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College of Inner Awareness, Metaphysical Studies and Spiritual Studies - Course Descriptions

Pay to do religious studies presentation is the first research article on the religious studies project website. The authors think this is an important issue for the discipline since these websites are much used nodes of interface between the discipline and its audiences within or beyond the walls of the pay to do religious studies presentation. There was no Religious Studies Project website when the authors began working on this article back inbut coincidentally this seems like the perfect place to publish pay to do religious studies presentation a study.

The authors wish to thank Reier M. Schoder for helping us with the data collection. Download the article as a. Which roles is it expected to play, and which tasks is it expected to perform? How is the discipline perceived and understood in public discourse?

Does it get its messages across? Has it contributed to literacy in religious matters? Pay to do religious studies presentation is its knowledge distinguished from common-sense assumptions? By far the main communicative interface between the discipline and the general public is the internet. The present article looks at another interface between the discipline and the public sphere: the self-presentation of the discipline, or the subject, on the websites of universities where it is currently taught.

While the information given on these web pages is accessible to everybody and where pages may be visited for unpredictable reasons, we assume that most web pages probably type my popular article prospective and current students as their main target audience.

One also expects these pages to present the relevance and profile of the discipline for a more non-specific audience, in addition to colleagues searching for research-related information and the media looking pay to do religious studies presentation experts and sources of information.

Such web pages may well be the most important medium for the discipline to present itself to the public and to its present and future or prospective practitioners. Note that pay to do religious studies presentation all these web pages are necessarily written by practitioners of the discipline. We know of some universities where the content of the web pages is effectively beyond control of the faculty, and in many other cases the university imposes restrictions on possible content in terms of length or kinds of content to be covered, often in the form of templates.

While there appears to be no international standard on how university websites are organized, click about educational programs, information about research, and information about faculty typically listed under departments or schools feature separately on most websites.

See the appendix for the full list of universities and a key to the text IDs used for references in the following. Our sample can seem somewhat biased towards here countries or cultural areas.

As our sampling strategy aimed at covering national diversity which we experience as very real distinctions in academic cultures not the least in terms of languages this strategy clearly privileges Europe with a total pay to do religious studies presentation 57 cases, amounting to 56 per cent of our total text sample and 66 per cent of our university sample.

Even pay to do religious studies presentation European sample, however, does not include all potentially relevant countries. In particular, the European sample excludes Eastern and Central Eastern Europe mainly for reasons of limited linguistic competence. Our sampling strategy could not attempt to achieve statistical representativeness for the simple reason that, as far as we can see, there is no reliable data available on the population or the universe i.

However, in sampling we sought to cover internationally recognized by scholarly standards departments, so that our sample can hopefully claim some degree of ecological validity. Click here the United States, for example, we tried to include some of the biggest graduate programs.

Even for our selection of countries, given the variety of educational landscapes, media cultures, national contexts of the discipline and the different sizes of the countries, our sample is not, and cannot be, representative in strictly statistical terms.

Yet, we hope that our analysis provides some significant findings with relevance for the ongoing critical self-reflection of the discipline. Obviously, statistical data analysis can be used and is commonly used even if a sample is not representative pay to do religious studies presentation if a study does not aim at arriving pay to do religious studies presentation statistically representative findings.

Such methods allow us to explore general patterns and non-patterns and recurrent themes or idiosyncratic features in the material. Pay to do religious studies presentation longest text in our sample contains words University of Alabama 27while the shortest text has only 34 words University of Bremen There are a total of eight cases with texts numbering more than words, and there are nine cases using less than words.

The arithmetic mean for the sample is words, while the median is words. Given that some texts are longer, it is also likely that they are overrepresented in the following discussion.

A minor selection of texts from some further countries published in languages accessible to us would have confounded our sample more than it would have added in clarity. However, we invite scholars from other regions, or with expertise on such regions, to replicate our study and test our findings, if deemed interesting, with a different sample. Having decided on the sample, we downloaded the texts from the various web pages. We then analyzed the texts for recurrent information and motives.

As a result of several rounds of discussion, based on the textual corpus initially generated, we inductively created several categories, which we used to code the downloaded texts. These categories encompass different aspects of the meaning and identity of a scholarly discipline as transmitted at universities.

Starting from its name or designation to the definition of its nature and subject matter, we look at pay to do religious studies presentation about its aims, goals and purposes, its methods and main approaches, its relevance, its main thematic pay to do religious studies presentation and areas of specialization, its relationships to other disciplines and field the disciplinary matrix and its demarcation from other discourses about its subject matter.

Finally, while all these statements are of a verbal nature, we were also interested in the visual aspect of the presentation of the texts. Partly, this is the result of the specific genealogy of the discipline, partly of competing self-understandings, partly of different discursive and national contexts. Which designations are used in our sample? Given that we are dealing with texts in different languages, we had to collate semantically synonymous expressions into single categories. Moreover, we found that the names of departments and programs and the names used for the discipline used in the texts can at times diverge.

Some cases use different designations. In addition, there are two unique cases that also combine Religious Studies with another designation. While Divinity clearly refers to theology, it seems that Religious Studies in the latter case also means theology: In sum, designations such as Comparative Religion and History of Religions, which were important in former times, are now used by very few universities less than ten per cent.

While Religionswissenschaft and its cognate denominations prevail in continental Europe with professional descriptive essay editing service liverpool exception of the NetherlandsReligious Studies predominates in the Anglo-sphere, with the Australian Studies in Religion as one national variety.

The Study of Religions is not yet established as a current term, even though several national and international associations carry this designation in their names 8.

Yet, it turns out that this is not the case; one wonders whether the webpages seek to avoid being dragged into these abysmal problems. The most prominent feature of religion evoked by the definitional statements in our sample, in eleven cases, is an appeal to pay to do religious studies presentation variety or diversity of religion, religious expressions or phenomena, in time and space.

Note that four out of these six definitional statements are found on continental European websites plus one from New Zealand and one from Canada. Only one of these definitions recalls recent debates about the notion of religion: Religion as such does not exist.

It is a concept developed in the West as a label for a wide variety of human ideas and behaviour, which are centered around human interaction with postulated non- or meta-empirical realities. While the different definitions play on different theoretical registers, they all emphasize the agency of religion; religion mainly occurs in the active mode.

The interdependence of religion with examples of other human constructs is repeatedly mentioned in the texts, especially with culture yet the agency in these relations is typically assigned to religion. It is unclear to what extent this claim results from empirical research. One way of explaining the persistent presence of this claim of relevance is the rhetorical and communicative setting of the texts, which frames them not primarily pay to do religious studies presentation information tools but as advertisement and marketing devices.

We have no means of knowing how effective this marketing strategy is. These general claims are illustrated on a number of websites with examples. Some 32 web pages provide names of religions e. Egyptian religionof types of religions e. New Religious Movementsof larger geographical units e. African religionsof modern nations e. Numerically, one group of religions is mentioned far more often than the rest. This groups comprises Islam and Hinduism 18 cases eachBuddhism 17Christianity 16and Judaism In our sample, these clearly are the salient examples, or prototypical religions.

In practice, then, it seems that the traditional world-religion model is still the dominant one. There is a second group of religions mentioned by far fewer, i. This category also comprises some collective terms such as East and South Asia 4African religion 3ancient Mediterranean religions 3religions of China 2religions in Japan 2Asian religions 2religions in America 2Please click for source religions 2.

The debates about the alleged sui generis character of religion and, accordingly, the study of it, have raised the pay to do religious studies presentation of its disciplinary belonging. This happens on several levels. More established terms such as the humanities or the social sciences are invoked by relatively few cases.

In addition, three definitions point to its multi- trans- or interdisciplinary nature. In our sample, four cases explicitly insist on a distinction from theology. The demarcation of boundaries from its confessional or theological other and religious discourses is also made explicit in a few definitional statements from Europe, South Africa, and the United States. Moreover, scholars of religion do not need to be religious themselves Pay to do religious studies presentation of Zurich Using pay to do religious studies presentation criteria, from our sample of texts, 39 contain relevant information.

In total in our coding 75 keywords identified by separate codes emerged. Consider topics such as pay to do religious studies presentation alphabetic order cognition, ecology and, in addition, climate changeemotion, ethnicity, gods, health, human rights, identity, immigration, law, media, pluralism, popular religion, post-colonialism, power, race, state, and terrorism. Keywords with two or more occurrences are here presented visually in a word cloud 22where terms with the lowest frequency 2 are smallest going up in size to those with the highest frequency At the top of the list, one finds the following four broad categories: politics 10 cases from nine universitiesculture 11ethics 11 from ten universitiesand history 11 from ten universities.

Each of these represents over a quarter of all texts relevant for this section, and around 10 per cent of the entire sample. Apparently, the web pages are primarily concerned with appealing to common ground with other disciplines.

Given that ethics is rarely discussed in major companions and handbooks, its prominence in our sample is somewhat surprising. What does that topic cover? To begin with, as in the case of politics pay to do religious studies presentation culture, there are the religion-ethics connections University of Stirling 38; University of Toronto Duke University addresses ethics as a specific feature of religions just like gender, visual modes, and mysticism 98while the University of Southern Denmark 7 is concerned with the distinctions between religious and non-religious ethics.

The department text at Emory University refers to a course on ethics 99but when speaking of ethics it is unclear whether that deals with ethics in relation to historical religions or with ethics from a religious background.

The identity of an academic discipline, particularly in the shape of programs of study, is also determined by the pay to do religious studies presentation and goals it pay to do religious studies presentation itself. The two most-used key-words are knowledge 11 cases and understanding 10 occurrences. If properly transmitted and internalized, the theoretical dimension of the academic practice translates into practical knowledge; the students will acquire a specific competence if the discipline performs well.

In total, we identified 24 texts from 21 universities as containing statements on skills and competences.

In several respects, there is an overlap with the aims and goals of the programs. Yet, the text is apparently addressed to potential students and its intention is not to make a pronouncement on the aims and scope of the discipline but to list the benefit or pay-off that prospective students can expect to derive from studying religion.

The text addresses intellectual, ethical and personal traits. In almost identical wording which might raise the issue of plagiarism, which unlike scholarly production seems to be tolerated in this kind of textstwo Norwegian texts assert that students will receive knowledge about the relationship between religion and society and a unique cross-cultural competence. Some web pages speak of communicative skills in a more technical sense, that of so-called soft or transferable skills.

Communication and writing are connected to skills of effectively disseminating academic knowledge to other audiences. Yet, in our sample, it is only the University of Southern Denmark 7 that emphasizes this pay to do religious studies presentation. Some texts create a link between talking about the skills and competences students have acquired by taking a program and potential employment perspectives 24, 38, 39, Three web pages—from Canada, New Zealand, and the USA—address the professional achievements of their alumni.

Since they point to a vast array of career options they may be worth quoting in full; by providing some geographical details the Canadian case gives a more authentic and reliable feel: Some of our Religious Studies majors have found the following jobs: Physician in Sioux Lookout, Ontario; Director of Development Agency in Uganda; Chaplain at Correctional Services Canada; Program Assistant at The Institute for the Prevention of Child Abuse; Teacher of Religion in pay to do religious studies presentation RCSS Board; Program Co-ordinator at Catholic Family Services; Youth Pastor in a United Mennonite Church.

Since the inception of the Religious Studies major at the Pay to do religious studies presentation in the fall ofpay to do religious studies presentation have explored careers in public health, medicine, law, ministry, finance, the Peace Corps, and Teach for America. Some statements are of a very general nature. Several texts point to pay to do religious studies presentation various career opportunities opened up by their respective programs, but they usually list some very broad sectors University of Southern Denmark 8; University of New England 89; University of Lucerne 93; Arizona State University 96; Duke University This case is indeed made by several texts from countries in different continents.

One text claims that the program prepares candidates for occupations requiring solid knowledge about religions, the relations between religion, culture and society, and a sensitivity for inter-religious relations University of Bayreuth 39but the text does not provide names of applicable occupations.

This program seems to offer an additional qualification to that provided by religious institutions, but the work is not directly qualified as comprising religious activities.

The ministry is also given by five other universities as a career option for their graduates. Turning to specific careers besides those related to knowledge directly related to religion, becoming a school or high-school teacher is the option mentioned by most texts in the category—in total 13 cases, among these seven from Scandinavia and the remaining cases spread across the Europe, North America and the Pacific University of Amsterdam, Glasgow, Waterloo, Miami, New England, Canterbury.

Four cases, among them three from Europe, speak of education in general, without specifically mentioning work as a teacher VU Amsterdam, Complutense University of Madrid, University of Lucerne, Duke University.

After teaching, academic work, i. This is followed by journalism nine cases. This top three-group is pay to do religious studies presentation in frequency four to six cases each by a series of four occupations, where we can find some regional variation.

In addition to the ministry see abovefive cases refer to the media which, of course, covers a wide range of jobs. With pay for best cheap essay on exception The University of Canterbury 79all these cases are from Europe. Culture, including work in a cultural section, a council of cultural affairs, and as cultural advisor, totals four cases, which again are all from Europe.

Work in a museum is also listed by four European texts. Law and medicine, on the other hand, are listed only by universities from the United States with one exception, The University of New England 89, which also lists law.

Four cases, but from three universities two from the USA, one from New Zealandrefer to social services; to this category one might possibly include the work in the social field mentioned by University Complutense of Madrid Also four cases pay to do religious studies presentation three universities refer pay to do religious studies presentation work with the government two cases from the USA, one from the Netherlands.

Three European cases University of Turku 9; University of Gothenburg 13; VU Amsterdam 70 regard the issue of societal integration presumably of minority groups as potentially offering career options to their graduates.

Counselling is listed by the University of Waterloo 64the University of New England 89and the University of Amsterdam The University of Amsterdam 69the University of Canterbury 79and the University of Berne 92 present travel and tourism as offering career options to their graduates. The latter university also mentions work in libraries three cases in total and publishing two cases. Some additional 25 career options pay to do religious studies presentation given by two or one cases only in addition to the spiritual advisor and some others mentioned above.

Some of them are pay to do religious studies presentation more vague than others and some terms may have different shadings of meaning in different national context. They are here collated to form seven thematic clusters: Most university websites have photos and pictures in addition to the textual material. Images tend to liven up text-heavy web pages and complement the themes communicated in the texts. They are also crucial in ensuring the multi-medial experience that now seems to be expected on the web.

Our sample for this discussion comprises individual images downloaded from the web pages and 29 screenshots.

The remaining five show between five and seven images. Most of these images do not include any signifier for religion. Even if some of the images may originate from fieldwork, we see no scholars of religion in the field engaged in participant observationstudying manuscripts or the like. This resonates with the absence of reflexive elements in the texts as analyzed above. Most 12 of these images pay to do religious studies presentation of a building writer report liverpool services classical architectural style.

In addition, there are eight pictures of staff-members, either as portraits or as group-photos. How is religion presented in these images? Our analysis of the textual materials has brought to light that there is a strong tendency to represent religion as a force, having an impact on a range of other spheres.

Moreover, the texts tend to present religion as a historical universal. Do the images reflect the same emphasis on relevance and universality? This selection seems to be rather evenly distributed across countries. The overlap between material structures and people is surprisingly small; there are only eight occurrences where the two codes overlap, and since two of these occur in collages 52—3; —2only five pictures remain that depict people are set in either interaction or proximity with a religious structure 16 [two pictures]; 46; 63; It is obvious that the anthropological emphasis communicated by the texts is not supported by the images.

Even if pay to do religious studies presentation must have built these material structures at some time, the images portray religion as historical monuments, things of the past, something static and fixed. When taking a closer look at the images that portray people 26 we find that more than half 17 show people read more a ritual context.

The other half comprises without exception portraits and full-figure photos of people in some form of religious attire 9; 52—3; Recall the main topics listed on the web pages. From the top of the list politics, culture, ethics, historyonly two can said to be a recurring theme in the image material.

We get a sense of history from the old buildings, statues and religious sites. If ethics is a regulation of behaviour, one could argue that it is implicitly visualized in images of rituals, but it does not occur in any more direct manner. Surprisingly, pay to do religious studies presentation of the images place religion or religious actors in such a setting, nor, for that matter, in contexts related to politics 33 or ethics.

Even if these topics may be abstract constructions, it is not difficult to imagine how they could be visualised. As a matter of fact, the relationship between religion and politics appears visually in newspapers and news broadcasts on a daily basis. Religion is often embedded in public institutions and the places of everyday life be it images of Catholic saints on hospital walls, images of Mecca in kebab shops, pupils wearing religious symbols or the presence of Mormon pioneers in a busy city street.

The examples are plenty and could be used to support the kind of claims made in texts. Above section RELIGIONS we saw that there is especially one group of religions that are mentioned more than others. The same goes for pay classic dissertation for hypothesis literature my english sample of pictures, but with a slightly different ranking: Christianity 26Hinduism 16Buddhism 11Islam 9Judaism 7.

The rest of the pictures 16 comprise images relating to Sikhism, Zoroastrianism, New Age, Paganism, Shintoism and Confucianism, which may give the impression of some variety of religious traditions.

There are several cases 11 where the images are presented in a collage. In some few cases 2 collages are used as part of the header on the page with the department logo. What all these have in common, is that they compile images from different religious traditions, from East and West. Let us take a look at one example. On the website for Victoria University of Wellington we found the portraits of Virgin Mary, Krishna, John Lennon and former US president George W.

Where Virgin Mary and Krishna are figureheads for Christianity Catholicism and Hinduism Krishnaism respectively, Lennon and Bush appear as important persons in contemporary religious scenarios. Arguably, Bush and Lennon juxtapose American mainstream Protestantism, power and politics Bush and alternative spirituality Lennon ; note that Lennon is much more centrally situated in the composition even though somewhat to the leftwhile Bush appears as right wing marginal figure.

Methods are rarely mentioned on the web pages. In general, however, the meta-analysis of the state of the discipline according to its public self-presentation on the university web pages point to a rather limited degree of intellectual coherence both with regard to selection of information and its content. This is in striking contrast to vigorous debates that have characterized the field during der professional university essay ghostwriting services mineralstofflicheв decades.

As we see it, this should be reflected more prominently on future web pages. This leads us to some pay to do religious studies presentation and recommendations concerning best practice. There are pay to do religious studies presentation ways to address this question.

For example, plenty of good advice can be found in foras 36 about web content management, but that is beyond our scope in this article. Instead, we will restrict our observation to the main categories of our analysis. Atti del seminario Internazionale Messina, MarzoEdizioni Lionello Giordano: Cosenza, Critics not Caretakers: redescribing the public study of religion. State University of New York Press: Albany. This program has seven tracks, including once called Comparative Religion.

This program has several courses, including Comparative Religion: Themes and Topics in the Study of ReligionMethod and Theory in the Study of Religion, and a Required General Course Religious Studies. On different levels, Leiden University thereby uses no less that three designations Religious Studies, Comparative Religion, Study of Religion.

Diversity and complexity: University of Otago 81 ; Victoria University of Wellington 83 ; University of Zurich Diversity and universality: The University of New England Diversity and comparison: University of Washington In the German context, this term, which has replaced Geisteswissenschaften as a guiding notion, typically includes a range of disciplines or fields such as anthropology, ethnology, history, literary and media studies and sometimes also the social sciences. Some themes are borderline cases.

Consider Bible, philosophy, and theology. Three texts speak of insight twice as noun, once as verb. Also words referring to explanation and theory are mentioned only once each in both cases in the verbal form.

The text continues by referring to instruments of analysis and critique. Insight is mentioned as a skill in three cases. The reason for this is that some websites randomize between a set of images on their site everytime you access the page in a web browser. In the meanwhile, of course, some web pages had changed their appearance, pay to do religious studies presentation the least their visual content.

We still think that our findings are relevant and valid. Several of the images mentioned in the following pay to do religious studies presentation in the meanwhile no longer be seen on the web pages. Bush is used in a collage see below. Regarding quantitative analysis: I think our analysis is in fact quite quantitative already!

That is to say, in a descriptive manner. The reason we did not use inferential statistics on this particular material is because it pay to do religious studies presentation not been randomly selected, and I am honestly not sure if we even have enough texts to start with. I think your suggestion is good though. And if we managed to compile a full list of all RS-department websiteI could, through some handy webscripting, do some cool statistical things online.

Very interesting and thank you. There are 3 reputable depts in UK and Ireland alone that have this name SOAS, Bath Spa and UCC. Thanks for pointing that out! Let me clarify: That statement was a conclusion on our entire sample, not restricted to only UK, or generalized to a wider population. That being said, the sentence is a bit ambigious since it directly follows a comment on UK.

Pay to do religious studies presentation is the kind of error or misleading phraseology that is easily picked out by a peer reviewer but difficult for authors to spot. As with many of our ventures this is very much a first read more albeit an exciting and important one, and we are grateful to the authors for coming to us with this idea to test the water at alternative ways of presenting research.

This less formal approach allows the authors to take comments on board from members of the academic community and revise the text accordingly, should they wish to do so, to produce the best possible text.

We do seriously take your point, though, as we always need to balance our preference for informality and accessibility with the standards of the academy.

Should this sort of thing become a more regular feature on the RSP — which is one of many possible routes for the check this out years — we shall certainly be considering adapting a more journal-like review process whilst always remembering that we are not a journal and hope that we can count on the academic community for continued support and advice in this area.

Yet, out of maybe 30 departments unfortunately the BASR-website does not provide a list of pay to do religious studies presentation in the UK, three is not exactly a very high number. So, I would say that our statement is not entirely a product of our method. The article does not claim that the other names singled out by you in your response are the most common ones. Pay to do religious studies presentation article states that two designations dominate our sample: Religionswissenschaft and its equivalents and Religious Studies.

These two account for almost two thirds of the cases in the sample. NB: This is NOT a value judgment. And it is an interesting contrast that the European association and several national ones including custom reflective essay editor site for masters BASR have come to use study of religions in their names, while this has not been adopted by the majority of departments.

Thank you for your reply which I appreciate. In all 3 cases these were departments which have had an opportunity in recent times to choose a name rather than inheriting one from an earlier era. One could compare the rate of increase? This time it was a largely a question of resources and what we at the outset thought we could manage within those boundaries. That being said, we hope this study will be reproduced and improved both when it comes to data collection and methodology.

When the term is used in these text, it points pay to do religious studies presentation the academic discipline i. You are right in that we do not prepare you for the last part in the introduction and we probably should have. It was added rather late in the writing process, partly because it was asked for by our readers, partly because we wondered how this analysis could inform our practices on the web.

That is also why it is comes after the conclusion. I am not sure if your suggested setup is feasible, but it is at least technically possible to compare and correlate website statistics click enrolment numbers, as long as you control for other variables that may explain variantions in said numbers. I am not fully convinced about point 1 and I think guess?

As a former student of religion, now mathematics ghostwriter site in a pay to do religious studies presentation different field pay to do religious studies presentation the University working with the content and communication of different study programmes, I do see that the problem of communication and descriptions of academic disciplines in general is an issue that needs more focus.

First of all, as you mention in the introduction, the data is based on two different types of webpages; both the learn more here of the study-programmes itself and the departments webpage. In regards to the Norwegian system, the programme description itself and phrases we are allowed to use, are strictly controlled by both the University and the more famous and not so popular?

It would be interesting pay to do religious studies presentation see if and how these restrictions limit the descriptions given in study programmes compared to the departments.

Though I do see the challenge in analyzing and gathering information on how the content of webpages is regulated at the different Universities and countries.

Secondly, it would also be very interesting if you were able to develop the method, and make it possible for other diciplines to use the same analysis and approach in their own diciplines. It is not always clear who the text on the web pages.

In fact, we address this problem explicitly in our article see the fifth para from the start. We could have written to all departments in get best online admission pay to paper sample asking for information on the genesis of the respective texts. In fact, at one point pay to do religious studies presentation discussed that option, but we decided against pay to do religious studies presentation. Technically speaking we might risk that our sources do not testify to the self-representation of pay to do religious studies presentation discipline, but even if the texts are not actually written by academics, the web pages are still pay to do religious studies presentation published by universities and communicate the claim to speak for the subjects that are presented.

When pay to do religious studies presentation started to work on the article we tried to find similar research on the self- presentation of other disciplines on university web pages.

At that time, we could not find anything that seemed directly relevant. Maybe something has come pay to do religious studies presentation since—if you know of anything, please let us know! One could wonder whether that is indicative of our self-critical modus operandi, our habit not question our basic identity, whereas other disciplines have a more matter-of-fact like academic practice?

Your email address will not be published. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution- NonCommercial- NoDerivs 3. The views expressed in podcasts, features and responses are the views of the individual contributors, and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Religious Studies Project or the BASR. Self-Presentations of the Discipline on University Web Pages. We are looking forward to your thoughts and reactions in the comment section below.

Pay to do religious studies presentation, in the present article we investigate how pay to do religious studies presentation discipline presents itself to the public.

In our sampling we started with the website of our own department and those of other Norwegian universities and then cast our net wider. Two designations by far dominate our sample:. Religionswissenschaft including religionsvitenskap, religionsvetenskap, Ciencias de las Religiones, and sciences des religions : 22 universities, amounting to slightly popular school essay editor than a third of all 70 universities in our sample.

Religious Studies including Religionsstudier : 21 universities, amounting to 30 per cent of all cases. This name is used by universities in Canada 3Denmark pay to do religious studies presentationEngland 1the Netherlands 2New Zealand 4 Scotland 1South Africa 1and the USA 8. Comparative religion: four universities, including two in Finland, one in the Netherlands, and one in the USA The University of Washington Religion: four universities, including one in Scotland, one in Canada, one in New Zealand, and two in the USA.

Studies in Religion: three universities, all in Australia. Theology and Religious Studies: two universities, both in the UK England, Scotland. History of Religions religionshistorie and religionshistoria : two universities, one in Norway and one in Sweden. While Divinity clearly refers to theology, it seems that Religious Studies in the latter case also means theology:. Divinity and Religious Studies University of Aberdeen Religious Studies and Comparative Religion Manchester University Designations such as Comparative Religion and History of Religions, which were important in former times, are now used by very few universities.

In pay to do religious studies presentation, designations such as Comparative Religion and History of Religions, which were important in former times, are now used by very few universities less than ten per cent. Only six out of texts contain what we would categorize as explicit definitions of religion, i.

Only one of these definitions recalls recent debates about the notion of religion:. Religion as such does not exist. Figure 1: Word cloud of topics mentioned on two or more web pages Figure 2, Collage on Victoria University of Wellington web page March 23, Figure 3, Collage on Victoria University of Wellington web page May 29, Knut at work. Share this: Facebook Twitter Google Reddit Pinterest More Email LinkedIn.

Justin December 7, at am. I think it was a very interesting approach towards this. Join the discussion Cancel reply. Online Reflexivity Religious Studies religious studies departments religious studies programs religious studies students representation.

The RSP At Your Conference. Submit to Opps Digest. Send to Email Address. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Pay to do religious studies presentation, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Religion in America #1: Religious Studies, Religious Diversity, and Religious Literacy

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