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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. See our Privacy Policy and Plan business website editing sf custom Agreement for do my english research proposal. Published on Apr 8, Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from do my english research proposal presentation.

You can keep your great finds in clipboards organized do my english research proposal topics. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. PROPORSAL ON TEACHING STRATEGIES TO Show related SlideShares at end. Aryani Kawai KwayWorking.

Are you sure you want to. Attended South Eastern University of Sri Lanka. No notes for slide. Language has an important role ineveryday life interactions. Nowadays, in global era, English is used asinternational language for business, tourism, political and internationalrelationship. Related do my english research proposal the fact above, Broughton 1 states that English is aninternational language and most people in the world use this language.

It is themost broadly studied as do my english research proposal help with my statistics cover letter in the world. This fact can also be seenin Indonesia. English is learnt widely either for general or specific purpose informal as well as information and education from the elementary school up tojunior and senior high school as well as universities or colleges.

This is causedby the functions of speaking that cover many aspects of human interaction, such 1. Those are just a few reasons why people may wish to speak, and then itseems fair to assume that speaking skills play a large part in this do my english research proposal. Furthermore, Harmer drawn that one of communicativeactivities in English language teaching ELT is do my english research proposal. By applyingsimulation in ELT classroom, the students are given an opportunity to practicecommunicating in different social context and in different social roles.

Thestudents are given more chances for practicing their English skills, particularlytheir English speaking by carrying out the conversation in meaningful contextsand functionally situations that commonly occurred in their daily activities. Since the speaking is an essential to improve, the researcher thinksthat it is necessary for the teacher to find out the applicable technique in order tocreate a situation which leads the students to consider that learning is for fun.

Objectives of the Research Objective of the study is certainly intended to article source and solve theresearch question which has been stated before.

This thesis also has its purpose. Limitation of the study On account this fact, challenges related to the teaching of Speaking andUnderstanding English at Basic Operational Level at the tenth grade students ofTourism department do my english research proposal SMK Negeri 1 Kubu by using simulation.

Significance of the Study The result of the research are generally expected to be: 1 thesource of information to improve the teaching techniques in encouraging studentsto speak English, 2 the useful information for teachers, particularly the Englishteachers at SMK to develop their speaking class activities, so their activitiesbecome more effectively, communicatively and functionally, 3 the source of.

Assumption In this investigation, the researcher thinks that is essential to makesome assumption for the purpose of emphasizing the present study. There aresome other variables that may be related and have effects to do my english research proposal research,however the researcher only concerns with the variables as stated on researchquestion. In order to neutralize the compounding variables, it is essential, to statesome assumption as follows : 1 all subject under study are assumed to havelearnt English for the same period of time, 2 all subject under study are assumedto have similar learning motivation, 3 all subjects under study are assumed tohave similar language experience and language exposure, 4 the instruments usedfor collecting the data are constructed in such a way that they are supposed to bevalid and reliable.

Speaking skill is an do my english research proposal process of constructing meaning that involves producing, receiving and processing information Brown, It is form and meaning are dependent on the context in which it occurs, including the participant themselves, their collective experiences, the physical environmentand the purpose for speaking.

It is often spontaneous, open-ended, and evolving. However, speech is not always unpredictable. By applying simulation in speaking class, the students carry out conversations in meaningful and functional context, and performing how to use English in the real situation.

The present investigation is based on thefollowing theoretical framework: 1 Theory of speaking, 2 Technique ofteaching speaking, 3 Teaching speaking through Simulation Technique, 4 Assessment of speaking. Thetotal numbers of the student are 36 consisting of 26 females and 10 males. Theresearcher is selected this class because they have crucial problem in speaking. They are: planning theory formulation ,Action intervention was carried outObservation Data collection andinterventionand Reflection Data analysis.

It was necessary to note IR used inclassroom action study, do my english research proposal refers to a pre-test in speaking skill. To make clear,the design at the action study could be described as follow: Cycle I IR P1 A1 O1 R1 Cycle II RP P2 A2 O2 R2The six elements are elaborate as follows:A.

Initial Reflection A classroom action research always starts from administering IRand interview. The term IR commonly used in a classroom action research to do my english research proposal the pre-test.

The main purpose is to figure out the pre existing speakingachievement of the subject under study. The result of IR is used as starting pointsthe undertaking action research. Planning Before the present action research could be successfullyundertaken, the research has to carry out instructional planning for all the session. In order to achieve the objective of the present classroom action study, the. Action Implementing the do my english research proposal planned teaching scenario is the mainactivity in this classroom action study.

In line with the objective of the study,action or classroom activities refers to what the research do my english research proposal do in the classroomsetting during the process of teaching speaking by using simulation technique.

The researcher will attempt to manage and conduct the previously plannedclassroom activities in the teaching scenario, so that the objectives of teachingspeaking for each session can be most effectively and efficiently attained. Thereare three main activities that the researcher will do in the classroom, they are: pre-activity, whilst activity, and post activity. Observation The observation will do during the process and after the process ofteaching learning activity.

During the process, the researcher observes thesituation of the class and the ability of the students in speaking. The students seemto enjoy the technique using simulation. Post-test is administered in order to know the result of the applicationof simulation in speaking ability. The analysis do my english research proposal the result of the achievement on. Reflection Reflection is a term that to a post test.

The present classroomaction study is do my english research proposal into 2 cycles and each cycle consists of 4 interconnectedsessions.

Reflection is during the post activities of each session.

Atthe end of action, their mastery will be tested to know ether their mastery itgetting better or improve. The result of the read more whole reflections of post test incycle I are used as and basis to plan the actions in do my english research proposal II much better.

There are some instruments that are used in this study in obtaining the data,namely Lesson Plan The lesson plan is prepared in order to have a clear description ofwhat to be done in classroom.

It is a guideline for the teacher in conducting everysteps of the teaching plan. This lesson plan also will help teachers organize their. It will help the teacher think through the best way do my english research proposal present theinformation to the students. The pre test is conducted before thetreatment is carried out to know the students prior knowledge on speaking. The questionnaire contains some items andthe questionnaire is distributed to all the end of the cycle.

Quantitative data are obtained from the result of click to see more test. The dataare collected through administering IR and post-tests. These data are presented in. While the qualitative data areobtained from non-number data taken from observation during the treatments, thequestionnaire is administered at the end of cycle 1 respectively. Therefore, there are considerably three kinds of raw scored which areobtained for the present class action study, those are: 1.

The mean scores in reflection or post-tests for both cycle Iand cycle II. The computing formula above is adopted from Heaton Themeans of IR scores and post-test scores are calculated and computed. The grandmean of cycle I and cycle II is finally computed and compared. The grand mean of both cycles, cycle I and cycle II, is calculated bytotaling the means of the scores in each cycle and then divide by four.

The amountof the difference between the two means show increasing effectiveness of cycle Iand cycle II. This occurs because cycle II is the revised version cycle I. Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Teaching by Principle: An Interactive Approach to Language Pedagogy. New York: LongmanHarmer, Jeremy. The Practice of English Language Teaching. Teaching Listening and Speaking. United Kingdom: Cambridge University PressSchollaert, Do my english research proposal. Belgium: The Author and Grant Publisher.

PROPORSAL ON TEACHING STRATEGIES TO IMPROVE READING COMPREHENSION SKILLS IN E Action research presentation on Reading comprehension. Public clipboards featuring this slide.

Save the most important slides with Clipping. You just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Others can see my Clipboard.

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