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Another excellent product from PhD Nutrition. That was PhD Diet Whey. They fucking love that. The shake mixes well with no lumps in sight, but it is a little grainy, which is apparently due to the flaxseed. I blended it with milk always tastes much, much better popular course work editor site for phd with water and would often throw in a banana or some other frozen fruit for a great tasting protein shake.

If you just spend all day sitting in your pants, playing Grand Theft Auto, eating Belgian buns and wanking into a sock, this shake is not going to help you lose weight or gain muscle. Usually I hoover up every calorie in sight, with an appetite as indiscriminate as it is voracious, but PhD Diet Whey satiated this binge mindset considerably.

PhD Diet Whey is the ideal supplement for those looking to maintain muscle tissue while cutting down on fat. All in all, another excellent product from PhD Nutrition. Henry is the founder and editor of GymTalk. Subscribe to the blog to get the latest updates delivered direct to your inbox.

Get to know us better and follow Gym-Talk on one of the social networks below. They've just got a legit sounding brand name which conveys authority. Just like 'UK Best Kebab' I'm quite miserable with my weight - I had two babies within 16 months then if things couldn't get any harder developed gall bladder disease. I have always struggled to find a protein that I enjoy as I hate milkshake and this is all they remind me of! However I have just started on the Belgium Chocolate PHD Diet Whey and I am so impressed I love it!

If I have a heavy training day I do not use it as a meal replacement but I use it in-between to stop cravings and snacking and it does exactly that. Haven't tried the Belgian Choc flavour myself, but will definitely give it a go after reading your comment.

Nice to see you're getting some good results too : Ps. If you head over to PHd-fitness or Monster Supplements you see that PHD win pretty much every award going. Gotta disagree with your comment about the vanilla flavour.

Personally I find it delicious, but then I guess everyone's different. I also love Optimum Nutrition - have you tried their Gold Standard Whey? Also, on the back of the pack, it says you have to mix it with ice check this out water, I thought I'd give it a try anyway, but it just doesn't blend unless its either ice cold or straight out of the very cold tap.

Hi, been using PHD Whey Diet for 2 weeks now and love it — white chocolate and strawberry delight my fav. Using it 4 x a day, 1 scoop in the morning, 1 scoop popular course work editor site for phd work out 30 mins before1 scoop post work out, and 1 scoop before bed 1 hour before.

But would I use this as a meal replacement for 2 meals for example OR would I continue to eat 3 healthy meals and drink in between as a snack OR use pre-workout and post-workout? PHD Diet Whey is first and foremost a supplement - that is, something to complement your daily diet as a healthy snack between meals or as a convenient post-workout protein fix.

But it can, by all means, be used as a meal replacement. However, I wouldn't popular course work editor site for phd this a habit. Do it at your discretion and make sure you're still meeting your daily macros. Hope this helps, let me know if you have any more questions. So long as you have replenished your glycogen stores with carbs the night before you should be fine with little food before your morning workout.

Also, don't get too hung up on when to take protein shakes. Timing isn't really relevant provided you're meeting your macros throughout the day. Hope that helps, let me know if you have any more questions. When I started bootcamp on 7th Jan been drinking it since and in 10 weeks have lost 43lb in weight. I am about 5. Take PhD Diet Whey whenever you like between meals, or as the very occasional MRP, to help you hit your daily macros.

A lot of people will take it straight after a workout as it's a convenient way to get a quick protein fix to help popular course work editor site for phd muscles repair and recover. But a regular nutritious meal will also work here too.

Good luck with your training! I drink a bottle of wine a night and as I own a bar, I finish popular course work editor site for phd, come home and open a bottle of wine at midnight, drink it and go to bed. So would the Diet Whey be better as a breakfast or lunch substitute and used again after my workout? As you point out, your first goal should definitely be to cut popular course work editor site for phd all that wine, as a bottle a night is definitely doing no favours for that six pack!

I would keep your diet as it is and introduce popular course work editor site for phd PhD Diet Whey twice a day as a snack between meals. This should top up your daily protein intake to above the RDA which will help with lean muscle gains - provided you are still killing it in the gym! Good luck - and let me know if you have any more questions!

Considering my aim is to lose fat and a go here bit of weight, and I go to the gym times a week? Have it between meals or as a quick protein popular editor site statement canada personal post-workout.

As long as you're meeting your daily macros you will be fine. I've never taken Pharma Whey, but it seems to chiefly comprise http://89paint.co/best-biography-editor-websites.php protein blend with some added BCAAs and glutamine.

This is essentially a standard protein shake with a few added ingredients to help build muscle. PHD Diet Whey, on the other hand, is geared towards people who are trying to loose excess weight and get lean, hence the added fat burning ingredients such as Popular course work editor site for phd Tea Extract, CLA, etc.

Lunch is a warburton thin with some wafer thin ham and salad inc tomato and cucumber slices, popular course work editor site for phd golden delicious apple and a satsuma, popular course work editor site for phd possibly a mini baybybel light popular course work editor site for phd a pack of snack a jacks. Dinner is either grilled chicken breast with salad or grilled Mediterranean veg popular course work editor site for phd some brown rice — or Quorn mince as a healthy bolognanse with some pasta and grilled veg.

Thanks for the kind words :. Your diet seems fine, no need to change anything there. You can take Diet Whey between meals as a healthy snack - this protein boost will help with lean muscle gains and the added ingredients should expedite fat loss. However, from what I can tell, your workouts are what need stepping up a gear. First of all, drop the steady state cardio and start introducing some high intensity interval training HIIT read more here. Not only will these max effort bursts be more conducive to fat loss, they should also be a lot more fun.

Hope this helps - let me know if you have any more questions! I'm not usually a fan of strawberry flavoured shakes, but I'll be sure to give this one a go in light of your comments! Thanks for the heads up - I've bagged a lot of bargains at Discount Supplements, great store! Good luck with the weight loss buddy.

I would recommend against using PHD Diet Whey as a meal replacement too often - you're better off sticking to good, healthy, wholesome food for your nutrients. You seem like you're training well - popular course work editor site for phd alongside a good diet PHD Diet Whey should help with your fitness goals.

Good luck with the wedding! My ultimate goal is to loose about 15lbs but due to a slight disability I struggle to carry out most workouts other than walking. Period if no change in routine. This is mainly for weight training where you need the high protein intake, but want the various fat burners, and other extras thrown in. If mainly cardio and walking as you say To lose weight cut back calories, and if you want to try the added supplements, get a separate CLA supplement, green tea diet supplement, etc, separate.

This is still a protein supplement as its core. Flaxseed will actually really help - add to porridge in the am and throw it in foods. Keep insulin levels low etc but this is for protein - at the end of the day with weight loss as an extra. This web page not a standalone diet supp bud! I went I to Holland and Barrett to see if there is an popular course work editor site for phd and the lady suggested PHD Diet Whey.

Http://89paint.co/argumentative-essay-ghostwriting-for-hire-au.php, thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment, it's much appreciated.

Herbalife and all MRPs in that vein are simply not a sustainable weight loss option - and they're certainly not good for you either! Yes, you may loose weight at first, but that's because you're starving your body of calories! As this is simply not sustainable, you'll soon revert back to old habits, and pile the weight back on instantly.

Provided your diet is on-point and you're training hard and smart in the gym, this supplement, with its protein and added fat loss ingredients, should definitely help you loose weight and lean up. Hope that helps, let me know if you have any more popular course work editor site for phd. Check the calories as they will vary on flavour. Chocolate benefit is, well I'm talking about popular course work editor site for phd dark coco, helps reduce stress. Less stress means less cortisol and we all no what that does for any newcomers it breaks down muscle and thus wont help fat loss.

But 'chocolate' here won't be that anyway. I find it tastes bad. I would prefer it without the sweetener, but that's mad talk, it's flavouring. So, yeah, if that's pushed, possible sales jargon. Noted the ones always on mega sale are always the bad flavours when it comes to protein bars. The real fat burners are your legs bro. Go work them out - right now. Stop missing leg day, you know I'm right. Read your Cyclone review which I found helpful. Thanks for the kind - and entertaining - comments!

I have to say I've never had an issue with the taste of PHD Diet Whey it's great IMObut then again I've had some truly awful tasting shakes in my popular course work editor site for phd - the kind that make Pete Doherty's ballsack taste popular course work editor site for phd something rustled up by Heston Blumenthal Thanks for your comment.

Try introducing some HIIT High Intensity Interval Training into your workouts - a much more effective way of losing body fat than LISS Low Intensity Steady State Cardio. Good luck - and do let me know if you have any more questions! Someone said to me to take one shake every morning including any rest days, and take a second shake post workout on weight days. It's a good idea to take a shake post-workout whether that's cardio or weight training as this provides a quick, convenient protein fix which well help your muscles repair and recover.

Other than that, don't get too hung up on when to take your shake, as the timing is not that important. Use it as a snack between meals - or as the occasional MRP - to top up your daily protein intake. Hope that helps - popular course work editor site for phd me know if you have any more questions!

I blog post best service kingdom united proofreading some good deals on eBay but I am not sure if that is genuine dealers or no, the dealer name popular course work editor site for phd phdfitness which is based in Hull?

I don't have much experience buying from eBay, but I'm sure if the seller has positive feedback you should be fine. Have you tried Amazon? That's usually where I find the best deals. Just got some 1kg of this in white chocolate and am just not sure about when the best time to consume this is, should I have it early morning, lunch time or before my workout?

Monday — Soccer Training. Tuesday — gym session dumbbells and cardio. Wednesday — Soccer Training. Thursday — Circuit Training. Saturday — Soccer Training. Sunday — gym session dumbbell and cardio. I would take a shake after your workout for a quick, convenient protein fix and once or twice throughout the day between meals.

As I've said before, don't get too hung up on what time of day to take the supplement, look at the bigger picture and your daily protein intake. Hope that helps - popular course work editor site for phd let me know if you have any more questions! I currently take Popular course work editor site for phd whey isolate but I am looking to purchase something else so am seriously considering PHD diet whey. If I have PHD diet whey post workout 3 shakes per week after lifting am I still able to supplement CLA and l-carnitine daily?

First off, why are you thinking of changing supplements? If it's because of taste or price, that's fine, but if it's down to lack of results I would suggest taking a closer look at your diet and training plan.

PHD Diet Whey is basically just a whey protein shake with added fat loss ingredients, which it seems that you are already supplementing your diet with? I know this is probably not the advice that you want to hear, but if you're not getting much exercise into your routine, then using protein supplements is only going to add calories to your diet, not to mention popular course work editor site for phd money away. You're better off eating wholesome meals and, when in the gym on those rare occasions, making the most of your time by employing full body routines comprising the main compound lifts bench, deadlift, squat - don't waste time with pointless isolation exercises.

I have been using PhD Diet Whey for a week popular course work editor site for phd and am enjoying using it along with having healthy meals and exercise 5 times a week. I am a complete novice to diets and exercise so my question is am I going about things the right way? That's an excellent program - I would definitely expect you to see results from it provided you are consistent with everything.

Good luck buddy - let me know how it goes! I'm not familiar with the Insanity workout - but, like I prescribe for anyone trying to tone up and loose weight, any regime comprising compound exercises with HIIT should do the trick. If you're consistent with this routine and are still not seeing results, then you're problem, I presume, lies with your diet. No routine - no matter how taxing - can out-train a poor diet.

Hope that helps - let me know if you have any more questions : I have just got the Diet Whey and I am woudering if it helps people loose weight who are overweight? If you are aiming to loose weight and tone up, then yes, Phd Diet Popular course work editor site for phd, as a dietary supplement, can help with your goals. However, as I've said many times before on this comments thread, it is not a magic pill.

Above everything else, you need to bee putting in the hours in the gym and adhering to a disciplined http://89paint.co/cheap-blog-writers-for-hire-usa.php. Then, and only then, will you see results.

If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask :. You can never go wrong with popular course work editor site for phd, unprocessed foods and lots of fruit and veg. Also, as I've popular course work editor site for phd above, try and avoid starchy, high glycemic foods, as these will soon send unwanted weight to your waistline if you're not burning it off. And remember to avoid junk food and alcohol as much as possible!

Let me know if you have any more questions :. Sounds like you're absolutely smashing it in the gym - great job You've got my stomach rumbling with all this talk of cheat meals Basically with all the gym and how much I do weights not everyday would this protein be right for me?

I am worried I'll gain weight, and can I take this as a pre-workout drink as my job is hard and that's all I can do at times. As I've mentioned above in the comments, just remember this is a supplement and you should popular course work editor site for phd avoid using it as an MRP. Make sure you are filling your popular course work editor site for phd with lots of whole foods, complex carbs, fruit and veg, etc - and use this diet whey as a snack between meals and post-workout for refueling.

Regarding your last question, this is not a pre-workout supplement - if you're looking for something to perk you up before exercise I would simply recommend good old caffeine. Let me know if you have any more questions. From a cardio perspective your routine looks great - lots of high intensity intervals, popular course work editor site for phd is the most efficient way to get fit and loose weight.

This will hit so many more muscle groups so much more effectively - yes, you will be working harder, but your workout will be much more time efficient, cutting out all the unnecessary exercises. Let me know if you need any more advice. I would definitely recommend AGAINST using a whey shake such as this as a meal replacement. This is a supplement and should be used as such - i. Eat healthy, wholesome food and supplement where appropriate for a little help with reaching your goals.

By all means use PHD Diet Whey as the very occasional MRP when eating a meal is not possible, but avoid this as much as possible. Let me know if you have any more questions Two shakes read more day in addition to regular, high-protein meals is more than enough.

If you're looking to build lean muscle, then, as a guide, you should be aiming for 1. Hope that helps - let me know if you need any more guidance. Unfortunately an underactive thyroid can make it very difficult to loose weight. So before messing around with protein shakes, I would give this approach a go and see how you find it. I bought Diet Whey today and my question is, should I keep eating my snacks as an apple and drink the protein as well? Don't skip anything - use PHD Diet Whey as a supplement to what you're eating already.

If your goal is to get lean and 'ripped', then your diet will be the biggest contributing factor alongside, ideally, a routine comprising compound lifts and HIIT. As a rough guide, ensure you are consuming approximately 1. Supplement-wise, go for any whey protein shake which will help you top up your daily protein intake.

Also, something like PHD Diet Whey - which has added ingredients to expedite fat loss CLA, green tea extract, etc - would be helpful. Tick all these boxes, rest and sleep well, be consistent, and you will reach your goals.

Hope that helps - let me know if you have any more questions Henry My issue is that all the websites etc to help people get fit focus on toning up a little or getting rock hard abs etc whereas I need to start from the basics and there seems less advice for this. If you're looking to build a healthy, athletic physique, I would start by increasing your protein intake. As a guide, aim to consume, per day, 1.

Whole foods like chicken, turkey, beef, eggs, fish are ideal - and by all means supplement with a whey protein shake between popular course work editor site for phd to help you hit this target. Also make sure you are consuming lots of healthy fats Omega-3s from fish etc - aim for about 0. Carbs are a less important nutrient - indeed there are not, in fact, any essential carbs. Where possible stick with complex carbs such as oats, wholewheat pasta, rice, vegetables and gradually dial down your carb intake from about 1.

And, as fat protects the body's vital organs, hanging onto fat stores becomes a foremost priority! So, to summarise, consistently consume good quality protein and fats avoid anything that's been processed while gradually lowering carb intake - and eat your greens! This will maintain lean muscle while losing body fat. Hope that helps as a starting point!

In terms of gym training what do you suggest? I've read a lot about HIIT but so far have just been doing work on the treadmill with cycling and some basic weights to get me started but not sure whether the HIIT road would be better.

Any suggestions bearing in mind I'm new to all this :. We're talking hill sprints, track sprints, boxing, spinning, etc, etc. Combine this with a weightlifting routine solely comprising the basic compound lifts squat, deadlift, pull-ups, rows, dips, benchas these are the only exercises you will ever need to build muscle and strength.

As a starting point, I would recommend a beginner friendly routine such as:. If you have any more questions, just ask away! Henry Decided to try this out, I am a regular gym goer and do decent amount of cardio by playing squash as well as gym every week.

In the gym you should exclusively focus on the main compound lifts - squat, deadlift, bench press, pull-ups, dips, rows. These are the most efficient exercises and the only ones you will ever need to build muscle. Forget about isolation and 'vanity' exercises, such as curls, lateral raises, and all those other gym rat favourites, as you will simply be wasting your time. In addition, if your goal is to get lean, I would add in some more high intensity cardio sessions a few times per week, such as sprinting or boxing, in addition to playing squash.

This should help - but let me know if you have any more questions. Henry I tried a Herbalife shake for a 3 day trial, but found the reps way too obsessive about super exercise and clean eating. I need to lose about 3 stone, and thought this might work as popular course work editor site for phd half meal replacement for breakfast, adding in a few almonds and banana. The cherry is very thick and I used about mls of water… the chocolate is better, though strawberry is still my favourite.

Incidentally, I have IBS and found that the Flaxseeds in this help tremendously… I was a little worried as in the past they made things worse.

With all that cardio and strength training, I should think your bang on track to some excellent results! Let me know if you need any help or have any questions As far as I'm aware, there's not really much difference in content between the shake and the bars. Bars are great for convenience, but it's much more cost-effective to use shakes.

Let me know if you have any other queries. It tastes like a chocolate milkshake — tip, for a very filling boost on the go, throw some frozen vanilla yoghurt in there and blend tastes like a McDonalds popular course work editor site for phd milkshake.

I also take PhD L-Carnitine and PhD StimFree Weight Management supplements, but this is only recent. The shake helps keep those cravings at bay, and used with skimmed milk popular course work editor site for phd a healthy alt to a sugary snack.

I have found, though I am no expert, that this shake works best alongside HIIT training 3 times a week and general weight training times a week. But it is by far the best on the market for dieting and trimming down and before I started it I had a friend who has a MSc in Health Popular course work editor site for phd Science look at it and asked my Doctor.

Finally, I would say, everything I have tried of PhD is top standard, and Popular course work editor site for phd have tried things like Grenade, Myprotein and other protein supplements. Hey, I just wanted your advice, currently have a whopping 7 stone to lose, I have cut my carb intake down and have just ordered PHD shakes in vanilla and just wanted to see if what Popular course work editor site for phd am doing with cardio and weights is even right and OK?

Tuesday — in the gym squats, cross trainer, treadmill 1 hour or spin. Friday — insanity training sometimes have missed this. These exercises will give you a much better bang for your buck when it comes to building lean muscle and burning calories. Other than that, provided your are consistent with your diet and training, you should see some great results with this regimen! Personally, I would never recommend a using a protein shake as a regular meal replacement. Instead, focus on getting all of your nutrients from real, wholesome food and supplement with a protein shake between meals to boost your daily protein intake, which is key to building lean muscle.

This, IMO, is a much healthier and sustainable approach. Let me know if popular course work editor site for phd have any more questions - and good luck with your goals! Just focus on eating healthy, wholesome meals. Strawberry is good, Belgium Chocolate brilliant, Mint Chocolate fantasticchocolate orange, not bad but got sick of it after 4 shakes.

I am currently on a low carb diet, I take two PHD Diet whey shakes a day, as well popular course work editor site for phd two low carb meals. I am 43, menopausal, I lost nine stone, put on 21lb back, shifted most of it thanks to PHD popular course work editor site for phd whey, along with weight training popular course work editor site for phd times week, running twice and eating properly.

I haven't tried all of the flavours, so I'll consider your ratings when I put in my next order! The gym instructor management essay editor websites me that I should click here my protein intake, at least two scoops per day, if I want to lean my abs. You need to look at your daily protein intake - not how many scoops per day.

Daily, I typically recommend 1. So use whey protein as a supplement to help you hit this daily target. I normally take a protein shake after I train, weight training days are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and occasionally Sunday. I can see that my metabolism has started to slow down a popular course work editor site for phd and therefore paper ghostwriters for hire to keep in top shape.

Your diet seems completely on-point - provided you aren't sneaking any sneaky sugary snacks in there!. So, for starters, I would simply popular course work editor site for phd upping the intensity of your workouts to get more bang for your buck.

Time to shock the hell out of your body! For example, you could try: high-rep squats, prowler pushes, barbell complexes, farmer's walks, heavy kettlebell swings. These exercises should take you well out of your comfort zone and have you begging for mercy! Give them a go and let us know hoe you get on! I have recently started my PHD Synergy tub which I take post-workout only, being around in the evening.

Is it possible to be affected by the taurine included popular course work editor site for phd the supplement keeping me alert and not falling asleep? I can see on the tub that this supplement is recommended as post-workout but of course do not know how much time before bed time that would be!

I don't have any experience with PHD Synergy myself, but, far from disrupting your sleep, the added zinc and magnesium much like ZMA supplements should actually improve your sleep or so the boffins tell us. However, as with all ingredients of this ilk, and taurine, everybody responds differently, so I would advise listening to your body and to stop taking the supplement in the evenings.

As I cannot excersise due to ill health and I also take xenical fat binders along with carbblocker. If you're not exercising then supplementing is only going to add calories to your diet, so I would not recommend this product - nor as a meal replacement either.

Focus on getting everything you need from regular healthy meals. If you are consistent and don't fall off the wagon then, yes, you will see results with this regimen. Remember that strong muscular physiques are built over years not weeks or article source, so please be patient.

But if you keep at it, you'll popular course work editor site for phd rewarded, I promise. One important caveat, however, is that while a split routine will yield initial results "newbie gains"they are, in the long term, far inferior to full-body routines which have you hitting the main compound lifts multiple times per week, allowing you to progress much more efficiently in terms of size and strength.

Check out out some of our workout reviews for more info - and do let me know if you have any further questions. The advice I would give to you is to make sure you're getting the most from each workout and not just spinning wheels.

Cardio-wise, make sure you're focusing on high intensity interval work sprints, bag work, etc which is much more effective at expediting fat lass and also more time-efficient. With lifting weights, make sure you're focusing on the main compound lifts squat, deadlift, bench press, rows, dips, pull ups, etc as they will give you much more bang for your buck in terms of strength and muscle gain - and will also burn more calories and help with fat loss. Also remember that less is sometimes more.

Three decent sessions per week with lots of time to rest and recover will, long term, be much more effective than seven mediocre sessions every week. Also, working out less will leave you more motivated to get back in the gym and you'll probably enjoy your workouts a lot more. Hope that helps - and let me know if you have any further questions All the best with your training! If your goal is also to loose some extra weight, then I would absolutely recommend PHD Diet Whey, as it has a heap of extra ingredients to expedite fat loss.

I was quite excited to hear about this product until I read that you punched a cat for staring at you. Popular course work editor site for phd I purchase this product I would like to ask you a question which makes me think to buy or not. Try to think in terms of meeting your daily quotient, which should be around 1 to 1.

Or is it better to take the Diet Whey between meals as you previously just click for source rather than replacing an entire meal with it? I would always advise against relying on meal replacement shakes to lose weight.

Instead, take a protein shake, such as this one, between meals to get your daily protein intake to around 1 to 1.

Would like to know with your experience which PHD protein — should I opt for it to grow my muscles better and more strengthening? Certainly - I would always recommend supplementing a diet with protein if your goal is to gain muscle. I noticed on an earlier question you mentioned if replacing meals too often your body effectively shuts down and goes into shock.

My question is as someone who is fast approaching 40, what is a recommended amount of calories to be taking onboard? There is so much info out there and my poor head is filled with so much misinformation on nutrition.

Just keep it simple - have three wholesome meals a day with lots of meat, poultry, fish, fruit and veg. Avoid snacking on rubbish, drink lots of water, exercise regularly, and get hours sleep every night.

It's really as simple as that - you just need to be consistent! Gym-Talk - The Bodybuilding Blog. PhD Diet Whey Review. Get Our Latest Posts. What popular course work editor site for phd you know about the credentials of the people who make this stuff? You can get it cheaper at dolphinfitness. Is this the correct supplement to use if I have it as my post-workout snack?

I am a Gym Instructor at a female only gym and with it being the new year have just started a massive health kick. I am now currently recommending this product popular course work editor site for phd all my ladies at the gym as it is fantastic! Then I found Optimum Nutrition and never looked back. Even worse than the cheap stuff. Tastes like it has some synthetic thickening agent throughout — yuk.

So back to Optimum Nutrition we go. Just bought PHD Diet Whey from Holland and Barrett. Get dissertation editor united kingdom down there!

Just bought this PHD Diet Whey, have not yet got a diet plan. Any tips or advice would be great. Holland ganz cheap academic essay writer sites london AuslГser Barrett — buy one get one half price. I eat fairly healthy, currently cut out processed and junk to help me. I bought the PHD Belgian Choc flavour which is yummie, gonna try the strawberry flav next. I have 2 a day and one evening meal…. Just a quick question, I have recently purchased the white choc and vanilla protein and I am looking to get leaner and popular course work editor site for phd toned and lose a bit of fat also.

I have started training 4x a week with cardio and weights. OK, should I use Diet Whey as a substitute meal or a snack? I really started to see a difference in my body then I started on the white wine. All the sugars are lying in my stomach, hence I have gained a wine belly and love handles. Popular course work editor site for phd know the wine has to stop for me to lose the flab. What would be the best time during the day to drink this shake?

What is the difference between PHD Pharma Whey and PHD Diet Whey? Great review and forum. Weighed today 15st 8. My diet plan is:. Snacks are apples, satsumas, bananas etc. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Ordered the Belgian Choc. Looking to lose a few pounds and get leaner — 4Kg should do the trick!

Just found your site, looking around for the best shakes! Interested in this PHD thing — like sound of white choc flavour!

With your experience is that even possible? Any ideas would be really grateful. What would you recommend I do? THANKS FOR YOUR HELP! Hello, I have recently started dieting to loose a few pounds. I please click for source do a bit of running and hill walking after work. I want to know if taking PHD Diet Whey will help me loose weight or benefit me at all?

Hi, I wonder if you can help me. I am currently on Herbalife meal replacement program — I have lost a good deal of weight but the price of the program is killing me! Been on Cyclone for 7 months and had some really excellent gains from that as well as clean eating and hard lifting 5 days a week.

Decided to go for PhD Whey Diet… 37 quid for 2kg tub from Amazon. And noted you done another top review after! They are always a good read. My routine post workout is banging more info shaker on the wall to try and mix it.

Anyway saving cash given no need for any green tea or cla etc. It beats a protein I brought in the USA that made me vomit in my mouth once.

This is more slow burn protein release sustained yadda yadda. But boring right… 6 meals a day… I want glucose post workout not flaxseed…. Calories are however way down on the change. But keep the reviews and feedback coming. Bro love in the room, happy growing all! I have just got this product and have started to use it over the last week.

Should I be taking it on cardio session days as well or just weight training days? I noticed it contains CLA and l-carnitine.

I currently take these two supplements in the forms of capsules popular course work editor site for phd x a day. Thank you very much. Hi, first off… great review! My goal is to try and lose some belly fat and tone up my arms and chest moobs! My typical routine is this…. Late snack: Post workout PhD Diet shake. I have been doing a 25 min high intensity kick boxing cardio workout times a week and upper body resistance band exercises twice a week.

So should I be ok with this or should I be doing things differently for better results? Any advice on diet, exercise and diet whey popular course work editor site for phd be very much appreciated. Just need to lose my belly after having kids.

Hi, I would like to get some help please. I have just got the Diet Whey and I am woudering if it helps people loose weight who are overweight? What popular course work editor site for phd off food would be good to use for evening meals to loose weight please? I am not all bone but just a just right average figure, I want to really tone my abs up!

I am very much a gym freak! I esl cheap essay writers services online every day doing diff stuff from interval training on the treadmill, spinning, cross trainer or general running outside.

I do min abs a day. I eat healthy, and have my one cheat day a week where I go crazy! I sit in the bike in the gym thinking about Saturday nights pizza and chocolate brownie!!! Hi, I started the gym last week. Well I have started the gym:.

I go Mon, Wed, Fri at 6. Push up ups 3 x 4 reps. Ab crunch with a ball 10 x 3. Is it a good idea to take it as I have cut alcohol and added sugars etc out of my diet?

Upped my fibre and protien intake and reduced my carbs and sugars. If not any advice you can give? I workout 6 days a week from 7. Do you think I should be having more? I have a healthy clean diet too… advice plz. Or skip the snacks as fruits and drink the protein? Thank you so much for you help. Using the PhD diet whey? My issue is that all the websites etc to help people get fit focus on toning up a little or getting rock hard abs etc whereas I need to start from the basics and there seems less advice for this.

Where do you suggest I start? I work in IT so basically sit on my fat arse fixing computer problems. Decided to try this out, I am a regular gym goer and do decent amount of cardio by playing squash as well as gym every week. What should I be doing the gym in addition to playing squash and having this shake?

I tried a Herbalife shake for a 3 day trial, but found the reps popular course work editor site for phd too obsessive about super exercise and clean eating. I go to spin every lunchtime during the week and do park runs at the weekend with bike ride. Am now aiming for 2 full body strength training sessions to compliment.

I bought from Monster but will try to get it cheaper elsewhere… loved your review. Would I be better off with the powder or carry popular course work editor site for phd with the bars? Thank you in advance. However, I have been using the Belgian Chocolate one since Jan and it is fantastic.

I use it soley for a post-workout protein boost, but I find this is one of the best supplements I have tried. Taste and texture are phenomenal. I attend the gym 3 times a week and I have lost and kept off 2 stone since March. This is not a fad fat burner or diet plan, this is a lifestyle change.

Plus it was recommended to me by every trainer in my gym. It can be steep, but in comparison it wipes the floor and is well worth it. Buy small then buy in bulk when happy. Hi this product sounds great! I would like to ask if I could take PHD Diet Whey while I breast feed. I would love to start exercising and be fit again. My baby is 6 months old now. I eat healthy and do more than I can work, but need to lose a bit of weight. Old thread I know.

However I have been through all of the PHD diet whey flavours. Vanilla is awesome, Chocolate Peanut, hate it, it tastes of coffee, white chocolate is terrible. Banana is nice, Cherry Bakewell is fantastic. Best flavours: Cherry Bakewell, Belgium Chocolate, Mint chocolate. PHD diet whey is like having a gastric band fitted, stops me eating rubbish. I have a cupboard with my four favourite flavours, and change flavours every time. Is that the right amount? I weigh 92kg, height is 1.

Was surprised at taste, really nice compared USN Diet Fuel which I had to throw away. Grab yourself a bargain at Costco! Hi, you alright Henry? Wednesday I play football so I count that as my cardio. Roughly try and work each muscle twice a week. Also I train in the evening after being sat all day. What else could I possibly do to trim down but at the same time gain lean muscle size? I have taken different days popular course work editor site for phd now.

I am wondering if any other people experienced this in the past? I have just bought this product popular course work editor site for phd esl conclusion ghostwriter liverpool sure if I popular course work editor site for phd take it. What do you think? You punched source cat because it stared at you?

I am taking Phd Diet Whey just one shake daily straight after working out. I am also doing around 20 mins bag work per day four to five days a week. Will I build muscle and lose body fat with this regime? All advice very welcome. Hopefully popular course work editor site for phd a few weeks I will start to notice a change in my weight and muscle mass. Also do you think I should take the Diet Whey before I go to the gym?

Should I be taking the Diet Whey as I would like to shift some more pounds? I certainly hope that you got reported for it. Recently I started going to the gym and I am thinking to buy this product. Do you think this product is the best to purchase to achieve my goal? Which flavour tastes popular course work editor site for phd then all? Can I take it 2 times a day? Like for snacks after breakfast and before bed? Or 1 time per day is enough? It keeps my bowel regular after I had a bowel op over 2 years ago.

I occasionally swap the bananas for blueberries omitting the coffee. Should I be doing more? Have just started my gym a month ago and used to earlier have my routine running and excercise. Last year I lost 4 stone. I want to get my strength back, but not bulk up.

I need to lose sagging skin. Is PhD for me? Just purchased these shakes as a kind of kick start. Empfehlen popular paper writing services liverpool Kompressen it for the first time today and not liking how sweet it tastes. Any suggestions on how to cut the sweetness? My question to you sir is this —.

In times of desperation, what exactly is wrong with masturbating over trees? Is there a law against it or is it simply frowned upon? I took the vanilla flavour as this was recommended. By the way I would like your opinion about my meals.

Breakfast I have the shake with fruits. Lunch big plate of salad with something like pasta with pesto and cheese only size of my hand. And the evening maybe a fruit again with the shake or salad and the shake.

Should I try to go more? Btw apart from the vanilla do you suggest any other flavours? Because I will get bored. I have the chocolate and vanilla flavours. Do you think this is still okay to use? What are your thoughts? Sign Up For Free Popular course work editor site for phd Subscribe to our newsletter and receive 6 FREE chicken breast sausages from MuscleFood.

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