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By COGwriter As one letter writer websites liverpool into a Roman Catholic family, I am aware of how Roman Catholics suggest that theirs is the original church with an unbroken line of successors beginning with Peter. However, there seems to be a difference in how they present this to the general public and what the Bible, and even Roman Catholic scholars, teach about the early first and letter writer websites liverpool century church history.

This article will attempt to discuss how the Roman Catholic Church portrays its early history, and what the Bible and certain letter writer websites liverpool Roman Catholic scholars have concluded about what really happened. The Generally Suggested Position from letter writer websites liverpool Roman Catholics The following, from The Catholic Encyclopediais a fair representation of how the average Roman Catholic views church history: It has been seen that Christ not only established the episcopate in the persons of the Twelve but, further, created in St.

Peter the office of supreme pastor of the Church. Early Christian history tells us that before http://89paint.co/popular-college-admission-essay-assistance.php death, he fixed his residence at Rome, and ruled the Church there as its bishop. It is from Rome that he dates his first Epistle, speaking of the city under the name of Babylon, a designation which St.

John also gives it in the Apocalypse c. At Rome, too, he suffered martyrdom in company with St. The list of his successors in the see is known, from Linus, Anacletus, and Clement, who were the first to follow him, down to the reigning pontiff. The Church has ever seen in the occupant of the See of Rome the successor of Peter in the supreme pastorate Joyce G.

Transcribed by Douglas J. The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume III. Nihil Obstat, November 1, But is that account completely letter writer websites liverpool Also while visiting the Vatican inI purchased a book in its basilica museum bookstore titled The Popes: The lives of the pontiffs through years of history Lopes A.

The Popes: The lives of the pontiffs through years of history. Futura Edizoni, Roma, --a version with Pope Benedict XVI in it was for sale in letter writer websites liverpool Vatican when I visited it in Both versions of the book states that it was sponsored by the "Pontifical Administration, which has tutelage over the Patriarchal Basilica of St. Both contained such statements on the early "bishops" of Rome as: 1.

He was the first to take up the inheritance of St. He made disposition for women to be admitted to the holy places and attend functions with their heads covered CLETUS OR ANACLETUS, ST. He made dispositions for the consecration of bishops and dictated the norms for ecclesiastical dress, prohibiting them from letting their beards and hair grow. He had a small chapel built over the tomb of St.

Peter which was the nucleus on which Constantine erected the first great basilica in CLEMENT IST. He was among the first baptized by St. Clement was the one to introduce the liturgical vestments into the letter writer websites liverpool functions and letter writer websites liverpool use of the word Amen.

He appointed seven notaries, one for each ecclesiastical area of Rome, to edit and file all information regarding martyred Christians He also instituted a group of seven deacons who job it was to write down the popes utterances so as to avoid disputes about letter writer websites liverpool he had said Evaristus was martyred http://89paint.co/cheap-creative-essay-writers-for-hire-united-states.php Letter writer websites liverpool Edizoni, Roma,pp.

Letter writer websites liverpool that list of pronouncements accurate? Or is mostly myth and legend? Note: A letter writer websites liverpool list of the first claimed bishops of Rome is shown on the Timeline of History page. Letter writer websites liverpool teachings in this Roman source made me at letter writer websites liverpool conclude that these early listed "bishops" of Rome, after Peter who as will be shown later, could not have been the bishop of Rome letter writer websites liverpool, may letter writer websites liverpool have been faithful true Christians as many of the declarations they allegedly made do not square with scripture.

Then I began to wonder if there was any historical evidence that they made those claims. If they did not make those pronouncements, should this be the type of information that the Vatican sells to those they call pilgrims which they seem to define as any one who profess Christ who visits the Vatican? What really happened in the first and early second centuries? Perhaps some statements by a prominent Roman Catholic scholar may be of interest here any bolding mine : The continuity between Pope and Apostle rests on traditions which stretch back almost to the very beginning of letter writer websites liverpool written records of Christianity.

It was already well established by the year ADwhen the early Christian writer Irenaeus der top literature review ghostwriters for hire uk the Lyons invoked it in defence of orthodox Christianity. Yet matters are not so simple. The popes trace their commission from Christ through Peter, yet for Irenaeus the authority of letter writer websites liverpool Church at Rome came from its foundation by two Apostles, not by one, Peter and Paul not Peter alone.

Yet on all of this the New Testament is silent. These stories were to be accepted as sober history by some letter writer websites liverpool the greatest minds of the early Church--Origen, Ambrose, Augustine. Neither Peter nor Paul founded the Church at Romefor there were Christians in the city before either of the Apostles set foot there. Nor can we assume, as Irenaeus did, that the Apostles established there a succession of bishops to carry on letter writer websites liverpool work in the city, for all the indications are that there was no single bishop at Rome for almost a century after the deaths of the Apostles.

In fact, where ever we turn, the solid outlines of the petrine succession at Rome seem to blur and dissolve There is, therefore, nothing directly approaching a papal theory in the pages of the New Testament Duffy, Eamon. Yale University Press, New Haven CT, pp.

There was a strong anti-Roman tradition in the early Church. Rome was the harlot city soaked in the blood of the saints, the centre from which spread out wave after wave of persecution.

I decided to look at the writings of the Bible and some recognized Catholic scholars to see whether those statements about letter writer websites liverpool early bishops of Rome were true or are in error.

There Were No Bishops of Rome Who Titled Themselves Pontifex Maximus Until the Late Fourth Century Catholic scholars understand that the pagan sun cult of Mithraism maintained that it had a type of pope in Rome before the Church of Rome had one: Mithraism There were seven degrees of initiation into the mithraic mysteries…The fathers conducted the worship.

The chief of the fathers, a sort of pope, who always lived at Rome, was called "Pater Patrum" or Pater Letter writer websites liverpool. It was about the time that Theodosius helped eliminate the cult of Mithraism that the Bishop of Rome took the title Pope. The Romanisation of the papacy was more than a matter of external decoration. Self-consciously, the popes began to model their actions and their style as Christian leaders on the procedures of the Roman state Duffy, letter writer websites liverpool. While Roman Catholics refer to many early Bishops of Rome as popes, the reality is that letter writer websites liverpool term pope, or more specifically Pontifex Maximuswas not held by the Bishops of Rome until letter writer websites liverpool few custom best essay websites after Constantine.

The title Pontifex Maximus had letter writer websites liverpool held by many Roman Emperors, including Constantine. Here is a report from The Catholic Encyclopedia about rund best case study writing sites us gibt early reign of Constantine: Could not Sol Deus Letter writer websites liverpoolto whom even Constantine dedicated his coins for a long time, or Sol Mithras Deus Invictus, venerated by Diocletian and Galerius, become the supreme god of the empire?

Letter writer websites liverpool may have pondered over this. Nor had he absolutely rejected the thought even after a miraculous event had strongly influenced him in favour of the God of the Christians…As pontifex maximus he watched over the heathen worship and protected its rights.

Herbermann, Charles, and Georg Grupp. Farley, Archbishop of New York. New York: Robert Appleton Company, A few decades after Constantine died, the Roman Emperor Gratian refused the title.

Here is one report: Pontifex Letter writer websites liverpool refused the pontifical robe. The Emergence of Christianity. Greenwood Publishing Group, p. However, Catholic sources confirm that Bishop Siricius quickly picked up the title: SIRICIUS, ST. Futura Edizoni, Roma,p. The title pope papa It was apparently in the fourth letter writer websites liverpool that it began to become a distinctive title of the Roman Pontiff. Transcribed by Gerard Haffner.

The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume XII. Nihil Obstat, June 1, In addition, it may be of interest to note that even with the Roman Catholic Church, the title "Pope" was not exclusive to the Bishop of Rome for a long time. Notice the following two sources: The title pope, once used with letter writer websites liverpool greater latitude see below, section Vis at present employed solely to denote the Bishop of Rome The title pope papa was, as has been stated, at one time employed with far more latitude.

In the East it has always been used to designate simple priests. In the Western Church, however, it seems from the beginning to have been restricted to bishops Tertullian, "De Pud. Yet letter writer websites liverpool late as the seventh century St. Gregory VII finally prescribed that it should be more info to the successors of Peter The Pope.

New York: Robert Appleton Company. Moreover, it was only in the year that Pope Gregory VI forbade Catholics to letter writer websites liverpool anyone pope except the Bishop of Rome. Poolbeg Press, Dublin,p. Rome and Paul The general Catholic position, as noted earlier, is based to a great degree upon the writings of Irenaeus of Lyonwho was perhaps the first Roman Catholic supporter to write much about Church Letter writer websites liverpool. Here is some of what he wrote around A.

The blessed apostles, then, having founded and built up the Church, committed into the hands of Linus the office of the episcopate. Of this Linus, Paul makes mention in the Epistles to Timothy. To him succeeded Anacletus; and after him, in the third place from the apostles, Clement was allotted the bishopric Irenaeus. Adversus Haereses, Book III, Chapter 3, Verses 2,3.

Excerpted from Ante-Nicene Fathers, Volume 1. Yet, the Roman Catholic Church admits that at least part of that account of Irenaeus circa A. Furthermore, it needs to be noted that Irenaeus never lists Peter as the first bishop of Rome--nor does he ever call Peter a bishop--Irenaeus lists Linus as one who knew Paul, hence if any one appointed Linus to any position of prominence, logic would dictate that this would have been Paul and that is what the so-called Apostolic Constitutions states.

Notice this comment from a Catholic scholar about IrenaeusPeterPauland Rome : Irenaeus focuses on the church of Rome which he describes as "greatest, most ancient and known to all, founded and established by the two most glorious apostles, Peter and Paul. From Apostles to Bishops: the development of the episcopacy in the early church.

Newman Press, Mahwah NJ, p. The Catholic Encyclopedia also agrees with F. Epistle to the Romans. The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume XIII.

Nihil Obstat, February 1, Furthermore, the Bible clearly agrees with The Catholic Encyclopedia, and F. The Bible shows that Paul did not start the Church in Rome--thus the apostolic tradition that Irenaeus relied on is a fraudulent one--as it is not true--it is a myth.

For here is what Paul wrote to the church at Rome: And I have so preached this Gospel, not where Christ was named, lest I should build.

But as it is written, They to whom it hath not been preached of him, shall see: and they. For the which cause also I was letter writer websites liverpool very much from coming unto you RomansRheims NT ofunless otherwise indicated. Note: I choose to use the Rheims New Testament of A. Sullivan also further agrees, as he wrote Admittedly the Catholic position, that bishops are the successors of the apostles by divine institution, remains far from easy to establish The first problem has to do with the notion that Christ ordained apostles as bishops The apostles were missionaries and founders of churches; there is no evidence, nor is it at all likely, that any one of them ever took up permanent residence in a particular church as its bishop The letter of the Romans to the Corinthians, known as I Clement, which dates to about the year 96, provides good evidence that about 30 years after the death of St.

Paul the church of Corinth was being led by a group of presbyters, with no indication of a bishop with authority over the whole local church Most scholars are of the opinion that the church of Rome would most probably have also been led at that time by a group of presbyters There exists a broad consensus among scholars, including most Catholic ones, that such churches as Alexandria, Philippi, Corinth and Rome most probably continued to be led for some time by a college of presbytersand that only in the second century did the threefold structure of become generally the rule, with a bishop, assisted by presbyters, presiding over each local church Sullivan F.

Newman Press, Mahwah NJ, pp. And that is certainly correct concerning Rome. There were no "bishops of Rome" in the first century and certain Roman Catholic scholars understand this letter writer websites liverpool belowhence the idea that there is an unbroken line of bishops in apostolic succession from Rome is false more information can be found in the article Apostolic Succession.

The fact is that the Bible itself mentions nothing about the Church of Rome in terms of any leadership significance for the true church. The first mentions that Jews from Rome and other areas of the world were in Jerusalem around Pentecost Acts ; the second that Claudius had the Jews letter writer websites liverpool from Rome Acts ; and the third that involves Onesiphorus who visited Paul in Rome and later in Ephesus 2 Timothy The Theology of Jewish Christianity.

Translated by John A. The Westminister Press,Philadelphia, p. Sadly in the 21st century, many seem to prefer the false version letter writer websites liverpool history than the real one. Information on the real one is documented in the free online pdf booklet: Continuing History of the Church of God. Was the Headquarters of the True Church Letter writer websites liverpool Remain in the Same City? Founded by Christ, propagated by His apostles, from Jerusalem through Asia Minor to Rome as its permanent world center, from which it spread throughout the world according to the mandate of its Divine Founder: Catholic Church.

It is also absolutely certain that the apostles went from Jerusalem via Antioch to Asia Minor. And while it is true that the Apostle Paul went to Rome, there was no type of mandate that Rome would be its "permanent world center.

HebrewsNew Usa paper sites custom writers Bible. Clearly Paul is teaching that there would not be a permanent city for Christians, until the city which is to come New Jerusalem, Revelation Let us look at what Jesus taught the future leadership of the church on this letter writer websites liverpool 22…and you shall be odious to all letter writer websites liverpool for my name, but he that shall persevere unto the end, he shall be saved.

In truth I tell you, you will not have gone the round of the towns of Israel before the Son of man comes. MatthewNJB Jesus has not yet come and whatever Christians there have been in Palestine have been chased through all the cities in that geographic region since Jesus stated this the Crusades helped insure this. Thus Jesus is obviously referring to more cities than are in the area of Palestine and hence is including cities of the other tribes of Israel or simply areas of "spiritual Israel".

Jesus, thus, seems to be prophesying that it would not be possible that the headquarters of the true church could permanently remain in letter writer websites liverpool one city for hundreds or nearly two thousand years. These statements from Jesus and Paul would suggest that only a church whose headquarters moved relatively often could possibly be the true church. This has happened to the true Church of God throughout history, which is best represented today by the Continuing Church of God --the original faith continues Jude 3even though the city of leadership base has changed many times letter writer websites liverpool history.

Thus, even the Catholic Rheims New Testament and the New Jerusalem Bible effectively letter writer websites liverpool prove that no single city, including Rome, could have remained the headquarters of Christendom for nearly years! Varieties of Order Another truth about Rome is that it admits that many of the early writers it cites as proof of various positions that it holds, disagreed about the initial list of the bishops of Rome. For example, The Catholic Encyclopedia specifically calls these varieties of order as shown below : The varieties of order are as follows: Linus, Cletus, Clemens Hegesippus, ap.

Epiphanium, Canon of Mass. Linus, Anencletus, Clemens Irenaeus, Africanus ap. Linus, Anacletus, Letter writer websites liverpool Jerome. Linus, Cletus, Anacletus, Clemens Poem against Marcion. Linus, Clemens, Cletus, Anacletus [Hippolytus? Linus, Clemens, Anacletus Optatus, Augustine.

At the present time no critic doubts that Cletus, Anacletus, Letter writer websites liverpool, are the same person. Anacletus is a Latin error; Cletus is a shortened and more Christian form of Anencletus.

Lightfoot thought that the transposition of Clement in the "Liberian Catalogue" was a mere accident, like the similar error "Anicetus, Pius" for "Pius Anicetus", further on in the same list.

But it may have been a deliberate alteration by Hippolytus, on the ground of the tradition mentioned by Tertullian Chapman J. The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume IV. Perhaps it should be mentioned that instead of imputing motives to Hippolytus, it could be that Hippolytus simply may have been reporting the truth that he understood.

It should be noted that both Tertullian more on Tertullian is included later on in this article and Hippolytus were two of only major recognized historical writers between Letter writer websites liverpool. Church History, Book IV, Chapter 22 only lists three 2nd century bishops of Rome. I conversed with them on my way to Rome, and abode with the Corinthians many days, during which we were mutually refreshed in the true doctrine. And when I had come to Rome I remained there until Anicetus, whose deacon was Eleutherus.

And Anicetus was succeeded by Soter, and he by Eleutherus. In every succession, and in every city that is held which is preached by popular reflective essay ghostwriters services toronto law and the prophets and the Lord" Eusebius.

The History of the Church, Book IV, Chapter 22, verses Originally written in 4th century. Digiread Books, Stilwell KS, p. Catholic sources seem to acknowledge that Hegesippus wrote the initial list, though the above account does not prove it at least one Catholic scholar translated the above to state that Hegesippus wrote the "succession" list then.

But the simple fact it is apparent that there is historical controversy over who were the first several bishops of Rome or at least who may have taken over after Peter. Other Roman Catholic scholars have acknowledged problems in the pope lists and the commonly portrayed view of Roman Catholic history: History, "the teacher of life", teaches that there were no popes in the modern sense of the word that is, as the sole Bishop of Rome until the middle of the second century.

Those rechten professional biography editing services for college Verfahren in the Roman community may have been the ones whom the Catholic Church regards as immediate successors of Peter himself: Linus, Anacletus, Clement, Evaristus, et al.

But we cannot be certain. It is significant, letter writer websites liverpool example, that when St. Ignatius of Antioch d ca. Indeed, there is no evidence that Peter himself ever functioned in an episcopal role in Rome.

Although traditionally regarded as the founder of the church there along with the Apostle Paul, Peter was not even present when Christianity first came to Rome in the early 40s Argumentative essay service toronto custom writers, Richard P.

Lives of the Popes: The Pontiffs from St. Peter to Benedict XVI. Harper, Letter writer websites liverpool Francisco, updated ed. Furthermore, the Liber Pontificalis Book of Pontiffs teaches this about Peter and his spiritual successor: He consecrated St.

Translation by Raymond Davis. Liverpool University Press - Translated Texts for Historians, Liverpool,p. Nor letter writer websites liverpool there any early literature that specifically states that the cathedra went to Linus Irenaeus, for example, never mentions it--the first mention seems to be in an anonymous poem "Against the Marcionites" written circa A.

There is another early writing that seems to agree, however, more with the Liber Pontificalis : For some ask, Since Linus and Cletus were bishops in the city of Rome before this Clement, how could Clement himself, writing to James, say that the chair of teaching was handed over to him by Peter? Now of this we have heard this explanation, that Linus and Cletus were indeed bishops in the city of Rome before Clement, but during the lifetime of Letter writer websites liverpool that is, that they undertook the care of the episcopate, and that he fulfilled the office of apostleship; as is found also to have been the case at Caesarea, where, when he himself was present, he yet had Zacchaeus, ordained by himself, as bishop.

Preface to the Recognitions of Clement. Excerpted from Ante-Nicene Fathers, Volume 8. The above is one of the earliest places that specific apostles are claimed to have placed leaders in Rome. But notice that it claims letter writer websites liverpool Linus was put in place letter writer websites liverpool Paul and Clemens or Clement by Peter.

Furthermore, it is of interest to state that some Catholics understand that the New Testament provides letter writer websites liverpool support for the idea that one of the apostles appointed someone to be "bishop of Rome", as the shown in the following quote: We must conclude that the New Testament provides no basis for the notion that before the apostles died, they ordained one man for each of the churches they founded This may explain why there are differences in order in the early lists: there were probably a lot of elders and since letter writer websites liverpool one was necessarily a bishop, letter writer websites liverpool seems that the early lists letter writer websites liverpool probably based on some recollections of whom some of those early Roman elders were.

The Church of Rome teaches, It is also probable that Peter pursued his Apostolic labours letter writer websites liverpool various districts of Asia Minor for it can scarcely be supposed that the entire period between his liberation from prison and the Council of the Apostles was spent uninterruptedly in one city, whether Antioch, Rome, or elsewhere Peter returned occasionally to the original Christian Church of Jerusalem Peter, Prince of the Apostles.

The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume Letter writer websites liverpool. This is especially true because the biblical accounts never specify Rome and those that do specify locations of Peter point to Asia Minor and Jerusalem.

Hippolytus, considered by Roman Catholic scholars, as one of their greatest early theologians wrote: Peter preached the Gospel in Pontus, and Galatia, and Cappadocia, and Betania, and Italy, and Asia Hippolytus. On the Twelve Apostles Letter writer websites liverpool Each of Them Preached, and Where He Met. Excerpted from Ante-Nicene Fathers, Volume 5. Thus even these Roman accounts letter writer websites liverpool that Peter could not have been in Rome very long and biblical evidence, Acts ; ; ; Galatianssuggests he was often with the Apostle John.

A careful reading of 2 Peter and Matthew indicates that Peter was with James or John right before he died. Yet, since James died in Just click for source Acts by 39 A.

Thus the statement "Early Christian history tells us that before his death, he fixed his residence at Rome" seems biblicallyand historically false. Interestingly, when personally addressing the leadership letter writer websites liverpool the Christians who lived in Rome, Paul never mentioned Peter or any who were later claimed to be Roman bishops, even though he listed at least 27 others see Romans Letter writer websites liverpool Catholic Encyclopedia article about the Epistle to the Romans mentions this about Paul not mentioning Peter: The complete silence as to St.

Peter is most easily explained by supposing that he was then absent from Rome. Paul may well have been aware of this fact, for the community was not entirely.

An epistle like the present would hardly have been sent while. Paul probably supposes that during the. Another explanation is that Peter simply was not in Rome long enough for Paul or any early writer to consider that Peter was actually letter writer websites liverpool bishop of Rome.

Note that it takes MONTHS from when Paul could have written the epistle and for it to get to Rome. How could Paul have possibly assumed that that Peter was not in Rome then and would not be in it for months? Letter writer websites liverpool because he knew Peter was not some type of bishop of Rome! Because if Peter was the bishop of Rome, Paul would have most likely at least referred to him or his absence in this epistle, as at some time he would have expected Peter to read it in Rome.

But this never took place. Since it is believed that "Romans was likely written in the fall of A. Thomas Nelson Publishers, Nashville,p. Yale University Press, New Haven CT, p. Some modern Catholic scholars have admitted that Peter and the other Apostles were not a bishops, and could not have taken up residence in any city: A "bishop" is a residential pastor who presides in a stable manner over the church in a city and its environs.

The apostles were missionaries and founders letter writer websites liverpool churches; there is no evidence, nor is it likely at all, that any one of them ever took up permanent residence in a particular church as its bishop Sullivan F. The cited Catholic quotes show that the Church of Rome acknowledges that Peter labored long in Asia Minor hence, he could not truly have been the bishop of Rome then as they are quite far apart--it normally took MONTHS to travel from Rome to Asia Minor in those days, plus there were no telephones or fast ways to communicatetended to return to Jerusalem which is near Asia Minorspent little time in Rome, could not have been the bishop of any city, and that there are no precise details of anything that Peter did in Rome.

While it is possible that Peter visited and even died in Rome and this has been contested by some scholarsthat of itself would not seem to be a reason for the city of Rome to have to be the place of the headquarters of the true church. There also is no known early document that states that upon his death Peter bequeathed letter writer websites liverpool cathedra to anyone recall also that Jesus Himself died in Jerusalem, and the importance of His death to the Church is more significant than that of Peter.

When Jesus discussed the keys of the kingdom Matthew 16 with Peter, this was in the Jerusalem area. When the Holy Spirit was given in Acts 2, this was in Jerusalem. Later, Peter and letter writer websites liverpool other apostles spent a great deal of time in Asia Minor. Furthermore, Rome was a Gentile area, not full of circumcised Israelites. Who does the Bible teach had that responsibility? Look at what Paul wrote: 7. But contrariwise when they had seen that to me was committed the Gospel of the.

If Peter, and he letter writer websites liverpool, had the keys, the fact that, according to The Catholic Encyclopedia " Peter pursued his Apostolic labours in various districts of Asia Minor" shows that PETER COULD NOT HAVE BEEN THE BISHOP OF ROME FOR MUCH OF THE TIME THAT HE "HAD Letter writer websites liverpool KEYS"!


Thus Antioch or other regions within Asia Minor would seem to have been the main areas that Peter possibly could have had an episcopate.

Actually, the book of Galatians specifically mentions that Paul visited Peter on two occasions, and both of those were in Jerusalem and not Rome. What does all that mean? According to The Catholic EncyclopediaSt. Thus the earliest possible date for Paul to have made his second recorded visit to Jerusalem with Peter was 54 A. And from there, Peter told Paul to go to the Gentiles again.

Hence Peter could not have become the Apostle to the Gentiles in Rome until much later if at all! Interestingly, The Catholic Encyclopedia admits, It is comparatively seldom that the Fathers, when speaking of the power of the keys, make any reference to the supremacy of St.

Transcribed by Robert B. Research ghostwriting site for school of the Keys.

The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume VIII. Nihil Obstat, October 1, The conferral of the power of the keys of the kingdom surely suggests an imposing measure of authority, given the symbolism of the keys, but there is no explicit indication that the authority conferred was meant to be exercised over others, much less that it be absolutely monarchical in kind In Acts, in fact, Peter is shown consulting with other apostles and even being sent by them He and John are portrayed as acting as a team ; ; And Paul confronts Peter for his inconsistency and hypocrisy Paul "opposed him to his face because he was clearly wrong" Galatians ; see also Letter writer websites liverpool, Richard P.

How many Fathers have busied themselves with these three texts, yet not one of them who commentaries we possess--Origen, Chrysostom, Hilary, Augustine, Cyril, Theodoret, and those whose interpretations are collected in catenas--has dropped the faintest hint that the primacy of Rome is the consequence of the commission and promise to Peter! A Women Rides the Beast. Harvest House Publishers, Eugene OR p.

It was not until quite late that the Roman Catholic decided that Peter was the first bishop of Rome: Peter was not regarded as the first Bishop of Rome until the late letter writer websites liverpool or early third century McBrien, Richard P. Hence, it may be that the idea that Peter was the only apostle that church leadership could be traced through and that it must be Rome does not appear to have much early support.

It needs to be understood that as far back as the second century, both Irenaeus and Tertullian taught that some version of "apostolic succession" click in areas other than Rome.

Furthermore, even into the 21st century, the Roman Catholic Church recognizes the legitimacy of churches of the Eastern Orthodox based in cities such as ConstantinopleJerusalem, and Alexandria who were founded by someone other than the Apostle Peter which tradition states were founded by the Apostles Andrew, James, and the gospel-writer Mark, letter writer websites liverpool. More information can be found in the article Was Peter the Rock Who Alone Received the Keys of the Kingdom?

Linus is claimed to have been the first bishop of Rome to have taken over from Peter. One Catholic scholar and priest noted: Very little is known about Linus. Irenaeus of Lyons d. Early sources, including Eusebius, claim Linus held office for about twelve years, but they are letter writer websites liverpool clear about the exact dates or his exact letter writer websites liverpool role custom editing website toronto authority.

It should be remembered that contrary to pious Catholic belief--that monarchical episcopal structure of church governance also known as the monarchical episcopate, in which each diocese was headed by a single bishop still did not exist in Rome letter writer websites liverpool this time McBrien, Richard P.

Here are some claims letter writer websites liverpool by Roman Catholics about him: 2. According to the same work on the popes, Linus is supposed to have issued a decree "in conformity with the ordinance of St. Peter", that women should have their heads covered in church. Without doubt this decree is apocryphaland copied by the author of the "Liber Pontificalis" from the first Epistle of St. Paul to the Corinthians and arbitrarily attributed to the first successor of the Apostle in Rome.

The statement made in the same source, that Linus suffered martyrdom, cannot be proved and is improbable. For between Letter writer websites liverpool and Domitian there is no mention of any persecution of the Roman Church; and Irenaeus 1. The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume IX. In other words, even Roman Catholic scholars admit that Linus did not do what the Vatican book letter writer websites liverpool he did, and that this head covering statement was arbitrarily attributed to Linus.

He did not make it. Kirsch is stating that Linus was not martyred. If he was martyred, then that indicates that Linus was simply not one of the early top leaders of Rome. The Christian community at Rome well into the second century operated as a collection of separate communites without any central structure Rome was a constellation of house churches, independent of one another, each of which was loosely governed by an elder. The communities thus basically followed the pattern of the Jewish letter writer websites liverpool out of which they developed.

A History of the Popes. But this is nowhere recorded or hinted about in scripture. This is also admitted by Catholics: According to Irenaeus, Peter and Paul, not Peter alone, appointed Linus as the first in the succession of bishops of Rome.

This suggests that Irenaeus did not think of Peter and Paul as bishops, or of Linus and those that followed as successors of Peter more than of Paul Sullivan F. Thus it appears that many have been misled about Linus and any apostolic succession to the head of the Roman Church.

Furthermore, it needs to be pointed out that Linus was listed as the first "bishop" of Rome a hundred years after he died there were no bishops of Rome then and that Irenaeus lists someday he calls Sixtus or Xytus as the sixth "bishop of Rome".

He does not ever list Peter as bishop of Rome or ever as the first bishop. Hence, there was no early tradition that Linus was the second bishop of Rome who took over from Peter. Notice what the Liber Pontificalis states: III. CLETUS Cletus, by nationality a Roman, from the letter writer websites liverpool Definition essay ghostwriting online Patricius, so of Emilianus, occupied the see 7 years, 1 month and twenty days.

He was bishop in the time of Vespasian and Titus ANENCLETUS Anencletus, by nationality a Greek from Athens, son of Anthiocus, occupied the see 12 years, 10 months and 7 days. He was bishop is the time of Domitian from the the 10th consulship Translated by Louise Ropes Loomis. The Book of the Popes Liber Pontificalis. Originally published by Columbia University Press, NY Anacletus is a Latin error; Cletus is a shortened and more Christian form of Anencletus Chapman J.

How can people with two different nationalities, two different fathers, and letter writer websites liverpool differing periods of leadership be the same person? The simple truth is that much of what is claimed about those first called "Bishops of Rome" was simply made up centuries later. The so-called idea of clear Apostolic succession from Peter through early bishops of Rome cannot letter writer websites liverpool historically proven--and there are so many contradictions in the claims that it appears to be disprovable.

Interestingly, the Catholic scholar T. That he ordained a certain number of priests is nearly all we have of positive record about him, but we know he died a martyr, letter writer websites liverpool about 91 Campbell T.

The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume I. Nihil Obstat, March 1, This means that his martyrdom is questionable. And also that statements such as that he dictated the norms for ecclesiastical dress, etc. Actually, he did not establish ecclesiatical dress.

Notice : The liturgical vestments have by no means remained the same from the founding of the Church until the present day. There is as great a difference between the vestments worn at the Holy Sacrifice in the pre-Constantinian period, and even in the following centuries, and those now customary at the services of the Church, as between the rite of the early Church and that of modern times Four main periods may be distinguished in the development of the Christian priestly dress.

The first embraces the era before Constantine. In that period the priestly dress did not yet differ from the secular costume in form and ornament. The dress of daily life was worn at the offices of the Church. In times of peace and masters custom samples essay custom normal conditions better garments were probably used The second period embraces the time from about the fourth to the ninth century.

It is the most important epoch in the history letter writer websites liverpool vestments, the epoch in which not merely a priestly dress in a special sense was created, but one which at the same time determined the chief vestments of the present liturgical dress Joseph Braun. Transcribed by Michael T. The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume XV.

Furthermore, since according to the Liber Pontificalis it was bishop Cornelius who supposedly moved the body of Peter to its present location nearly two centuries after Peter diedthen it is not possible that Anacletus could have built a small chapel over the tomb of St.

Peter that eventually became the basilica. Here is one written account with the Latin afterwards : XXII Cornelius Pope He during his pontificate at the request of a certain matron Lucina, took up the bodies of the apostles, blessed Peter and Paul up out of the catacombs by night; first the body of blessed Paul was received by the blessed Lucina] and laid in her http://89paint.co/popular-annotated-bibliography-editor-websites-for-masters.php garden on the Via Ostiensis, near the place where he was beheaded; the body of the blessed Peter was received by the blessed Cornelius, the bishop, and laid near to the place where he was crucified, among the letter writer websites liverpool of the letter writer websites liverpool bishops, in the shrine of Apollo, on the Mons Aureus, in the Letter writer websites liverpool, by the palace of Nero, on June Hic temporibus suis, rogatus a quadam matrona Lucina, corpora apostolorum beati Petri et Pauli de Catacumbas levavit noctu: primum quidem corpus beati Pauli accepto beata Lucina posuit in praedio suo, via Ostense, iuxta locum ubi decollatus est; beati Petri accipit corpus beatus Cornelius episcopus et posuit iuxta locum ubi crucificus est, inter corpora sanctorum episcoporum, in templum Apollinis, Science cheap research proposal writer site for mba beim monte Aureum, in Vaticanum palatii Neroniani, III kal.

The above is derived letter writer websites liverpool Edmundson G. The Church in Rome in the Letter writer websites liverpool Century. Whether he was the same as Cletus, who is also called Anencletus as well as Anacletus, has been the subject of endless discussion.

Irenaeus, Eusebius, Augustine, Optatus, use letter writer websites liverpool names indifferently as of one person. Tertullian omits him altogether.

To add to the confusion, the order is different. Thus Irenaeus has Linus, Anacletus, Clement; whereas Augustine and Optatus put Clement before Anacletus. On the other hand, the "Catalogus Liberianus", the "Carmen contra Marcionem" and the "Liber Pontificalis", all most respectable for their antiquity, make Cletus and Anacletus distinct from each other; while the "Catalogus Felicianus" even sets the latter down as a Greek, the former as a Roman. Among the moderns, Hergenroether Hist. So also the Bollandist De Smedt Dissert.

The chronology is, of course, in consequence of all this, very undetermined, but Duchesne, in his "Origines", says "we are far from the day when the years, months, and days of the Pontifical Catalogue can be given with any guarantee of exactness.

But is it necessary to be exact about popes of whom we know so little? We can accept the list of Irenaeus -- Linus, Anacletus, Clement, Evaristus, Alexander, Xystus, Telesphorus, Hyginus, Pius, and Anicetus. Anicetus reigned certainly in That is all we can say with letter writer websites liverpool about primitive pontifical chronology " Campbell T.

This causes a severe dilemma for the Roman Catholic Church. If there was both a Cletus and an Anacletus which Hegesippus, the first one who allegedly made up the bishop listit would suggest that Clement did not know Peter--and this is letter writer websites liverpool major claim of the Roman Catholic Church, that he did.

But if there is not both a Cletus and an Anacletus, then some of their earliest historical documents are clearly riddled with errors. And if all that is known for certain is that Anicetus was bishop of Rome in but the later book from Lopes says not until A.

The truth is that the researchers and scholars of the Roman Church actually are aware that there is no firm support for the general early Catholic claims of apostolic succession.

Here is some of what is claimed about Clement : 4. He can be considered the first pope letter writer websites liverpool have abdicated Lopes A. It seems impossible that Clement could have appointed seven notaries as the church in Rome then was popular dissertation proposal writers website nyc large or did not have a check this out staff.

Furthermore, if there were seven notaries, then at minimum one would think that they would have preserve at least who the original "bishops of Rome" were, however they apparently did not. The first list was apparently composed by Hegesippus around A. The actual first known list was actually from Irenaeus around A. The Catholic Encyclopedia teaches this about Clement: Now Linus and Cletus had each twelve years attributed to them in the list.

If Hippolytus found Cletus doubled by an error Cletus XII, Anacletus XIIthe accession of Clement would appear to be letter writer websites liverpool years after the death of the Apostles. As this would make it almost impossible for Clement to have been their contemporary, it may have caused Letter writer websites liverpool to shift him to an earlier position.

It seems unlikely that he is appealed to only for the quotation from the Epistle, c. Epiphanius could not reconcile letter writer websites liverpool two facts; Hippolytus seems to have rejected the latter The Church of Corinth had been led by a few violent spirits into a sedition against its rulers. No appeal seems to have been made to Rome, but a letter was sent in the name of the Church of Rome by St. Clement to restore peace and unity.

He begins by explaining that his delay in writing has been caused by the sudden calamities which, one after another, had just been falling upon the Roman Church. The reference is clearly to the persecution of Domitian Letter writer websites liverpool is little intentional dogmatic teaching in the Epistle, for it is almost wholly hortatory. A passage on the Holy Trinity is important. Clement uses the Old Testament affirmation "The Lord liveth", substituting the Trinity thus: "As God liveth, and the Lord Jesus Christ liveth and the Holy Spirit -- the faith and hope of the elect, so surely he letter writer websites liverpool performeth", etc The Epistle is in the name of the Church of Rome but the early authorities always ascribe it letter writer websites liverpool Clement.

Dionysius, Bishop of Corinth, wrote c. In his days the vestments worn by the clergy at Mass and other church services did not differ in shape or material from those ordinarily worn by the laity Mann H. Transcribed by Kenneth M. The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume XIV. Nihil Obstat, July 1, Clement is actually both a problem and a key-link for the Roman Church and its claims to supremacy over all of Christendom.

He is a problem, specifically, because he is considered the key-link establishing the supremacy of the bishop of Rome. And this key-link letter writer websites liverpool very, very tenuous he is also a problem as his statement about God and the Lord living suggests that the Holy Letter writer websites liverpool is somehow different, and that is not a trinitarian view--please see the article Binitarian View: One God, Two Beings from Before the Beginning.

Essentially, many Roman Catholics believe that a late 1st century letter to the Corinthians shows that Clement felt that he had the authority over all other Christian churches. And thus, letter writer websites liverpool is the earliest proof that in fact, the cathedra went to the bishops of Rome and therefore according to this line of letter writer websites liverpool is still there today.

The first problem is that the letter never says any individual sent it. So even if it was from Clement, he apparently letter writer websites liverpool not feel he himself had what Catholics now call the cathedra the ecclesiastical chair or authorityletter writer websites liverpool it was unsigned.

Letter writer websites liverpool second problem is that there is no indication that the Corinthians were in any way writing to Clement. And the third is that recent Catholic scholarship admits that "I Clement " does not establish the primacy of the Roman Letter writer websites liverpool In the past, Letter writer websites liverpool writers have interpreted this intervention as an early exercise of Roman primacy, but now it is generally recognized as the letter writer websites liverpool of exhortation one church could address another without any claim to authority over it I Clement certainly does not support the theory that before the apostles died, they appointed one man as bishop in each of the churches they founded.

This letter witnesses rather to the fact letter writer websites liverpool in the last decade of the first century, the collegial ministry of a group of presbyters This was most likely also the case in the church in Rome at this period Sullivan F. During the time that Clement was claimed to be bishop of Rome, Catholic historians reported that Letter writer websites liverpool was taken to Rome from Ephesus, then suddenly exiled to Patmos, by Emperor Domitian Tertullian.

The Prescription Against Heretics. Excerpted from Ante-Nicene Fathers, Volume 3. Roberts and James Donaldson. Book III, Letter writer websites liverpool About this time, a schism occurred in Corinth and someone apparently decided to contact the Christians in Rome for assistance.

I firmly believe that this probably was because John was believed to have been in Rome then or possibly just because one of that congregation happened to have been traveling in that direction. Notice that the letter says the response was delayed: [b]ecause of the sudden and click the following article misfortunes and reverses which have happened to us The Letter of the Romans to the Corinthians commonly known as First Clement.

As translated in The Apostolic Fathers Greek Texts and. Baker Books, Grand Rapids, 3rd printingpp. The letter commonly called I Clement was apparently later sent to Asia Minor as it is believed by Catholic Monroy MS. The Church of Smyrna: History and Theology of a Primitive Christian Community. Peter Lang edition,p. And it may have only been sent because they did not believe that John would have been able to respond--and that may be why.

Regarding this letter writer websites liverpool one Catholic scholar has written: Most scholars are of the opinion that the church of Rome would most probably be have also been led at that time by a group of presbyters Sullivan F. If this letter from the Corinthians was sent to Rome because John and others were there, it simply shows that some in Corinth were trying to contact the leadership letter writer websites liverpool the Church. Letter writer websites liverpool, it seems logical that those in the Church at Rome may have decided that since John had been exiled, they should simply respond with their opinion.

Letter to the Romans. Letter to the Ephesians. It would appear that based on Corinthian letter logic, Catholics should have more reason to accept Asia Minor as the ruling Church instead of Rome. Peter and the Primacy of Rome in Scripture and the Early Church. Ignatius Letter writer websites liverpool, San Francisco,letter writer websites liverpool. Hence the reality is that neither letter writer websites liverpool proves Roman primacy--and those letters are the earliest cited extra-biblical sources normally claimed to do so.

Here is some of what is claimed about Evaristus : 5. The earliest historical sources offer no authentic data about him The martyrdom of Evaristus, though traditional, is not historically proven.

The two decretals ascribed to him by Pseudo-Isidore are. The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume V. Nihil Obstat, May 1, Thus, the Vatican should not be selling a letter writer websites liverpool which is produced under the sponsorship of the Pontifical Administration that declares that he was martyred letter writer websites liverpool that he had seven recorders of his utterances as no certain recording letter writer websites liverpool ever been found!

It seems impossible that Evaristus could have appointed seven deacons as the church in Rome then was not large or did not have a major staff. Alexander and Sixtus are normally listed next on modern Catholic succession lists. While it is far from certain that any letter writer websites liverpool the early claimed "bishops of Rome", like Alexander, actually existed, at least letter writer websites liverpool Roman Catholic scholar has hinted that perhaps Popular article site us has simply a convenient made-up name.

Notice: The earliest list to survive for Rome is the one supplied by Irenaeus, and in it this symbolic function is very clearly at work. Irenaeus underlines the parallels between the Apostles and bishops by naming precisely twelve bishops of Rome between Peter and the current incumbent, Eleutherius. The letter writer websites liverpool of these bishops is named Sixtus.

It all seems suspiciously tidy. The list is certainly a good deal tidier than the actual transition to rule by a single bishop letter writer websites liverpool have been Duffy, Eamon. Perhaps I should add here that since there is no proof that the early bishops of Rome actually did anything that would be seen as Roman Catholic like mass rules, holy water, priestly attire, etc.

It also should be noted that although letter writer websites liverpool article listed Linus, etc. The Christianity community in Rome was essentially decentralized for probably the first years of Christians being there. In the same way, the ordering of the early Christian community in Rome seems to have reflected the organisation of the synagogues which originally sheltered it, and to have consisted of a constellation of independent churches meeting in the houses of wealthy members of the community.

Everything we know about the church in Rome during its first hundred years confirms this general picture It was without a letter writer websites liverpool ruling officer, its elders or leaders sharing responsibility, but distributing tasks like that of a foreign correspondent Duffy, Eamon. I should also add that nothing in the Bible, specifically the writings of John who letter writer websites liverpool alive when all, up to possibly Evaristus, were in Romegives Rome any prominent standing.

Actually, John never specifically uses the term Rome in letter writer websites liverpool of his writings. This is quite significant since the last letter writer websites liverpool writings of John the three epistles, plus the Book of Revelation all were written after the death of Peter and all warned true Christians to be faithful.

If John had any reason to believe that the cathedra passed only from Peter to Linus and the later Roman bishops, it seems incredible that he would not have directly written that the bishop of Rome held the cathedra and that this was the location of the true Church.

Instead, in his very last writing, he wrote about the true churches that were in Asia Minor. John was the last of the original apostles to die and should have known who the leaders of the true church were around the time of his death. Specifically, John warned about Babylon throughout the Book of Revelation, called the Book of the Apocalypse in Roman Catholic writings. Here is some of what John wrote: 4. And the woman was clothed round about with purple and scarlet, and gilded with gold.

And in her forehead a name written, "Mystery": Babylon the great, mother of the. And I saw the woman drunken of the blood of the Saints, and of the blood of the martyrs. And I marveled when I had seen her, with great admiration.

And the Angel here to me, Why doest thou marvel? I will tell thee the mystery of the.

The beast which thou sawest, was, and is not, and shall come up out of the. And here is understanding, that hath wisdom. The seven heads: are seven hills, upon. Of course, Rome is the most famous city of seven hills in the entire earth. And John is letter writer websites liverpool that this woman has some influence over worldly kings.

The seven heads are the seven hills, on. That is, the city of Letter writer websites liverpool. Commentary on the Apocalypse, from the seventh chapter. Translated by Robert Ernest Wallis. From Ante-Nicene FathersVol. Edited by Alexander Roberts, James Donaldson, and A.

Buffalo, NY: Christian Literature Publishing Co. Revised and edited for New Advent by Do my accounting dissertation chapter Knight. That Babylon stands for Rome, as usual amongst pious Jews, and not for the real Babylon, then without Christians, is admitted by common consent cf.

Hort, "Judaistic Christianity", London,Wilhelm J. Transcribed by Donald J. The seven headed city is probably Rome septicolis -- seven hills Dupont Yves. TAN Books,p. The woman sits on a scarlet beast, which is full of blasphemous names and had seven heads and ten horns illustrating the close relationship between the historical city of Rome and the beast, the symbol of the Roman Empire, see Revelation This woman Rome has been called Babylon the great and is drunk with the blood letter writer websites liverpool saints and martyrs see Another code for the symbols of the beast is announced in Revelation "This calls for a mind with wisdom: the seven mountains on which the woman is seated" an obvious reference to the city of Rome built on seven hills.

What Does the Bible Say Letter writer websites liverpool the End Times? Nihil Obstat : Kistner H. Imprimi Potest : Link Letter writer websites liverpool. Imprimatur : Carl K. Moeddel, Letter writer websites liverpool General and Auxillary Bishop, Archdiocese of Cincinnati, July 19,pp. Rossi : We must observe that St.

Malachy does not mention the last Pope as a distinct person from the preceding one, whom he styles Glory of the Olive. He shall feed the flock in many tribulations, at the end of which the City of the Seven Hills Rome will be destroyed, and the awful Judge shall judge his people. Malachy, then, only ten, or at most eleven, popes remain to be in future more or less legitimately elected. We say more or less legitimately elected, because out of those future popes it is to be feared that one or two will be unlawfully elected as anti-popes.

THE CHRISTIAN TRUMPET, OR, Previsions and Predictions about Impending General Calamities, The Universal Triumph of the Church, The Coming of Antichrist, The Last Judgment, and The End of the World. The seven hills of Rome, the scarlet robes of the cardinals, and the unfortunate abuses of the papal court made the application easy and tempting Van den Biesen, Christian.

Nor must we look for order in the Apocalypse; but we must follow the meaning of those things which are prophesied. Therefore in the trumpets and phials is signified either the desolation of the plagues that are sent upon the earth, or the madness of Antichrist himself, or the cutting off of the peoples, or the diversity of the plagues, or the hope in the kingdom of the saints, or the ruin of states, or the great overthrow of Babylon, that is, the Roman state Victorinus.

Commentary on the Apocalypse, Chapter 7, Verse 8. Excerpted from Ante-Nicene Fathers, Volume 7. The author of the Commentaries upon the Apocalypse set forth in St. But otherwise it signifieth the whole city of the Devil, that. Tertullian also taketh it for Rome, thus, Babylon saith he in. John is a figure of the city of Rome, being so great, so proud of the Empire, and the destroyer of the. Which is plainly spoken of that letter writer websites liverpool, when it was heathen, the head of the terrene dominion of.

The Letter writer websites liverpool And True Rheims New Testament. Of Anno Domini Prepared and Edited by. However, it appears clear that even the Catholics admit that John is referring to a reprobate church he used the analogy of a woman as Babylon and that early Christians identified that with Rome. A reprobate church would seem to be one that letter writer websites liverpool non-biblical practices such letter writer websites liverpool certain traditions as superior to biblical ones.

Cath olics may be surprised to read what two of their scholars Will and Ariel Durant wrote about Catholic Christianity: Christianity was the last great creation of the ancient pagan world Durant W and A. The Story of Civilization: Caesar and Christ, a history of Roman civilization and of Christianity from their beginnings to A. This should give Catho lics pause to think. It appears that the Durants are stating that Catholicism is essentially a pagan creation, while The Catholic Encyclopedia and other Catholic scholars teach that Rome is Babylon.

But irrespective of these passages, John the last living original apostle never writes anything positive about Rome or the church letter writer websites liverpool. The "Apostolic Fathers" The term "apostolic fathers" is used by Catholics, Orthodox, and Protestants alike to describe writings believed to have been written by those who knew personally or nearly personally, one or more of the original apostles.

These writings probably begin after John finished with the Book of Revelation, and continued through about A. These documents essentially were preserved by supporters of the Roman Catholic Church and it is unclear if they are exactly as originally written. Here is what the Roman Church teaches about them: The Apostolic Fathers Christian writers of the first and second letter writer websites liverpool who are known, or are considered, to have had personal relations with some of the Apostles, or to have been so influenced by them that their writings may be held as echoes of genuine Apostolic teaching.

Though restricted by some to those who were actually disciples of the Apostles, the term letter writer websites liverpool by extension to certain writers who were previously believed to have been such, and virtually embraces all the remains of primitive Christian literature antedating the great apologies of the second century, and forming the link of tradition that binds these latter writings to those of the New Testament The letter writer websites liverpool of time covered by these writings continue reading from the last two decades of the first century for the DidacheClement c.

Geographically, Rome is represented by Clement and Hermas; Polycarp wrote from Smyrna, whence also Ignatius sent four of the click to see more epistles which he wrote on his way from Antioch through Asia Minor; Papias was Bishop of Hierapolis in Phrygia; the Didache was written in Egypt or Syria; the letter of Barnabas in Alexandria Peterson J.

Transcribed by Nicolette Ormsbee. What is most interesting is that although the letter often ascribed to Clement mentions Apollos and Cephas Peter, Chapter which only says that Paul wrote letter writer websites liverpool Cephas and ApollosPaul many timesand some messengers Chapter 65he never mentions LinusCletusor anyone who became known as the "bishop of Rome" after him.

Polycarp also never mentions Linus, Cletus, Clement, or anyone who became the bishop of Rome. The letter titled The Letter writer websites liverpool of Polycarp is basically all about Polycarp, and it too never mentions Linus, Cletus, or anyone who became the bishop of Rome.

The Didache otherwise known as The Teachings of the Twelve Apostles mentions that deacons and bishops are to be appointedbut again it never mentions Linus, Cletus, or anyone who became the "bishop of Rome". The alleged Epistle of Barnabas, that basically no one accepts as written by letter writer websites liverpool biblical Barnabas, never mentions Linus, Cletus, or anyone who became the bishop of Rome.

In other words, none of the early accepted writings of the so-called Apostolic Fathers ever clearly mentions any bishop of Rome by name. This odd silence should let all who are interested reflect on the fact that SINCE NONE OF THE EARLY ROMAN BISHOPS ARE CLEARLY INDENTIFIED IN ANY OF THE EXTANT WRITINGS OF THE SO-CALLED APOSTOLIC FATHERS, THAT THE ROMAN BISHOPS SIMPLY DID NOT THEN HAVE ANY STANDING OF PROMINANT SIGNIFICANCE TO THE CHURCH or that there simply were not any recognized "bishops of Rome" when most were written.

This simply shows that there is absolutely no contemporary documentation proving that there were early bishops of Rome and that they had no authority that anyone felt needed to be acknowledged outside of Rome. It is also of interest to note that although Ignatius does mention bishops in Asia Minor and often by name, like Polycarphis writings never suggest that there is a bishop in Rome.

Although it is hard to demonstrate a negative, I went through every translated page of the book by Michael W. Holmes titled The Apostolic Fathers: Greek Texts and English Translations from Baker Books, Grand Rapids, printing to investigate what the writings actually state--and letter writer websites liverpool writings do not support the idea of any clear Roman primacy.

But what can be clearly demonstrated is that Polycarp was a prominent leader of the Church, was believed to have been appointed by the Apostle John, and was considered to have been faithful to the teachings from the actual apostles by all the "apostolic fathers" that wrote about him.

The most or second most important document in this set, from a Roman Catholic perspective, is probably the 2nd Century writing called The Shepherd of Hermas. This writing mentions "officials of the church" Vision However, even this is not demonstrating that there even was a bishop of Rome at that time, as Catholic scholars admit: The Greek word rendered "officials" is prohegoumenois Literally it means "those who go before and lead the way" Yale University Press, London,p. One presbyter and Clement was specifically mentioned in The Shepherd of Hermas was charged with corresponding with these other communities and probably also dispensing aid to those in need.

As such, Clement, and others in letter writer websites liverpool position would have functioned as a kind of foreign minister of the Roman church rather than as its monarchical bishop McBrien, Richard P. According to the Letter writer websites liverpool Canon c.

Having read it, I doubt that The Shepherd of Hermas is referring to the Roman Clement nor does it ever refer to Clement as a bishop or a presbyter. The Letter writer websites liverpool will send it to the cities abroad, because that is his job. The Apostolic Fathers--Greek Text and English Translations, 3rd printing Baker Books, Grand Rapids MI p. Notice that this passage also talks about another person Grapte.

Notice that both Grapte and Clement are each to receive a copy of the same book and no one considers that any one named Letter writer websites liverpool was the bishop of Rome. The Shepherd of Hermas was written around A. Because of that and because Clement was a fairly common name back then, I do not believe that this passage is referring to the Roman Clement. However, even check this out The Shepherd of Hermas was referring to the earlier Clement, it simply does not provide any proof that Clement was considered to be the head of all Christendom more on Clement, as well as the relevant passage from The Shepherd of Hermascan be found in the article Clement: Leader of Rome?

Nor are there any writings in the so-called "Apostolic Fathers" that do. The writings in the so-called "Apostolic Fathers" actually provide the much support for Polycarp and other leaders in Asia Minor, and not Rome. Letter writer websites liverpool "Apostolic Fathers" Teach that the Church of Smyrna, Not Rome, was the Original Catholic Church.

Is teaching the truth anti-Catholic? While many people would say that the Church of Rome was the original "catholic church," that actually is not accurate. And Catholic scholars and Catholic-approved writings, such as the so-called "Apostolic Fathers," understand the truth about this matter. According to The Catholic Encyclopedia and other early sources, it was the Church of God in Smyrna that was first referred to as the "catholic church.

Ignatius to the Smyrnaeans, written about the year The words run: "Wheresoever the bishop shall appear, there let the people be, even as where Jesus may be, there is the universal [ katholike ] Church. Polycarp, xvia phrase which necessarily presupposes a more technical use letter writer websites liverpool the word, is due, some critics think, to interpolation Transcribed by Gordon A. Thus, Catholic scholars teach that the first two times the term "catholic church" seems to be used in the old literature it is in reference to the Church of God in Smyrna that was led by Polycarp.

Here is the first time the term "catholic church" is used and is from a letter written by Ignatius to the Smyrnaeans around AD: Letter writer websites liverpool, who is also called Theophorus, to the Church of God the Father, and of the beloved Jesus Christ, which has through mercy soll cheap persuasive essay ghostwriter sites liverpool solches every kind of gift, which is filled with faith and love, and is deficient in no gift, most worthy of God, and adorned with holiness: the Church which is letter writer websites liverpool Smyrna, in Asiawishes abundance of happiness, through the immaculate Spirit and word of God See that you all follow the bishop, even as Jesus Christ does the Father, and the presbytery as you letter writer websites liverpool the apostles Wherever the bishop shall appear, there let the multitude [of the people] also be; even as, wherever Jesus Christ is, there is the catholic church Letter to the Smyrnaeans, 0.

The "bishop" he was referring to was Polycarp, for, as was reported earlier, Polycarp was letter writer websites liverpool the "bishop of the Church in Smyrna. Of course, Ignatius knew that Polycarp was then bishop of Smyrna because also around A. Letter to Polycarp, 0. The second time the term "catholic church" seems to be found in ancient writings is in a letter written about A.

The Martyrdom of Polycarp, Is it anti-Catholic or anti-Catholicism to point the facts out? Some have suggested that, which is odd since Catholic scholars freely admit that the first one or two times letter writer websites liverpool term "catholic church" is clearly used in the ancient letter writer websites liverpool referred to the Church of God in Smyrna, not Rome.

Perhaps it should be pointed out that Polycarp and Ignatius were binitarian see also Binitarianism: One God, Two Beings Before the Beginning. Notice that the Catholic Mauricio Saavedra Monroy recognize that Polycarp made binitarian statements: As for the binitarian confessional formula, which confesses the Father and letter writer websites liverpool Son, we likewise find examples in Polycarp and Ignatius.

When Were There Bishops in Rome? It is important to note that several Catholic scholars recognize that there is no proof that anyone was letter writer websites liverpool considered to be a bishop in Rome until sometime in the second century. One such Catholic scholar, A. Van Hove, wrote this about early bishops: In other words, although there were bishops in Jerusalem and Asia Minor in the first and second centuries, there is no mention of a letter writer websites liverpool episcopate a bishopric in other places, like Rome, until the middle of the second century.

The consensus of scholars is that there was NOT an apostolic succession of bishops starting from Peter letter writer websites liverpool Rome. And notice that according to Roman Catholic scholars, the first clear bishop of Rome was not until the middle or latter half of the second century: ALTHOUGH CATHOLIC TRADITION, BEGINNING IN letter writer websites liverpool late second and early third centuries, regards St. Not letter writer websites liverpool the pontificate of St.

Pius I in the middle of the second century ca. Clement made no claim to write as bishop There is no sure way to settle on a date by which the office of ruling bishop had emerged in Rome Yale University Press, London,pp. We must conclude that letter writer websites liverpool New Testament provides no basis for the notion that before the apostles died, they ordained one man for each of the churches they founded As I see the problem and its possible solution, it is not a question of apostolic succession in the sense of an historical chain of laying on of hands running back through the centuries to one of the apostles; this would be a very mechanical and individualistic vision, which by the way historically could har dly be proved and ascertained.

The Catholic view is different from such an individualistic and mechanical approach. Its starting point is the collegium of the apostles as a whole; together they received the promise that Jesus Christ will be with them till the end of the world Matt 28, So after the death of the historical apostles they had to co—opt others who took over some of their apostolic functions.

In this sense the whole of the episcopate stands in succession to the whole of the collegium of the apostles. To stand letter writer websites liverpool the apostolic succession is not a matter of an individual historical chain but of collegial membership in a collegium, which as letter writer websites liverpool whole goes back to the apostles by sharing the same apostolic faith and the same apostolic mission Kasper, Cardinal Walter. Keynote speech from the Conference of the Society for Ecumenical Studies, the St.

I argued unity, unanimity and koinonia communion are fundamental concepts in the New Testament and in the early Church. Cardinal Kasper to Anglican Letter writer websites liverpool "The Aim of Our Dialogue Has Receded Further". CANTERBURY, England, JULY 31, Zenit. These are astounding admissions.

These Roman Catholic scholars are essentially admitting that there was no letter writer websites liverpool succession of bishops beginning with Peter in Rome, there was NOT one bishop who led all of Christendom from the beginning, but that the succession of a bishop from the Apostle John to Polycarp did occur and it occurred probably 60 years earlier.

When Ignatius wrote his various letters in the early second century, he referred to Polycarp as a bishop and mentioned bishops in nearly all of his letters. However, in his letter to the Romans he neither addresses it to any particular leader in Rome, nor does he ever refer to anyone as a bishop in Rome.

Various Catholic writings state that Hegesippus came to Rome in the mid-2nd century and asked about its early leaders. McBrien seem to suggest that those Romans apparently mentioned names of leaders they had heard of letter writer websites liverpool most would have had no direct contact with any from the first century as there were no early records with names.

Sullivan also suggests that Hegesippus and later writers presumed that the early Roman leaders were also monarchical bishops, even though that is not considered to have been likely. This may explain why there are differences in order in the early Roman bishop lists: there were probably a lot of letter writer websites liverpool in letter writer websites liverpool first 80 or so years of existence and since no one was necessarily a bishop that early, it seems that the early lists are simply an attempt to put an order of some possible elders that served in the church in Rome.

Anicetus apparently referred to his predecessors as presbyters. Irenaeus records this: And when the blessed Polycarp was sojourning in Rome in the time of Anicetus…For neither letter writer websites liverpool Anicetus persuade Polycarp to forego the observance [in his own way], inasmuch as these things had been always observed by John the disciple of our Lord, and by other apostles with whom he had been conversant; nor, on the other hand, could Polycarp succeed in persuading Anicetus to keep [the observance in his way], for he maintained that he was bound to adhere to the usage of the presbyters who preceded him.

FRAGMENTS FROM THE LOST WRITINGS OF IRENAEUS. Translated by Alexander Roberts and James Donaldson. Though this does not mean that none could not have been called "bishop", it should be noted that there is no contemporaneous proof that anyone such as Letter writer websites liverpool I actually held the title "Bishop of Rome", but it is possible that he did he apparently immediately preceded Anicetus.

But this is not clear. However, it may be that the reason that Anicetus was the first Roman leader to clearly hold the title "Bishop" of Rome was that others in the area of Rome decided that one with the title "bishop" was necessary to show that someone letter writer websites liverpool higher authority than the various heretical leaders that were in the area of Rome at that letter writer websites liverpool such as Valentinus and Marcionletter writer websites liverpool two letter writer websites liverpool. It is also possible that by this time, the number of people who professed Christ in Rome was starting to become significant as this number probably was much less letter writer websites liverpool those in the areas of Asia Minor, Antioch, and Jerusalem in the early second century.

Thus it is true that beginning sometime in the second century that there were truly individuals that could be described as bishops of Rome. But history is clear that there were no early popes in Rome and the idea of an unbroken list of pontiffs beginning with Peter simply does not have any historical justification prior to sometime in the second century--over a century after Christ died.

Furthermore notice this from a Roman Catholic priest and scholar: It is not until the middle of the third century that special importance began to be accorded the faith of the church of Rome McBrien, Richard P. When the Apostle Johnfor example, wrote the Book of Revelation, he was the last of the original 12 apostles to remain alive and as an Apostle he ALSO would have been was part of the foundation of the church as Ephesians teaches.

And he specifically addressed Revelation "to the popular homework writer site usa churches which are in Asia" Revelationand later listed those seven vs. He also never positively addressed the church in Rome in that or any other or his known writings nor, except in his gospel account, did he ever mention Peter. Furthermore, The Catholic Encyclopedia records this about John, John had a prominent position in the Apostolic body Transcribed by Michael Little.

Knight Nihil Obstat, October 1, But there is no scriptural reason to think letter writer websites liverpool John only considered that the churches in Asia Minor were under his leadership. Actually, in one letter writer websites liverpool his other letters, Letter writer websites liverpool also wrote "To the elect lady and her children" 2 John 1 --which appears to be a reference to the entire Church see also Revelation Hence he felt he had a leadership position related to the entire Church, not just those in Asia Minor.

This also appears to be confirmed from this quotation that Eusebius records: Take and read the account which rims as follows:. Mittelamerika cheap college essay proofreading service united states der History, Book III, Chapter Translated by the Rev.

Excerpted from Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Series Two, Volume 1. Edited by Philip Schaff and Henry Wace. Now John greatly outlived Peter and letter writer websites liverpool believed to have lived as late as A. John was an apostle, the early leaders of Rome were only presbyters. The Bible clearly letter writer websites liverpool that apostles were first I Corinthians Notice that even Roman Catholic scholars understand: Unlike Peter, the pope is neither an apostle nor an eyewitness of the Risen Lord McBrien, Richard P.

Since that is true, it makes no sense that the Apostle John would be somehow subordinate to Linus, Anacletus, Clement, and Evaristus, all of whom have been claimed to have been pontiff after Peter died and while John was still alive.

What is true, and what does make sense, is that John had a disciple named Letter writer websites liverpool who became the bishop of Smyrna. Polycarp was probably years letter writer websites liverpool when John died. Polycarp himself lived until his was martyred around A. Look at what else is admitted by the Catholic historian Irenaeus about the early Church in Asia Minor, under the leadership of Polycarp: Polycarp also was not only instructed by apostles, and conversed with many who had seen Christ, but was also, by apostles in Asia, appointed bishop of the Church in Smyrna…always taught the things which he had learned from the apostles, and which the Church has handed down, and which alone are true.

To these things all the Asiatic Churches testify, as do also those men who have succeeded Polycarp Irenaeus. Book III, Chapter 4, Verse 3 and Chapter 3, Verse 4. Anyhow the heresies are at best novelties, and have no continuity with the teaching of Christ. Perhaps some heretics may claim Apostolic antiquity: we reply: Let them publish the origins of their churches and unroll the catalogue of their bishops till now from the Apostles or from some bishop appointed by the Apostles, as the Smyrnaeans count from Polycarp and John, and the Romans from Clement and Peter; let heretics invent something to match this Tertullian.

Liber de praescriptione haereticorum. Transcribed by Lucy Tobin. Among the writings of the Fathers, the following are the principal works which bear on the doctrine of the Church: ST.

Thus Catholics themselves must recognize the importance of these statements by Tertullian--there were two churches with proper apostolic claims as far as he was concerned. And not just Rome--but one in Asia Minor that had been led by the Apostle John through Polycarp and his descendants.

The Catholic historian Eusebius quoted a letter from Polycrates who wrote just before Letter writer websites liverpool did made it clear that at that time, the church leaders of Asia Minor looked to Polycrates and not Rome for the leadership of the church.

Polycrates specifically claimed that unlike the Roman bishops, the Apostles like Philip and John were Quartodecimans. Thus the Catholic scholars admit that the there were problems with Rome trying to control the churches in Asia Minor --and this is because they clearly would not accept the authority of the bishop of Rome see Eusebius. Book V, Chapter 24 were this is clearly documented. This is compelling evidence that Roman Catholic scholars know that there was a different church in Asia Minor that would not accept Roman authority and had doctrines that the Vatican has letter writer websites liverpool condemned.

Yet, it realizes that many of the early Asia Minor leaders were prominent. Interestingly, Eusebius wrote this: In those days also Melito, bishop of the parish in Sardis, and Apolinarius, bishop of Hierapolis, enjoyed great letter writer websites liverpool Eusebius. Book IV, Chapter It should be noted that both Melito and Apollinaris were also Quartodecimans. Apollinaris was from Hierapolis so he was probably following what the apostle Philip taught, as Philip died there-- Go here records that Philip was observed the Passover on the 14th of Nisan.

The Roman Church also specifically acknowledges that those in Asia Minor from Polycarp through Polycrates refused to accept its authority. They even quote Polycrates saying the following to bishop Victor "it is more important to obey God than men" Lopes, p.

Catholic scholars also understand that Christian Gentile in Asia Minor still attended some type of weekly service on the Sabbath e. Peter Lang edition,pp. History conclusively letter writer websites liverpool both apostolic succession and papal infallibility. And in fact, many popes denied the latter also, among them VigiliusClement IVGregory XIAdrian VIPaul IV and even Innocent III Of course, the truth about not having Apostolic Succession is known by Roman Catholic scholars.

And here are comments from two Catholics Hans Kung and Pope John XII regarding papal infallibility: With regard to the origin of the Roman doctrine of infallibility John produced his Bull Qui letter writer websites liverpool In it, John XXII reviled the doctrine of papal infallibility as "the work of the devil. But the latter is to be used for the Church, the former by her; the former by the priest, the latter by kings and captains but at the will of the priest… Furthermore, we declare, state, define, and pronounce that it is altogether necessary for salvation for every human creature to be subject to the Roman Pontiff Cited in Bettenson H, ed.

London: Oxford University Press,pp. For neither is there any other name under heaven given to men, wherein we must be saved. The Pope is NOT Jesus Christ and letter writer websites liverpool subject to him is simply not a biblical requirement for salvation. If so, then this seems to disagree with positions take by some of the later popes, as well as the Bible. Boniface is a mysterious man, proud, ambitious fierce It was Boniface who declared the first Jubilee or Holy Year inwhen tens of thousands of pilgrims converged on Rome to gain indulgences, adding enormously to the prestige of the papacy… and in the process enriching the Roman letter writer websites liverpool, where the sacristans were said to have had to scoop in pilgrim offerings with rakes.

Few popes ever enriched their kin as much as Boniface did…A libertine, he once had a married woman and her daughter as his mistresses De Rosa, p.

Boniface VIII…Other popes were more inept read more more corrupt, but none made claims for the papacy that were further removed from the spirit of the Apostle Peter, not to mention the Lord himself McBrien, p. Boniface certainly sounds like one more driven by his own lusts that continue reading who was a true apostolic successor—but he is claimed to be for nearly a letter writer websites liverpool He also was confined to eternal torment by Dante in his Divine Letter writer websites liverpool while Boniface VIII was still alive Lopes, p.

Moreover, they have used as much as word as writing to impugn the aforesaid constitutions, for the alleged letter writer websites liverpool, as is shown: They say that letter writer websites liverpool which the Roman Pontiffs had defined by [means of] the key of knowledge, in faith and morals, once for all, persists unchangeable to such an extent, that it is not lawful for a successor to call it again into doubt, nor to affirm the contrary," although concerning those things, which have been ordained by [means of] the key of power, they assert it to be otherwise On account of which moreover, since it was previously mentioned in the aforesaid letter writer websites liverpool, namely, that "It is not licit for their successors to call again into doubt those things, which were defined once for all by the key of knowledge in faith or morals by the Supreme Pontiffs, although it is otherwise," so they say, " in regards to those things, which have been ordained by the Supreme Pontiffs by [means of] the key of power," it is evidently clear from the following things [that] this is directly contrary to the truth If therefore after an interdict of a general council it was lawful for the supreme Pontiffs to confirm orders [that] had not been confirmed, and for their successors to dissolve completely [those which] had been so confirmed, is it not wonderful, if, what only the supreme Pontiff may declare or ordain concerning the rules of [religious] orders, it is lawful for his successors to declare letter writer websites liverpool to change to other things We do declare that each and every [person], who by word or writing on his own or by means of another or others presumes [to do] such things publicly, and that also they, who teach these in regards to such things and do as has been aforementioned, have fallen into condemned heresy, and [are to letter writer websites liverpool treated] as heretics to be avoided.

If anyone, moreover, would presume by word or writing to knowingly defend or approve, one after the other, the heresies condemned by the constitution "Quum inter praedictam," or either of them, after [having taken] counsel of letter writer websites liverpool same brother [ cardinals ], We judge that he is to be visibly treated as a heretic by all. November 10, A.

English translation made http://89paint.co/cheap-movie-review-writer-for-hire-for-university.php the latin text, transcribed from "EXTRAVAG. DE VERBORUM SIGNIFICATIONE CAP V [1]", DECRETALIUM CCOLLECTIONES, AKADEMISCHE DRUCK - U. VERLAGSANSTALT GRAZ,which was published as a second volume in a reprint of Codex Iuris Canonicis, ed. Of course the logical question is if popes are infallible, then John XXII letter writer websites liverpool infallible when he denounced papal infallibility, and even seems to condemn followers of it as heretics?

Pope Adrian VI declared the following in to the Imperial Diet meeting in Nuermberg: We know that for many years abominations have been committed even in the Holy See: trafficking in sacred things, transgression of the commandments in such measure that everything turns to scandal. One should not be surprised that the sickness has descended from the head to the members, from popes to prelates. All of us, letter writer websites liverpool and ecclesiastics, have strayed from the path of justice.

For cheap help essay trump donald with school on long time no one has pursued the good. Cited in Socci A. The Fourth Secret of Fatima, Loreto Publications, English Language translationp. In partial response to the Protestant reformers note: the genuine Church of God is NOT technically Protestant, does not consider that the Protestant reformers were true Christians, and traces its history before that Protestant movementa Vatican commission to look into Catholic abuses was put together by Pope Paul III and was under the direction of Letter writer websites liverpool Gasparo Contarini and Cardinal Carafa Cardinal Carafa became Pope Paul IV in It was called the Consilium de Emendanda Ecclesia of Here is some information on it and its recommendations to reform the Church of Rome: Abuses in the Appointment of Ministers.

Eight abuses relating to the appointment of ministers and the filling of benefices are here discussed with accompanying remedies. Such qualifications included being educated and of upright moral character.

These abuses letter writer websites liverpool, respectively: 1 The ordination of clerics and especially of priests in which no care is taken, no diligence employed, so that indiscriminately the most unskilled, men of the vilest stock and of evil morals, adolescents, are admitted to Holy Orders and to the priesthood. In other words, appointments were made without regard to whom would be most beneficial to the church.

This section of abuses closes with an appeal for the pope to avoid public hypocrisy in his choice learn more here exercising reform in this area. The pope is encouraged to set straight and letter writer websites liverpool the abuses in his own appointments before seeking to correct the abuses of others Abuses in Pastoral Care and Administration. These abuses are largely matters of pastoral and curial absenteeism, the letter writer websites liverpool of discipline on lay members, and the taking and exercising of religious orders.

Briefly, and in summary paraphrase, the abuses outlined here are: 1 Bishops and parish priests must not be absent from their churches and parishes under heavy financial penalty. The abuses catalogued in this section are also in letter writer websites liverpool to privileges granted by the pope and relate to his authority as universal Pontiff, but which do not fall under either of the previous two categories.

These abuses are not described in as much length or detail, though some of them are of a seemingly greater ethical and theological importance. They can be summarized as follows: 1 Article source friars who refuse to wear review proofreading website usa habits after taking their vows should letter writer websites liverpool granted dispensations to do so.

Note: this is the only reform in which the Protestant cause is referenced. This should henceforth not be allowable. Abuses Pertaining to the Bishopric of Rome. The four brief abuses highlighted here all stem from the view that the city of Rome and the church of Rome are the mother and teacher of all other cities and churches.

Therefore, the city and the church ought to be models of piety and polity. Even the appearance of impropriety ought not to be tolerated in this model city and church. In this vein, then, the following abuses are offered: 1 Letter writer websites liverpool vile and ignorant priests of the basilica of St.

Peter wear robes such as should not even be worn in poor churches. This document ends its rather matter-of-fact discussion of these abuses with a concluding appeal to God for this pope, Paul III, to be used to turn away the divine wrath so warranted popular london writer site vitae curriculum decrepit state of Catholicism.

New York: Fordham University Press, But if the Popes are this web page, how could they allow simonizers and harlots to practice freely?

Certainly, that is a violation of both faith and morals. It was not until the middle of the third century that special importance began to be accorded the faith of the church of Rome…The formal concept of infallibility was not applied to the papacy until the fourteenth letter writer websites liverpool Infallibility, therefore, is not a personal prerogative of the pope. It should be of interest to note that papal infallibility, according to the above Catholic priest and scholar, was not really a concept until the fourteen century, and did not really get defined until the nineteenth century.

What this article demonstrates is that there is a difference between the perception that most Catholics of Rome tend to have and what the facts of history actually show. And some of those undisputed facts are: 1 The Bible itself never speaks of Rome in any manner suggesting its letter writer websites liverpool. The writings of the so-called "apostolic fathers" do indicate that Ignatius and Polycarp letter writer websites liverpool leadership roles in Asia Minor.

Actual Catholic scholars who are interested in the truth realize that: a There is no early firm evidence that Peter was a bishop nor proof he could have been in Rome long enough to have possibly even been considered its specific leader.

There were probably no certain bishops of Rome until the letter writer websites liverpool century see Apostolic Succession. There were no Roman Catholic popes prior to A. And, for those willing to read what is admitted, these are the facts and scholarly positions on what all Roman Catholic sources should be teaching about the first and early second century church.

If much of what is in this article is a surprise to you, do not let that concern you to greatly as others have been startled by the truth when they delved into this matter. After looking at the truth about early Catholic history, a letter writer websites liverpool who is a Catholic priest and who is also professor of theology at the University of Notre Dame, a Roman Catholic University and who also wrote the book Catholicism stated: However, what a nonhistorian like myself was startled to discover as he rummaged his way through these diverse secondary sources is the vast number of discrepancies, inconsistencies, and outright errors regarding dates and names and sometimes even regarding the details of of significant historical events, such as papal elections McBrien, Richard P.

Of course, most Catholic and other scholars are aware of the history the first and second century Church in Asia Minor, but fail to emphasize it. Perhaps it is because the Church that was in Asia Minor at the time of these early Roman bishops held many doctrines different from those held by the Church of Rome. Letter writer websites liverpool you like to learn more? Check out the following: Link is the True Christian Church Today?

This free online pdf booklet answers that question and includes 18 proofs, clues, and signs to identify the true vs. Plus 7 proofs, clues, and signs to help identify Laodicean churches. A related sermon is also available: Where letter writer websites liverpool the True Christian Church? Here is a link in the German language: WO IST DIE WAHRE CHRISTLICHE KIRCHE HEUTE? Continuing Letter writer websites liverpool of the Church letter writer websites liverpool God This pdf booklet is letter writer websites liverpool historical overview of the true Church of God and some of its main opponents from c.

Two related sermon links would include Continuing History of the Church of God: c. More information on this early history can also be found in the article Location of the Early Church: Another Look at Ephesus, Smyrna, and Rome. Those interested in seeing Rome may wish to view Photos of Rome. What Does Rome Actually Teach About Early Church History?

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Dated 13th Aprilit brings news of how the young girl who penned it has recently been ill and is longing to see her absent "dada". Sent by ten-year-old May McMurray from 60 Empress Road, Kensington in Liverpool, the letter would never reach its intended recipient, William McMurray, a year-old bedroom steward on the Titanic. William McMurray did not survive the sinking of the Titanic. He left a widow Clara and three young children; letter writer May, another daughter Ivy and son Ernie.

The story continue reading by Mr Courcoult is of a young girl giant whose father, a 30 foot giant, stowed away on the Titanic and died when it sank. His brother, the second giant puppet, took a century to learn to dive and having found the wreck of the Titanic has returned letter writer websites liverpool Liverpool to meet letter writer websites liverpool niece and distribute letter writer websites liverpool from the ship around the city.

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Updates from North West England. Girl, 11, dies after theme park fall. Police say the girl was on a school trip letter writer websites liverpool she fell into the water on the Splash Canyon ride.

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