the philosophy of education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education while training to become a leader in popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba Ethical Culture movement.

He is an in-demand public speaker, an engaging teacher, and a passionate activist for human rights. James was raised on Shakespeare, Sagan and Star Trek, and is a proud, gay Humanist. Rotate the Treats: Replacing Bad Habits with Good Ones, Kate Lovelady, Leader, May So one tool to improve our lives and work toward the better world we envision is to use information about habit-formation and related topics to help us moderate or change negative habits and support and grow positive ones.

Depression Is Human Too, Kate Lovelady, Leader, Apr Given the recent sad events in our community, we are working anew to bring the issues of mental illness, depression, and even the often-taboo topic of popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba into everyday conversation.

Ethical Humanism is a hopeful life stance, but it also acknowledges the reality of pain and the fragility of life. In this talk, based in part on a platform given inKate will describe some of the most difficult feelings of being human, share some information for use in times of crisis, and explore some of the complex issues around depression and suicide.

Following this talk, a special post-platform meeting will be held particularly for those who would like to discuss a possible ongoing support group for depression and related issues.

Are People More Important Than Profits? Health Care Got Popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba Way and What We Can Do About It, Laurie Simons and Terry Sterrenberg, 7-Apr Licensed counselors popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba filmmakers Laurie Simons, MS, LMHC, and Terry Sterrenberg, MSW, LCSW, are a married couple of mixed cultural heritage.

Laurie is Canadian, and Terry is American. From toTerry joined Laurie in Canada and during that time their two sons were born in a Calgary hospital.

They moved to the Seattle area in and experienced the culture shock of switching from the worry-free health care system in Canada to the complicated, expensive, and anxiety-provoking system in the United States. In making this documentary they learned that the battle for national health care in both countries has been an adventure story, fraught with heroes and villains. And they learned how two neighboring countries ended up taking such drastically different paths. Kate Lovelady, Leader, Mar No, not the whole musical.

But Jesus is a superstar in America - a figure that looms large in our culture. This platform will explore some of these different ways that the figure of Jesus is thought of, interpreted, and used by individuals and groups of many backgrounds and beliefs. Note that for copyright reasons the music has been removed from this recording.

Steve Werner, Professor of History, Webster University, Mar Why do humans go to war? Why with all our amazing technological advances have we not advanced in resolving conflict peacefully?

Why do nations inflict so much suffering often in the name of morality and justice? This talk explores these dilemmas of the human condition and how our thinking about war and nationhood keep us from change. He is also a poet and composer. The Promise and Danger of Research-Based Ethics, Kate Lovelady, Leader, Mar Ethical Humanism takes as problem solving ghostwriting for hire sf of its premises the notion that moral decisions and public policy should be made on the basis of scientifically-gathered data when possible.

And practically every issue today is debated in part with arguments that boil down to "studies show. Especially as a movement that emphasizes both science and the unique worth of every person, how can we make use of scientific findings without mistaking real people for generic data?

Ethics of Criminal Registries, Kate Lovelady, Leader, Feb In February the platform addresses are examining issues related to the American criminal justice system. A relatively recent part of our system are registries - publicly-available lists of people who have been convicted of sexual offenses or suspected of child abuse.

Such registries may make sense at first glance, yet they raise many ethical questions about the processes by which names get placed on registries, how the registries are used, what their purposes are and whether they serve those purposes well, and whether they extend punishment beyond sentencing limits. The Evolution of Corrections in Missouri, George Lombardi, Director of Corrections at Missouri Department of Corrections, Feb Article source budgets across this country have increased dramatically in the past 25 years.

The root causes of that increase are numerous, including more conservative approaches to sentencing, the increased time required for incarceration, the advent of new crimes each legislative session, the increased population in age range prone to committing crime, the deinstitutionalization of mental health systems and many other factors.

As prisons have grown, the complexity and responsibility of ensuring constitutional living conditions and rehabilitative efforts have concomitant-ly increased likewise. The Missouri Department of Corrections is on the forefront of the restorative justice effort nationally. Lombardi is a year veteran of the Missouri Department of Corrections, having served previously as the Director of the Division of Adult Institutions, Assistant Director, and a warden.

As Director of Corrections he is responsible for 11, staff, 75, probation and parolees, and 30, inmates. He has been recognized with many awards, most recently the Region VII Missouri State Champion Award Head Start Association. I Dwell in Possibility Only As I Am Free, Antona Brent Smith, 3-Feb Imagine what I could do. I like to make super high towers with my Legos and race my cars down the wooden floors of my apartment hall-way.

I have crayons that I use to make my magic kingdom of dinosaurs and space-men. My favorite things to eat are french-fries and macaroni and cheese. I do not like broccoli. I have a mom and a dad. I go to school, I like to read. I like my art class. I love recess and gym I am a typical little boy. My mind is curious. I popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba to play and run and jump and ride my bike. I am seven years old and I will be in prison by the time I am seventeen.

She is a five-year resident of Kirkwood after relocating her family from the Kansas City area. Sustainable Community, Kate Lovelady, Leader, Jan Another pledge campaign platform! As with many other aspects of sustainable living, part of the answer is: people who think and act not as consumers, but as owners. As the owners of this Ethical Society, what do we want to celebrate about the past year, and what are our hopes for the future?

What We Live For, Bart Worden, Executive Director American Ethical Union, Jan In the founder of the first Society for Ethical Culture, Felix Adler, said the following in his inaugural address: popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba is a great and crying evil in modern society. Popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba is want of purpose.

It is that narrowness of vision which shuts out the wider vistas of the soul. It is the absence of those sublime emotions which, wherever they arise, do not fail to exalt and consecrate existence. He has been an active participant with a number of AEU committees and task forces, has served on the AEU board as a National Leaders Council representative, and is a faculty member for the AEU Lay Leadership Summer School.

Inhe obtained a masters degree in social work from N. Bart graduated from the Humanist Institute and worked as a leader intern at the New York Society for Ethical Culture prior to his appointment best university essay ghostwriters service united kingdom Leader for the Westchester Society in Climate Change Solutions, Jim Seko, Jan Jim Seko is an engineer who was skeptical of climate change.

After much research he popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba convinced the problem is real and quite serious. Having been on both sides of the global warming debate it became clear that talking about the problem was solving nothing. The power of this technology is impressive: It will result popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba dramatic reductions in greenhouse gas emissions AND will save a lot of money.

All we need to do is invest in click to see more money-saving clean energy technology. In this platform, Jim will walk us through the choices we have as individuals and help guide us in the best actions we can take now.

Population Ethics, Kate Lovelady, Leader, 6-Jan More recently, the news has switched to the "baby bust" in some countries as birth rates decline rapidly, with dire predictions of economies soon unable to support their aging populations. And yet global climate change, driven in part by swelling numbers of popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba, remains the most serious threat to many species, including humans. This platform address will explore the current state of population-related issues and the ethical questions that arise, from family planning to social policy.

Treating Ourselves Kindly, Raymond Adams, MS, Dec Raymond Adams will speaks about his experience in social work with hundreds of people in crisis situations. Episodes of crisis in our lives are inevitable and people with poor self-care skills are particularly prone to frequent trouble. Ray will propose that we all need to learn to treat ourselves in a kind and gentle manner and popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba caring for others is difficult, if not impossible, unless we learn to care for ourselves first.

He received his degrees from the University of Missouri -Columbia and the George Warren Brown School of Social Work at Washington University. He was a Peace Corps volunteer in India. Recently, Ray began facilitating Ethical Popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba Meditation on Tuesday mornings at 9 a.

Are You a Religious Naturalist Without Knowing It? Each religious tradition has its core narrative. The life of the Buddha or Christ, the sagas of the peoples of Israel or the Popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba gods, the adventures of the Hindu deities - these accounts "define" a tradition.

In these traditions, nature is usually framed with respect to the human, often as a human resource. This then raises a question: what would it mean to be a religious naturalist? What is its interpretive, spiritual, and moral potential? Goodenough will explore these questions, concluding that the religious naturalist takes nature seriously and takes nature to heart.

Taking something to heart means that your heart can be broken: you experience moral outrage when that which is revered is desecrated. Ethics of Gift Giving, Kate Lovelady, Leader, 2-Dec This platform address will explore some of the ethical issues surrounding gifts, such as why we give gifts, what gifts communicate, and questions that "the season of giving" raises about our commercialized culture and our economy.

The Language of Politics and Political Campaigns, David James, Nov How popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba one make an effective argument in politics? How does one defend against inaccurate information that seems to take on a life of its own? This talk will discuss how language is used to frame political arguments, specifically in political campaigns. James is a native of St. Louis, Missouri and holds a B.

He has extensive experience in media relations which began read article with then-U. James served the entire Senate term with Ashcroft in a variety of press capacities and was the Communications Director for the Senate campaign for Ashcroft. James went on to serve in the Office of Public Affairs at the U. Most recently, James served as spokesperson for the Senate Campaign in Florida for Congressman Connie Mack. Moving Forward Together,Kate Lovelady, Leader, Nov Presumably there will have been an election with a decisive result popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba Tuesday preceding this platform.

It has been yet another antagonistic campaign season full of bitter accusations and inflammatory rhetoric. How can we heal and move forward as a united country so that we can address the problems we all face? Sheldon Memorial th Anniversary: A Dialog Between Past and Present, Kate Lovelady and Walter Sheldon Ron Williams Leaders, 7-Oct Join us for a special Platform celebrating the th anniversary of the Ethical Society of St.

Named for Walter Sheldon, the founding Leader of the Ethical Society, the building is famous for its acoustics. Hear the wit and wisdom of Leaders present Kate Lovelady, playing herselfand past member Ron Williams, playing the part of Walter Sheldon. Find out what we today have in common with Ethical Humanists of a century and more ago, as well as how our views and language have changed over the years.

Stories People Tell About the Past: Historical Myths vs. Most of what the vast majority of people believe about the historical past are actually historical myths. Academic historians have not done a good job of tackling them as they have generally dismissed them as falsehoods that they do not need to waste time discussing in class. Given the enormous social and political impact historical myths can have in society, it is important not only to establish what in fact are historical myths versus historical facts, but also to understand how they spread, why people accept them so readily, and how they function within belief systems.

Kang has lived in Korea, Austria, New Zealand, Iran, Brunei, Germany and other countries. He served in the army of the Republic of Korea and earned his Ph. He is the author of several books and currently professor of European History at the University of Missouri-St. Ethics of Social Insurance, Kate Lovelady, Leader, Oct About this platform, Kate says: A couple years ago I was http://89paint.co/cheap-article-editing-for-hire-usa.php to speak at a forum on "The Ethics of Social Security.

What are the pros and cons of our social contract? How has the definition of that contract changed over time? What popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba the values, beliefs, and theories that lead to different political positions?

Is there perhaps more common ground than heated rhetoric would suggest? Prison Performing Arts, Agnes Wilcox, Artistic Director, Oct Prison Performing Arts is a year-old, multi-discipline, literacy and performing arts program that serves incarcerated adults and children at St.

They use the arts to help inmates learn the life skills that prepare them to become productive, creative, and law abiding citizens. Prison Performing Arts is the only organization in Missouri with the specific mission of creating and presenting performing arts in correctional institutions. Ethical Humanist of the Year: L.

His work has been called heroic. His teaching career has been honored with a Distinguished Faculty Award. His character has been described as "one of the most ethical. Wall, the Ethical Humanist of the Year Committee honors his passionate and compassionate commitment to women who have been traumatized, stigmatized and ostracized by a severely debilitating medical condition brought on by prolonged childbirth. These centers would provide not only surgery but comprehensive maternal health education and outreach.

In addition they would serve and empower women with instruction in microfinance. Douglas Brown, John F. Article source, and Dr David G. Gateway STEM High School, Our Society-Wide Project, Dr.

Elizabeth Bender, Principal, Sep The Ethical Society recently began a long-term partnership with our adoption of Gateway STEM Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics High School, a public St. Louis City magnet school. In this platform address, Dr. She will help inspire us as we create ways to collaborate with Gateway that bring out the best in its students and in ourselves.

Our Core Values, Kate Scheint best essay ghostwriting site for mba can, Leader, Popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba Now our Governance improvement process is working to clarify our core values as a community, asking, "What principles do we intend to observe, no matter what?

NPR, Kate Lovelady, Leader, Aug Each August for the last four years Kate has given a platform address comparing and contrasting Ethical Humanism with a different religious or philosophical tradition: Judaism, Buddhism, Unitarian Universalism, and secular humanism.

In this age when many check this out choose to stay home on Sundays, or to popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba to virtual communities rather than physical ones, we will take a slightly different angle and look at the similarities and differences between the Ethical Society and National Public Radio, which many members listen to religiously, so to speak.

Leaving My Cocoon, Qinuo Van Dyk, Aug With a decade of immense and fulfilling happiness, followed by a heart-wrenching tragedy, Qinuo left home and traveled the world. While the trips were intended as "living in the moment" escapes and as a diversion from dealing with helplessness and puzzlement, she found herself getting lessons and attaining knowledge from people she met randomly on the streets, in Morocco, Popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba, Turkey, Norway, Estonia, and many other countries.

She has gained new understanding of others, of herself and of her changing self. She has recognized that despite differences in religion, ethnicity, and material wealth, we are all essentially learn more here same, under the skin and under the sun.

She has received professional training as a scientist and business person, with a PhD in biomedical sciences and an Executive MBA from Washington University in St. During her time traveling abroad and coming back to St.

Louis, she found herself an anxious student of herself, others and humanity, in general. Growing Up in Australia, Wilma Jamieson, Aug Wilma Jamieson was born and educated in Melbourne, Australia.

She migrated with her husband, Norrie, to the USA in In they settled in St Louis where they both became naturalized citizens. Now retired after a 40 year nursing career that included positions in Australia, Canada, the UK and the USA, this morning she will be recalling "Growing up in Australia in the 40s and 50s". She is the mother of Anne Mitchell, who graduated from Ethical Sunday Popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba, and is the grandmother of nine year old Eddie Mitchell who lives only a few houses away!

This talk will be about a recent obsession of the speaker about how lots of bits of our universe, particularly living things, move together to become groups, and often fall apart again, then repeat the cycle. Specifically, she will speak of popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba bonding beginning with mother-infant bonding as part of our mammalian roots -- as instrumental in the evolution of language in our own species.

Currently she is writing a book which she plans popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba complete and publish within the next year. Voter Rights Protection, Denise Lieberman, Jul Today, we are witnessing the greatest assault on voting in over a century.

The phenomenon underscores an important philosophical divide, with long-lasting implications, at the core of our notion of democracy - is voting a right or a privilege? She spearhead efforts to identify, analyze, and respond to voter suppression efforts on the ground here in Missouri and nationwide through policy analysis, lobbying, legal advocacy, litigation, and community building to advance electoral reform.

She is also an adjunct professor at Washington University in St. Louis, teaching classes on civil rights, constitutional law, and voting rights. Previously, she served as legal director of the ACLU of Eastern Missouri. LGBT Election Issues, Ed Reggi, Jul Inthe State of Missouri, as well as many popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba states, amended their Constitutions to popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba marriage as only valid between a man and a woman.

Those antigay ballot measures, just like those of today, are strategically in place to influence election outcomes. Recently, President Obama made history when he announced his support for same sex couples to have the freedom to marry.

A political risk or a strategic move? Traditional and social media went into an election frenzy: "Whose vote will he lose or gain? What about this community and that community? Constitution — moving us closer to consideration by the Supreme Court. The court of public opinion has been influenced by these events. Today, polling shows that more Americans than ever before have a close gay or lesbian friend or family member.

CNN is reporting that 54 percent of Americans support marriage equality, including a large number of independents and people of color.

The conversation about marriage equality has both a personal side and a political side.

Popular dissertation chapter ghostwriter services for mba A Welcoming Home for Humanists – Podcasts | The Ethical Society of St. Louis

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