Earn Money Online: 92 Websites That Pay Writers $50+ Esl blog post writers websites canada

I esl blog post writers websites canada this question a lot, from writers hoping that if they can just find the right content mill, they will finally be able to easily earn a living from their craft.

Basically, see the previous paragraph. My sense is debating the differences between different mills is a bit like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

But I wanted to find out more. Some of these writers have worked for mills in the past, and others are still using them as they market proactively to find better clients. I think this provides a frank look at the real life of content mill writers. Assignments are virtually unavailable http://89paint.co/help-writing-best-argumentative-essay-on-pokemon-go.php except for a select few.

I started writing for them in and wrote a steady articles a week or more for about a year esl blog post writers websites canada a half. Biggest annoyance with Demand is the editors. You get one chance to revise, often with confusing instructions or instructions that conflict with the guidelines. Then all the good assignments started to go south, so I backed out of that situation. I started contributing to Demand in Pretty much anyone who signed up was accepted. You now have to be approved to write on certain topics.

But I question how they go about determining this. I applied to be a travel writer and a parenting writer. Years ago I worked for several years as a substitute teacher and had my own after school company here in the Netherlands and I had a 3-month-old.

Demand denied me as a travel writer but took me on as a parenting esl blog post writers websites canada even though I was in my opinion under-qualified. They have stepped up and are now doing more legit sites like thebump. All you get is a title Best Workout Shoes to Prevent Sore Calves, Behavior Strategies for Sibling Conflict and are told to just go in whichever way your research takes you. It just looks really amateur. I chalked it up to a life lesson and went on to find real clients that pay real money.

I wrote for Textbroker for a couple of months when I first started, and the work was easy. There were seldom any requests for revisions and the pay was regular. Little did I know I would be toiling away at a penny per word until I broke my comma habit and propensity for dangling esl blog post writers websites canada. In order to move up in pay, your articles must be reviewed and rated on a scale of two to five. The article review takes place once per month.

Until your articles are rated you will continue to write for a penny per word. However, there is a very wide variety of articles to choose from at or below your approved level. Everything from automotive to movies to sexual dysfunction. Articles are approved, typically within 48 hours and the money is deposited into your Textbroker account immediately upon approval. However, you will never be given a byline or any other credit for your work.

There was still a writing test for a rating and a rather arduous application process [when I applied]. You are able to select assignments based upon your writing level. The variety of articles is unfortunately, rather mundane.

A lot of prospective college student articles lately or other college-level coursework as well esl blog post writers websites canada computer hardware product descriptions. The customer serves as their own editor and the changes requested were pretty simple, most of the time verbiage changes related to their keywords. The biggest drawback — WriterAccess only pays once per month by the tenth day of the following month, painfully slow in the content mill world. There are no bylines or credit for your work.

Very few revisions and you deal directly with the client, so your experience varies widely based on who hires you. There is a feedback system so you can get a heads up if a client is difficult. Lots of work available. Both of those are fun because you can write anything you want.

You can write about anything you want. I have one friend who go here articles for them a week about fairly popular topics like celebrity gossip.

Most of my content mill experience is with Yahoo! Contributor Network, known as Associated Content when I started writing there in July I best argumentative essay writer websites for mba a Featured Contributor an application-only program they ended in Dec.

Each topic in the Featured program Pets, Movies, TV, etc. But in order to make any sort of regular income, you have to be fast and write five to six word articles a day. When Yahoo discontinued the Featured Contributor program, they killed their better-paying assignments for many writers. I still get a few bucks a month from views. When I started writing for them in esl blog post writers websites canada, it was a way for me to learn about web writing, not to make a living.

I had no idea at that time what a content mill was or that they were considered lowbrow or insulting to the journalistic world. On a positive note, I did learn a lot about web content and how to apply SEO tactics in a non-spammy way, write catchy headlines, and use social media as a marketing tool. Their esl blog post writers websites canada, The Yahoo! Style Guideis actually a great web writing resource. Overall, in my experience, it was a good introduction to the web writing world but not somewhere to make a decent income.

I did a short stint with Suite several years ago when I wanted to break into travel writing. At the time, I was working as a travel planner. To start, you had to write a sample article, a few hundred words on a topic of your choice.

Editors then approve you as a writer, at which point you were required to write seven articles a month, I believe in I only did it that first month before I saw the writing on the wall. Suite gives you a byline, and you are paid via paypal periodically. That esl blog post writers websites canada supposedly better paying work, but you have to choose from their titles like a content mill and compete against lots of other writers like a job board.

And you have to write the piece on spec. So lots of disadvantages there. I started writing for Examiner. I was lucky that I had a built-in audience since I already write for a TV Magazine site for free, sadly. Anyway, at first, I was doing great. I did even better the second month, but I was writing over articles. They forget their own rules and sometimes they dock you for dumb things and other times, they miss glaring errors.

It just depends on which volunteer is editing the copy that day. But if they do dock you, you lose your status and have to start over from zero. There is zero communication. I wrote for Examiner, too. You esl blog post writers websites canada write anything you want.

But I never got paid a cent from them. For all those pay-per-click sites, you have to write a ton of pieces before you see any return. How much you earn depends on how many articles you write, the popularity of your topic, and the amount of time you invest in promoting yourself.

The other wonky thing? I am the Netherlands Travel Examiner. The new kid on the block esl blog post writers websites canada Blogmutt. Customers sign up to have blogs written for their business based on a selection of keywords. However, when you get out of your expertise area, providing blog topics on such things as battery backup systems, real estate in Alaska or IT management you can get bogged down in research in a hurry.

Customers rate their own posts on a star system. This can cause your blog to slide down the list. While content mills are a good esl blog post writers websites canada to see if your esl blog post writers websites canada is commercially acceptable, staying in the mills is nothing more than intellectual slavery.

Waiting for this little pay is particularly unfavorable. Only one editor was ever helpful there. She was awesome, to say the least. Also, any mistakes, even minor ones are immediately reported to the content manager. The CM will kick you out of the system if the lead editor complains to her.

Work was esl blog post writers websites canada consistent since they had lost two seriously generous clients. And, if your work is not up to par, CP will cut your pay by half. There is no byline on anything. All content is ghostwritten so the client can put their name on it.

But, the company killed CFB not long after it esl blog post writers websites canada launched. I did inquire of running it for them, but I never heard back from them after the initial conversation. Now, there was a huge variety of topics when they had work. I wrote on gambling, technology, property management, business, product descriptions, education, law, and more. There were always so many different topics I was never bored.

But, like I said, work was scarce, so I http://89paint.co/top-dissertation-results-editor-for-hire-ca.php on the opportunity when higher pay came up. Unreliability is the word that comes to my mind.

Yeah, it sounds great, right? I loved CP when they started. The team they had was genuine and awesome. I started Copypress as an advanced writer. I was used for the pilot schemes for five big projects, with very big names. Three of them we won. Pay has always been low-ish. The editors were relatively friendly, and the community was awesome. CP constantly promise higher pay. Last year, they lost the three big clients in the same month.

All said that they needed higher quality work. I refused, but some writers continued. They then brought in a certification program, where writers needed to take training esl blog post writers websites canada submit original samples to esl blog post writers websites canada work.

They have sacked all the editors, and all writers are now responsible for their own work. Any mistakes equal being sacked. The biggest issue with CP is the pay. They promise the earth, and many people fall for it. The new big thing in mills seems to be promising the earth, and delivering a pittance. I barely communicated with any editors. The only time I heard from them was a form email that may mention a change to their stylebook.

Yes, esl blog post writers websites canada crappy content mills have stylebooks. The assignments were kind of scarce since the pieces were so small and so easy to write. You just had to be quick on the draw.

I did not get a byline. I faintly remember being asked to change esl blog post writers websites canada comma or something.

There were actually a lot of assignments available on a wide variety of topics. I did have a byline. My articles are still online on one of their sites. I got two useful clips out of it that I actually use to this day.

I got a reply to my application two weeks later. They provided the title and gave general guidelines for what they wanted included — which is much more than Demand provides.

The editor who contacted me seemed very nice, and gave me three days to write the test post. I wrote and submitted it, and heard back the next morning — they loved my test post, and wanted me to sign their writer agreement.

I received payment that day. Everyone starts at Tier 1 and then works their way up, getting a review after five articles per tier or so — most writers on their forum are at Tier 3 and get 0.

The only reason some people stick around is for the knowledge you gain in the earlier stages. They paid pretty decently through my first year or two with them, and then they cut revenue share to less than half of what they had been paying. I still spend about half an hour on Web Answers a day.

Answering the questions where do folks come up with these things? Not bad for a little light entertainment. What do I take away from all this? I just stumbled over this post and am amazed you are still getting comments. I also noted there was one or two comments from readers about WebAnswers, which was what brought me to this page. Just so you know, WebAnswers is virtually dead.

Long list of issues lead to the end of Adsense revenue in October and the site is mostly down and unreachable. It was fun while it lasted and I did make a few thousand on esl blog post writers websites canada site during its life. The ride has ended. Very few members have posted anything on WebAnswers since Decemberand that is only when they can actually get on the site. Even with that, there is no revenue for the effort. Might as well mark this one a goner in any updated list. This is esl blog post writers websites canada and has opened quite a vista.

I esl blog post writers websites canada check once, when solicited by what now I see was a content mill. I suggested where they might place their offer—politely and respectfully, of course. I tried doing WriterAccess, it took a while for them esl blog post writers websites canada even look at my profile.

I understand one has to be okay in writing and they will get better in time. They flat out said nope, bye. I am not sure esl blog post writers websites canada they base everything off on test.

I doubt they read esl blog post writers websites canada of my excerpts. Alas, I will keep searching or trying on Launchora or if you all know free writing websites who would hire me. Let me know please. That would be great help! It all seems pretty random. Or they take you but one day ban you, and you never know why. WriterAccess has had me on their wait list for about 7 months. I think the best bet for writers is to ditch the content mills altogether and go off on their own by esl blog post writers websites canada for their own website platform.

I have always dismissed this because it seems like it would take 18 too 24 months before you are getting sufficient traffic to earn money. If I thought it could turn into even modest steady income within 3 or 4 months I would take it very seriously.

George, I do think 18 months or so is probably realistic—even if you follow all the tips in my upcoming Small Blog, Big Income e-book and save all the mistakes I made that made it take more like 3 years. Is it worth it for people who only wish to write on part-time basis esl blog post writers websites canada work to graduate from content mills?

I make a great salary on my full-time job, but the costs of having two small children in daycare is crushing. I do not ever intend to leave my full-time job.

I had been writing for OneSpace and was able to work my way up to their top paying levels. It all worked perfectly for me for about six weeks until the work completely dried up there. Any advice click here can give would be greatly appreciated!

Only you can say whether you want to put in the marketing time to find better clients. Working your way up at Textbroker…good luck with that. I hear a lot of very sad stories read article trying to earn esl blog post writers websites canada these places. Also…a lot of these platforms go bust and die, or change their models suddenly. Finding real clients could pay a LOT more and possibly replace your job income, and give you control of your time.

Thank you so much for your input. You make such a compelling case against content mills. I see it as making a investment, but with time instead of money. Yes being a working mom is tough, especially when the kids are preschool age and younger!

Freelancing seems like a great option for working moms who want to reduce their hours on their primary job. I wish I had been introduced to freelancing before I had children. They have done some restructuring and seem to be providing more resources and support for freelancers in the future. I hope they are able to provide a more steady esl blog post writers websites canada of work though, which seems to be the biggest drawback to working for them.

I had the misfortune of getting hooked on them right as their biggest project was ending. I think most of us see not being able to interact with clients at all as a NEGATIVE rather than a positive. How do you get testimonials and referrals, then? This post has been esl blog post writers websites canada quite a while!

We ARE working on a new compilation on mills that will compare their rates and offerings, so stay tuned! Happy to hear esl blog post writers websites canada of platforms writers have questions about to add to my list. I agree with all you say. This is a great article, and I found it very helpful.

I stumbled across it when I was trying to find reviews for one of the content mills in your article, and I learned a lot in terms of what to avoid. I do, however, have some questions for you. With this having been said, do you think these content mills have any value at all? Is this the case? I keep reading that if you want to be a writer, find a niche and go with it. My background is in science, but I also enjoy fishing and sports, especially hockey.

I would love to write about any of these topics since I familiar esl blog post writers websites canada comfortable discussing them. My problem is I have no idea how to go about getting a job writing about these subjects outside of the dreaded content mills.

Not for anyone with aspirations beyond making a bit of quick cash as a hobby; often not; and no. Matt, remember, every writer once had no clips. And many of us started before content mills were invented…so clearly, it can be done! Thank you for such a quick reply to my post here. I guess I never really thought about the fact that at one time, every writer had no prior professional experience, and yet somehow they still established a career in writing for themselves.

As bad as it is, it can always be worse. Check out this job in LA for a content writer. Less than minimum wage. Let us esl blog post writers websites canada give thanks. I loved this article! One site that nobody seems to be aware of is HireWriters. I started out writing for this site and it was a great way for me to learn the ins and outs of article writing. Those rates constitute writer exploitation in my view, Cindy. Esl blog post writers websites canada of my readers are here to learn how to get AWAY from this world.

This is good information for my research. I remember signing up as a content writer between to some of these sites and some not listed here. The pay is scarce and the editorial process is idiotic. Once I signed up at Constant Content and they rejected the sample article. A month back, I signed up again and was asked to write on the same topic.

Submitted the same article and it esl blog post writers websites canada approved! It was really funny! Oh, that is hilarious! Thank you for this article Carol. Anyway, your article was interesting; and reading the opinions of other writers tells me that there are others in the same boat as me. This really helps to lift me out of my discouraged funk. I am now a regular follower of your site, so, thanks again. But sites DO change their policies over time…and some end up more like legitimate clients that pay pro rates.

So watch for changes that may make some of these better markets than they used to be. They make you write under the exact name your hypothetical paychecks will go to, so most people will have to use their real name. My Examiner profile still comes up on page one of the Google results if you search my name and city. I have a profile and hundreds of bylines on the website I work on at my day job, plus a personal site with my name in the URL, a Google plus profile, and I use my real name on Twitter.

Nothing can unseat that abandoned Examiner profile from page one. I see here that you stayed on board with esl blog post writers websites canada Examiner gig for all of two weeks. Another way to strengthen your results is to build up your LinkedIn profile and link it to your writer site.

I used to have some online junk that showed up at the top of my results, but I found that continuing to publish esl blog post writers websites canada it slowly sink down the rankings and disappear.

I sold an article through them, but can I still use that esl blog post writers websites canada article elsewhere with my name on it. I have just spent two hours reading your blog, and it esl blog post writers websites canada worth every second. My eyes are blood shot but opened in a new way. Still, I can see now that content mills are going from the frying pan directly into the fire. Your advice is priceless.

All of the comments from the other writers are esl blog post writers websites canada and very helpful.

I write for WriterAccess. I started in February when I was recovering from surgery and lost my government job due to budget cuts, oh, and my husband lost his job a week or so later. Long story short, we blew through our savings just trying to survive and wound up living in our van. I worked for WA in esl blog post writers websites canada beginning to put food on the table.

I wound up paying all the bills while my husband looked for work. They now pay twice a month which was great news. Over the following two years we did find a place to live but due to some unscrupulous activities on the popular dissertation proposal writer service for school esl blog post writers websites canada our landlord found ourselves in a moldy place and had to leave. WA saw us through that and the admin team was very helpful, understanding of my crazy circumstances.

I easily meet my goals and am not slaving over the computer all day. I have started picking up some clients of my own though but WA is still providing a very steady stream of work. I am pretty much only doing solo work because that keeps me busy enough. I am on a couple hundred love lists but I rarely pick up any of those because I am so busy with solos. I am not a level 6 yet but I get a lot of level 6 work so I am not complaining. So I guess this is a round about way of saying that WA has improved their business:.

Pay is twice a month. There is now a level 6. The pay is better. Tons of work available. My advice for anyone who wants to work in this arena: pick up jobs that interest you and do your very best every time to get on as many love lists as possible. Many crowd orders turn into love lists orders and many love list orders turn into solos. You have the freedom to accept or reject orders and for special orders you can give quotes. I like it because they do the marketing and the billing.

All I have to do is write. At first, I thought that content mills like Elance, Upwork formerly Odesk and Fiverr esl blog post writers websites canada all it was out there for a writer like me.

I was getting so frustrated writing articles for certain website only to get next to nothing, not a bio at the end. I esl blog post writers websites canada one article for Yahoo!

Contributor Network two years ago, but only made a couple of pennies. Websites like this one is a great eye-opener for beginning and experienced writers alike. I used to do freelance writing just jumped in feet first and started a company years ago.

I made decent money back then, way more than what content mills are offering. LOL I mean I could write, but business-wise I esl blog post writers websites canada help. When I read some of your initial replies on this post I was like, whoa snippy. But I understand that you are trying to help writers understand their worth.

Is it a quality thing? I know I am a veteran writer who deserves the types of rates being described here and I am just hoping tenacity will pay off the same way it did when I graduated and kept my name in front of the local paper editors until they started giving me assignments. The newspaper business has totally dried up here.

My work as a journalist was primarily sports with a little bit of local government mixed in. My most high-profile work esl blog post writers websites canada in sports to the point that I know several starting NFL quarterbacks, having covered them in college and high school.

But it seems there is little to no market online for sports freelancers. I hope all of you are well and having success! I plan to keep an eye out here as there is so much good information. But it feels like I am just going to have to juggle some content mills until I have a breakthrough. An easy starting point is to write in the first thrombophlebitis cheap phd essay ghostwriting for hire ca activated and develop a certain character, and conversational tone.

You can base that story on your own most passionate preoccupations, e. There are numerous online forums where you can derive feedback on your efforts for free in return for reciprocal reviews. And there are plenty of online publishing options where you can be paid per download.

I was offered a well paying article writing work based on my fiction writing abilities as the publisher was confident I could render fairly dull topics in an entertains manner.

For most businesses, it seems to be a turnoff to know you like writing fiction. Fortune companies are not esl blog post writers websites canada to post a Craigslist ad or go on Elance to find a visit web page. What they need is sophisticated.

National magazines recruit writers whose work they see in regional pubs. Unfortunately, sports is a real tough niche to earn well in — but why not pitch the national sports mags, and there are also sports trades, and health magazines? Or think about writing or blogging for one of the leagues.

I love writing about almost anything, I love esl blog post writers websites canada words come to life. I want to know, how some one like myself…. Or am I just the type of person, content mills were created for? I found an article writing software; same named that will allow me to simply click a subject and it will write the article, script, etc…for me.

It claims it is how content mill users are making so much money, since it only takes two to five minutes, to create an article. The question is there help for me. If you need to learn formats such as how to write a magazine article, or how to market yourself to find good clients, you might check out my Useful Writing Courses site.

Carol, Most of the sites you talk about only accept US writers. Could you suggest any sites that accept writers from other countries such as India?

I believe the opportunities for ESL writers to earn money writing quick SEO articles are drying up, as Google no longer rewards that promotional strategy. Successful writers in future will be looking for other opportunities. Hi Maddy, you can try setting up a gig on Fiverr or find your clients through Upwork. Content Mills destroyed business. Screw this writing crap. I have done nothing for them for a couple years, and notice that my writing is still hire proofreading online esl work for course on their site, though I have long ceased to derive a trickle fo income from it.

I saw people offering writing services, Med esl essay writing websites online the could not even properly proofread their own pitches.

No wonder they write cheap. This was not the level at which I want to play. I never made it past my first test article. I looked for a long time on the Internet and could find no info I did this because they say you need to use info that is published on the Internet so they can verify it.

I then called the appropriate federal government agency and they gave me instructions. I wrote that up but Demand pulled esl blog post writers websites canada article apart, saying I needed to provide written verification. Some of their other edits were link, so I challenged them, never got an answer so commented on their Facebook site. They immediately contacted me, of course, telling me I needed to follow esl blog post writers websites canada their editors said.

I then responded by explaining the mistakes in their edits and posted that writeup on Facebook. If anything, I least I felt better. I am glad I came across your blog. I recently started a blog and want to begin making money writing and use my blog as a portfolio.

You have shared some helpful information. Looking forward to reading more of your posts. Most of us who actually make a living freelance writing use a combination of both. To be sure, the content mills are not all a waste of time. I think the thing is to esl blog post writers websites canada get stuck in the mills for longer than you have to be.

Mary, I blog for an audience of about 65, readers a month, the vast majority of which will never buy anything from me. But earning a living as a coach is not a crime. The hundreds of letters I get from writers who are thrilled to be earning a good esl blog post writers websites canada from their craft thanks to following my advice make me feel that this is how I can be most useful to my community. But I NEVER esl blog post writers websites canada it was possible to make a decent living as a writer before this.

I learned a great deal from your blog last year, when I read many of its posts along with the often large comment threads that followed. I want to understand them thoroughly first, which is a deep-seated personality quirk. Later this year, I might even see what happens with an application to Writer Access.

Finally, Contently seems to be a better bet for real income in this milieu, but that will require some preparatory work on building up a top-flight portfolio of samples. The editors at Textbroker were very kind and patient with my foibles and questions, and after a few hundred essay cheap trump with help donald school on pieces for clients and perhaps 80, paid words in all, my writing esl blog post writers websites canada finally beginning to edge into the fabulous realm of real professionalism.

ArticleBunny seems quite lovable as well, but the company sadly seems to have little available work. It inspires me to respond similarly to unwarranted negativism with courteous words that ignore bile in favor of illuminating thoughts and optimistic predictions. Notwithstanding the rather wordy style exhibited in this casual blog-thread comment, my paid writing can and does contain fighting words that punch out of their weight class.

Brevity is golden, and clarity is heavenly. I have what most would consider an impressive esl blog post writers websites canada background, however like Arnie esl blog post writers websites canada, I consider myself an introvert and therefore am attracted to the content mills for their anonymity.

I see the mills as a way of getting my feet wet and building my confidence. So I am hoping the mills will help me to ease in to the freelance writing realm. The mills are far from your only option. And Digital Journal is not bad if you just want to build confidence. Hi Lovely post, I just want to knowcurrent I am writing word product descriptions for technical esl blog post writers websites canada like iphone etc.

Realistically without compromising on quality how much product descriptions can be done. I am doing 3. And not sure I understand your question. How many can be esl blog post writers websites canada in Anbetracht cheap definition essay ghostwriters service london ist day, a week?

At a particular rate? If it is, so be it. You are their ideal person, not pro freelancers looking to build a career. So thinking about your next move now is smart. My plan is to start small, words or less per article, and esl blog post writers websites canada them until I build up a decent portfolio. Unfortunately, nothing you write for a mill will be of much use in your portfolio. I am a professor who freelanced for many years for print magazines Backpacker, Snow Country, PC Resource, etc.

When I began teaching more professional writing courses, I realized I needed to update my skills and write for the web. I quickly discovered content mills and have been writing for Constant Content, Textbroker, Demand Media and a few others part time for the past five years. On most days, there are far more titles I could write than I have writing time available.

My experience has been quite positive so far. C, if you can make that kind of money on the side, that sounds great. I knew one guy who was a former contractor who would write all the topics about how to install a shower head and so on, and it would take him minutes, so he earned real well.

Has anyone had an experience with this mill, Writer Access? Is this, or is this not, a good thing? That smells like revenue share rather than a mill, Mark. Mills pay esl blog post writers websites canada fees per article or post. Realize there are a million of these sites, and more born every day, as entrepreneurs seek to capitalize on the desperation of writers who would rather earn pennies than do their own marketing.

I use the site to publicise environmental and social justice issue as the site gets loads of visitors. I only started doing so last year. I was astonished to see that the articles I wrote appeared on the first page of a google search google with an hour of publishing, and how quickly others would pick it up and link it to their own sites.

And yes, the pay is lousy. But the fact I write for this site has got me into fantastic events for free, saving hundreds of dollars. Correction: I suspect write for a revenue share site — no third party involved, and I write in my own name. There are no conditions, and only minor changes, if any, are made to my work. Apologies: I have never heard of any of these terms before content mill etc until I discovered this site a couple of days ago.

Do you get paid based on pageviews, or do you get paid a flat fee? The first is revshare, the second is a mill. The amount earned is clearly available at all times. There are certainly environmentally minded magazines.

Earning is ONE primary goal for me, and I achieve this by writing for business magazines. But writing about subjects I esl blog post writers websites canada care about — esl blog post writers websites canada hopefully effecting change for better is another.

Like I said, the fact, that I write for this site — and can demonstrably show a good visit rate — means that others are willing to allow me into events for free. The other thing I like about the site is I sometimes test different subjects just to see how my visit numbers change. This gives me an direct insight into how my articles are received. The site also allows me to see how long readers are spending reading my article.

But, just out of curiosity, could you in list form Rate the various content mills mentioned in your blog? More details in that post.

Mark, as someone who has written for a handful of these sites, I have settled on three that are all different from one another. I only take 6-star work and shudder at the idea of the 2-star work, both because of the pay and because of the clients.

I currently write a weekly blog post for a printing company and occasional other articles. I like the site for its easy-to-use template, robust forums, and good responses for admins.

Most of the work is anonymous ghost writing, although clients esl blog post writers websites canada sometimes use your name if they go through the admins. You can find loads of awful jobs and awful clients on Elance, as well as people who are willing to bid shockingly low amounts. I am very particular about the few jobs I bid on. I have one regular client for whom I write either one 1,word list post or three word articles a week. I think I make about 10 cent a word for these. It has been by far the best site to boost my confidence and sense of self-worth as a writer, as I deal directly with the clients and have to put a monetary value on my work.

I mostly edit for them, as I love and miss editing from my newspaper job. Editing is relaxing for me. My only problem financially is that I am a picky editor and spend more time than I need making changes and leaving comments for the writers. Severe lack of esl blog post writers websites canada. This was my first site, esl blog post writers websites canada I liked it until I hated it. I quickly found alternatives. I gave them a shot, but the articles are of poor quality and pay is low.

I made a bunch of money at Zerys at first, but the pay is too low and there are better alternatives. I had a negative experience with a rude client. That colored my experience there, but the site does feel a little messy to me. I also did some editing for them, and that was a bit confusing, but they have revamped their editing process I actually had to do a conference call to get back into the fold esl blog post writers websites canada I keep meaning to try it again.

I am a university student custom presentation ghostwriting services for college to make some big money writing articles. I have been looking for a part time job that can give me extra pocket money, without any success in the last 2 months. I have only ever tried out one esl blog post writers websites canada mill and it was IWriter.

We wrote articles for eachother and awarded eachother 5 star ratings. I believe that my writing skills are good as I am a native English speaker, born and partly raised in England, and I am studying in the UK now. Please advise esl blog post writers websites canada on the way forward here.

I know that if I herb esl descriptive essay editor services ca Hormone to write professionally, the payouts would be infrequent but very good amounts.

I am patient and would be willing to give professional writing a shot. As it happens, the next AWM class begins Jan. Are you kidding me? Also, people write for pay for a variety of reasons. Not all of them are trying to feed their families with their writing income.

The fact is, there are plenty of clients whose work is exacting and specialized, and who pay great rates. Our job is to find them, and ignore the rest. You cannot write five to 10 pieces per day on a long-term basis without melting your brain. Use the mills to plug holes esl blog post writers websites canada your income stream from time to time, if you must.

However, Carol is right: You have to put on your grown-up pants and market yourself if you want a legitimate freelance writing career. Keep your day job for a while so that you can keep a roof over your head, or find some part-time work while you start building a client list and querying publications.

You did not dream of becoming a virtual factory worker in a content mill. You dreamed of becoming a writer. Go chase your dream. When you find your dream, tell it that an escaped mill worker who wishes she could go back in time and explain all of this to herself—me! Good luck to all of us!

Jackie recently posted… Are You a Burned Out Content Writer? Mills are for dabblers looking for a few quick occasional extra bucks. Content Mills deserve a stressful, quick demise into absolute obscurity—and Chapter 7 bankruptcy. I wrote for a few mills several years ago, for several months. I can honestly attest to that time being one of the worst periods of my life! I even had a petition drive where writers pledged not to write for them!

As you state in your linked post there, content mills Article source have a troubled business esl blog post writers websites canada based on rapidly shrinking ad revenue. All you can do is lay your own escape plan for leaving mills behind…as you say. Reach out and find your own clients. I did not see anything mentioned about AMS Article Management Systema product of London Brokers.

My experiences with AMS sound very much like ones I saw here. It is definitely not a career building entity…I have many issues with them. I did learn a lot about writing from that gig. I also do some writing on TB. I have not been writing for content mills for long, I started at Suite and that gave me the chance to develop my writing skills, writing about topics that I like.

In the last year I have slowed down on the revenue share sites never really made much from them anyway, except Bubblews until they stopped paying and focused on TextbrokerUK I am from Australia and Hire Writers. I am also a member at Text Master and have never had any work offered there, I think there must be something I forgot to do when I registered.

I registered at Cracked, as I love their website and I would love to get paid for writing there. I also have esl blog post writers websites canada books that I am working on, and there is never time to work on those. Can anyone advise me about sites like Constant Content I joined today and Article Sale ditto. Are there other sites like that where you can sell your content as I have some great articles that I never posted anywhere, and I want to sell them.

I have a blog post coming up on this very topic…but to give you a preview, stop registering for more and more revenue share sites or content mills.

All these sites revolve around a failed business model, which is why esl blog post writers websites canada of them will ever pay appropriately. I signed up with WriterAccess because we use Hubspot, but I see how little of the payment goes to the writer. Is there a directory of freelancers you can point me to? Lisa Abbott recently posted… Addressing Unconscious Bias Tip 6: Practice New Habits of Thinking There sure is!

I have a community of 1, freelance writers over in Freelance Writers Den, and we do have searchable member profiles as well. Had they checked my work history, they would have seen I started writing for Yahoo, then moved on to work as a staff employee for two different newspapers and eventually moving on to taking esl blog post writers websites canada and running my own newspaper. Not Qualified enough for Demand Studios…. Christopher, my husband has a UCLA film degree and they rejected him as a videographer!

All of the content mills seem to have rules that are pretty capricious. As I said, most of the assignments I accept tend to be quick and easy. Is it going to bring in as much as pitching directly? When you say the top sellers on Fiverr get to charge as much as…one-fifth of what they should be paid, Esl blog post writers websites canada just want to cry.

If I need to do research, customers pay for that via a gig extra. That seems to be a bigger issue in the design-related sections than with writing. Taking many tiny gigs like this makes it hard to add up to real money, as each needs client contact.

I followed the advice of another freelance writing instructor and set up shop on Fiverr. So I lowered my per gig word count and added some extras, and now my Fiverr writing gig is my primary means of income. Jean Marie Bauhaus recently posted… Know Your Content Marketing Personality Type [Infographic] So…what sort of rates are you earning on Fiverr? I hear the worst things about Fiverr being one of esl blog post writers websites canada lowest-paying sites with a ton of Third World competition.

Also, I should warn you that it took them a couple of months to respond to my application. I tried to correct this by sending an email reply, and it came back as being undeliverable to the posted address.

Also, Textbroker sent me a response asking me to identify my U. That is weird, but I think they get a lot of non-US writers trying to get in the door.

And have heard mixed reviews on Media Shower. How do you make the step from content mill to writing freelance for private clients? I realize these may have been discussed previously in this forum, but I missed them. You can take your list of them and toss it out. Anywhere thousands of writers are competing for the same gig is not a good environment for getting well-paid.

And the content-mill model dictates low pay, because it is actually a failing business model — traffic and ad revenue at all of those sites is now plummeting, thanks to Google search changes that are excluding their junk posts from search results.

Rules and pay may vary slightly from one to the other site, but the bottom line is esl blog post writers websites canada are esl blog post writers websites canada places for dabblers and amateurs, not anyone trying to earn a full-time living from writing.

To earn well as a freelance writer, stop looking for any kind of mass website to hand you gigs, and learn to prospect and find your own clients.

You can check out my Step by Step Guide to Freelance Writing Success e-book for more on how to do that. I currently esl blog post writers websites canada for Media Shower, and I recently spoke with the head editor about using articles I write for them in my esl blog post writers websites canada. She esl blog post writers websites canada me that we are absolutely encouraged to use our bylined articles in our portfolios.

But they recently made me a regular esl blog post writers websites canada to Yahoo! Education, which does use my byline, so those are going in my portfolio.

They not only give you direct lines of communication to your editors and encourage you to use them and clear guidance on what they want for each assignment, they also provide a lot of check this out training materials and hold monthly seminars aimed at helping us grow in our careers. Compared to Demand Studios they have been a breath of fresh air. My only problem with Media Shower is the lack of flexibility.

But I finally got up the nerve to complain and found that they were happy to work with me to accommodate my writing schedule.

Jean Marie Bauhaus recently posted… What Is Content Marketing? The key thing to realize is that platforms like Textbroker go bust quite often — we just saw Helium go under in May, for instance.

Thanks for putting this together. I just submitted my writing sample for Textbrokers. The decision not to bother with anybody else was easy after looking over this article.

The part about Demand Media is awesome. I wrote there for six years. There were a few times I tried to quit because I was starting to neglect my family at night; I would just sit down and crank out articles. The money was addictive. I also worked there as a copy editor. I eventually got squeezed out as a CE and recently I lost my writing privelages. Travis Ross recently posted… Jimmy the Sandwich Guy or: How I Became Afraid of Ordering Food in the Company Cafeteria I click to see more to say something about textbroker.

I like the content mill as a starter simply because as a military spouse, with two young sons, I see it as a benefit. So many of my peers, other young wives of soldiers, are peddling romance products, it works wraps and scentsy candles for a pittance while looking for jobs.

Currently, we are stationed in El Paso, which though claims to be a part of the U. Here, I am getting something and can work on my patio all day while the kids scream and run or splash in the pool. Jalyn, see my ebooks page for The Step by Step Guide to Freelance Writing Success…it will give you loads of ideas on how to start building a better portfolio and finding your own, better-paying cilents.

You may love Textbroker…but what does it pay you? Most of us freelance for clients from home with the same flexibility, except we earn far more than mills offer. Step by Esl blog post writers websites canada will take you through esl blog post writers websites canada to get started on that, build a portfolio quickly, and find good first clients. This post is awesome, Carol! Glad you enjoyed, Sarah! As it happens, more on that very subject is coming in a post on Esl blog post writers websites canada, so stay tuned!

I just found this blog and read through it and all the comments. I once wrote two articles for Helium before it changed its site but never got paid for them. But I got the lead to Helium, as well as many others Elance, Guru, Media Shower from a site called Freedom With Writing freedomwithwriting. I wondered if anyone who has posted here has got any good content writing leads from that site; esl blog post writers websites canada also what experience people have had with Helium.

Carol, I just got a notice from Helium that they are ending. NOTICE: The Helium Publishing sites will be available on a read-only basis effective May 21, and will continue to be available on a read-only basis until December 15, During this period, if you have an existing Account, you will continue to have access to your Account and accrue potential earnings, but you will not be able to add more content to the Helium Publishing sites or create a new Account.

After eight years and well over one million articles, we regret to announce that Helium Publishing will be closing. Your Account will be accessible until December 15, so that you can view and if applicable request a final payout. Your tax ID and a valid PayPal account are required to process and receive payment. Details about accrual and earnings can be found in the FAQs, available in Announcements and in the Helium discussion forum.

What about my open assignments? The workflow portion of the Helium Network will be disabled on May 21,and you will not be able to work on any assignments. What happens to my articles? You may download your work by following the instructions available in Announcements esl blog post writers websites canada in the Helium discussion forum. What if I have questions? In addition, an FAQ is available in the discussion forum and in the Helium Network dashboard. Thank you for making Helium a nurturing space for new and emerging writers.

Good luck in your future writing endeavors. I hope writers keep this in mind. These sites promise you can build a retirement income with revenue that never ends…but what really happens is often, they go bust and close their doors.

Will I make a career out of it? Are any of the article categories more successful than others, in your experience? My average word count was However, some people regularly write word articles, and the very first article I sold was words, so it does vary a lot. When I wrote Writer Pool articles, they were on all sorts of subjects: insurance, mobile phones, energy, internet marketing etc. Constant Content has been a bit slow lately, but when they get a couple of big clients needing articles, you can get steady work for a month or so.

My suggestion would be to avoid anything that pays less than 10 cents a word, though. Freelance writers get caught-up on the quick money pitch, and during these economic times, people need the cash. I got a lot out of both your post and its comment section.

The mills work for me right now, because Esl blog post writers websites canada have another part-time business and live out of the country, where my overhead is pretty low. And the flexibility is nice. The bid sites just eat up too much of esl blog post writers websites canada time for too little return. It would appear it is no longer necessary to start at level 1 and work up. While I could never make a full-time career out of writing for the content mills, especially if I were still living in the states, they do fill a need for me now.

Meanwhile, my goal is to at least find the most lucrative and satisfying mills, get some direct order clients there, and spread my work around in case any go dry. And I wish I had discovered this source of income back when I was earning more and wanted esl blog post writers websites canada little fun money.

For your readers who just want some casual esl blog post writers websites canada income, the content mills might be just the ticket. Thank you for compiling the experiences of Content Mill writers. After researching a job ad for WriterAccess, my jaw dropped at their pay rates. I hope all the examiners and WriterAccesses of this world drown esl blog post writers websites canada the shame of the bad quality of writing and content they will ultimately get stuck with for lack of good writers who refuse to accept these pay, or non-pay rates.

Given the rates that experienced and good writers are willing accept as evidenced by Elance, etc. Could you give your point of view regarding esl blog post writers websites canada phenomenon? Do you see a trend of diminishing earning power for writing since clients will simply demand the rates that they now know many work for with content mills, Elance and oDesk clients, etc.

Which is why they continue to need to pay professional rates to get it. I did one assignment for cmcopywriters. I figured he was being taken esl blog post writers websites canada of and was miserable with his own situation.

I have been a remote freelance and contract writer, editor and designer with my own firm for 28 years and I thought I esl blog post writers websites canada try several content mills for fun assignments in between my established work.

Well, the fun stopped about a month ago. When you are dealing with the assignments that are 4 to 5 star on the site, you have professional companies that want well-researched, cited articles for use other than blog or web content. My experience in dealing with level 2 and 3 clients have been a nightmare.

I guess I am old school in that I have dealt directly with publishers at book and magazine firms for so long that I am used to working relationship with my editor and I have problem dealing with a der professional proofreading website for phd town who tells me what their clients want after several attempts of revisions. This is when you have asked questions to ascertain what the assignment is all about.

I will just go back to my old clients of 28 years and if Stellen popular bibliography proofreading websites for university diese want to have fun writing, I will pro bono clients who need writers for something other than blogs.

In doing research for my next post, which details content mills vs. For multiple reasons — some which are not the fault of the mill business model — it seems to me that content mills are not an exclusive path to riches. Mills are not an exclusive path to riches? I think mills are not a path to riches, period. The post is up Building a Successful Business: Content Mills vs. Thanks for all that you do, Carol. Laura Townshend esl blog post writers websites canada posted… Building a Successful Business: Content Mills vs.

You can make more than just gas money at this place. Some of the writers even make a decent full-time salary by working 40 or so hours a week. Rarely takes me longer than an hour to write one of their sharebait articles.

Instead, some fake pseudonym gets credit for my work! They even have made a couple blog posts to the effect that we would eventually get them, esl blog post writers websites canada so far I have seen NO evidence to this effect. Their content management system has recently allowed us to start putting in our writer profiles, but this is misleading because my writing is STILL appearing under some other fake name when it goes live.

Until Copypress fixes this, it will be a Content Mill. It will always be a copy mill in reality, though, until we writers get credit for the work we do. It depends on the articles you get, and the clients. Some clients actually do allow for bylines now. Still a content mill until ALL writers get credit for their work. Just how I feel about it. I have been working for CopyPress for over three years. However, the way that the company was portrayed in this article is definitely not the way it is.

The Sharebait articles are generally quick and easy. Generally, I spend more like 45 minutes on them. All of the editors at CopyPress are great. Sometimes you get edit requests that seem inane… but those ones generally come from the clients, not from the editor.

We went from good pay to esl blog post writers websites canada. We went from tons of articles to nothing for months on end. Now we are at a great place. We are at a place where I can easily help support my family from home. I get the articles I need to have a good income. The community is amazing, and the support we have is outstanding.

I completely disagree with everything said about CopyPress. First, people are completely wrong about the pay. CopyPress is great and has always been my favorite website even after trying out most of the ones mentioned. I wish you would have had help shakespeare studies with literature review good comments up there along with the bad ones so that people could see the good side of CopyPress.

The Deadly Math Mistake That Will Make Your Freelance Business Fail I can honestly say this is the exact OPPOSITE of my experience with CopyPress. When I came, you guys were at the very end of the low-paying assignments, though I did complete a great number. I then worked for another content mill esl blog post writers websites canada here is exactly as described by these writers — until work at CP picked back up.

I work full time for you guys, with just a couple of other small clients on the side. I work with her every day on a news post. Great advice, helpful, understanding… and when she gets through your stuff is RIGHT!!

I also have to mention how much I enjoy working with Josh K. Each one esl blog post writers websites canada been helpful in every way possible. This was great to hear so many perspectives on content writing companies. Reading the information about CopyPress was both good and bad.

It was good because it makes me feel great about how far we have come at CopyPress. But it was also bad because I see that some of the stigma of our old ways are still stuck to the CopyPress name. Thanks for your thoughts! Hey Carol, I was sure I submitted a response to your last message or maybe I forgot to submit.

Many of them work for us along with other clients. That number 9 is out of 12 writers who work with us as experts — meaning they write for us almost exclusively. Let me know if you would like to contact any of our writers for their opinions or feel free to join our Facebook group.

Raubi Perilli recently posted… Connections Sharebait What Is Connections Sharebait? Carol, I was one of those 9 writers. This is all while going to school full-time, so people who can work full days can easily make more money. CopyPress has always been good to me, and their training sets them apart from every other freelance writing site. I think that all of this is what bumped me up to expert writer status.

Thanks for this post, and also thanks to all the commenters who have added to the discussion. I guess anything that helps you speed up your writing, through practice will help in increasing your hourly rate in the long run. I used the mills as a bridge, to provide income during the first months of my full-time freelancing career. As many freelancers know, assignments can be few and far between, and therefore, esl blog post writers websites canada can the paychecks.

It took me over a year of full-time freelancing to find enough good-paying clients who paid me regularly, esl blog post writers websites canada during that year, I used writing for the mills as my fall-back income. I wrote for Examiner for two days. I ended it faster than I started it. Resume writing mills exist too. LindaH recently posted… What Do You Say When an Interviewer Asks — Why Should I Hire You?

Thank you so much for compiling this long list of content mill workers and their experiences! On Textbroker, some of my clients sought me outside of the mill and sent me their work directly, which allowed me to get better rates and actual client feedback.

Five years from now? Mills are such a short-term solution for most…because who CAN write 5 articles a day year after year? I really needed this info. I just started with DMS and Writer Access to get my feet wet.

I started writing esl blog post writers websites canada some of them to help them get their sites off the ground. I was surprised at the demand.

It sounds to me like you HAVE clips, Sharon! Get PDFs made of your older clips — they still show you can write and report. Just esl blog post writers websites canada forward from there. All of this sounds very discouraging for aspiring writers. I think I will stick to writing for fun. At least I enjoy what I am doing, and still love writing! Lorraine Marie Reguly recently posted… 4 Things to Say Announcements, Thanks, and My Latest Discoveries The point here is for people to see what content mills are like.

They are hardly the only place to write for pay! Just esl blog post writers websites canada only place to write for Esl blog post writers websites canada pay.

There is still plenty of good-paying freelance work out there, for those willing to take themselves problem solving writing site usa and market their writing. I am now writing at Hire Writers trying to make up that money whilst I try and find better paying clients. I try to only take the jobs that esl blog post writers websites canada over 1 cent per word and have managed to snag a few that pay up to 3 cents!

What annoys me is the attitude and demands of many of the requesters who practically want you to jump through hoops for less than a cent. I know that being a member of The Den is going to help me get to where I want to be.

I never wrote for that little, even when I started out, in about ! Why should it be less now? Start going through the Step by Step Guide to Freelance Writing Success bootcamp in the Den, and things should start to improve soon. Writers who worked freelance for reputation.

Pay was twice a month and editorial approval could take up to 2 weeks, which meant that you could wait up to 5 or 6 weeks to be paid for a piece. The editors were friendly and helpful, and were and still are expected to make minor spelling and punctuation corrections. Management was approachable and understanding.

Peace reigned, goodness and mercy thrived, and freelancers paid their bills on time. At the end ofthings changed. Responsibility for managing the writing end of the operation was contracted to an outfit called SkyPublishers, and a new manager reminiscent of Nurse Ratched was put in charge. Payment was shifted to oDesk, and I understand Sky also contracted esl blog post writers websites canada oDesk to write a text management system to replace the outdated system they were using.

When writers pointed out the inequity there, Nurse Ratched casually mentioned that the wordcount for the other pieces was reduced to words. One of the casualties of this change was communication between editors and writers. Under the old system, editors would provide feedback about every item written, esl blog post writers websites canada alert writers to the number of approved words for invoicing purposes and to share constructive criticism, which was invaluable.

Writers universally acclaimed the system and acknowledged they used the criticism to improve their work. The bios involved working with material provided by clients, and the articles were pretty much esl blog post writers websites canada a writer could show was related to the client. Freelancers ignored this at their peril, and several were dismissed. Overall, the workload was adequate, and most of the freelancers learned to ignore Nurse Ratched and the internal team.

All who were asked responded negatively. In early March, Sky implemented a program that was similar, only worse. BeforeSky accepted only US-based writers, but this year started hiring writers from around the world.

These writers may have textbook-perfect English, but their idiomatic and cultural awareness is sorely deficient. Since the beginning of the year, there was a significant backlog of work, but it diminished rapidly, especially during February.

Nurse Ratched was apparently hiring like mad, though, apparently under the impression that any backlog at all justified more esl blog post writers websites canada. The backlog, which had been reducing by about tasks a week, lost its last tasks literally overnight, and suddenly hordes of writers found themselves competing for work that had obviously slowed to a trickle. The worst thing, though, from the perspective of many of the writers, is that in the short year since SkyPublishers came on the scene and imposed this system and management on the freelancers, what was once a collegial, cohesive group of creative people has been thoroughly esl blog post writers websites canada and effectively destroyed.

In fact, change is the norm at all these sites as they continue to struggle with how to turn a profit. Sadly, those days are gone. All they care about is filling their own pockets. Freelance writers should market themselves by having their own blog and remain active on Twitter and LinkedIn. Writing for mills is draining. The first one I ever wrote for was Textbroker. At one point I had all my eggs in the DS basket, and after they went under I was floundering around the net for a long time.

Marketing yourself takes time, but then you get paid 5 to 10 times more than you would at a content mill. Carol you emailed a post about working on a mill vs. Thanks a lot for your blog and those dose-of-reality emails I get in my inbox every week. Or for communications being monitored and edited. Erica recently posted… How this Little Ducky Went Freelance: Esl blog post writers websites canada 1 If you want micro-management, you can go back and get a real, full-time esl blog post writers websites canada and at least make some real money while people monitor your every move… This is pure exploitation, of the worst kind.

A former print journalist turned novelist, I recently realized that I need to earn some income to supplement my royalties, so decided to start freelancing again.

He also told me that my price was a bargain. However, all was not lost! Then I found Textbroker. A penny per word? When I wrote of this situation in one of my LinkedIn groups, some writers actually defended these sites. OK — but were you getting benefits at your job? Those count for a lot. Finding this website has been a godsend in that way.

I feel vindicated in my refusal to sell myself cheap. Maybe my writing sucks, and content mills are my only option other than finding a low-paying job outside of the house.

We work a lot on queries in the Esl blog post writers websites canada and find few are in great shape to send off when we start. You might be helped by having a writer friend proofread queries before they go out. After a few months I recognized it was a dead end, and I stopped writing for them. Esl blog post writers websites canada the time they offered flat rate assignments and commission-based assignments.

Susanna Perkins recently posted… My First Year as a Panama Expat I laid myself off Textbroker after over three years there. A penny and a half for a few months, until one misplaced comma on one article cut me down to a penny a word. This is after receiving many congrats from satisfied clients. Now recently retired, feel no motivation for them. Did some articles for Writer Access, which paid at least twice what Textbroker paid.

Sporadic work at WA, mostly technical when available. Did real estate, auto, and aviation articles when I could grab them before the herd, but tired of checking their job board often. Now trying to make passive income with sites, blogs and e-books without luck. Doing your own thing in your esl blog post writers websites canada way is the way to go.

I started working as a paid writer for DMS, having seen a want ad, not knowing anything about freelance writing, and being accepted upon application. At first it was a supplement to full time income and I rather enjoyed it. My desk job was slow and easy and I could write for DMS while at work. Things went fairly well for about two years. When their tighter and seemingly arbitrary rules for section approval came down, I was cut out.

After that it was off to Elance. I had quit my day job, naively assuming DMS would hold out forever. But it did not provide good clients. Through my own trial and error I learned that basically everything Carol says is spot on true.

And of course, am working on marketing myself for bigger and better gigs. Anyway, you can absolutely find better writing clients! And can increase them too. That was for a word article too. Esl blog post writers websites canada are good to write for.

Their only drawback was the lack of regular work. Esl blog post writers websites canada, I used to manage maybe five or six articles a month with them, which was a nice addition to my income. I then did a little research to find out what the topics are of writers who claim to be highly paid. Turns out they are nearly all celebrity or politically related.

I will be focusing on doing that writing for my own blog from now on. Healthcare, technology, finance…there are many good-paying writing niches. My apologies for not being more clear: I was referring to the Examiner. Brenda Spandrio recently posted… A unique way of looking at things… I wrote for both Demand and Examiner for about a year and a half. From Demand I was making four and five hundred per month.

I was recovering from chemo at this time, and I used these two sites to start writing again. My ratings with Demand were very esl blog post writers websites canada and only one article was esl blog post writers websites canada rejected. I even esl blog post writers websites canada the article choices interesting. I do understand the problems with the business model, and the need to avoid being trapped in something like that, but it did work well for me. I just esl blog post writers websites canada writing for Examiner and they eventually dropped me.

When Demand execs are interviewed they never say mills are a place to earn a full-time living. They say their average person wants a few hundred bucks a month of extra cash. And then wonder why their hands hurt as one writer above noted! The money is terrible, and not worth the stress.

Chris recently posted… Vegan Coconut Curry I wrote for Writebay or something like that for about a week. The ad said academic writing, and being naive, I thought it would be textbooks or something. I never took the money for the few assignments I did do. They still send me esl blog post writers websites canada now and then trying to pay me. Better to write for free for some respectable sites and even small press articles and use them as samples for approaching real clients.

Recognize your value as a writer. You can write for decent rates and be rewarded and you can write for free and have some dignity — and clips for future work. Start a blog writer site.

Network and guest blog. Pitch quality clients — and keep pitching until you get some. Get regulars — negotiate rates. And love that phrase — literary Auchwitz! Though fortunately death is not usually the result…except maybe brain death. One thing I want to add regarding Esl blog post writers websites canada is that they monitor any communication between you and the client and they will edit messages between the two of you.

Part of the user agreement you sign is that you agree not to poach clients from Textbroker. This is actually bad for both the client and the writer.

If you try to send contact info to a client or they try to send you outside contact information, TB edits that out of your messages. Kathy Kramer recently posted… Plains Magazine February is Online I got a byline out of TB! I even cleared it with their staff; they said once the client has paid for the content, creative writing ghostwriting service can do what they want with it.

I was able to send the client my full name and use the website as a portfolio piece. Kevin Carlton recently posted… Blog vs news? And now I have a set of red flags I pay attention to that helps weed them out. Good for you for getting rid of a bad one. I say this having myself wasted years trying to sell what I wanted to sell, instead of what folks actually wanted to buy. What makes this mistake so easy to make is that as the seller we can actually be entirely correct about what will best serve the client.

You know, Jake, I review article queries in some of my premium courses, and I totally agree with you.

Many writers have a thing they want to write about and just keep trying to find somewhere that will publish it. Doing an upcoming post on this topic as well! I wrote for Demand Studios for awhile. Some of the editors were a pain — kind of a combination of arrogant and incompetent. I actually preferred working for clients who paid less but were real people.

Demand Studios was a machine. Just glad to be out of that world now. Rob recently posted… Is there Really a Success Formula? Congrats on that, Rob! Cut out the middleman and you can make more. Thank you for discussing the various content mills. I started my paid writing career with Textbroker. After writing for them for a couple of weeks, I realized that the only way I would make any decent money would be if I were a 5-star writer.

Currently rated as a 4-star writer, I decided to take the proof reading test to gain level five status. Then I found out that there were two answers for every question. After taking the test, you have to wait three months before you can take the test again. Fortunately, I found your site a couple of days later and have moved on to better assignments.

I still check the board occasionally, but decide its not worth it. I have also written for Examiner and Yahoo, but never made more than a couple of pennies for the content I submitted. Thank you for the great content and advice you provide on this site! Teressa Campbell recently posted… How to Find Strength Without a Strong Support System Some of esl blog post writers websites canada nutty rules these mills have are a bit unreal.

HOW were you able to write for Yahoo? I want to write fashion for them…. Just about to start a marathon day at Textbrokers actually, as I have a huge bill to sort out next week. I feel stuck and am starting to get pains in my hands from all the typing. If my finances ever calm the plan is to build some Textbrokers savings…. I hear an Elvis song playing, K. Stay tuned for more on that. Ditto to esl blog post writers websites canada of your comments, Carol!

I think it has come to the point to start branching off — the confidence-building period is no longer needed. But it is nice to have a fall-back. Thank you for a great post! This esl blog post writers websites canada is great!

By using the den, other resources and finding a mentor, all that finally changed. Thanks again and great post! Back when I first started blogging for a living, I tried applying to Demand and Yahoo, but was turned down by both of them, thank the gods.

You still earn the same sort of pittance. Maybe a bit more, but still nothing like a living. And yes, new mills seem to be born every week. I know because I get their press emails asking me to promote them to my audience! The financial scrutiny has been unpleasant for Demand, which was asserting they were terrifically profitable…until they had to disclose their figures for the IPO and show the world they were really losing buckets of money.

If you have never been published, a content mill is worth your while if only for the clips. Let me back up a little. And if you are, set a time limit for yourself, then move on. Learn how to market yourself. Ask other writers for help. Most of us are more than happy to help newcomers who genuinely want to learn and get published.

And I think you point up the real problem…can you MAKE yourself do this? If so, for how long? I see it as non-sustainable for most writers. I started a freelance copywriting business in my early 20s.

But I actually ended up making pretty good money. In college I wrote for free, and would sometimes charge friends a small amount to write their essays I know lolso I figured why not? I put up a website, added my services and started getting clients. And then the recession hit, and before I knew it it seemed like everyone was esl blog post writers websites canada up websites offering their services for much cheaper.

Esl blog post writers websites canada I think my biggest mistake was just click for source having a solid or any plan to begin with. Writing in general seems to be under appreciated these days, so I hate to see people getting paid pennies to write.

But I understand that sometimes desperate times… At least content mills may be a good temporary solution for some, or like esl blog post writers websites canada said a chance for some to get their feet wet. Let that be a lesson to the esl blog post writers websites canada mill wannabes.

I have NEVER written for a content mill, and after reading this, I feel fortunate indeed. Really helpful to see the results of this anecdotal survey all in one click Carol and everyone who shared their experiences. My pleasure — and my thanks to everyone who contributed. I currently write for Demand Media and have set a goal to be free of them by the end of this read more. Does that tell you anything?

Editing inconsistency, slow review times and very condescending comments from editors have taken away any respect I ever had for this company. The only reason I am planning to continue with Textbroker is the ease of the titles and being able to write one a day -fast — so I can get to other better-paying work.

The pay builds up through the month and I can make one withdrawal to take care of multiple smaller bills. DM hired a lot of esl blog post writers websites canada editing people from another company, and these people are a bunch of evil low-lives, to say the least.

The problem, though, is that you are expending a lot of time and effort for little money. FIRST let me give a disclaimer. There are legitimate, decent paying jobs to be found on Odesk, Elance, and the other bid sites. I myself have found a few. This took me 3 excruciating days of researching and learning the differences between ordinary cockroaches and palmetto bugs, finding out the adult life cycle of the termite, and other FASCINATING facts.

Daryl recently posted… Marketing Psychology: The Reasons Behind Why People Buy! I think if you take the wrong sorts of gigs you definitely CAN earn even less on the bid sites!

We had a guest post a while back on how to earn well on bid sitesand it involves being very selective about what you bid on. Sure you can make a living from bid sites. Financial Samurai recently posted… Should I Convert My k Into A Rollover IRA? Clearly the tradeoff is working for some. I write for Textbroker UK, and I love them.

I had check this out written for years and needed to rebuild my skills, and Textbroker provided the opportunity to do that, along more info a small income. I loved the anonymity at first, as the articles I wrote were fairly rusty.

In addition, the staff are very friendly and helpful, the site pays regularly, and submitted work is automatically accepted if the client sits on it for more than a few days. I recently passed their proofreading test, so I am in the running for Level 5. I also found a lovely direct order client who gave me a huge project with a byline.

I love that you can dip in and out when needed, and have the opportunity to make money at home — something I would have killed for when I was a student. That said, Textbroker is my one and only content mill. The others look awful. Yes, it would be nice. It could be awhile before I get to that point, though. After you twist yourself into knots working up to level 5, you really might as well throw up a site and sell your own services!

Obviously, not on Craiglist best research proposal ghostwriting services united states Elance or Fiverr. It involves proactively prospecting, qualifying, and marketing your writing to better-quality clients. So feel free to check out either of those resources for finding better-paying clients. I think Elance is a decent bridge to cross the gap to a private freelance business.

The longer I use it, the more I get the sense of what private freelancing is like. And bidding on jobs has really helped me to get a better sense of the worth of my work and be confident in giving a quote to potential clients. You can luck into the occasional good project on there, so it sounds like it fits your needs.

I think this is the thing I esl blog post writers websites canada writers say most — that if they feel insecure about their skills and like they need to brush up, content mills are good for that. The trick is not to hang around too long, esl blog post writers websites canada you need to earn a full-time income from writing and pay some serious bills!

I wrote for TextBroker a bit in the early days, am a tier 4 there, and passed the test years ago. Listen to Carol, she will guide you in the right direction! And as you definition proofreading website london, at Textbroker that was the top of the pile.

I see that if you are Canadian you register at the Textbroker UK site. Wendy Stewart recently posted… The Science to the Finding of Expensive Umbrellas Esl blog post writers websites canada why would you want to?

I gather Textbroker is one of the lowest-paying mills around. About three years ago I decided I was getting too long in the tooth to continue working eight and ten hour shifts behind a bar six days a week, so I stopped. I began looking to see what I could do on the internet to stave us popular problem websites solving writing the boredom, and perhaps make a few beer euros.

After a spell earning a few bucks here and there I fell on Textbroker, and have been writing for them for around two years. During this time I have been upgraded, am an invited member of four writing teams higher payand provide content for a number of direct clients through Textbroker. Like everything, there is good and not so good. For the young, and the not so young starting out on a writing career, I think established companies like Textbroker can give a good grounding.

Cutting their writing teeth at the bottom, before they head off to bigger and better things. I think for staving off boredom, esl blog post writers websites canada mills can be just great. Wellevery traditional job or work at home job has something we do not like. This includes pay, work environment, bad bosses, bad editors, or bad interfaces.

The list could go on for days. It is how we approach each situation that determines whether or not we can make it as freelance writers. Content mills are a big part of my income at present times.

It allows me the flexibility to hone my writing skills along with developing a strong marketing plan. I write for Textbroker, The Content Authority and a mill that was not mentioned in the piece, CrowdSource through the Amazon Mechanical Turk platform. I can make a decent living while I pursue other goals, especially through CrowdSource. I work a traditional eight hour schedule and built a schedule that works for me.

My point is, they work as a great supplement to your income while you try and build your client esl blog post writers websites canada and move up to professional writing status.

Yes, but traditional jobs come with things go here paid sick leave, retirement-plan matching, and a host of other benefits you have to pay all on our own as a freelancer. Also with a professional salary that might make it worth the hassle of the micromanagement. The question is, how long could you continue writing 16 articles a day for Textbroker before you run screaming into the night? Could you be doing this 5 years from now?

Would you want to? I love this response! The bottom esl blog post writers websites canada is, content writing is like the Mc Donalds of writing.

I mean, who really wants to make a career out of Mc Donalds? Sometimes a person needs to take a fast food gig to pay the bills and keep food in their belly. But that person should be looking for ways to upgrade their pay and their lifestyle.

The problem comes when that person becomes complacent with working at Mc Donalds, or at a content mill. I read these types of posts and I always feel a bit of shame.

I need to point out that I am merely supplementing my income through the three mills I mentioned. I am trying to learn the marketing side of writing and the http://89paint.co/best-literature-review-ghostwriting-service-nyc.php pay the bills while I do that.

I have no intention of staying with mills for five years trying to grind out a living. I am trying to build plenty of irons in the fire. Some own upwards of 10 franchises. Not me personally, but I have a couple of friends who worked their way to upper management along with owning franchises. People have a right to work for content mills if they choose. Many people like the flexibility of being able to log in and select a project, get it done, get paid, and move on.

No reason to tear a person down just because they think differently than you. My mission is to serve writers who are interested in building a reputation for themselves and earning a professional income from writing. If ghostwriting for mills, where you can never build a portfolio to get better gigs, fulfills your goals, terrific.

I was talking to Brant David McLaughlin. I felt his post directed at Larry was unnecessarily caustic. I write fiction more than anything know, and I average about words per hour. At any rate, shaming other writers is just lame. One of the esl blog post writers websites canada writers around, Jon Morrow, says he spends many hours writing a blog post.

So to speak to your comment about not being able to churn out a quality piece in an hour, Esl blog post writers websites canada totally and absolutely agree with you Brant.

I have read every views on here and each one is different. But you are saying it is about how many views that. I think it should be about. We all as writers this is our gift, to. My line is never. Do not keep esl blog post writers websites canada page blank empty. And it frustrates the hell out of me. That is not a bad salary, but what is the catch? In this respect, copywriters are treated like content producing machines, a statement which is actually proven by the existence of content mills.

This time about reality of writing for content mills. Posted by: Carol Tice. Rachel Beavins Tracy :. The best people I worked with are now no longer there.

Esl blog post writers websites canada BibMe: Free Bibliography & Citation Maker - MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard

Joanna Had some minor typos to fix but overall the content was great. Nick I am a very busy person who values time. EssayStudio knows how to do its job really fast!!! Carrie It was my first time using more info service and I was really nervous. Support Jamie was very friendly and helped me to fill in my order form. I will definitely use your service again. Josh My professor is a real jerk! He likes to change the assignment in the very last moment.

I have never thought that a 5-page research can be done in less than 6 hours. Ray The content was decent but the speed of delivery and quality of service was just great. Should I be pressed esl blog post writers websites canada time again, I will definitely use you guys.

Place an order now. All the work should be used in accordance with the appropriate policies and applicable laws. We are using Google Analytics to enhance your experience. No personal data is being esl blog post writers websites canada.

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