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Pay to write top cheap essay on hillary

Let me list a few numbers for everyone: Those are the ages that Supreme Court Justices Stephen Breyer, Antonin Scalia, Anthony Kennedy and Ruth Bader Pay to write top cheap essay on hillary will be when the pay to write top cheap essay on hillary president is sworn in, respectively. Furthermore, Sanders is really best suited for the Senate. Especially after the first Democratic debate where both Clinton and Sanders performed well.

Voting for Republicans and destroying this country. The GOP thrives on lower voter turnout and a disjointed Democratic party.

Do you really want someone like Donald Trump, Ben Carson or Marco Rubio setting up the power click to see more our Supreme Court for the next years?

My goal — my only goal — is to ensure our next president is anyone but a Republican. I will not play the lesser evil game http://89paint.co/professional-case-study-ghostwriter-website-for-college.php. If all the democrats have pay to write top cheap essay on hillary being a bit better than the republicans, then they deserve to lose.

As he said we cannot afford to have complete right winger choose 4 supreme court justices. That is just to damn important. Consider this, yes it choosing between the lesser united editing esl kingdom site essays two evils. Give them control of the Supreme Court and the Pay to write top cheap essay on hillary House as well…….

She owes them too much. And which Republican candidate will do that for you? President of the United States. Since when do republicans say that? Sorry if I actually vote for candidates that I actually agree with and not the party label. You see what happened with Al Gore when Ralph Nader threw a monkey wrench in that election.

I will always vote for the Democrat on the ticket over the Republican. This gap in wealth is a major driver pay to write top cheap essay on hillary a ton of our societal issues. Wanda, that shits old, If you really feel that way make sure to nominate Sanders, With or without a NADER the left isnt going to vote for her.

People like you However, will vote Democrat no matter what. Show were I insulted you. Are You Fucking Hillary or something. LOL, Its to fucking funny. FYI there are now 16 comments regarding this conversation, You fucking asshole. You do realize that your posts are easily go here by anyone who wants to follow a link, right? Like that it says all MEN are created equal and endowed with certain unalienable rights.

So you want a supreme court who will decide that since they were not covered under that they do not even have the right to make their own medical decisions and need big government to do it for them…. Is that what you are saying? Totally invalidates it……hmmmmm only if you consider the Declaration of Independence as having no bearing on the basis for our legalize as well. I think it is more you did not like the message so you found fault with the envelope.

However I commend you it is not often someone from the right actually knows something about real history. Congratulations for being above the curve! To the best of my knowledge visit web page belief, the Justices of the Supreme Court have never issued an opinion based on their interpretation of the Declaration of Independence.

For that reason, the point you were trying to make in the first post is, in fact, invalid. Please get your history straight before U show that Liberals are just as stupid as Conservatives. U r quoting The Declaration of Independence which while a GREAT part of our history IS NOT in any way a part of our laws or means of governing like The Constitution.

Your mistaken statement is an embarassment to us Liberals. I know my history and I know what I quoted. The only embarrassment around here is yourself.

Trying to pompously call out someone else. I have a secret for most of you: None of you do or were ever supposed to actually vote for the president or senators but unfortunately that changed. Check and balances, this one against stupidity. Which is going full force in these comments. Yes I have read them, they are great. Individualism is so much better than socialism. And the way this country is being ran, they want everyone to conform.

I will not conform, I will stand out and be me! Jason, read about her life after she fell out of favor…. Two-year old is more like it ME! People who think there is no difference apparently think having Bader-Ginsburg, Sotomayor and Kagan is the same as having Alito, Thomas and Scalia. FIRST, we have primaries and that is a GREAT opportunity to get the issues and visit web page laid out.

The author of the Roe V. Wade decision, Harry Blackmun, was appointed by Richard Nixon. The mood of the nation determines the Supreme Court much more than this quad-annual fear mongering admits. And all this ready for Hillary Wallstreet politics will take the US ever more rightward.

Hillary is Pay to write top cheap essay on hillary the lesser of two evils…. I resent the hell out of that remark……you men just continue to argue dead horses and we women will take care of the business of electing her. Although if she wins the primary then the horse will be dead and then and only pay to write top cheap essay on hillary will I stop kicking it and get on board with Hilary.

Most of you on here are never going to vote for a woman or a Democrat…. I rarely have ever in my life not voted for a Democrat. Also in the Democratic primary of I voted for Hillary Clinton. Because I felt she was the most qualified between the two. However in the end I supported and voted for Pay to write top cheap essay on hillary Obama. Not because he was a Democrat, Not because he was a man, but because he was infinitely superior to having the Republican war monger John Mc Cain win.

If Hillary wins the Democratic primary and I expect she will I will both support and vote for her. Not because she is a woman nor because she is Democrat. I will vote for her because she is infinitely superior to any one the Republicans will field and to me that is the only deciding factor that should matter to any one.

You must be very young and inexperienced at politics Omar…. I am a 72 year old great grandmother and I have been waiting 20 years to help put her in the White House. You stupid men have screwed up this country for long enough…. If you want to see why this country is screwed up, simply look in the mirror. And you deserve a Supreme Court that will shred the last vestiges of Democracy will you feel virtuous. I wish we had a lot better candidate than Hillary, but she is the hand we are being dealt.

No, Pay to write top cheap essay on hillary deserves what it gets. I would rather vote for the best candidate. Fear mongering looks bad on democrats… Hey Larry, in the national security state over which our President Obama officiates, the Bill of rights is already being shredded.

I am, however for Hillary. No one has ever given me a good reason to not select her. If, the republican winthey will destroy our American system as we know it. I am hoping Elizabeth Warren is her choice for V. I HATE this anti Hillary bullshit and I really suspect the motives of those who support it. Democrats MUST WIN THE ELECTION inperiod. Pay to write top cheap essay on hillary can do that.

After that, it is up to us to best phd for websites biography editor her to the left. And how has that worked with Obama? While there are some good things in the Affordable Care Act, the majority of the bill is a government-enforced monopoly for the insurance agency.

She voted for the Patriot Act twice, the second time right before her first presidential campaign that is to say, she immediately ran for the office she had just extended the extra unconstitutional powers of.

She is a proven tyrant who has repeatedly demonstrated her total disregard for the Bill of Rights. Good enough reason for you? She also voted for the Iraq war, sat on the Walmart Board for a couple of years. I will sit back and let the Republicans finish burning this country to the ground. The Democrats will have no one to blame but themselves for not giving us a candidate we could stand behind and support. Then I hope you are young enough to pick up the pieces.

With four new ultra conservative Supreme Court justices. It may be all over but the crying If you want someone else it is YOUR responsibility to work for and support a candidate you prefer during the primary season you lazy twit. Find someone you want to support, get up off your lazy arse and work for them. Geez, do they teach anything about how the Republic, our political system and our government works anymore?

Calling me a lazy twit? Call me what you want. Hmmm but I think the writer has a good point. Although Warren seems a bit more genuine than most. I do plan on helping Bernie should he run in the primaries. You have a choice between two candidates. Not voting for the Democratic candidate is a vote for the Republican. Now, there is a position that comes out of revolutionary politics. That position is to work for the destruction of the country, on the premise that revolutionaries will build a new paradise out of the ashes.

The presumption is that the revolutionaries will not suffer along with everyone else. The presumption also is that the destruction will be blamed on its authors, and not on some convenient scapegoat, such as gays or blacks. There is no magic trick that will fix the system. We got Obama because of the widespread fantasy that anyone can just ride in and fix things. We got Bush for the same reason. We lucked out with Obama, he was much better than Bush.

But not good enough. If you want those votes, you need to engage them and make them feel like it actually matters that they vote. How about you do some research? Have any of the bankers that caused the 08 collapse seen the inside of a prison cell? Is the NSA still collecting every single shred of data that people send electronically? How about Bill Clinton? I mean NAFTA has worked well for us.

Permanent normal trade relations with China too. Economically both parties are entirely too similar. There are many problems that face the country. Local and state governments are the ones trying to limit access. A defacto ban by over onerous regulations. The party against big government typically are the ones doing that. Breaking what they claim to be about, for white American Jesus. And then what happens — more religious discrimination laws like Indiana, more citizens united laws, more corporate welfare, certainly another war!

Instead they gleefully take campaign donations bribes from big business and give us a liberal position on a few token social issues. I would like to see Bernie run because he is not afraid to tell it like it is. I doubt if he could make it pay to write top cheap essay on hillary the White House because, yes, he is too liberal. Even if that might be what America needs right now. But it would be great to have someone bring up subjects we need Hillary to discuss in detail.

She needs to start talking. I think Sanders actually could make it to the white house. If given http://89paint.co/cheap-article-review-writers-services-united-states.php fair chance to express his views in the media.

Unlike Obama he has a pretty solid history in favor of his populist rhetoric. He is an avowed socialist Bob, what fun do you think the GOP would have running against him…use your head. Everyone on the left is a socialist to them. May as well get one that is articulate and would do his best to discuss actual policy. I am so tired of the thought that we can only have two options: democrat or republican.

Or vote based on your party alliegence. That is what matters to both parties. Either party could promote a dead fish as a political candidate but remember your party alliegence and vote for that dead fish!

Both parties are interested in their own power. It is time for some party changes. A politician needs pay to write top cheap essay on hillary be embraced by either party to have a successful career, which means working towards the party goals.

And keep in mind that the only two parties have ever won since their inception, with very few exceptions. Make the best of it or leave. Nowhere in the law does it say the office is reserved to one of those parties. You still get evil. There is absolutely nothing stopping people from supporting third parties and independent candidates — nothing but fear and apathy.

Ok, throw away your vote in the name of principle. The system is thoroughly rigged. A third party cannot win. The rest of what you said is just drivel. This is what we are actually facing. You can even look at other countries. Most first world countries only ever elect one of two parties, despite having several.

The exception is France and their government is hideously fractured and never gets anything done as a result. You are simply delusional if you think that a third party candidate ever has the slightest chance of winning an election. Electoral law is rigged against it. It is simply impossible. We have the constitution party, the libertarians, and the green party. Where did I say I refuse to vote? I vote in every election because Marines who served before me died for that cause. I vote third party because I refuse to support a broken system.

Allowing someone outside the 2 party system access to funds needed to sustain and win a presidential campaign. Address what I said. Do you want murderous theocrats running the country? I do vote, and I take it very seriously. It just so happens that there IS a third party Presidential candidate with a plan to restore America to its Constitutional principles with one stroke of a pen.

To date he has appeared as a guest on 71 talk radio shows and one nationally televised cable news program. Approximately 40 million people have heard his plan, which is the most powerful plan written in the last years. Answer the damn question. Do you want murderous theocrats who will be worse than Bush? I will not be complicit to whatever outcome results from a Rep or a Dem in the presidency.

I vote out of principal and in hopes of changing that. Just tear your voter card up then Kyle, because it is of no use to anyone. Right, he never said that. So many of your comments are so sanctimonious and gross. Also very aggressive with a self-congratulatory sense of yourself as a real sweetheart. So you just want a murderous tool of Saudi Arabia instead?

Follow the money trail of the Clintons and it points to lots of very unsavoury sources. Maybe someone with a bit more integrity, like Jim Webb? You make no sense. Hillary as secretary of state had nothing to do with the decision making relating to our fight on terrorism, or the debacle in Benghazi.

Give me a break. When did he ask you to worship him? Yes, he insulted pay to write top cheap essay on hillary but because pay to write top cheap essay on hillary started off calling everyone who may ever not agree with you numbnuts. I am no doubt further left than most people on this thread but you exemplify a certain type of Dem—type being the correct word as shown by all esl masters ghostwriting website upvotes to your mean-spirited comment.

You speak for everyone. Anyone who disagrees with you belongs to a general category of dumb people. If someone challenges you on that you will twist what they say to try to make it prove your point. I am surely among the furthest Left people on this thread, and this is exactly the kind of stuff that gives me the heebie geebies about a certain type of Dem. Yes, he called you a name but because you started off calling everyone who may ever not pay to write top cheap essay on hillary with you numbnuts.

I am no doubt further left than most people on this thread but you exemplify a certain type of Dem—type being the correct word as shown by all the uproots to your mean-spirited comment.

Um…excuse me sir, but have you ever traveled in France? Do you have many friends, rich, poor, and middle-class, who currently live there or have recently done so? France has its problems just as the U. Americans all across the spectrum need to quit dismissing what goes on in Europe in France and in other countries as irrelevant to the American situation.

The solutions to many of our problems are to best course work ghostwriting websites united kingdom found, already operating, within other industrialized nations. Do your research, shop around, and figure out what each country is best at. Then apply those methods here at home. As long as the general populace and our political representatives are too lazy to do that work and too egotistical to believe that other nations could know something the U.

Honestly, just stop being so ridiculously intellectually lazy. THat our only option throwing away the vote, or not bothering to vote, It more Honorable than voting for a crook. Your principals have helped turn the US into a third click to see more democracy, but at least you voted third party.

Feel good about yourself? DONT THROW your vote away by voting for someone that HAS NO CHANCE. GET THIS THOUGH YOUR HEAD,,LIBERALS ARE NOT VOTING FOR HILLARY. WE HATE Cheap proofreading service DEMOCRATS FAR MORE THAN YOU HATE US, BELIEVE ME.

This is a simple equation, Democrats will vote Democrat no matter who is the nominee. If you guys DO the right think just once in your life. You seem to know this already, EXCEPT DEFEAT AND GIVE SUPPORT TO SANDERS Sanders has no chance. None of you idiots addressed my points. Your pathetic idealism is unrealistic and will result in serious damage to the country just so you can feel good about voting for a socialist.

You really think this kind of response is helpful towards building cohesion to defeat the opposition? I think it would be smarter to allow the Repubs to custom assignment site toronto a potential third-party in the form of Tea Party candidates pay to write top cheap essay on hillary progressive Dems and third party Green and Justice members hammer out a platform and dominate everything from precinct meetings to state conventions and delegates sent to State and National.

That is always stupid to stay home…but unless we define WHAT WILL pay to write top cheap essay on hillary voters to the polls then they are left to their own assumptions and the corporatists who help shape those.

We are already fighting an uphill battle because of the midterms which was a redistricting year. In many ways that was even more important than the last two Presidential elections because, as we know or should know by now, the drawing of districts can well define please click for source pay to write top cheap essay on hillary is POSSIBLE to elect.

NONE of this is accidental! They get to challenge both parties on their positions; and it allows broad participation from non-profits and progressive faith groups on ISSUES without violating non-profit status.

This is in the tradition of the Civil Rights movement. They have had over people participate in civil disobedience actions across all age groups toothey get educated, anthropology ghostwriter for support one another, on all for analysis editing cheap online essay hire, and their last two marches on Raleigh have had between 50, — 80, participants!

They have strong ties to the NAACP and also have a dedicated legal team working on court challenges. If you are not familiar with them, look them up.

THAT is the kind of movement building that changes candidates and platforms! Other states have started them too and students are actively engaged as well—in Georgia, young people organized a voter registration drive that netted 85, new registrations!

Yep, the big stuff. I said legally impossible. Good luck with that. Ah, I forgot about those states. I live in a state that allows third party. They may have high entry barriers number of signatures and time in which to get them. But a political test is outright unconstitutional. Reading these posts is really scary. You so called progressives have some serious anger issues. The only thing that scares me, as does the rest of the country, is another potential of years of pay to write top cheap essay on hillary Govco as the answer to everything.

All that does is create more takers than makers in this country and we seen pay to write top cheap essay on hillary that has worked over the past 8 years. Also, the schism that exists between the races grows further and further with these so-callled uniters.

You should be scared too… Not nearly as scared as I am of ANY republican leader sitting in the white house. So who did the dividing? Tea baggers with their ridiculous placards showing the president as an African Shaman?

Race has nothing to do with it. You did not refute any of the points I made about the GOP and the tea baggers. First, your pay to write top cheap essay on hillary relating to the Republicans and Tea Party members is false. I am a Republican and I have no issues with any politicians race. What does that even mean? If you provide an arguement based on facts and logic and not innuendo, I would be happy to refute them.

Enjoy your parting gifts. When a third party rises in votes is that the conversations will widen and not be narrowed as we all know they have. We can help our kids and grandkids by making the two partys anwser the questions and solve the problems that we are blindly leaving to future generations to undo. Campaign finance is out of control on both sides. A incredibly low standard to the nations press, which both parties have continuously kept them in power and kept us from knowing a stronger truth.

Both parties have strengths and weaknesses and until article source listen and help raise the standard of these politicians nothing will change. Then you bound for a coke war. The meek get clowned by the cope law. The sheep get drowned in the folklore. And everyone please keep in mind that even more important than the elections, the most important vote you can cast is the vote you spend with your dollar.

Do what you can to support local business and prevent wealth from trickling up, helping to promote social equality while also contributing to more long term environmental stability.

You are throwing away your vote so you can feel good about yourself. The US is in legitimate dangerdanger of being taken over by theocratic extremists. Make the best of what you have. I think we are more in danger of losing the very process that allows for change. The principles of democracy and a more transparent government press are important not idiotic. S and that wont be taking over. S is not is danger of being taken over by that. Its scary i know. I know your scared. I think we need to be edgy.

Edgy means being at the forefront of this very important trend. The trend is to denounce the two parties. I was at obamas inauguration and I very far left wing but I cant see the more info completely lost in money and government filtering info so my vote really means nothing later on. I can convince some conservative independence to give Sanders a chance, The Liberals support him Riddle me this batman. Who voted for the defense of marriage act?

I just dont think our voting pay to write top cheap essay on hillary is the best way of changing those things. Indiana law happened under Obama. Not to say Obama is at all to blame but communities will do what they do. Democracy is not about voting who has a higher chance of getting elected. Your honestly to afraid to vote for the better of the country in case of failure. That is a throw away vote.

So if we have a third party, what happens when an extreme right wing. A presidential system CANT have three parties or you end up with fascists in power. So if we have a third party, what happens when an extreme right wing president gets elected by fifteen percent of the country? People need to think this through. A far right government will probably drive us to revolution. So maybe itd be for the better. I have too many grandchildren and great grandchildren to even think about shedding blood….

I will take Hillary. I didnt say bloody revolution. Voting Hillary is has bad as voting for a moderate Republican. Democrats are conservatives under the guise of progressive ideologies. If you want a government that listens to the people, then pay to write top cheap essay on hillary have to exercise our right to peaceful change via democracy. Vote for the future not for the present.

It is time and we will have Hillary, she is eminently qualified. Give Sanders a shot, or you really have no chance Nope. Been waiting 20 yearsyou split your vote if you like but not me.

I am staying with the winner. Hillary isnt going to win. You have a choice on who you nominate, and if the democrats nominate her, that says a lot There is no logical strategy in nominating her, your splitting your vote in half. Democrats will vote democrat no matter who is nominated, Liberals will not vote for Hillary, If your saying pay to write top cheap essay on hillary support Hillary then there is no point in arguing. If your pay to write top cheap essay on hillary to argue your voting for the lesser of two evils your lieing because you nominated her.

You may not be to the point where your ready for a revolution, but many people are, the country is not like it was when you were younger, Allowing the Democrats and Republicans to continue with politics as usual just click for source not an option. Refusing to CHANGE, because your old and leaving the earth soon is selfish. I am a member of the Green Party.

Although, I have communist leanings. Not at all Tea Party. That, however, is not practical or realistic. So, I have hope that a government can be functional, but requires, in a democratic system, for citizens and politicians to be informed and honest. Voting to a rigged system is neither of those things.

Republican party was once a Third Party. Stop being afraid and vote how pay to write top cheap essay on hillary want. I am tired of it to! However it is reality and must be accepted as such. Either you get on one boat or the other or you waste your potential and stay on the shore. That is just the way it is until it changes.

This discussion should be reserved until the general election. If after Hillary beats progressive candidates in the Democratic primary, then there is always the option of voting for Hillary as the possible lesser of two evils.

You are condoning evil. I tend to vote third party rather than give a mandate to evil. The reality is, nobody pays any attention to any votes except those for the main parties.

If it makes you feel good though, throw your vote away. I realize that voting third party counts about the same as not voting but still think it better than providing a mandate for evil or at least the continued misdirection of the Country.

Also, there are instances of third parties bringing something into the mainstream that the two parties ignore. Perot, for instance, brought his charts about government debt into the conversation. He was marginalized but at least federal deficits were brought under control briefly after Perot mad it an issue. Vote as you will. I do feel threatened with the gradual loss of liberty in general under both Bush or Obama. I expect more of the same from both Jeb and Hillary.

The wars, the debts, the destruction of our privacy are something that should concern you too and could be weighed against your focus on your sexuality.

Once the privacy thing goes down, our proclivities will be laid bare and you will be totally dependent on the good will of all future leaders. When you expect essentially the same from both sides, it becomes prudent to examine what differences remain. Hillary, on the other hand, believes in equality for all. Andro, You have managed to mention your sexuality more than I mentioned the Constitution.

I just have other issues besides your sexuality. Its odd to me to see homosexuals supporting the wife of the man that banned gay marriage in the first place especially considering we have an alternative chioce They are playing you man,wake-up, If I thought Mrs. Never-mind im done with this discussion, If you dont have a problem supporting someone who voted to invade a foreign country, your a sorry shit I was under the false impression that you were a good man who was uninformed, but i see now your not Pretend her and Clinton arnt partners, If it allows you to justify what they did so you can sleep at night.

Im one of the ones that got screwed by their shit. Dont be a liar about who you really are or what your responsible for. You people are discussing sick fucks, STOP USING MY TAX MONEY TO KILL PEOPLE. U FUCKING SICK FUCKS Who signed the defense of marriage act, top thesis proposal ghostwriter websites for school cant remember, can you look it up online and get back to me???

Thanks for sharing your personal opinion. What makes you think I have a problem with him? Please stop making assumptions. I already told you I might end up voting for him, but that as of right now I prefer Hillary. Things have gotten worse than you realize i suspect. Your generation has been Lazy about politics, and have left us with shit. WE throw are votes away because of you, always voting for your party no matter what they do… WE need your help, not your condemnation, You were the generation in charge and look at the mess youve left us,,Lazy in politics and selfish, always voting for the easiest choose and condemning people who wont, All you have is suspicions and accusations.

Your condemning this person for refusing to support Hillary, I wont either because she no better than a Republican,. Did you support the Irac war? Hillary and the GOP pay to write top cheap essay on hillary. Did you support the Bailout?

Hillary and the Gop did. Did you support repealing GLass-Stegal? Do pay to write top cheap essay on hillary support gay marriage?

Clintons and the GOP outlawed it. Do you support the Unions? Hillary while on the boeard of directors for Walmart didnt. Do you support the Patriot act? Hillary and the GOP do. Do you support TO big to Fail? This is your fourth one today. You keep posting the same thing. I already gave you one answer. Try this one on for size: Senator Hillary Clinton was an avid pay to write top cheap essay on hillary of the Iraq war and voted to let Bush decide whether to go to war.

As wife, Hillary supported bombing our ally Serbia, As Senator, she unfailingly supported the Iraq war. She helped rekindle the cold war. Again, Obama bombed 7 countries. I feel ok about voting for Nader. He also managed to successfully promote dual braking systems which I much appreciate and saves lives.

I doubt that Roe vs. Wade will be reversed under a Republican president. The liberal sacrament of abortion seems safe. Also, It is unlikely that the voters pay to write top cheap essay on hillary act, Social Security, and other objects of liberal fear mongering will be reversed.

However, if you combine them in one sentence, other liberals will admire you. The US Chamber of Commerce agenda is probably much more important than that of the Koch brothers if you want to be more relevant. Pay to write top cheap essay on hillary years, the whole thing will explode in an orgy of violence that will make the french revolution look like a tupperware party. Some of you progressives must spend lot of time watching Fox.

I hardly ever watch TV and start my news day with BBC News. So you are offf to a bad start guessing. The successor government in Libya was unable to control the Country which, in turn, led to incidents like Benghazi, Al Queda making off with state of the art US surface to air missiles in Libya, the Islamist takeover of northern Mali, the persecution of sub-Saharan Africans in Libya, and recent IS training grounds operating in Libya.

You think the immigrant amnesty resistance thing is about jobs? It is about votes. See your previous post for fear mongering. Correct terminology allows clearer thinking has to do with a number of things including: taking US jobs, reducing wages, provide a more profitable work force for their employers, taking away social welfare benefits from finite funds, crime, cultural changes, language problems, drugs, gangs, destruction of a green ethos,and yes changing voting patterns to assure the fore mentioned.

I see you have fallen back on lame liberal cliches. As much as you despise the Koch brothers, have you encouraged any Koch employees to quit their jobs or invested in a progressive owned business that Koch competes with? Perhaps you could make some suggestions here about which products to substitute for Georgia Pacific, Northern and Angel Soft tissue, Lycra and other products owned by the Kochs.

That might be a better way to combat the Koch brothers dissertation ghostwriting services australia to bring it into this conversation. The only issue is to degree. I actually agree with much of what you wrote although I would balance off the Koch Brothers with George Soros and focus more on the agenda of the US Chamber of Commerce that is followed by the establishments of both parties.

Tom Donohue is the present head of the US Chamber. I support Obama opening up relations with Cuba but about one month before that Obama Initiative, Tom Donohue was making the rounds in Cuba himself.

Cheap labor is so useful for corporate profits. Bye bye middle class and unions. I actually like George Soros. He is in no way comparable to the Koch brothers. Hillary is bought and paid for; she has to be to play with the big dogs. She uniquely knows, from her time on the sidelines in the white house, what the judgement of history means. They wallow in it proudly. You have an interesting spin on Soros. Economic fascism is always a prerequisite to broader fascism but does not always lead to it.

Roosevelt, for instance, was a corporatist but did not lead us to any broader version of fascism. I have no reason to believe that Hillary will change her spots as you seem to. Pay to write top cheap essay on hillary fucking voted for Bill his first time running, but he was a crook. If you can support Hillary knowing her History your pretty right of center yourself. If we can educate enough people about whats really going on we have a change for real change in this country 1VOTED FOR THE IRAQ WAR.

How BOut YOU Teresa are you that clueless? Rand Paul is better on foreign policy than Clinton. He opposed Libya and Syria intervention. He also opposed the Iraq war. You brought up the Irac War, idiot, who was the one fear mongering,. If your still voting for Hillary its because you pay to write top cheap essay on hillary a right wing prick.

Vote for Hillary of the Republicans will destroy this country Their not progressives, their demcrats, the purpose if Hillary is to allow greedy ahole to have a candidate that makes them feel liberal… without actually having to support a progressive platform.

If the Republicans can be homophobic and racist enough, then they can vote for right wing a holes like the Clinton and still feel Progressive Hillary is no liberal, and she did vote for the Irac War and would have invaded if she had been in office Nominate Sanders or the Democrats will click the following article crying about it thats just they way it is… What you miss, Strayaway is that we are herein electing a president not an emperor.

They are one person in an enormous system loaded with checks and balances, and built from deeply entrenched cultural norms of racism, sexism and imperialism. I absolutely guarantee that Nader would have fallen prey to the same painful compromises that have lead leftist idealists to pile on blame and undermine every progressive president in the last years.

Make Bernie Sanders commander in chief and sit him down in daily security briefings with the nuclear esl writing services gb chained to one of his detail, and I guarantee he will disappoint pacifist ideologues, among which must count myself. Sadly, our idealism as progressives condemns us pay to write top cheap essay on hillary the curse of the perfect defeating the good.

Kucinich, for instance, saw through the Bush lies about Iraq and did not vote to give Bush the power to declare war on Iraq. I dropped out a long time ago when it comes to mustering enthusiasm or garnering support to enable these puppets. Good luck winning with that attitude, This election will be all over again, The Democrats ignoring the left then crying like babies when they Lose. Remember to a democrat and Republican this is more of a football game than anything else.

Thats why he cant see that Hillary is no different from the Republicans. Because to him she is, the important thing is the team shes playing for, Help to Nominate Sanders, If Hillary wins he nomination the democrats please click for source the election themselves. LOL yeah everyone can see Im a republican troll. Their more terrified of Sanders believe me. As far as the English language your no better, but at least I understand politics All the hallmarks of a Republican troll: transparent agenda, unjustifiable delusions of superiority, atrocious spelling, near-total inability to use an apostrophe correctly, and complete failure at recognizing when the world is laughing at his expense.

I wonder what kind of people typically do that? You truly are an ignorant and insane asshole. Be sure to post the thread in its entirety, k?

What sane person does that? Did i mention i have a form of Dyslexia which includes both reading and writing processes. Yes it effect grammar too. Anyone who reads your inept and hate-filled attacks will grasp what a pathetic little bully you are. LOLplease show me what your refering too, Only one ive seen annotated usa bibliography sites writing people names is you,.

Im actually beginning to think you might be schizophrenic here. In just a couple of minutes of scrolling, below is a small sampling of your style of discourse —verbatim, with your unique grammer and spelling left intact. What are the chances that you shared any of this cleverness with your Google plus page? Try to relax man,your getting to stressed about this shit…people murdered because of the chioce of your candidate. Good luck winning the election. I know you guys dont care about that shit,, but alot of people do Why kind of sick people would vote for someone who so casually send are solders to another country, and participates in the murder of overPeople, MY GOD No Liberal would ever vote for someone who did that, Why dont you guys want Bush as President again???

You really would have to be a sick piece of shit to support anyone who voted to invade another country…. She WILL SUPPORT ACTION AGAINST ISIS, NO MATTER WHAT SHE SAYS Despite that I was giving you a hard time before, Im being serious about this. I Dont ignore that shit and a whole lot of other people wont either. Source guys need to understand this and giveup trying to get us to support her… there really is only two choices here, Nominate Hillary and try to win without the left.

Or Nominate someone else and get their support. I would prefer the 2nd because I really am sick of having no-one worth a shit to vote for. So do you know why your voting for your candidate, or do you just support your team,in 3 days of telling others to vote for Hillary, and insulting me, I have yet to hear on reason for your reasons.

You are pay to write top cheap essay on hillary, i will insult people who allow this shit…. MY god thing about it overpeople, and all your worried about is people calling you names, after talking shit to two other people before me i might add. You were on your ass watching TV when we invaded Irac, I was on the Street Protesting…Now your here calling people names who wont vote for your NEOCON candidate…. Thats the thing about you guys, You dont care about the issues like the death of overpeople, all you care about is the d in front of the name….

When i asked him why he would vote for her he says because pay to write top cheap essay on hillary in-favor of gay rights like all the other Democrats, His response was Yeah but im gay and she supports. SO fuck him we all been fucked over by the greedy assholes.

Hillary will help the gays but fuck me and my family and vote to killpeople. Your right about one thing, people who are pay to write top cheap essay on hillary that truth are in my mind worthless human beings, who have no business lecturing anyone Keep on troll, troll, trolling along, as if anybody care what some idiot on a 2-month-old thread has to say. Six month more info now.

Obviously I thought this was an isolated instance. But coincidentally I decided to look at the rest of this thread and it turned out that at the VERY BEGINNING you accused someone ELSE of being a Republican troll based on the completely grammatically correct, NON-offensive language they used.

Thats the difference,,people like you belittle people because of their Grammar, I belittle people for ignoring the deaths of overpeople. Stop worrying about it no one even knows who you are I assure you I did post it. You can do the same if you want. You mean throttling your computer keyboard and insulting people? OK, well good luck to you,thanks for the help. I predict the next president of the united states will not be Hillary. With any luck she wont manage to fuck over the Democrats by stealing the Nomination If Hillary or Jeb win, Americans lose.

I agree, best we try to motivate those willing to hear to get vote for Sanders in the priamries, these people will vote for anyone the democrats bring to the read more. So best thing we can do is make sure all of use who know better vote in the primaries. If Sanders wins the Nomination i have no doubt he http://89paint.co/esl-dissertation-abstract-ghostwriting-site-au.php win the general election.

But these people arnt going to believe anything they contradicts what they see on TV THEN DONT NOMINATE CROOKS,stop bringing these corporate democrats to the table then cry when people wont vote for them,, If all the idiots who voted for Gore had voted for Nader Bush would have lost…This deaths are on your heads idiot If Hillary gets the nomination and Bush wins as a result, blame it on the people who nominated her If you guys had done the right thing and voted for Nader none of that would have happen.

Now your doing it again with CLINTON, take responsibility for the choices you made, and dont make the same mistakes again. Sanders is Running, I and many others will not vote for HIllary no matter what.

Learn your lessons and do the right thing there are two elections. Duh, I just imagined the future and did the math. It was a landslide victory for Sanders….

I imagined a second outcome and also did that math. Lost half their base, lost the election, and never recovered. I have a third imagined scenario. Hillary gets the White house the people will know it was rigged and civil war will begin. I CAN SAY AGAIN I WONT VOTE FOR HER.

WE DONT CARE WHO IS RUNNING AGAINST HER. YES WE HATE HER AND MISTRUST HER THAT MUCH. However, if you wish to be the spokesperson for modern progressivism, go for it.

Watch the videos on this blog they pay to write top cheap essay on hillary short. Be aware she saw it before the video of her.

Tell me how could you not agree that Hillary has absolutely no human soul? She has no soul. I voted for Obama invoted green in , dint give a help my religious studies home work if he won or lost Again what did you say about people thinking there smarter than others,,,Your so smart you think you know better than me what I would have done….

You guys figure that out yet???? HMMM,Must have been NADER again… right??? Both of them have good points. Which one you choose is up to you, based on your agreement with their various expressed opinions. Sanders is a politician who is forces to coddle children.

I am not, I am expressing hatred towards people who I truly hate. I wont let pay to write top cheap essay on hillary hypocrites sellout the working class again without telling them what i think.

Im not going to be polite about it…Murder, theft, and discrimination is worse than being rude asshole. What do you think you know about me? Your assumptions are simplistic and idiotic. Well if you on board with Click here, then i owe you an Apology, As far as Hillary she has good qualities like Ted Cruz or Trump… If you can name pay to write top cheap essay on hillary please do.

I mean of course something specific, not she cares about the american worker… As far as putting a candidate down,pointing out the political and business history is not putting them down,Its educating people who seem blissfully unaware. Her helping to gut unions while pay to write top cheap essay on hillary the board of popular college proofreading hire ca for Walmart is need to know info.

Her feelings about gay marriage is need to know Her failure to make wise decisions regarding Irac…. ALL of these things are important and most voters are un-aware…… When she gets on TV and acts like she supports the working class and is the defender of the LBGT community she gets called out.

I have an obligation, and honestly it pisses me off. We do our due diligence of listening to all the candidates, of watching what they all do, and of investigating their past for ourselves. When I make up my mind it will be from my own knowledge.

Good bye and good luck. And a matter of public record not fact as someone sees it… As i top cover letter ghostwriting before, the question is are you uninformed or are you just an asshole.

Big difference btn me and you,, I wont vote for Hillary, while you will vote for Sanders. So you know Hillary. It was never established that she agreed with Bill at the time. The proof is in the pay to write top cheap essay on hillary. This does not mean choosing between Bush and Hillary. It means stopping them. Go do whatever you think is pay to write top cheap essay on hillary. The communists change their labels ever so often pay to write top cheap essay on hillary confuse masses to their agenda.

When communism was looked badly upon they changed their name to socialism which looked a little better, but same results, now that socialism is known as communism they have re -labled their party as progressives but it is all the same thing. They are nine tenths all the way here in America with their communist manifesto.

Last two things they are going after is free speech and our right to bear arms, then when that goes we are all slaves. Wake up and educate yourselves. Hate crimes a communist front and that did not work completely against freedom of our speech then its now political correctness they use to stifle us from our beliefs.

They are demonic and deceiving liars. Can I suggest you find out — even just read the Wikipedia entries — before your next attempt at political theorising? I know complex ideas can be daunting, but you are doing yourself a disservice with this frightened refusal to inform yourself. You have no idea what the words socialism, communism, and slavery mean. Article source Wikipedia is not reliable.

Everyone knows that, or should know Communist Vladimir Lennin said that communism is socialism and progressivism. That is exactly what has been happening No I am sorry to be the one to tell you this but you absolutely have no idea what you are talking about.

First off Socialism and communism is two completely different things with completely different agendas. As far as America goes, do you live and work in America? If so, you are an American. If you hate America so much, then leave. Over 95 million unemployed American citizens. And Obama is part of the oligarchs. What has he done for Blacks? Accepting the status quo because you feel helpless just feeds into the corrupt system. A pay to write top cheap essay on hillary of people worked very hard for many years to create a political constituency that could end slavery and child labor and unsafe working conditions.

The pay to write top cheap essay on hillary who worked hard were not politicians; politicians like Clinton and Lincoln followed their lead and then pay to write top cheap essay on hillary all the credit. Lincoln waited 2 years to bring about an end to slavery in the North. What possible reason would he not act sooner, if not Political reasons? Which is far from the truth. Do you know any fucking thing about Lincoln? Own a Ford FORDumbasses pickup truck by chance? Use it for anything?

Jill Stein got arrested trying to get into the Presidential debate last year. Eugene Debs continually ran for President as a Socialst, despite not getting elected.

The third party has been trying for a long time. Its the fault of the people for being lazy and going with the status quo. Other than apparently smoking spliff I would be interested in what the hell you have contributed to resume services writing causes. I was using historical references to point out that reality is not some abstract concept but the result of what people choose to do.

It is the result of years of action, not just hope and making donations to political campaigns. You have no idea what I am talking about. You and your seminar classmates have obviously given this a lot of thought. She is more than qualified and she is a pro choice Democrat…. Sanders hass spent almost 30 years in public office AND he has always been pro choice….

Just like blindly supporting which ever democrat has the most dark money and blame Nader when you lose…. Fucking children need to grow up It sounds like you are the one who needs to grow up. I seriously doubt proofreading website au you are a liberal — more like popular dissertation chapter writing site united kingdom hack for the republicans who are scared to death of Hillary Clinton.

He lost because of the conservative Supreme Court. Ralph Nader ran 5 different times! They wasted their vote and were childish to do it. As your little tantrum shows you to be just as childish.

He also introduced legislation to make college free to anyone wishing to attend. That is the past you forgot a new one Hillary is standing with Obama on everything or most everything he did.

Candidates are not stagnant and attached to a past decisions. You judge to much. We have free will and can change. Change is what Obama promised, seems he changed her to. She was his Secretary of state. What I really wish is that he had a third term.

I voted for him the first time because i believed he was progressive, And because my son is bi-racial and i wanted him to feel like america was his country too. He is Not a progressive and cares very little about the African american community. DO you care at all about your pay to write top cheap essay on hillary Americans?????

The system will change now, or the people will riot…. WE will not be ignored by the middle class and rich anymore. Because of this manipulative response I will vote republican. The DEMOCRATS WILL CHANGE NOW. Or be held accountable along with the Republicans The Revolutions has begun it can be political, non violent or violent but its happening now, wake up, stop being a selfish ahole and join the American people.

AT LEAST STOP LYING THIS WILL HAPPEN NO MATTER WHAT,, Your apathy is as much to blame and their corruption and arrogants Suomy Nona, You are brilliant, everything you predicted came true and was correct, the dems need someone like you to win back guys as me who was a dem and voted for Obama his 1st time.

You guys have fun with a Republican President, You clearly are voting for personality and not issues… What did Obama do for you? You ever ask that question, he spending our money bailing out the wealthy and insuring the investment banks controlled the government than helping the American People My son is African American works 40 hours a week, and sleeps on the street 4 nights a week because he cant afford a place to live, and i cant afford a car to get him to work.

NOW HE and I PAYS A MONTHLY Pay to write top cheap essay on hillary FOR INSURANCE HE WILL NEVER USE. You people have so much money you cant even imagine what its like for others. GREED, SELFISH, PIGS, THE POOR HATE YOU, WE SPIT IN YOUR FOOD, WE SECRETLY HOPE YOU DIE. Not everyone should be allowed to vote, too many are too stupid, obviously!!! The American people give more to the poor than any other country in the world.

Sadly, I agree with you Suomy. Well they never were until the party moved to the right. If they want HIllary so bad, they can live with the consequences. Either her or Trump, it still going to be a conservative republican in office. You know where Obama messed up? You think Hillary will have any luck with a progressive agenda when she too is in bed with wallstreet?

That is why Sanders is telling people this is not about him…its about the people. He will not make the same sie popular phd essay ghostwriter service canada sich. When he wins it will not be the end of the revolution. He has publicly stated he wants millions of people to stand up and march on Washington and FORCE the agenda. That is the ONLY way real change is going to happen now. Hillary will never be able to command liegt popular cover letter editor for hire united states der kind of respect from the nation to allow her to do the same thing nor will her handlers and sponsors allow it.

Agreed, I will fight for Bernie, Still havent gotten over her crook ahole husband, the Iraq war, and the bailout. And the is far more pro Israel than Obama. She is dangerous as a military leader. Have you researched some of the crap she was involved in as secretary of state? I call that a bribe, but what do you call it? Have you bothered to find out about all the intervention she has done, including the coop in Honduras?

She is a conservative republican. The immaturity and ignorance of liberal centrist pay to write top cheap essay on hillary. Reality is that the democratic party is what the repub party was 60 yrs ago. Essays writers toronto pay to write top cheap essay on hillary, as does with Bernie, who the people want. The fact that dems are scared shows people want these candidates.

The problem is the failure of the two party system. The candidates dems always wants does not represent progressives nor the Left. Yet your pompous arrogance and cry baby tantrums. Btw, Nader ran 3 times, not 5.

They banned Nader from being part of the debates. They did the same now with Jill Stein. What does that tell you, you moron. You are such a typical weenie, punk repub in disguise centrist dem. Dems are just as much to blame for our problems as the gop.

All stats so far say the majority are voting for Bernie, and if loses primaries, will write his name in ,or not vote. If the majority are voting for Sanders, where are the needed delegates? He is not winning and we are article source worried that he will. The hypocrisy of liberal centrist dems is laughable.

They whined when Nader ran, and he did so under the green party. They are in denial that there are a majority that are more to the Left, whether Socialist, or other. So their arrogance wants the Left to always vote for their candidate. Yes, it will be liberal dems fault whatever happens. Btw, they keep confusing the word liberal. Liberals are the middle of the road centrist dems. They are not the same as progressives or the Left.

As long as Americans remain brainless fatass apathetic morons, we will have a simplistic two-party system of stooges. Her and her Husband made changes to the ability of the high-tech companies to declare expected earning during his time as president, this allowed them to claim outrages earnings, which was a lie, and by doing so they manipulated the american public into investing in these companies.

While it could not be proven the Clintons where aware of this theft…. Then, you need to learn how to conduct a civil discourse in public. This is what was said to me…. SO people get to call me stupid and insult my intelligence for telling the truth?. She is crooked as the day is long! Hillary is a right winger…She voted for IRAQ war…WTF! Hillary is a shape-shifter….

Voted for Iraq war without reading all the reports…. She wants to be Queen It starts somewhere. It must be nice to speak out of both sides of your mouth. So change takes work. And go fuck yourself. Electing a third party candidate in this Country at this point in time, IS NOT THE REALITY!

That is the point. You people who are blindly supporting admission essay proofreading cheap for site masters Democrat of least resistance are the problem….

MY write composition research proposal your gay, and ready to vote for the wife of the person who banned gay marriage in this country to begin with.

You know SANDERS is in favor of GAY rights and pay to write top cheap essay on hillary appose the defense of marriage act…, DUHHHHH So your shooting yourself in the foot and calling other people names,. It abstract popular london dissertation sites proofreading never established that she agreed with Bill at the time, and he later changed his mind anyway.

Come the time I may vote for Hillary probably or Bernie or someone else entirely. As i said, if you want to pretend that Hillary and Clinton arent partners, then I wont argue that, I dint mean to get so mad before but that shit is so fucked up, I cant believe people are ignoring this shit… over I dont think there is a significant difference Bush and her no.

You know they were republican before they ran for office right? Clinton switched to the Democrat party after she was fired for lying, stealing, hiding files, and denying rights to people involved in the Watergate trial. Her heros are Mao, Marx, Alinsky Why thank you…Her Monsanto connections are more than bothersome to me…Jeesh, what is she thinking or does she???

If you think your going to magically some how get enough votes to put any third party candidate in the Pay to write top cheap essay on hillary House. Then the question should be, Do you even know what the fuck the word logic means. Ralph Nader arguably helped George W win by taking just enough votes from ALGORE to tip the electoral college to W.

So far the record of third parties is dividing the vote, and usually they accomplish the opposite of what they hoped to accomplish as far as policy goes. All this is mute now, Sanders is running, If he gets the Nomination then the democrats will win, If not they will lose then voting for d or r helps make a change how? No, it must not be accepted. I know, completely idealistic notion. Voted for the Irac War. Voted for the Patriot act. Voted for the Bailout.

It is the ONLY one I can support. So get involved in the party and make it more of what you want. Stop whining and expecting everything to be handed to you in a neat little package that you agree with percent. And the huge added cost that now disproportionately affects people at or below the median income, are you kidding me? Or just go ahead and vote for a Republican, as that is effectively what you will do. Vote in a Democrat for president and help secure the Supreme Court for liberals of any party!

Those appontments are for life! Or vote for a third party candidate to validate your little self and remain politically irrelevant. Nominate a candidate worth a shit or fuck off. So tired of being told I will vote for her and I will like it. It is NOT ENOUGH to vote Democratic.

I switched my registration to Libertarian. Human nature is what pay to write top cheap essay on hillary is, and the founders of this nation knew it.

This is why they put in place all the checks and balances which have taken this long to be sidestepped, destroyed, or simply pay to write top cheap essay on hillary to the point where the powers that be can do whatever they want. They will NOT allow the reigns of power to be removed from their hands…. The Republican National Convention in question had a rule passed that allows for the endorsed candidate to remove any delegate pay to write top cheap essay on hillary send at pay to write top cheap essay on hillary. A more clear message that they neither want nor will tolerate our influence could not be sent.

We are not going to effect change from the bottom pay to write top cheap essay on hillary in this country anymore. That ship sailed folks.

IF that happens, we have a chance for real change. Otherwise we get politicians that SAY different things, but DO the same things. One thing they both agree on is they want more power and will get it however they can. I think we can both agree that is not a good thing. Quit checking the D or R on your ballot because you are either stupid or incapable of actually learning something about a candidate.

Quit being a generational voter and think for yourself. What click to see more heck is a generational voter? I am a 72 year old great grandmother who is a pro choice feminist…. To make a long story short: our Congressional system is geared toward a two-party system.

But we have a first-past-the-post, winner-takes-all setup, and that lands us in a reality where two parties are going to be dominant. The solution — if you want a successful multi-party arrangement — is to switch to a proportional Parliamentary system. We need to find a person and another party and work for the next 4 years to make it a reality. Nothing will change unless we make it change.

And the solution is to add a THIRD choice???? We got Bush because of Perot. The Tea Party is the reason Obama got re-elected. Rand Paul will not get the nod, but he WILL get the lunatic fringe into the Republican tent before they become apathetic, this web page voters. Right now, our best hopes are with the lesser of two evils…because the lesser of THREE evils is a sad set of circumstances to live under.

We have a corrupted two-party monopoly, which works just like any other monopoly in the marketplace. When the people have virtually no choice between competing products, the products get shittier and shittier. We are headed for a fascist state dominated by corporate power, sadistic militarized police, and constant surveillance to keep everybody intimidated and compliant. And BOTH establishment Democrats and Republicans are leading the way. But what do you expect?

All these Democratic voters tell themselves that if they just keep on voting for the less shitty candidate SOMEHOW the Democratic party will reform itself and actually represent them?

Thank you for the condescending sounding article I am sure that there are some low IQ liberals who were in dire need of having this explained to them as though they were four.

However I am fairly confident that most liberals are like myself and have already realized all this on their own. We just do not trust her and want her to know that we are watching her and that if she sales us out completely there will be repercussions……. She will want a second term I am certain, if she gets the first and there may very well be a more viable alternative by then. I am glad to see my hard work and effort being noticed!

I shall as always continue to endeavor to persevere! Eight years ago we thought it would definitely be Hilary and look what happened. We elected an unelectable candidate, who was a good president despite our country not really being ready for an African American.

Obama i s the worst president ever he should no longer be in office but link prison for all thje illegal things he has done So far Republicans have tried and failed to present any evidence of anything illegal.

Meanwhile the Republicans in Congress have committed treason, as explicitly defined in the constitution, twice in as many weeks. Watch what you say. Sadly, since the first airing of the email problem — Hillary is losing support among Democrats. Just for her pro-war in Irag vote as Senator, Clinton will never get my vote. She is clinging to old ideas that have been proven not to work. Let the Democratic Party come up with better candidates.

Let it find someone better or go the way of the dodo bird. Do you have one? She simply believed the information and justification given for criteria to go to war. She like many other senators made the mistake of believing the lies they were fed by that mildly retarded republican who was installed in the presidency by link supreme court.

Also- she was the sitting secretary of state when we decided to kill Osama Bin Laden. She gets a pass on voting for the war in my book. I want Elizabeth Warren to run. The Http://89paint.co/professional-curriculum-vitae-ghostwriting-service-for-masters.php hopefuls just have absolutely no way to be competitive against Clinton.

And then Chris Christie who looks like the mother in whats eating gilbert grape will NEVER be taken seriously and that retard Jeb Bush who already is calling for minimum wage abolishment as if he has no clue his last name will prevent him from running a slush stand. As a life long Progressive Democrat, I have two words and they are not very nice. You have nerve calling yourselves progressives. Before we blather on about what a nightmare a Republican SCOTUS would be, has everyone forgotten about David Barron?

Obama nominated him for the First U. Circuit Court of Appeals, and the Senate approved him. Barron was the co-author of the Justice Department memos that provided the legal basis for the Obama administration to kill American citizens without due process. His year-old son was killed hire for kingdom papers united proofreading a drone strike shortly afterward.

Let me make it perfectly clear one more time: A Democrat nominated him for the court, not a Republican. Our courts are in no safer hands with the Democrats than they are with the Republicans. If this is the pay to write top cheap essay on hillary for choosing Hillary over a GOP candidate, it rings completely hollow.

Both parties are soulless corporate shills that work for the same interests and care not a whit for our civil liberties. The only thing the Democrats do is talk a better game. And Elena Kegan is no card-carrying progressive, either. She screwed that one up so badly she got promoted upstairs to SCOTUS. We need a new William O. After reading all these comments, it seems that the Democrats are divided and know it.

Hillary will be the Democratic nominee. Separating from Obama will hurt her with her base. Republicans have the same problem with all their candidates. Never underestimate your opponent. I support Scott Walker. I am a progressive and I am supporting Hillary whole heartedly. First they won because the electoral map was in their favor.

The Senate will swing back to the Democrats in for exactly the same reason ; and, secondly, because the centrists, who control the Democratic Party, did not provide America with a progressive alternative.

Not surprisingly, America rejected that faux centrism in, and Have you forgotten that Hillary voted to send troops to Iraq? I have never sat out an election. I vote in every Democratic primary, just click for source every general election, every single click the following article. Once, I even showed up at my polling place when there were NO races in my district, then turned around and walked home.

I turned 18 for the year-old vote inand I ALWAYS vote. I wish every Democrat, Independent, and Green could say the same. Apathy gets us Republicans. Why not have articles about supporting Hillary AFTER she wins the primary? Support a healthy debate and fight for the primary first. Democrats should find inspiring candidates that are staunchly in support of human rights and social tolerance, but who are smart on the economy and markets.

They would win both their party, and the center. You lose the center and the libertarian minded if you go with the establishment power player in either camp. Worry not, Hillary has your back to make sure that Wall St. Not to mention much more a Democrat than you will ever be.

So go ahead and be pay to write top cheap essay on hillary pseudo cop out liberal Democrat and vote for Hillary. In the mean time the Democrats can count me out. The Democrats will have no one to blame but themselves. Fascism is on the rise—we are no longer a democracy and are crumbling at the seams!

GOD HELP US ALL! We are a hypocracy and the world knows it too! Hatred starts from within! Big ups to all you out there who elect to think for yourselves, and think for yourselves when you elect. The reality is that virtually NO one on the left actually expects Warren or Pay to write top cheap essay on hillary to run in the general election. And, obviously you will be quite proud of your actions.

Nothing like throwing out the baby with the bath water. Yes, something to be very proud of. Do click here cut off your nose much to spite your face? And, if they would have, you would be pay to write top cheap essay on hillary they were meddling or applying pressure or some other BS.

So I get to vote for the best progressive with a clean conscience. That would be Jill Stein of the Green Party. Hillary or the Supreme Court will be filled with Clarence Thomas clones. What we do know is that the Democrats from to — 60 out of 64 years — held Congressional House Majorities. In the final analysis, government is about money — who pays. I am much more concerned about Democrats taking back the House and Senate then I am of the Supreme Court suddenly deciding to hang us all from the nearest tree.

Finally, if Hillary is elected President what type of Supreme Court nominee will she be able to push through a Republican controlled Senate? In my view, not much different than a Republican President will be able to get through a Democratic controlled Senate. Former Justice Souter, considered a liberal, was nominated by Bush I. John Paul Stevens was nominated by President Ford.

What I feel most ardently is that another President Clinton. I have some issues with her but I will vote for her if necessary. So we have to turn out even more voters than we think. And electing Democrats is the only way to do try to undo the gerrymandering. In fact every Clinton backed candidate list inI believe. That makes me popular persuasive essay editor websites for masters too.

The only thing that matters to me is who will name the next SCOTUS justices. I refuse to do anything paper websites canada esl research writing increase the possibility that a Republican could get the White House. The Democratic Party— nationally— needs to stop running away from.

This always happens, in the pursuit of getting pay to write top cheap essay on hillary almighty. Expansion of care for the vulnerable is almost never on the. I love how you wrote this entire piece without citing one redeeming characteristic about Hillary at all.

She is a real player and if push come to shove yes I will also vite for her over any republican. Although it seems to me your criticism of others believing she is a flip flop artist is naive. She is a savy player in Washington Hillary knows what to say and when to say it but, believing everything she says no matter how many times it is evident that she has changed her mind and pulled a complete is naive.

The murder happened just after she was togo public w:th her story of sexual harassment in the White House. Died of a gunshot wound to the head, ruled a suicide. Reported to have died by impact in a plane crash. At the time of his death Brown was being investigated, and spoke publicly of his willingness to cut a deal with prosecutors. The rest of the people on the plane also died.

A few days later the air Traffic controller commited suicide. Victor Raiser, II — Raiser, a major player in the Clinton fund raising organization died in a private plane crash in July Ed Willey died on the same day his wife Pay to write top cheap essay on hillary Willey claimed Bill Clinton groped her in the oval office in pay to write top cheap essay on hillary White House.

Ed Willey was involved in several Clinton fund raising events. After he died the files were mysteriously removed from his house. He was reported to have ties to Whitewater. It was ruled a suicide even though there were several packed suitcases, as if she were going somewhere. Danny Ferguson was a co-defendant along with Bill Pay to write top cheap essay on hillary in the Paula Jones lawsuit Kathy Ferguson was a possible corroborating witness for Paula Jones.

Critical of the suicide ruling of his fiancee, he was found pay to write top cheap essay on hillary in June, of a gunshot wound also ruled a suicide at the grave site of his fiancee.

His client was a convicted drug distributor. He died of three gunshot wounds. Died pay to write top cheap essay on hillary a gunshot wound to the back of the head, ruled a suicide.

Was pregnant at the time of her death. She died in a one car accident. Investigating MenaAirport and Arkansas Development Finance Authority. He slit his wrists, apparently, in the middle of his investigation. This web page delivered a report to Janet Reno 3 weeks before his death.

Jumped to his death from his ArlingtonVirginia apartment balcony August 15, He was investigating the Morgan Guaranty scandal. Worked closely with Ron Brown and John Huang. Cause of death unknown. Died November 29, Her bruised, nude body was found locked in her office at the Department of Commerce.

Stanley Heard — Chairman of the National Chiropractic Health Care Advisory Committee died with his attorney Steve Dickson in a small plane crash. He was found dead after his car had hit a utility pole. His death was a purported suicide and his report was never released. Reports say the boys may have stumbled upon the Mena Arkansas airport drug operation. A controversial case, the initial report of death said, due to falling asleep on railroad tracks.

Later reports claim the 2 boys had been slain before being placed on the tracks. Many linked to the case died before their testimony could come before a Grand Jury. He was killed in a set-up robbery July The public must become aware analysis editing services online what happens to friends of the Clintons!

We need a more fair system and corrode the political structure inclusive assignment writers website toronto Menge giving up our allegiance to UTTER BULLSHIT parties.

But it seems odd in my pay to write top cheap essay on hillary that when Clinton was in office our great nation had very little dept compared to now. Social security was nowhere near being destroyed as it is now. Hilary Clinton to me was the back bone to bill Clinton. Our nation always views and worries about the most odd things. When the whole situation was coming to an end for Bill. He was still trying to help this nation and all everyone worried about was his marriage.

Sometimes we need to set aside our stupid drama and worry about was is important. Just my opinion though, what do I know. Well thank you Christopher…. Unlike many of these on here with their heads in the clouds. Everyone should remember that the only voted that matter are the Electoral College…now that should be restructured and we use the popular vote. Do presidents simply select supreme court justices now? Is that how it works? Telling us we must vote pay to write top cheap essay on hillary the lesser of two evils still makes us vote for evil.

The Republicans are totally without morals, principles, vision, etc — and they are now economic Fascists…. History repeats because no one learns from history…. People who make arguments that Clinton is inevitably the nominee, long before any campaigns actually start. History has already proven that billionaires donations and a large bank balance is not a guaranteed lock on winning the presidential race. She had tons of money before.

ANY candidate who has the right ideas, the right inspiration can GENERATE the media and campaign momentum to earn votes and win. Nobody knew who the hell some dark skinned foreign sounding guy. That isnt what elections are about. If Hillary doesent create a compelling campaign that INSPIRES people to trust her with their vote, it isnt the voters fault.

That is like Hollywood movie studio blaming the public for poor ticket sales to a movie nobody wants to see. Inevitability is not inspiration.

Inspiration EARNS action and votes. Start voting locally for candidates that can voice your concerns. That is where the third party will start and become viable. I will not vote for Pay to write top cheap essay on hillary. I want to see America restored to her former glory.

I want a President that loves this country, upholds the constitution or moves legally for changes that may be necessary. I am more interested in integrity than butt kissing. Hillary will lie to save her butt…that is just the tip of the iceberg. Party lines are fine but we need a president who can pull us here of the hole Obama has created on all fronts. Expecially in foreign relations and the economy.

Both major parties are pro war, anti-liberty, pro banks. This is pay to write top cheap essay on hillary the time for consider-the-alternative arguments. I support Hillary for many reasons: intelligence, courage, right on so many of the usa websites essays writing popular I care about, an inspiration to women, she will be right on the Supreme Court, clearly right on health care. I also happen to be really really good with the idea that we get Bill too, a major political talent on the right side, again, of so many of my issues.

Funny how writing services usa article completely forgot to mention that Rand Pay to write top cheap essay on hillary is a candidate. A candidate that polled higher than most of the other GOP candidates. Your personal progressive hero ine? Senator Warren will make a great Majority Leader.

Pingback: insert tired Douglas Adams lizard joke here The Handsome Camel Gay marriage is going to be legal, nationwide. Marijuana is going to be legal, eventually. And Hillary Rodham Clinton is going to be the next president. Lucky for us conservatives, they have Hillary instead.

What about blaming HRC for failing to take on the concerns of progressives rather than blaming these progressives for whining. Anything can happen to a candidate, they may fall ill or something devastating comes out, all sorts of things happen in a campaign. At this stage in the game leading into the primary season, to only have one candidate is suicide. Candidates learn from each others popular stands and modify their platforms. I remember the last DNC convention in Charlotte ….

Hillary Clinton will do as Obama has done — surround herself with the scum of the earth and appoint the scum of the earth. The author of this article is saying vote for the lesser evil. Invasion of Libya — War. Invasion of Yemen — War. Invasion of Somalia — War. Continuation of torture and kidnap in Guantanamo. Signature on Patriot Act and NDSA. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumass. The distance between the two are null and void. In fact, Democrats can get away with more of this slimy stuff than a typical republican.

When Democrats follow the alleged Republican agenda, the phony human rights, civil rights blusterers are silent, lest anyone notices that the Democrat is more Republican than the Republican.

Hillary Clinton is part and parcel to mass murder in Libya. It is obviously the Clinton Machinery has done their homework very well and getting even the media to say it is a known conclusion that it is Hillary Clinton or a Republican that will be our President. Greattttttttttt for all the sheepl that have illusions of a different Hillary Clinton on a pedestal leading this country.

However, one should not dismiss the many people who did not vote for her in the last election for a very good reason, are they going to have a sudden change of heart? I highly doubt it. I, for one was an Independent and once I heard Barack Obama I knew from the onset that this man was pay to write top cheap essay on hillary person I wanted to represent my values.

I changed immediately to become a Dem just so I could vote in the Primary. I campaigned for this man and was involved in as many movements and grass roots activities as I could.

I voted for him twice and I have never ever been sorry. The idea that one has to contend with the shenanigans of a Clinton again not only baffles me it makes me wonder if all this Clinton Machinery in action re the media, and even much of the press was not put into action almost 2 years in advance of the elections giving the most propaganda since Toyko Rose would these people 25 and younger especially support her? Do they even know that most all pay to write top cheap essay on hillary our foreign countries have had a female president for a very long time now?

Watching her in the WH as FL disgusted me as she represents people you may have known or worked with that think they are above the law and they will manipulate the system to their benefit. This has been true of WJC as well and HRC …………guess people are just gluttons for their own punishment. Switch a few names around and it could just as easily have been written by a Republican voter in or This sounds like the boilerplate fear mongering that we hear every four years.

Both parties are owned by Wall Street. There IS no changing this broken system from within. And a lot of us know it. This sort of thinking is what gives Hillary the sense of inevitability.

People just need to start finding out who he is. History has shown that the Supreme More info, when it tries to buck a sea change in American politics, cannot hold out for long. If the Democratic Party were to renounce its global corporatist puppeteers and take the lead in bringing about the pro-democracy, pro-middle class revolution our nation needs, they would start winning nearly every election and the Supreme Court would be no barrier.

It would fall into line soon enough. Stockholm-syndrome-type thinking like that we see in this article. If we continue to limit ourselves to picking only from the bad options the corporatist masters present to us, we will get only more pain.

I would vote for Hillary for bordello madam of any cat house in Nevada. And essay best analysis critical us websites ghostwriters again we have to pick from the most savory choices of gruel on the table.

The stew will need to be lightly forked through to see which ones have insects and which ones have mold, and they pay to write top cheap essay on hillary pick the one which in the end simply hides its unsavory appeal further beneath the surface where the bland middling voter pretends nothing bad exists.

In essence, the victor will be the one that convinces the middlers that the chocolate covered roach is in fact a brand new formula of crunchy caramel goodness. It is going to be a long ride. Except a few of those roaches have Yersinia pestis. Hillary is so extremely ANTI-CONSUMER that she has opposed letting. Americans know that genetically-engineered substances and poisons like. China yet Hillary OPPOSES labels that would inform consumers. Do you realize that there are laws that require food producers to tell.

Yet when it comes to actual harmful stuff that poisons us and our. Pingback: Here's How Liberals Can Make Hillary Clinton the Candidate They Want Her to Be FELLOW AMERICANS: stop the hatred.

AND on another note, just saying. Clinton and all the Republican candidates serve. Sanders is the only one who can unite the Left, seduce moderate Republicans, and fight the scum. Your SCOTUS boogieman and lesser of two evils trope is disingenuous and manipulative. Sanders Pingback: Debunking the Myth that Hillary Clinton Isn't "Liberal Enough" Pingback: Here's Proof That Bernie Sanders is the True Progressive Democrats Need in Pingback: Hillary Clinton's Skilled Move on Voting Rights Just Put Republicans in a No-Win Situation I cannot support Hillary, because she does not represent my values… she will not even speak writers liverpool sites annotated bibliography popular my values.

That is why i am pledging all of my support to Bernie. At least he will SPEAK to http://89paint.co/best-phd-essay-editing-services-au.php values, as long as he is in the race.

You all are so pathetically two-faced. At least if Hillary was in my party, I pay to write top cheap essay on hillary be demanding she be held to account, and maybe even serve prison time. I would not be promoting her for president. Others with far less responsibility for http://89paint.co/esl-admission-paper-editing-website-canada.php documents have faced far greater consequences for their actions than she has.

I hope that the bernie and liz click pulls hillary far enough left to make her stink a little less. At least your honest and have your head in the game. Now just convince all these Tea Party style fanatics of the same.

I have served in the military during the Clinton administration. It was not good. I scraped body parts from the Cole bombing. And watched Osama bin Laden. Click freed by his aministation allow him to return to Afghanistan. In spite of the cooperation of the Nairobi governments apprehension of him following the Cole bombing And overwhelming evidence of his involvement.

I am no big defender of George Bush but after those two big big buildings fell in NYC. George Bush got the blame no doubt. But no American was opposed to our military actions to follow were opposed. Go here that being said I am not a big supporter of our invation of Iraq although I participated.

With that said as a 25 year retired vet. I have watched our bill of of rights disappear. And to think that the current supreme court justices will be in charge to eliminate the rest makes me want to leave the country. Killary is just a disaple of King Obama. Pingback: Jon Stewart Hilariously Loses It Following Donald Trump's Presidential Announcement Video Watch what TRump or Cruz will do to America.

You best application letter ghostwriters website uk pay to write top cheap essay on hillary they are about Liberty and Freedom?? Someone who favors social policies like social security, medicare, unemployment insurance, etc.

Are those things bad? I will Click to see more vote for Hillary. There are many other people like me, too. Just forget about work place safety ,every GOP candidate has said they want to get rid of EPA, Dept.


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