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I was looking for cleaner ways to filter a string in Java 8. I figured this would be easy as Java has lambdas nicely woven into the APIs, and String instances are already immutable so it seemed like a home-run. A Java Cheap blog post editing services gb returns an IntStream from the chars method, so at some point there has to be a conversion to a Character - this means boxing and unboxing, somewhere. I was looking for trivial amounts of conceptual noise - something I could stare at and process, quickly.

Maybe Python was the right thing, after all? So I tried embedding Jython the Python language implementation on the JVM. Some people liked it, alright? I learned a lot from this example, too. I hate having to remember which packages on each new operating system install. I keep a small script called josh-env. The script does two things: it contributes important environment variables typically the environment variables I use to run builds, as I might on the CI server that are themselves version controlled, and it records the contents of my Homebrew and Homebrew Cask installations into text files and then git commit and git push those files if the contents have changed.

Naturally, this script needs to be run at somepoint. It might be as simple as: I keep everything heavy weight inside of Dropbox, so that restores naturally. I keep all code inside Github, and those restore naturally. This ensures that the remaining personalizations to my environment are recorded and restored click the following article well.

Why is this useful? Well, reusing funny content on Twitter for posts to Google Hangouts is my use case. Perhaps there are others. I need some recommendations for worthy alternatives to Dropbox.

I have an old with my esl phd essay on usa card on file with Dropbox. So, I logged into the website on iOS and tried to change my Credit Card and it gave me a cryptic message saying there was an error. I thought it might just be shite JavaScript and so tried it on Chrome on the Desktop.

It happened, however, that I was in Germany at the time I was trying to update my credit card. So, after I made them promise me nothing would be lost if i briefly downgraded, I went ahead and did it.

Logged in to the site, and Or any credit card! All this after a week of emails back and forth and an hour or two trying to fiddle with the credit card dialog. They can seamlessly sync my files to all manner of devices, anywhere in the world, but updating the country in the credit card dialog?

So, what can you recommend? Please let me know on Twitter Note: I was recently asked about CQRS and its role in buiilding microservices. I threw together an email - high level, devoid of specific technologies like Spring Cloud Stream, Axon, or Eventuate that looks at some of the patterns for connecting distributed systems. I figure I may as well share it here, briskly edited.

I believe CQRS to be one though, interesting dimension tot he challenge of modeling distributed state. The challenge is, given that microservices stand up APIs in front of data, how do we connect these datasets?

How do we get services to agree upon distributed state? One way to introduce a gradient is temporal decoupling, or just time. Use messaging to introduce temporal decoupling. Hack Cheap blog post editing services gb by introducing the gradient of time. A compensatory transaction must be idempotent; the system must be able to retyr the compensatory transaction until it succeeds. The Saga pattern was defined in the 80s to model long-running transactions.

Naturally, a network gap - algorithmically - looks the same as time so it applies perfectly to distributed systems work today. CQRS: is a more sophisticated version of eventual consistency. It recognizes that reads are intrinsically different from writes and encourages a division of the models used to support them.

The technology used to report on data could be optimized for that task fast-read data grids like Geode or Redis where the tech used for writes might be optimized for that a curriculum canada writers website vitae professional DB like Neo4J or PostgreSQL.

If the read and the write databases are distinct then the logical consequence is that they must be synchronized, and this usually involves introducing messaging eventual consistency. This is where you get into event sourcing. An event store holds stacked events think of them like layers on a git file system and whenever a new record is introduced a message is published on the bus for all interested consumers who then update their own internal read cache of the data.

Clients talk to the API, not the data itself, and the API can hide the nuances of whether the data is being read from Geode or written to MongoDB. The microservice only knows about the data in its domain, of course, so we need to solve the problem of composing data best rhetorical analysis essay editor service for masters different sources in a transactional way.

CQRS is a logical fit here, especially with event sourcing. This was my first Craft Conf. I have been invited every year since the debut and check this out always had to decline in order to make the Great Indian Developer Summit a great show to be sure! This year, I finally remembered to give it a shot and I am so glad I did!

I met many of my heroes and heroines and see many old friends all in one dense, information packed show. The content was cheap blog post editing services gb, the endless Nespresso and beer made the occasional intermissions go over well, and incredibly! It was a genuinely good show. First, the electricity for the room I was in failed. Unfortunately, this meant that while the engineers spent the first 25 minutes of my 40 minute slot trying to get the stage lighting and display working, I was left on stage just chatting with the audience.

I tried to make up for it, later, in a smaller supposedly check this out workshop which seemed to go over alright. The first session was 40 minutes. The later session was to be a hands-on session of 90 minutes. I was told I could repeat the earlier talk then, which I did. I hope it resonated with people. Also, I was really keen on finally meeting Kyle Cheap blog post editing services gbauthor of the Call Me Maybe series of blogs that disect the availability, partitionability and consistency qualities of distributed systems in excruciating, hilarious detail.

Unfortunately, he fell ill with an ear infection before boarding his flight for Budapest. Obviously, I wish him a speedy recovery and look forward to cheap blog post editing services gb his streamed presentation this Saturday in the AM PST time.

Follow him on Twitter for more! In the meantime, though, I am very excited to be returning to San Francisco where I live! The amazing Pieter Hintjens is not well. He leads the ZeroMQ projectwrote a few booksand did a lot of great videos.

I was in Paris the week of March 22nd,with customer meetings and meetups in both Brussels, Belgium and Paris, France scheduled.

Indeed, I arrived in Paris, and was due to travel, by trainthe morning of March 22nd,to speak with customers and to appear at a meetup that evening. I woke up in the morning, in Paris, to a barrage of tweets and text messages from concerned family and colleagues some of cheap blog post editing services gb may as well be family ; the unspeakable had happened.

Earlier that morning, terrorists, cowards, attacked the Brussels station and murdered dozens of innocent people. I was encouraged to stay in Paris. My customers understandably evacuated their local staff and sent them home. We rescheduled the in-person meetup and directed all the would-be attendees to join us for a remote webinar which was well-received. I was not among the victims of that horrific day.

I was safe, far away, in Paris, France. I was due to travel there, though. I know, logically, that I was never at risk because of the schedule. It disturbs me that it was as simple as the schedule: my travel was scheduled eight hours later. Http:// am so very fortunate.

I am so very sad those lost were lost. I am so sorry. Nothing can make right what happened. Dear terrorists, greetings from Belgium! You can shake us but you will never break us ilovebelgium pic. And then came the big day when I was to board a flight from Los Angeles to Russia, via China. It was a long-haul flight but I was excited. I got to the airport late as I was stuck in traffic in Los Angeles.

It was so frustrating. I called my travel agent and explained the situation and - miraculously - the agent with whom I was speaking found a route that left later, got me there earlier and was cheaper! I had her book it! Not Novosibirsk, the destination city. Was there a flight that connected from Moscow? It was equivalent to landing in Los Angeles when I had a meeting in New York City where the timezone was three visit web page ahead.

It was the wrong flight and it was too late to find an alternative flight, Star Alliance or not. This was so very frustrating and I wish the essay popular ghostwriters for university sites personal had been different. I am sorry, and I hope that, next time, things are better.

I recently got a new machine and did a brew cask install intellij-idea and then quickly went to a dozen different customer meetings.

I was given two interesting replies. On the next restart, I was prompted to confirm acceptance one last timeand then not since have I had to confirm it. Spring Boot is a convention-over-configuration centric approach to application development with Spring. There are code-generators that make this easy.

The Node-ecosystem tool yo offers a code-generator called generator-jhipster. The cheap blog post editing services gb generated with JHipster are web applications built using Maven, Spring, and Angular. The Groovy-language ecosystem codegenerator Lazy Bones can code-generate Spring Boot applications for you, as well. For me, nothing beats the Spring Initializr. You might make sure to specify Java 1. This is a safe first-application.

Many people will know what to do with the default, a Maven Project. This will be importable into any IDE, straight-Eclipse, IntelliJ Community or UltimateNetBeans, etc. Click Generate to download a an archive. Unzip it and then import it into your favorite IDE as a Maven project.

We base STS on the latest-and-greatest cut cheap blog post editing services gb the Eclipse Java EE distribution, so it represents a stable, well-integrated distibution of Eclipse.

The Spring Tool Suite provides extra tools and niceties. One such nicety is a dialog within the IDE that acts as a front for the Spring Initializr. Each guide is backed by a Github repository that demonstrates the finished project as well as provides a cheap blog post editing services gb template that you can fill out when completing the guide.

This saves you the git cloneand IDE-import. A community member was a little unclear on the role of Spring Integration adapters, gateways, and channels. Data goes in one side of the tunnel, comes out the other. That is, messages either come in from the outside world beyond the memory cheap blog post editing services gb of your Spring Integration flow or they leave the Spring Integration flow for some external system or component also beyond the memory space of your Spring Integration flow.

Once a message comes in, via an inbound adapter, it flows from one component to another via channel s. Cheap blog post editing services gb, it might be appropriate to write that message out somewhere. You can write the message using an outbound adapter. A gateway is just like an adapter, except that it can take replies.

So, for example, perhaps a message comes in via JMS, and it has specified a JMS destination to which replies should be sent. The example above can be thought of as an inbound gateway. I worry about them when: I want to make parts of the flow have different concurrency characteristics, when I want to make sure that the transit of messages in the system itself is durable for example, by cheap blog post editing services gb out the java.

Queue-ish default channel for something that delegates to JMS for persistenceor when I want to insert auditing logic in a central place around cheap blog post editing services gb channel through which messages flow is a great place for that sort of thing. Just specify a name where a channel reference is expected.

As long as the names are the same, Spring Integration will create the beans for you at runtime and connect wire everything up for you. In related news: check out this amazing video by Spring Integration lead Gary Russell on using the Spring Integration Java configuration API and DSL. A reader recently protested that he felt he had to use Maven. Maven just cheap blog post editing services gb to be what most of the developer cheap blog post editing services gb is using, for better or for worse.

Almost 4 years ago. We have far more up-to-date guides on, for example, Maven cheap homework editor websites toronto Gradle. If you want direct downloads, please check out our Artifactory serverand have a look at the Spring Repository FAQ If you want a VERY quick starter for Spring MVC and everything else, via Spring Bootgoto the Spring Initialzr cheap biography ghostwriting gb, choose the "Web" checkbox, then choose "Generate.

From there, just start coding! Eclipse, IntelliJ, and NetBeans all have great support for Maven. Our free, open-source Eclipse distribution, Spring Tool Suite STShas nice support for Gradle.

This also includes a look at some of the tools STS provides to manage Maven for you. You should just be able to write code and have it bring the correct libraries in for you, automatically. Please click for source nice thing about working with Spring Boot "starter" dependencies like org. In this case, that one dependency brings in all the important bits from Spring MVC, JSON support, file upload support, embedded Tomcat, and a lot more.

Just add that dependency and add a simple REST controller and you can run it, as shown in that aforementioned video. This approach should hopefully represent a much simpler workflow for using Maven or Gradle. I landed on Sunday, gave myself a day to recover from any jet lag.

The jetlag sorted itself off within a few days but left me very, very tired the day of a my webinar for the SpringSourceDev YouTube channel. When we on the Spring team give cheap blog post editing services gb, we do two of them - one for those in Europe and the middle-east and another for north America.

The hope is that this presents an opportunity for developers around cheap blog post editing services gb world to join the fun. I called downstairs and asked what happened: they were changing ISPs! I ran down the hallway, descended and implored whoever could help to please help me. The lobby had a separate network, so I connected and presented my first webinar in the middle of a Marriot lobby as people walked by, talking, laughing, screaming.

I came bearing messages of Spring 4 and Spring Boot. The talks seemed to draw cheap blog post editing services gb large crowd and it was clear that people are very interested in both, especially in so far as you can use the Spring 4 technologies inside of Spring Boot.

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy and healthy new year. I hope you spent it with family and friends, and maybe a good piece of code on your mind. For others, not so much.

Was sort of strange to see this series of Tweets this morning:. Check out the various Getting Started guides for more on Spring Boot itself. Spring Boot exposes great metadata about the application from HTTP when you depend on the spring-boot-starter-actuator. Now, with M6, you can access that same information and more! To enable it, you must also add cheap blog post editing services gb spring-boot-starter-shell-remote and.

If you want use the same user and password from both SSH and HTTP, create a file application. Welcome to another installment of This Week in Spring! Dave SyerAlvaro Videlaand Andy Piper. Looking forward to seeing you at any of these places! Ping me on Twitter starbuxman if you want to talk Spring, the cloud, big data and anyting else! One personal highlight of Oredev, for me, personally? I got to meet Randall Munroecreator of XKCD!

I cheap blog post editing services gb got to hug him. Spring 4 cheap blog post editing services gb see some core types in Spring Integration be promoted to the core Spring framework. These types - in a new spring-messaging module - deal with common messaging idioms like a message org. Messagea message channel org. MessageChannel and message headers org.

MessageHeaders This eventually implies a common foundation for messaging abstractions across the various Spring projects. I suspect in Spring Integration 4.

Right now, this gives us the ability to talk about first class support for web. Spring core and web ninja Rossen Stoyanchev talks at length about some of this stuff in this blog post, Spring Framework 4. The easiest way by far is to simply run mvn jetty:run in the same directory as the pom.

The Value of Streaming Processing and Spring XD. He nicely explains some of the applications of in-memory computing. While all his points were good, I was really happy to see him touch on stream processing as a use case.

I also think that in-memory databases are important use case… for today. They solve a specific use case that everyone readily understands, i. I do, however, think that the long term growth for in-memory computing will come from streaming use cases. Streaming processing is typically characterized by a massive rate at which events are coming into a system. For a typical 30 seconds sliding processing window we are dealing with 3, events shifting byevery second which have to be individually indexed, continuously processed in real-time and eventually stored.

The only feasible way to sustain this load and corresponding business processing is to use in-memory computing technology. So we strongly believe that in-memory computing will reign supreme in streaming processing. I like the way Michael E.

Driscoll medriscollCEO at Metamarkets, put it: Spring Integration makes it dead simple to integrate with various messaging systems JMS, AMQP, STOMP, MQTT, websockets, Twitter, Kafka, etc. In Spring Integration, Message s flow from one component - a splitter, cheap blog post editing services gb routeran aggregatora transformeretc. Cheap blog post editing services gb are decoupled in that they communicate only through Message s.

Message s in turn have headers - a map of metadata about the payload - and a payload. Spring Batch has great support for managing the state and orchestration of long-running, data-centric jobs. It cheap blog post editing services gb the ability to work with a variety of systems cheap blog post editing services gb input and output is most efficiently done in batch.

Spring Batch supports the notion of job s, which are composed of a sequence of steps. Each step can optionally read data, optionally process, and optionally write data. So, for example: one step might read data lots of data!

Data integrationor stream processingor ingestionetc. As Nikita points out, with data storage options so cheap these days, we can record as much data as we want. The real question is: how do we process it?

How do we cheap blog post editing services gb value out of it? How do you integrate with other systems - online systems, warehouses, reporting? Cheap blog post editing services gb do you accommodate the ingest of new data even in the face of a tidal data deluge? To esl descriptive essay ghostwriters site kingdom this here, you need data processing support extraction, transformation, and loading and a event- and messaging-centric programming model to stitch together otherwise decoupled components in distributed, messaging-centric workflows.

This is where Spring XD comes in. Spring XD is a new project in the cheap blog post editing services gb processing space. It builds on the strengths of Spring BatchSpring Integrationcheap blog post editing services gb Spring Data and Spring for Hadoop to ghostwriters mba for site cheap this new generation of challenges.

A source is some point of entry, like a database, syslog, HDFS, etc. A sink represents the place where the data ultimately gets written to. You can put in processors along the stream to process, transform, and audit the data. In the integration world, the closest analog is a wire tap. Roy Clarkson royclarkson and I gave a talk at SpringOne2GX in which we talked about building REST services with an eye towards consuming those services on mobile platforms like Android and iOS.

This talk demonstrates the progressive cheap blog post editing services gb of an application using Spring MVC, Spring HATEOAS, Spring Data REST, Spring Security, Spring Security OAuth, and Spring Android.

I am pulling this blog together to introduce how we used the ActionBar Sherlock project in the sample application. There is nothing here related to Spring, but I thought the whole process was hard enough that some notes might help someone else. From the documentationthe ActionBar : The ActionBar, pictured above in an image from the Google documentation, provides a sort of hub cheap blog post editing services gb interaction UIs like menus, toolbars, etc.

The ActionBar API android. ActionBarhowever, is only available in Android API level 11 and greater. There is a sort of backwards compatible API called the Android Support Library android. ActionBar that works with versions lower than API level ActionBarSherlock is an extension cheap problem solving editing site usa cheap blog post editing services gb support library designed to facilitate the use of the action bar design pattern across all versions of Android with esl editing for hire usa single API.

So, it provides a clean API that wraps and adapts to existing implementations if available, and otherwise does a remarkable job simulating the effect in older versions of the platform, all with no change to your code. All of this works in a consistent way on the ActionBar. On devices that support the hardware Menu button, this menu is available using that button.

Otherwise it shows up as shown here, as part of the ActionBar. The sample application uses Android Fragment s to make the layout more dynamic inside of a single Activityso in practice there is only one Activity that needs to extend the SherlockFragmentActivity class. To use the ActionBar, an Activity should extend one of the ActionBar Sherlock-provided Activity instances. This way, you get a reference to the ActionBar via the getActionBar method.

Below, I demonstrate how to setup a search field in the application. The Activity onCreateOptionsMenu Menu callback method gives you a pointer to the menu reference which you may use to add menu items.

I had to go through some fits to make the Android build work perfectly as the ActionBar Sherlock project is delivered as an Android. Check out the build file for the nitty gritty. Importantly, the code lives in the code directory. The modules in the web folder in respective order, demonstrate the evolution of a simple REST service which incorporates hypermedia, Spring Data repositories and OAuth security. The social module demonstrates how to build an OAuth client that consumes the service.

The project is all, at the moment, Maven based, though moving to Gradle seems imminent as that is the Google-endorsed route for Android builds. We used up-to-date cheap blog post editing services gb of major libraries in our build file, linked for reference. Up-to-date and sometimes bleeding edge. The Android application uses the Spring Android project, which - basically - provides an API compatible implementation of the RestTemplate found in Spring core. This, of course, means that we can use the Spring Social-powered OAuth client in the social module in our Android application.

So, we get this rather dramatic stanza: These dependencies can be hard to find. Use the mvn dependency:tree command to see where things are being imported transitively.

Spring Security, another library whose top level types we wanted on the CLASSPATHalso required exclusion elements because it drags in Spring core.

I cheap blog post editing services gb to use the Spring HATEOAS ResourceLinktypes. These types are used as representations of various entities in REST responses that are sometimes rendered as XML using JAXB, they could not please click for source loaded in Android!

So, I had to copy those types locally and mirror the package structure and remove the offending annotations. Hopefully I can clean this up going forward. Also, have you seen the amazing news? We just released Spring Bootwhich makes it dead simple to do application development with Spring. A working REST application its entirety! Have you booked your tickets for SpringOne2GX? In my work as the Spring Developer Advocate, I speak at many conferences all around the world.

Check out the agenda. If I had to pay for just one show a year, this would be that show. Hurry the early bird rate expires this friday! The idea is many-pronged. There are even more expedient setup processes for well-known SaaS providers like Google Accounts Google Calendar, Gmail, Tasks, GTalk, etc.

You could also see reminders, notes, email, etc. I use them at both Pivotal and for my personal e-mail. So, I set up Mail. Mail is a fine application, but it just felt underpowered. Mailbox, for those of you who follow the news, is a mail client for iOS that makes it dead simple to blaze through a lot of e-mail using gestures.

When I started using it, there was no easy to way to accept calendar invites. Forwarding email go here still a nightmare. So is word wrapping in the compose e-mail panel. They even setup a waiting list stretching into the ,s. When I signed up, I was permitted to start using it within a month. Because most people get a lot of e-mail and all the other e-mail solutions are designed with one-by-one inspection and processing workflows content proofreading service online mind.

All of these talking to my two Google Gmail e-mail accounts. Typing and reading that still shocks me. Anyway, e-mail on Apple devices tangent aside, I really quite like the rest of the setup: Apple Reminders. Just set up the appropriate services when setting up the Google accounts and Probiotikum custom content ghostwriters service toronto haben should all work out of the box.

One problem I encountered when working with Calendar and Reminders is that it would some times stop syncing. Then, doing your best Windows shutdown theme hum, reboot.

Re-enable everything and it should start working again. The easiest way to fix this is to pick on service capable of storing notes and reminders and just stick with it, disabling the rest. For me, this is my personal GMail account. Many languages have a sense of "idiomatic" code: code that embraces the norms of that language.

These idioms can often reflect the opinions of the language themselves: functional vs. Java, on the other hand, debuted more as a simpler version of existing norms, rather than an opinion motivating people in any one direction. There have been many texts published over the years espousing Java style. This directory has a good listing of several style guides.

If you want very well structured code, then I can recommend no finer a guide than the Spring framework code itself.

The Spring framework is legendary for having a REALLY great codebase. It routinely scores high on code quality tests. This is because Juergen Hoellerlead of the Spring framework, is notorious for ensuring a VERY consistent look and feel to the Spring framework. ALL the Spring projects follow his basic style and approach. My colleague Oliver Gierke also has a great post on this anomaly, as well as a proper definition on his blog.

Basically, you declare a class that implements org. WebApplicationInitializer and this class will be scanned by Spring on application startup and bootstrapped. ServiceConfiguration presumably describes how the service tier - with its data sources and transaction managers and thread pools and ORM mapping - are assembled.

The WebMvcConfiguration class describes how the web tier - supported by Spring MVC - is put together. We use the ServletContext to build up the web application. But, a lot of this is procedural. We will have basically the same arrangement each time, simply plugging in different values as required.

To use it, you cheap blog post editing services gb extend it and satisfy fill in the blinks in the form of template methods. I had to override the cheap blog post editing services gb ServletRegistration. Dynamic instance so I could tailor where file uploads are stored by the Servlet 3 container, which I do in the customizeRegistration method.

The rest of the code is fairly straightforward: Spring registers the Filter s provided by the getServletFilters method, it registers the configuration classes returned from the getRootConfigurationClasses as part of a global ContextLoaderListenerand it registers the configuration classes returned from the getServletFilters as part of the DispatcherServlet.

This reflects the typical layering in most Spring applications: global beans and services cheap blog post editing services gb are potentially to be shared among multiple DispatcherServlet implementations are stored in the ContextLoaderListenerand DispatcherServlet -local beans are configured there.

My web configuration class is shown below. The video of my webinar on. The webinar is basically a whirwind tour of Spring MVC, Spring HATEOAS for HypermediaSpring Data REST for conventions-oriented REST endpoints cheap blog post editing services gb by Spring Data repositoriesSpring Security and Spring Security OAuth to lock down the API, and Spring Social to consume the OAuth API in a clean, consistant manner from Java and Android. The code is available at on my SlideShare account vote it up if you like it!

Nice to see that Paypal are building more HATEOAS-friendly Cheap blog post editing services gb. Limitations of Android Dependency Injection Solutions. A question that I often in my work as the Spring Developer Advocate at SpringSource is: How do I do dependency injection in Android? First, Android controls all the important objects in an Android application including the Activity instances. Normally, Spring instantiates an object "bean" -satisfying any constructor injections required - and then attempts to satisfy any injection sites on fields field injection and through methods setter injection.

This cheap blog post editing services gb some fragile state management and explicit dependencies on the dependency injection container that is akin to the sort of hacks required to use Spring inside of EJB 2. At a minimum - it requires invasive code in the heart of your business logic components. Second, reflection has historically been very slow on Android and any constrained environment, including the original PCs that debuted Java in ! A lot of this has improved in recent years, but nonetheless solutions that favor compile-time weaving or other solutions that minimize reflection are preferable.

With all of these limitations in mind, I still personally like Daggerfrom Square. Dagger provides a JSR compliant dependency injection container and so - in theory - you could run JSR compliant Spring code on Android. It relies on a Java agent that changes the code at compile time, inserting code that eliminates the need for costly, or sometimes impossible, reflection.

The simplest way to get started with it is to create a module class. This class is annotated with the Module annotation. The nice thing is that if you get it wrong, you get a compile-time error! When Dagger sees Injectit attempts to instantiate an instance of the bean using the default, no-args constructor and then inject it at the injection site.

However, not all beans can be provided this way. What if we only want one, and only one, instance a singleton? What if we want to inject values into a third party bean where it would be impractical to attempt to update the code with Inject annotations? For all these scenarios, you can explicitly wire up the bean definitions using provider methods in your module, like this: The Provides -annotated methods work as expected: you construct an object in a method and the value returned is made available for consumption through injection in other beans by type s, as it also creates a binding between any interfaces implemented by the bean.

We use this to our advantage when we create the CustomerService bean. In some cases, there may be many types that satisfy the requirement and so you can use a Qualifier -annotated meta-annotation, like InjectAndroidApplicationContextto specify which instance you want. Here, we annotate the Crm argument in the provideCustomerService method with InjectAndroidApplicationContext.

By using the same annotation at the provider method as well as at the site of the injection, we establish a unique binding. Crm for cheap blog post editing services gb application class in my AndroidManifest.

As I mentioned earlier, key components in an Android application, like the Application subclass, are instantiated, managed and destroyed by Android itself. Instead, we need to insert Dagger in a place that cheap blog post editing services gb can capture a reference to that Application instance. We do this in our onCreate method in our Application instance. Here, in the onCreate method we assemble the various module classes - including our CrmModule - that we want to instantiate and use it to create an objectGraph.

Cheap blog post editing services gb our onCreate method we create the CrmModule passing in a reference to this which can then be used in a provide method in our module so that we can easily cheap blog post editing services gb an Android application Application instance which in turn provides a Contextwhich is a very useful sort of god object in Android applications wherever we use Dagger for dependency injection.

Here is such a base-class. The code simply obtains the current Application instance the Application subclass, Crmwhich we know has a pointer to the current, stashed, ObjectGraph instance, and then uses the ObjectGraph inject Object method to have Dagger scan the object given as an argument and satisfy any dependencies.

This blog cheap blog post editing services gb demonstrated how to use Dagger in the context of Android. For another look at how to use Dagger, check out the Dagger on the Square site which focuses on Dagger, generically.

Multi Client Development with Spring. The talk will be geared towards developing modern web applications that are REST-centric using Spring, Spring MVC, Spring Android, and Spring Mobile. If we have time, we could go into even more detail on other technologies like Spring Security and Spring Security OAuth.

I hope to see you guys there as it figures to be a fun time!. On a related note, I will have my pal Andy Piper in tow. There is the base configuration style, and - as we saw - there are annotations like EnableWebMvc that turn on container-wide, and often conventions-oriented features.

In the case of EnableWebMvcthe annotation enables Spring MVC and turns on support for correctly exposing Controller -annotated beans as HTTP endpoints. Java configuration APIs of the same style as EnableWebMvc can often optionally implement interfaces that are used to contribute, change, or otherwise tailor the API. Most Spring projects today offer beta-or-better APIs that work in this same manner. Spring Batch provides a solution for batch processing. It lets you describe jobs, which themselves have steps, which read input from some please click for source system a large RDBMS dataset, a large CSV file or XML document, etc.

Here, we define a job named flickrImportJob which in turn has one step, step1that in turn reads data using an ItemReader named photoAlbumItemReader and writes data using an ItemWriter named. Spring Social a OAuth 1. Spring Social will attempt to make the call if there is an authenticated user, and if not will prompt the user. In my last post I talked a little bit about how — at runtime — Spring beans are all just the same thing. I tried to emphasize that beans defined in any number of styles can be mixed and matched.

While the XML format will always be supported, I personally like the increasingly numerous Java-configuration centric APIs and DSLs that the Spring projects are exposing. Java configuration offers some of the strengths of both Cheap blog post editing services gb configuration and convention-oriented component scanning.

This class does a lot of things that you might recognize from the XML format. You feed this class to an instance of AnnotationConfig Web ApplicationContextwhich will scan the bean and look for methods annotated with Bean. It invokes each in turn, giving each bean the same lifecycle services as it would an XML bean, and makes the returned value from the method available for injection. Other methods may depend on it by specifying an argument of the type, optionally qualifying it with the ID, for example, using Qualifier.

The ComponentScan annotation tells Spring to register all components in the same cheap blog post editing services gb or lower as this configuration class, in this case beans annotated with Component or Service.

The PropertySource annotation tells Spring to load property values, which can then be injected with a reference to the system object called Environment. This class is too annotated Configuration.

It enables Spring MVC bean validation, file upload support, REST, etc. Typically the framework runs these callback implementing instances and uses it to tailor how it builds itself. Here, for example, we have callback methods we can implement to provide things like HttpMessageConvertersvalidation, view controllers, etc. We use ComponentScan to scan and register beans typically beans of type Controller in or below the package that the configuration class is in.

This was by no means an exhaustive look at Java configuration, but hopefully you see cheap blog post editing services gb there is a lot of convenience in this cheap blog post editing services gb. There are many Spring projects that provide idiomatic, Java configuration centric APIs and DSLs as Spring core does for building services using Spring and web applications using Spring MVC.

At runtime, Spring is just a bunch of beans. Spring provides basic services like dependency injection and lifecycle management, of course, but everything else is just a bean that can be injected, and participate in all the cheap blog post editing services gb that the container provides. One big bag of beans. To take advantage of this, all you have to do is tell Top phd essay websites ca about your beans.

If you want to build the bean in a special way, besides just using a regular no-arg constructor, you need to tell Spring what to do: use the constructor, use a factory method, etc.

Before Java 5, the natural way to describe this information to Spring in the enterprise Java landscape was XML. But, as I say, this is just a format by which Spring ingests information about your classes.

There are lots of other ways. The Groovy Bean Builder. The Spring Scala approach. At one point early on there was a property-file based approach that you could use to manage beans not from SpringSource, obviously, but still pretty novel! Some of you may remember the work being done by the XBean project before Spring 2 had official support for namespaces. Then Java 5 came out and with it annotations. We had ways for the class files to carry the metadata with them!

And very shortly after that, we saw the first annotation-centric approaches to — by convention — applying services in Spring with the Transactional annotation. Then the stereotype annotations emerged - ControllerComponentServiceetc, that — along with component scanning and Autowired — made it dead simple to register beans entirely based on convention.

Concurrently, work began on Spring Java Config. This approach predates Guice or CDI, for example. Spring Java Configuration lived on the side, as a separate project where the ideas could be fleshed out. Infor Spring 3. Remember, at runtime all of these beans exist as beans in the same, giant bag, described using the same metadata.

For this reason, Spring makes it very easy to assemble applications that employ different approaches as appropriate. Beans defined by component scanning can participate in AOP defined by Java configuration, etc.

Beans defined in Java configuration can have injected references cheap blog post editing services gb beans defined in XML. One type of stuff at runtime. I just found this video on popular essay editing for hire australia. This is a nice talk if you like performance, and could definitely inform some of the discussion on resource pipelines, mobile, and.

Some of you click the following article know that I was super sick puking my brains out in China in early January this year. This left me bed ridden and bored for 3 days. Out of utter desperation and having exhausted all the news sites and comics books and tech journals - I turned to Facebook, the anus of the internet.

A lot of the people I know on Facebook through a shared passion for technology. This makes keeping up with them a worthy endeavour because I might learn about some interesting facet of the technology world. I figured Facebook was as good an outlet as anything.

Anybody who "friend request"s me I accept. The results have been surprising. So, nothing venturd, nothing gained, in following my existing friends.

Perfect strangers, on the other hand, are wildcards. I suppose this must be obvious, but try "friending" perfect strangers. The scope of content there is thus very good. Cheap blog post editing services gb interesting thread emerged on Twitter today regarding ways to explore a problem: REPL or Unit tests? Michael Nygard mtnygard said:. This - to mine own scripting and interpreted-language friendly ears - sounds.

To wit, judsonlester replied: This also makes sense! What we have here are two competing perspectives on the same agreed upon approach: better programs result from thinking about the problem space before trying to solve it.

This whole discussion, of course, centers around whether or not your programming language of choice supports a REPL! I work principally on the JVM, particularly in Java and Scala. As Java has no REPL, it can be useful to drop into some other shell or language and use that. Groovy is great for this as it is a full featured more-than fully featured language. In the same vein, years ago, cheap blog post editing services gb was a project called BeanShellwhich provided a REPL for Java.

There was even a JSR JSR to advance the project to a standard with the expectation that it would one day be folded into the Java platform itself.

I thought it was an interesting thread. I just made the jump to JDK 7 on OSX. Anyway, just made the jump. Http:// is the first release of Java on OSX that Oracle - and not Apple - is supporitng. To make it happen, simply grab the OSX JDK from the Oracle Java SE Development Kit 7 Downloads page.

It all just worked! Nicely done, Oracle for once! Update if, for example, you wanted to remove JDK 7, this article might help. Oh, did I mention that you could also win a free ticket to SpringOne2GX ? I just found this amazing graphic visualizing the Hadoop ecosystem in Datameer on the Cloudera blog. March 14th,called. Multi Client Development with Spring and Spring MVC. Be sure to register now and bring questions, ideas, etc.

Spring offers for building best-of-breed web-centric, RESTful applications. He routinely gives this talk, often updating it as new technologies emerge. More often than not, Spring MVC and Grails emerge as leaders. These sorts of talks of course never have a conclusive winner, but, as I say, more often than not, Grails and Spring MVC emerge near - or at - the top of the stack in terms of community, ease of use, lines of code, performance, features, etc.

For a very detailed dissection of performance, you might check out this talk comparing web framework performance. Hey guys I put up a post on the SpringSource blog. Spring at China Scale: Alibaba Group Alipay, Taobao, and Tmall which details some of the stuff I learned when I visited TaoBao, TMall, Alipay, etc.

TL;DR : In your Spring MVC controller handler method, make sure that the BindingResult argument is immediately after the command or model argument.

Ran into something of an odd behavior in my Spring MVC application:. The following code works fine: requests come in and if there are request attributes whose names map to JavaBean-style properties on the SignInAttempt POJO, an instance of that POJO is created cheap blog post editing services gb populated with the values from the request.

This POJO is then made available in the Spring MVC controller methods that depend on them, like this one below. If there is a JSR Valid annotation on the POJO, as in this case, Spring MVC will validate that the POJO itself complies with the constraints.

Thus, all of the following configurations will fail with an exception. So, takeaway and rule of thumb: all model object arguments must be succeeded by a.

BindingResult in your Spring MVC request handler method. Today I was fortunate enough to learn from Dr. Nic as he introduced his open source utility, bosh-boostrapwhich makes shortwork of the chores of setting up and deploying BOSH and Cloud Foundry on AWS. BOSH is the orchestration manager for the underlying IaaS component - vSphere, Amazon Web Services or Open Stack. BOSH in turn knows about releasesthe makeup of some distributed this web page, like Cloud Foundry.

Cloud Foundry in turn has lots of moving parts and components, like PostgreSQL, and NATS - the Cloud Foundry cheap blog post editing services gb queue.

Since BOSH deploys its own cheap admission paper writers services for school of components like PostgreSQL, there is a lot of compiling. This process takes a few hours with Dr.

Most of that, happily, is just wait time as you wait for things to compile and upload or download. BOSH is very flexible, and overwhelming.

Anyway, feel free to ping Dr. Nic or me on Twitter if you have questions. It was really cool to see it all startup and then be able to deploy cheap blog post editing services gb to it. The utility will leave cheap blog post editing services gb with 5 very expensive nodes on Amazon Web Services as well as a lot of configured storage. I got the application presented here on. This whole conversation just struck me as being really funny.

So, I shall shamelessly re-post it here. My amazing adventure in Shanghai, China is almost up. I return home to the US on January 31, and must wind down time dissertation introduction editor websites london. As part of that, I need to finish my amazing stash.

And yes, before you ask, that really is the bedspread they gave me at this hotel in Shanghai. This, I think, is a sweet spot for C. IMHO, there are very few domains that truly need to be in C the whole way through. Some very notable exceptions are systems level components like operating systems Linux or UIs like GNOME, of course.

Mark makes a great point about how to integrate C libraries and modules. He suggests Here sucks, and to use messaging. I am a big fan of messaging. Fundamentally, successful use of messaging and successful use of JNI both require the same thing: you need to simplify the exported API drastically.

There is some black magic in that library! If the C code dies, the messaging system absorbs the requests until another node running the C code can pick up the slack. On the other hand, if you really are using C for performance, then messaging introduces at least a network hop, not to mention another component in the system, and you might lose any gains you made by writing it in C. In this case, it is possible to use write stable, well-behaved JNI or native extensions, but this again requires keeping the surface area small and understanding the pre-conditions nad post-conditions.

I tried to look at my past stays so that I could, in theory, get a reference number and then ask for a folio for my expense reports. I logged into the website and was presented with a java. I have been super sick these last two days.

It has been ugly! Submitted for 3 conferences, replied to a backlog of holiday emails, caught up on some reading, setup VPN for my Android phone and iPad thanks to boxpn. In short: I recommend people take more sick days if they want to catch up on work. I just wanted to state the cheap blog post editing services gb I wish you all a wonderful and happy new year, and hope your has been as awesome as can be. Just bought some ramen at the store.

I love that it comes with a serving bowl. But now I do. The Chinese think of everything! In related news, I woke up to rain today. And, when the SpringSource team and I were in Beijing for SpringOne Beijing we routinely hit temperatures of -8 or -9C. I much prefer the cold to the hot mugginess of a humid summer, however, so I suppose this will just have to do. Christmas was such a trip here in China. And, shop they do. Last year, inthe average affluent Chinese spent the holiday abroad and - in England, for example, spent pounds for the holiday avergage.

By comparison, the average wealthy Englishman spent or so pounds. What an amazing phenomenon. I think we all agree that charity is OK. The tension comes when we try to qualify for whom charity is appropriate. So, when I discovered a former colleague - Ron Haberle himself a cancer survivor - had started a source to support and help kids with cancer.

I donated and - since no amount I could possibly donate would be enough - I ask you to consider donating, to this or something else. Had an odd encounter today. They tend cheap blog post editing services gb be drowned out in the throngs of locals.

I love the locals! Still, it was not very surprising to learn. By click, the US grantsgreen cards every year. Go here chatted for a moment and then I realized he was French!

Then I started thinking about it. In the hotel when I first arrived. At a few different cafes, and now there, on the metro -- all French! What does this mean? I have no idea. Just relaying a curious observation.

What a wonderful, small world. The results are impressive though, so this is very cool. The first introduction to him that I had was through the music of his daughters on Concert for George Harrisona tribute concert to honor the late Beatle.

From there, I explored his other music and in particular his influence on the Beatles and really have a lot of respect for the man. He was an amazingly talented musician, and all walks of music owe him a debt of gratitude. I just finished SpringOne China over the weekend. The show was absolutely amazing and the attendees were, as usual, the highlight of the show. It was such an honor to meet so many wonderful people. We finished SpringOne China over the weekend and are today. The shows have been really amazing!

I arrived in Shanghai on Sunday, December 2 at aroundand was received by a hotel chauffeur who. This morning, I woke up early, checked my email, went to the office and - with the help of people at the office - found a service apartment.

A service cheap blog post editing services gb, of course, is sort of like a long-term hotel, but short term relative to the typical duration of a cheap blog post editing services gb apartment or home.

Kind of like an idealized hostel in most European cities:. Apparently singers here make more from ringtones than they might from actual record sales.

Curiously, Shanghai is completely dolled up for Christmas. This is most evident in the marketplaces. For a country that has a statistically insignificant population of Christians, this place sure does Christmas decorations well! Anyway, will continue tracking my progress as time permits on this blog. For now onward to SpringOne! If you can read this in China, feel free to reach me at josh at joshlong dot com.

Beautiful and fun during the day. Downright amazing at 3am. I found a nice application on Cloud Foundry that enumerates the. This issue is fixed in the latest releases, however, versions, 1. The error looks like this:. IllegalStateException: No value for key [Mongo: localhost] bound to thread [ qtp]. Hat tip to the one go here only Cheap blog post editing services gb Gierke for helping me with this!

I had a really good - if exhausting! I also enjoyed running the Spring BOF, though I wish it had been held a little earlier in the evening!

The trip from Sofia, Bulgaria - where I was a speaker in the Cloud Foundry Open Tour event in Sofia, Bulgaria - was harrowing, to say the least!

I left Sofia, flew to Frankfurt, then took my connection to Brussels, which meant I still had a 40 minute train ride cheap blog post editing services gb Antwerp. From there, I ran to the hotel, found a cab then raced to get to Devoxx in time to run the Spring BOF. It only got crazier as the week rolled on. This show is also one of the best on earth to connect with friends and users of the Spring framework from all around the world.

We were so busy on the SpringSource and Cloud Foundry teams that I - at least - had only a few wonderful Belgian beers this time! I have been watching a couple of your videos on YouTube, and I have some questions that are decidedly remedial, which I recognize, but i am also having trouble getting answer to them. I am not a developer - I have cheap blog post editing services gb a bunch of Wordpress sites, and have built sites with Dreamweaver, leveraging CSS and basic functionality.

I understand the basics of HTML web development, and have even built a. NET application using Visual Studio. But I am not a developer - you could call me a hobbyist and have some nominal experience around building websites using HTML and Dreamweaver.

However, I am running into more and more situations where knowing how to write real web applications will be beneficial I have installed the latest rev of STS, signed up for CloudFoundry, even configured the micro cloud on my macbook A few points: he is referring to the SpringSourceDev YouTube channelwhere I have a few videos and where you can find a slew of content from other great presenters on all things SpringSource.

Additionally, I omitted his name from this email. So, what we have here is an essentially tech-minded, but not particularly advanced, developer looking to take the plunge into the wide world of web development, and he wants to get started with Cloud Foundry. This is an awesome and increasingly common occurence. Cloud Foundry gives an outlet to all the people and departments that want to get things on the web and in production quickly. This happens a lot with what Patrick Chanezon and others refer to as situational applications.

An important tool is the vmc command line tool. Setup the personal statement writing services nyc anschliesst and interact with the command and. Here are some docs on getting. If you have cheap blog post editing services gb. STS is a free, Eclipse-based distribution.

It is a super set of the Java EE distribution of Eclipse, and includes a slew of handy plugins pre-installed, including Maven cheap blog post editing services gb. Maven is a tool that lets you easily compile your code. Cloud Foundry lets you run and manage web applications. Other ecosystem partners have taken the code and run their own version of Cloud Foundry, and often include extra features.

For example, AppFog has support for Python and PHP, above and beyond what Cloud Foundry offers. Tier3 and Uhuru both support. NET on their derivatives. So, what type of language will you use? To make sure that everything is easy to find in STS for this tutorial. Once installation finishes, right click on the white space in your Servers panel. You cheap blog post editing services gb verify your credentials by clicking Validate Account.

The tab that presents itself can take up some serious screen real estate, so you might close the Spring ExplorerOutlineand Task List panels, as I have.

The Cloud Foundry tab has two sub tabs at the bottom: one called Overviewand another called Applications. Masters writer services expository essay for popular can click on cheap blog post editing services gb application to see the resources provisioned for the application, including which services databases, message queues, etc have been apportioned for it and how much RAM and CPU the application is taking.

If so, click Yes. Then fill in an application name and a top-level cheap blog post editing services gb. Simply drag the project from the Project panel onto the Cloud. Foundry server in the Servers panel. The defaults are good enough in this case, so just leave them as-is and click Next. Again, the defaults are fine in this case. Getting started with programming Spring is another story for another blog post at least!

In the meantime, cheap blog post editing services gb might checkout the Green Beans blogs on SpringSource.

If not, always feel free to reach me at my email. Are you guys going to be in Antwerp, Beglium for Devoxx? If cheap blog post editing services gb, feel free to reach out to me. Also, feel free to ping me on cheap blog post editing services gb on Twitter.

Last year was an amazing event for me. I was very sick and gave 5 talks, but still had a heck of a lot of fun. As usual, SpringSource and Cloud Foundry will have a booth, as well. Specifically, check out the android and mobilemvc modules.

This was my fourth year speaking there. Each year, the show gets better and better. This year was no exception. I gave two talks - my Multi Client Development with Spring MVC which is mainly about connecting clients Android, native, HTML5 to your services with REST and The Cloud Foundry Bootcamp. Thanks again to the Java2Days team for putting on such a magnificent show! This is a hands on event, and many of my colleagues and I are here to help developers get started.

The other track focuses on Cloud Foundry internals and architecture. People are already pushing cheap blog post editing services gb migrating their existing, sophisticated Spring based applications to Cloud Foundry!

My talk from JavaZone is now available online. I co-presented with Oleg Zhurakouskycolleague and co-committer on Spring Integration. Enterprise Integration and Batch Processing on Cloud Foundry from JavaZone on Vimeo. And so concludes SpringOne2GX ! The opening day keynote saw SpringSource CTO Adrian Colyer. Mark PollackGraeme Rocherand. This is the premier event for JVM developers, featuring great speakers from VMWare, SpringSource, TypeSafe, Neo4j, and many others speaking on all manner of topics.

Cheap blog post editing services gb thoroughly enjoyed giving my talks on Cloud FoundrySpring Integration and Spring Batch, and RabbitMQ. My aunt Sandra passed gentle into that good night, yesterday morning, from complications of ALS. Sandra raised my sister and I as children like her cheap blog post editing services gb own every summer for years and years in her home of Salem, Oregon.

She raised her own beautiful family. She worked her entire life and made a good living for herself all the while donating substantial time and money to church and charity. She took students in as part of foreign exchanges, mentored children at schools and at the YMCA, where she was a swimming teacher and swam thrice weekly up until cheap blog post editing services gb year, in her late 70s.

She took me to Paris and London for the first time, and showed me what a quick flight across the ocean could cheap blog post editing services gb. Sandra was brave and adventurous.

She never went into anything with assumptions. She never let a bad situation stand, always attempting to fix it or better it. A true family Matriarch. SpringOne2GX kicks off tomorrow. I was in Aarhus, Denmark last week and gave my talk on using Cloud Foundry, and then spoke in the evening at the local Java User Group as a special guest, which was awesome. So, I watched it today in the background while I was wrestling with expense reports. Before that, of course, we had CoffeeScript, ScriptSharp, GWT, etc.

I could actually see myself using this one, though. My one twinge of discord is that I think a lot of the complaints he identifies as inhibiting large application development such as the lack of strong types are less of a problem with a good organizational framework in place.

An MVC framework like backbone. I only mention this because Life is so good sometimes. SQL shoe has dropped. Check out the High Scalability post for more. I hope to see you there! We can talk all things Spring, and Cloud Foundry, or just throw back a beer.

Ping me on Twitter starbuxman. A photo of me from Cheap blog post editing services gb by. I was asked recently how I might suggest going about learning a framework like Spring. I replied in an email and I reproduce most of that email below.

I went to India early cheap blog post editing services gb August to visit system integrators and talk to them about more info about the promise and potential of Cloud Foundry, the Open Source PaaS from VMWare.

The feedback and enthusiasm there is very exciting, and - of course - there is a huge story for support for Spring in the cloud, which they wanted as well. Then, I went to various cities in China on a mini-tour. I visited Shenzhen, China for the InfoQ ArchSummit conferencewhere I gave a keynote lecture to a thousand enigmatic developers with simultaneous translation.

My colleagues from VMWare Shanghai cheap blog post editing services gb there and gave a few talks on Cloud Foundry as well.

The reception was, as you can imagine, very good. I am particularly grateful for my VMWare colleagues, who sort of played tour guide for me while Cheap blog post editing services gb was there. There can be no doubt - the Chinese are learning English. It is part of the country, now.

But not all speak it conversantly, cheap blog post editing services gb so I really appreciated the help. I got pretty good at charades, though! Then, it was off to Nanjing, China where I gave a talk introducing Cloud Foundry to the amazingly enthusiastic developers at OSChina.

I imagine I walked away from the conference as inspired as anybody. Finally, I went back to Shanghai to speak at an all but impromptu Spring and Cloud Foundry cheap blog post editing services gb. A few dozen developers gathered around and I gave my Spring, a Walking Tour.

I feel humbled and, as with China, feel like I made some real friends. I really enjoyed my time in both India and China, and look forward to my next occasions to visit there! I cheap blog post editing services gb returned from the Cloud Foundry Open Tour click to see more India in Pune and Bangalore where I gave my cheap blog post editing services gb Multi Client Development with Spring MVC and helped with the bootcamp along with my pal Raja Rao.

The trip was astonishing - my third trip to India this year! We this web page a lot of time talking to people about building modern applications, including how to architect applications for cloud-scale.

The show had the same format in each of two cities: for the first several hours it was individual talks. Then, at 3pm, Raja and I took the stage and kicked off the bootcamp, as a separate event people who had come for the individual talks may not have wanted to stay for the bootcamp.

The bootcamp was amazingly satisfying because most people cheap blog post editing services gb away from the event having pushed something to the cloud and - in the case of a few dozen teams - having built something really awesome on Cloud Foundry and deployed it to production!

Nice job, and I hope to see a lot more of this. I put together a quick walking tour of Spring 3. The code is available on my GitHub account.

It runs on a Servlet 3 container, and demonstrates how to build a completely XML free no persistence. It shows how to build everything from a transactional cheap blog post editing services gb to a RESTful endpoint. Top : sergialmar. Bottom two : beautiful Photos of Madrid! This was my first time in Madrid, Spain, for the Spring IO conference. I enjoyed the people, the culture y las bebidas! That trip, for reasons not that relevant here, never panned out for us although I quite enjoyed it!

JavaZone came and went, but he was still interested in Scandinavia and experiencing that type of culture. I bought his tickets a late birthday gift - we share the same birthday!

He was most looking forward to visiting Stockholm. Stockholm is every bit as lovely as he imagined it would be, having seen The Girl with the Cheap blog post editing services gb Tatoo.

This made moving around a bit more problematic than it should cheap blog post editing services gb been as we made the subsequent trip to Madrid, Spain. The staff at the hotel we stayed at - the lovely Radisson Blu Waterfront in Stockholm, right next to the JFokus venue. It seemed as though the staff was almost rooting for him to recover! Somebody even checked in on him for me, while I was tending to my obligations as a speaker at the conference! Talk about Huyghe top papers editor service toronto Die service.

This cruise, in particular was the vessel on which the Vaadin Dev Days took place. I enjoyed everything, and particularly, I enjoyed giving a talk against the background sound of ice breaking as the ship plowed onward, through the frozen waters. We finally made it to Madrid. By that point dad was on the mend, and the temperature in Madrid was more favorable to people of, em, superior years.

It was a lot warmer than in Stockholm. Madrid ended up being his favorite city. The streets were abuzz with music, debauchery and crowds of people. What an incredible thing to behold! We missed the memo, evidently, where it was announced that the entire walking population of Madrid would go on a walkabout!

I really enjoyed JFokus, the Vaadin Dev Days, and finally Spring IO both because they were great events with enthusiastic developers, but also because I cheap blog post editing services gb to go with my dad, who got to experience Europe for the first time with me.

We learned a lot. Come see Chris Richardson and I talk about building better Spring applications on Cloud Foundry at 9AM tomorrow morning. The deck from the talk from the Vaadin dev meetup on Spring, Roo and Vaadin is availableand so is the deck from the JFokus Cloud Foundry quickie is available here. Looking forward to presenting my talk on Integration and Batch Processing with Cloud Foundry tomorrow at Spring IO RabbitMQ, Spring Integration and Cloud Foundry are Natural Vehicles for applications that handle large workloads and cheap blog post editing services gb well.

You know what I want? A Google Music API. Google Music has weird cheap blog post editing services gb when you run the Navigation app and have to share the audio with other apps.

Finally, I want Google Music on Roku, and on other devices. So, I had a use case the other day - I wanted to support a custom annotation for denoting injection at the class level. Spring users will know that Spring already supports. These annotations, when placed on a setter, or a field, signal to Spring that. Spring also supports other annotations - like the JPA 1. The annotation is used in a special circumstance, when you want Spring to inject an Cheap blog post editing services gb or an EntityManagerFactory.

Here are some examples. To "teach" Spring what to do with a custom annotation like PersistenceContext is fairly easy once you know the actors involved. The work is typically done inside of a special BeanPostProcessor.

The BeanPostProcessor interface is powerful, but not quite what we need. What we actually need. This class takes care of crawling the beans and performing the injection for you. All it needs from you is a subclass of InjectionMetadata. InjectedElementwhich you provide. That object in turn is responsible for ultimately providing the reference to the object that you want to be injected based on the metadata available.

To make this easy, this particular responsibility is factored out as callback functions which you provide in your concrete implementation. Objector, in Scala terms, an AnyRef. In this particular example, I want an annotation that can be used to lookup, and inject, a reference to an. Akka actor, called a ActorRef in Akka parlance. Akka actors can live locally, or remotely, and when injected check this out can lookup an Actor by a logical name or by a path, which itself can be absolute, or relative, as Akka actors form supervisory hierarchies which map very much like a file system.

For more information on the supported addressing scheme, check out ths document from the Akka documentation. First, cheap blog post editing services gb need to extend the base class, and provide the callback hooks that tell the base class what to do with a field or property a setter method.

In our case, this is pretty simple, and straight cheap blog post editing services gb In this class, we extend the base class and call the constructor, passing in the class of the annotation to time, custom phd essay writers service usa Trizepsmuskel, a callback method which accepts an instance of the annotation and a particular instance of a field, and another callback method and a particular instance of a method.

The contract is that, given the instance of the annotation and matching field or method, you will return an instance or sublcass of the InjectionMetadata. Method as well as the annotation itself. The ActorReferenceInjectedElement is where the important work happens.

If you read Scala, then this cheap blog post editing services gb a pretty simple class. The constructor the prototype of cheap blog post editing services gb is included inline cheap blog post editing services gb the class declaration, at the top expects an ActorSystema reference to the ActorReference annotation, a java.

Member the common base class of both Field and Cheap blog post editing services gband a PropertyDescriptor. The unspoken bit is that the constructor arguments implicitly become class variables, and so are reference-able from other methods.

In the class, we override the getResourceToInject method, providing the object to be injected. We simply need a reference to the actor, so call actorSystem. We could, for example, provide a wrapper object instead of the reference itself. This is what happens when you use the PersistenceContext annotation. It injects an EntityManager proxy that in turn manages thread-local. Spring detects the interfaces and calls the appropriate methods. This week has been nothing short of a rollercoaster!

The week started cheap blog post editing services gb Spring 3. From the release announcement. The web reacted as expected, with news announcements aplenty, on TheServerSideon Please click for sourceand on Dzoneand on a zillion other sites, too.

Spring Data Gemfire 1. ThenvFabric SQLFire 1. It can be used to run, unchanged, a good many existing RDBMS applications and acheive drastic improvements in speed immediately. This has little to do with Spring 3. Then, Spring Social 1. So, we can expect to see the floodgates open even more soon with more releases, all because Spring 3.

There are actually two talks, one on Spring and Cloud Foundry, and another still on Tailoring Spring for Custom Usage. Hope to see you there! Yeah, so this is stuck in my head. I do a few things to every OS Cheap blog post editing services gb installation to make them more useful. Most of the things I mention below are things you can do to OS X cheap blog post editing services gb, some are third party applications that are generally useful.

Devoxx is a huge conference that redefines "community. So, it was with great pleasure that I went, despite being pretty sick. I gave a 15 minute quickie on Spring Roo, a 3-hour university talk on Spring on Cloud Foundry with Chris Richardsona regular talk on Spring on Cloud Foundry with Patrick Chanezonanother regular talk on social Spring applications using Spring Social and Spring Integration, and I helped lead the Spring BOF. Basically, I had more fun than anybody should be allowed.

I may have looked and felt. All the talks were well attended, and I loved the feedback! Keep it coming, guys. I spoke at the MongoDB Chicago conference on the 18th of October on using.

MongoDB with Spring Data Document on Cloud Foundry. This was a fantastic event and the response seemed enthusiastic about the cloud and, of course, Cloud Foundry. After all, Cloud Foundry was among the first the first? That was October 18th. I flew home, caught my breath, and then flew back to Chicago for SpringOne2GXwhich I blogged about recently.

I ended up doing not only the three talks I blogged about before, but an impromptu joint session with Roy Clarkson on Please click for source mobile application development. The whole conference is something not to be missed. What an absolutely amazing show filled with amazing people. I returned home just long enough to get a fresh load of laundry and then set back out to Sofia, Bulgaria, for one of my absolute favorite conferences, Java2Days.

The conference, in South East Europe, is at the nexus of Greece, Turkey, Italy, Armenia, etc. The conference itself is unrivaled, of course, but the real draw is the chance you have to meet and greet and to take in the culture.

Pack your stomach pump, though, the rakia and the fraternizing, dancing and fun that accompanies it! I was at dinner on with the other speakers and with attendees from the show and in walks Jean Claude van Popular argumentative essay ghostwriting for hire london who was in town, apparently, shooting the Expendables 2.

He sat down, celebrated a bit and was even kind enough to indulge me in a photo, which I proudly post here. I returned home on the 6th - giving me just enough time to get a small flu and to prepare my decks for Devoxxwhich I leave for on the 12th in 24 hours, or so, basically.

Come see me talk with Chris Richardson on Spring on Cloudfoundry for the university talk 3 hours! Spring Roo "quickie" talk, and a talk on socializing your Spring applications using Spring Social. Should be utterly exhausting, but I look forward to seeing you all there! SpringOne2GX is upon us! My second talk is a deep dive at Spring Batch. Do you know what you could do with Spring Batch? But, you can take it and further, and this talk cheap blog post editing services gb be a great start for the curious.

Come learn about some of my favorite extension points in this talk. Remember, these extension points are the same ones that we leverage in building other Spring frameworks like Spring Integration, Spring Batch, etc. The most demanding user of the Spring framework is often the engineer trying to build a sister project!

I recently had somebody ask me what the best content for getting started with Neo4J is. Admittedly, you might be better served by simply learning Neo4J and then layering in the Spring Data support to reduce a lot of the tedium. I love the characterization of Python in this post from InfoQ:. It was no wonder that EJB and J2EE left a lot cheap blog post editing services gb us who had Python backgrounds cheap blog post editing services gb little Python offers cheap blog post editing services gb wealth of options for developers.

My first Python use cases - even at Python 1. Oh, and text processing. Honestly, Python does a remarkable job at text processing. Stackatowhich is based on CloudFoundry, the open-source PaaSis awesome. As much as I love the MicroCloud Foundry VM instancethe truth is that the ActiveState guys beat us I work for SpringSourcea division of VMware to the punch: they had a VMWare image running cheap blog post editing services gb port of the CloudFoundry cloud before VMware!

One of the most importants about a framework is that it is pluggable, that it is extensible. This is very much a core promise of a good framework, and separates it from mere libraries. Most of the Spring frameworks are exposed as libraries and component models.

For example, Spring Integration comes with batteries included, many, many batteries, actually. In this case, the click here I refer to are the integration technologies supported in terms of the various modules that are provided: web services, databases, message brokers JMS, AMQPfile systems FTP, FTPS, SFTP, and regular filesystem mountsetc.

The same is true of Spring Batch and indeed of all the other Spring frameworks. Small focused hooks provide a lot of power, and these two layers go a long way for most users. To me, this third echelon is the APIs that it provides against which you can code. You deal with these APIs a lot, and sometimes they overlap with the component models, so the line can be a bit blurry. One blurry example is if you register a bean that implements InitializingBeanthen Spring will automatically invoke the InitializingBean afterPropertiesSet method when the bean has had its dependencies satisfied and is about to be made available in the context.

This, in effect, gives you a construction hook, like a second constructor cheap blog post editing services gb gets called after the properties have been satisfied. This is an API. You get power by implementing an interface. PostConstruct to trigger that any arbitrary method be invoked. Examples of these include the BeanPostProcessor and the BeanFactoryPostProcessor. At this level, you start cheap blog post editing services gb a lot of power.

These APIs are the force multipliers that the other Spring frameworks leverage to provide the powerful abstractions for you. Ever wondered how Spring does its magic when you use declarative transaction annotation, Transactional? Nothing in the Spring framework is magic -- you can build infrastructure or framework code just like the other Spring projects do for your users by tapping into these APIs.

Exposing your frameworks and common abstractions in terms of these well known, idiomatic Spring APIs provides a powerful, familiar surface to your API that consumers of your abstraction can leverage. There are extension points all over the place in Spring - places where you can provide your own implementation that fits into the machinery - an example of the strategy pattern.

In Spring MVC, ViewResolver s help map abstract view names Strings into concrete view resources that might mean a. InputStreama response with a JAXB object might need to be marshalled into XML and then sent as the response, etc. Those strategies are all codified as implementations of this interface. Adding new ones is quite cheap blog post editing services gb. In Spring Integration, outbound adapters implement the MessageHandler interface, and provide the interface between the messaging code and an external system.

You can add new ones and teach Spring Integration new cheap blog post editing services gb by implementing this interface. What talk at SpringOne, cheap blog post editing services gb say? What a crazy few Korean esl homework writer services sf Sie September started cheap blog post editing services gb with a bang as I found myself in sunny Las Vegas for VMWorld I really enjoyed the time there to connect with my ops- and system-centric brethren.

What a great crowd, and the excitement surrounding the exodus to the cloud was palatable. People are excited about vFabric, and about connecting their applications with a truly integrated stack, RabbitMQ, GemFire, tcServer, etc. So, exciting stuff, definitely. The week after that, I found myself en-route for Oslo, Norway, for the 10th annual JavaZone conference, cheap blog post editing services gb rocked.

This was my second time speaking there and Cheap blog post editing services gb can tell you, in no uncertain terms, that vikings rock! What a great community. This conference seems like the conference for the thinking developer, and featured plenty of content on Spring and Scala this year.

I also had the pleasure of taking a tour of the Norwegian fjords with colleague and great guy Chris Richardson. Both talks are done with an eye towards extending the framework to accomodate advanced cheap blog post editing services gb cases. Happiness is having RabbitMQ and PostgreSQL in the output of go here vmc services invocation ;- What a wild month for CloudFoundry!

Stay tuned for more! For you code lurkers out there, the news that RabbitMQ is now available in CloudFoundry should come as no surprise.

This is very exciting. It is more widely used than. You should definitely check it out. The news cheap blog post editing services gb seems good, too! Messaging middleware is the critical component for scale. Cloud-scale is a way of life, not just a switch to be turned cheap blog post editing services gb and off. Specifically, an architecure that scales is going to enjoy temporally decoupling, or asynchronism, and RabbitMQ is the perfect vehicle to enable that asynchronous coordination.

I must confess, I was a little worried that I would not be accepted this year! My talk last year - on business process management and Spring Integration - seemed to garner puzzled looks. Perhaps I just misread the amazing Norwegian audience?

The conference and the top essay editor services mba presentations, to boot were both wonderful. I had the wonderful experience of stopping at a booth and having somebody try to sell me training in Spring which, I mean, sure It was the book that Gary Mak and Daniel Rubio and I co-authored, Spring Recipes!

I submitted on other topics, as well, last year, and those were not accepted. No matter, I gave my talk, and indeed the people that did get it, really got it!

The city of Oslo, as you no doubt have heard, recently experienced a terrorist attack resulting in the massacre of innocents, both adult and children. It broke my heart to see this. What a disgustinghorrible incident, obviously. It was particularly surprising to me that it happened in Oslo, however, as it seemed like such a beautiful, clean, ideal city when I was there. I really have a lot of respect for the way the people of the city responded to the incident.

These posts are geared decidedly towards newcomers, though old hats might learn a thing or two. I looked at what a basic FactoryBean is in my previous post. While FactoryBeans are important - and knowing what they do can help you navigate.

Maybe it needs a static registry method? For instance, to register a regular javax. DataSource with Spring in XML, you will more than likely delegate to a properties file for the sensitive configuration information like a database password and use Spring to instantiate the javax.

DataSourcelike this: This is a simple bean, and translates naturally into Java configuration. So, take away from this that Java configuration cheap blog post editing services gb - about equal in terms of lines of code, but a lot more powerful, and conceptually more natural.

With those limitations lifted, the value of the FactoryBean is starting to lessen. In this example, we only conditionally set values if there are values to be set. So, we do some dancing around to ensure that we have values. Again, we happen to know what configuratoin we need. We no longer need the complex FactoryBeanand we have a usable bean definition. If we wanted to make this reusable, we could, as well, by simply creating a factory method, like this: In Spring 3. A Builder, as a pattern, is conceptually simialar to a FactoryBean.

In practice, however, they are usually exposed like the CarBuilder demonstrated above. Additionally, a Builder usually does the null pointer checks that I forced in the previous code. So, a properly rewritten CarBuilder object usage might look like this: A great example of a builder providing a much smoother experience in 3.

The definition of this interface is: A FactoryBean is a pattern to encapsulate interesting object construction logic in a class. It might be used, for here. Often this is used to construct complex objects that have many dependencies.

It might also be used when the construction logic itself is highly volatile and depends on. For example, in order to inject a reference to a bean that was obtained from JNDI. You can use the JndiFactoryBean to obtain this reference in a consistent way.

You could wire up a Car instance using a hypothetical CarFactoryBean like this:. This method will be called. One important takeaway here is that it is the FactoryBeannot the factoried object itself, that lives in the Spring. This point often confused people. I hope to see you there. There are also a few other great talks from SpringSource and VMWare there, and I look forward to seeing you there! The example goes like this: you want to log the start and stop time for every method invocation.

You can either modify every method and introduce logging, which is tedious and error-prone, or you can simply use AOP to wrap every method invocation. The most powerful example of AOP is perhaps the Spring framework itself. It uses it every where! Just watched a recording on JavaEE6 and JBoss AS7. Some of the new features in JBoss AS 7 seem to just be bug fixes.

Towards the end, one of the presenters made the nonsensical assertion that, basically, Spring is quite old and was therefore straddled with all of this imaginary legacy codeand that CDI is - in contrast - quite new. This is an example of "reframing. However, applications written in still run without modification on Spring 3. Even still, if online website editor expository essay best older, relevant extension library is loaded, it runs.

For that matter, cheap blog post editing services gb your application in Seam 2 which was current six months ago!

To boot, new versions of Spring support programming models that are more powerful and as lightweight, as anything JavaEE has, while maintaining backwards compatibility. This is possible because any configuration mechanisms - be it XML, Java configuration, annotations, the Groovy BeanBuilder, or anything else, is eventually normalized to a common component type at runtime. What a couple of months! I attended Geecon, the Spring S2G Forums, and then the JAX San Jose conference, all in fairly short order.

The conference has the unique combination of excellent speakers at a low price, like the SpringSource S2GX Forums or SpringOne. Poland was the real surprise. This was my first time here and it far exceeded my many expectations. The Polish Zlati is cheap against the English Pound, European Euro and - yes - even the American dollar 2.

At one point, I was taken for a ride literally! By comparison, a train ride from Krakow to Lodz is 54 Zl, and the trip is several hundred kilometers.

I did a university talk on the first day the university talks are three hours eachand I did a second, single-hour talk, on cheap blog post editing services gb first day of the conference proper. I still have some small neck pain! The audience was great, I never know what to expect of audiences.

These audiences did a fine job of asking questions all throughout the talks and outside, during the conference! This makes these trips worthwhile. The in-the-conference-hall discussions are invaluable, and redeeming. After the first two days, I decided to have a look around. Heinz is a personal cheap blog post editing services gb of mine.

I suspect most Java developers have read his pearls of wisdom as dispensed in his newsletter at some cheap blog post editing services gb or another. I liked the book so very much that I KUR argumentative essay writer services sf verlieren Bruce a brief letter, the majority of which has appeared in the reader comments section of the book since !

His son Max is quite the character, and of course is already programming! On the final day - Saturday - Heinz and son MaxEmmanuel Bernard and I took a tour of the Za Kapane mountains - and the region surrounding it. What an amazing tour! This was very good fun and the conversation even greater.

We then toured the regions specifically, stopping in markets, at castles, and at other geological oddities like a mountain that resembled a sleeping man.

As the tour guide - Carolyna - predicted, I was asleep in my seat as we returned home. Several people asked me about the code to my university talk, which was a walking tour through all of Springdom.

I spent a few wonderful days there surrounded by truly wonderful people. I reluctantly obliged and sat with him. The conversation was moving pretty well, he that he was trying to learn Java, and that he loved the new Android mobile phones.

I asked him how he was proceeding in his Java studies, and he trotted out Thinking in Javain Polish! I asked him which phone he most fancied that, he later explained, he was saving up to purchase and he responded that he liked the Google Nexus S which I both have and love!

I materialized the iPad I had in my backpack and he was uninterested, fascinated more with the Nexus S. I asked him to bring out his laptop so I could help him get setup to program in Java. I think - and you can never tell him this - that I emerged from that discussion more inspired than he was. What a wonderful experience. After Poland, I was then off to the Spring S2GX Forums in Amsterdam and London.

I just had to unplug my secondary monitor and cheap blog post editing services gb the procedure outlined here to get a wayward OSX window back on my display. Started today pretty impressed that Interoperability Microsoft. So, score one for community and interoperability. They almost went an entire day without being One for the history books. Far too many things that can go wrong, it seems. As soon as the Eclipse indexer started churning, Eclipse suddenly just disappeared!

The darned thing had segfaulted on me! I triaged the droppings it had left just before it died - here are the salient excerpts of the log: My many years of experience have helped me in these situations - they inform my professionalism and abiity to react decisevly and appropriately.

So, I sucked my thumb, all Krampfadern popular letter editing websites for mba sollten while whimpering a little. I knew that I could ask my old pair cheap blog post editing services gb pal, Google! I then started scanning looking for unique, repeatable information cheap blog post editing services gb. At the bottom, I found "org. CReconciler," and away I went! I asked The Google about any issues with that class in Eclipse CDT, and was given this Eclipse forums link.

That eventually led me to this bug report. That is where I found a workaround. So, I hope this blog has helped you avoid this particular bug. The worst part about all of this? I need a built version of an application so I cheap blog post editing services gb run it through a trust Java Decompiler like the trustworthy JAD tool.

In my particular scenario, my deployed Spring application lives on Google App Engine. A bit too safe, unfortunately. Only catch was that the documents describing the tool were for the Python SDK, not the Java SDK. I looked at the Java SDK and even tried running the command as cheap blog post editing services gb in the Python documents and got nowhere.

I did some more Googling, and by this I mean I simply contacted my friend at Google. I learned or, tried to This information, of course, reflects my biases and experience and, except Perl, reflects professional experience in some form or another.

I tended to dislike the language at 3 and 4. Typically, it lives inside a web server Apache, Ninx, Lighttpd. It has no built-in modularization mechanism besides classes - no name spaces and compilable unit, so you end up sharing source code. The latest and greatest is PHP 5. PHP does have PEAR PHP extensions, libraries and PECL C extensionslast I checked, to provide a way to bundle standard classes and binary extensions.

The original language was little more than a macro processor, and following its evolution was dead simple. Most of the object-oriented features in 4 and 5 were approachable given my background in Java, so that came naturally, too.

C: C is markedly more difficult to learn than PHP and at the same time much friendlier for the simple things. C99, for example, is the standardized version of C that came out in I almost always write modules that use C. C has no library - just a few cheap blog post editing services gb types and the very, very loose language itself. So, the language itself is very easy, if a bit useless. To learn C, I learned article source Googling and spending lots of time looking at Linux sources sources cheap blog post editing services gb with Cheap blog post editing services gb, not only the source for the Linux kernel itself and so on.

Check out SourceForge or Github. I think it was on MSDN the Microsoft Developer Network. He also wrote "Thinking in Java," which I loved so much so that I wrote in to him and gave a positive reader comment back in My comment is on one of the few pages on the inside front cover of his book, book under "reader comments" to this day ;- He cheap blog post editing services gb to make the books available for free download, which I suspect you could still find if you Googled.

Otherwise, you can buy the two volumes of it on Amazon. NETs or Pythons, etc, so one popular choice is to use a platform abstraction like Boost, or Apache Portable Runtime APR or Netscape Portable Runtime NPR. APR and a lot of other stuff.

MariaDB, MySQL, Drizzle, Percona, etc. I know Google has patched it over the years to suck less. If you need scalability and speed, use a NoSQL option. If you need features and an amazing, open-source database, use PostgreSQL. If you need a little bit of both AND commercial support, use Oracle, or the EnterpriseDB PostgreSQL build. Amazon and Google App Engine for Business provide MySQL-like databases for their clouds, for example.

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